All Epic App Titles on Sale This Weekend for 99 Cents: Flood, Berry Wars, Bartender Pro, Radio Saver and More!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Aug 2009 01:51 pm EDT

On Tuesday we told you about a new game for BlackBerry by Epic Applications called Flood. Over the past couple of days I've wasted a bunch of time playing Flood because I just couldn't put this addictive puzzle game down (it's such a bitter sweet when that happens - I feel guilty when there's other more pressing things to be done).

So if you're looking for a fun game to play on your BlackBerry this weekend or want a new app to kill some time before falling asleep at night, now is the time to grab Flood or another application by Epic. This weekend they have all of their apps on sale for 99 cents including popular titles like Berry Wars and Bartender Pro. Follow the link below to browse all of Epic's latest apps for BlackBerry.

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I paid full price for the game, only for it to be $.99? Can I get a refund of the difference?


Is that Michael J. Fox holding the phone in that video? Hold it still or put it down on the table while you film. That made me queasy to watch.


the nice applications are not listed under the 8310:(


This game is f**king stupid! bought it and played for 4 minutes and deleted.


I really don't understand the point of the game, and had to turn off the video after about half way because I thought I was going to get sick.


Why even pay for this when you can download PIXELATED for free from APP WORLD. It's sooooooo MUCH better.


Why play flood when you can play colorfill for free and it has six colors.
grow some, and get colorfill


I disagree, but Flood also has 6 colors.


We definitely expert something better from Blackberry

-Brian from Dropship


I saw the vid and like this... downloaded it and LOVED it... although I didn't get much done at work last night ;) lol. I've got a 9630 and didn't see a free version of Pixelated on BB app world.. there is a "Pixelated Plus" for $2.99 but the graphics on the screen shots look shotty compared to Flood. I recommend it for the Tour :)


Flood is awesome. For .99 cents, I'm in.