Flixster for BlackBerry 10 update brings UltraViolet streaming support

By Bla1ze on 3 Jul 2013 04:08 am EDT

Ever since the Flixster app launched for BlackBerry 10 back in January, one feature that has been missing from the app but included on various other OS' the app supports, has been the ability to stream movies and TV shows from an UltraViolet account. Now though, the wait for that is over as the latest update for Flixster has been released and includes that capability for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

In addition to UltraViolet support being added, Flixster also included support for logging into your account and adding movies you want to watch on your 'see' list, after which you can also leave reviews for them. The update is live in BlackBerry World right now, so hit the link below to get it downloaded.

Download Flixster from BlackBerry World

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Flixster for BlackBerry 10 update brings UltraViolet streaming support

"Now though, the wait for that is over as the latest update for Flixster has been released and includes that capability for all BlackBerry 10 devices."

Finally can login and rate movies or mark them to watch!! That's the only feature I needed from this app, so good thing I didn't waste time side loading..
The FB login is a bit janky but it works

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Hahaha, oh Bla1ze, you have the patience of a saint. Every time you put out an article, someone ALWAYS asks a question that they would not have if they had read the article... I like how you just quote the bit of the article that answers the question and say nothing else. I don't know how you do it... after a while, I know I would lose it on people for not reading the damn thing! Lol.

Some people are just naturally lazy and refuse to read articles.

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I actually enjoy seeing how 'not-as-smart' people are. Isn't that what the internet's 'comment' box was created for? If not, it has certainly been repurposed.

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This is crazy. I don't understand how BlackBerry this to gain share in Europe when most of good apps are not available for you device.

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if you saw the words in the article "an Ultraviolet account" and you've ever used a modern computer connected to the internet, you would notice those words are in a different color, and when you roll your mouse over them an underline shows up. This is what techies (and grandmothers worldwide) refer to as a "WEB LINK". An amazing thing happens when you "click" on that with your mouse: you are taken to a page on the internet that answers all sorts of questions. Unfortunately not everyone understands these technical things so you will frequently see stoopid questions on blgs, posts, and forums.

Working perfect for me! This is one of my killer apps (update in this case) I needed! A large portion of my blu-rays come with ultra violet digital copies. This is Soooo exciting!!!

Me too! On Verizon in CT! The original version was a disappointment, didn't really need access to local theater info but this update restores balance to the universe. Yay!

This would have been huge if it was for PlayBook or of PB got BB10. A great deal of my BluRay DVDs come with a free digital copy available only on Ultraviolet. I have no desire to watch movies on a 4 inch screen.

Don't need to connect the phone to anything. Would rather have it on the tablet. Already have it on my Android tabs. I prefer my PB, though.

I got a couple JavaScript pop ups here (canada) but everything is working. It might be due to the fact I setup my home to let me use US netflix / hulu/ xbox / Roku etc

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This app needs some improvement... No TV show support just yet, only movies. The sound doesn't sync perfect with the video.
I can't wait for this to be refined, and then DLNA + Wifi direct ftw

Tested. Works beautifully. My entire collection is there for viewing. No sound sync issues as previously reported.

I loved this app on my Torch and was one of the first I downloaded on the Z10. Does not work 1/4 as well on the Z10 - I hope the update fixes the buggyness of it at the same time. I love Flixster when it works!

Now I actually have a reason to enter those UV codes, lol.

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Tried it, works, but seeking through a movie is a bit of a pain and the response is kind of laggy. Weird because other apps that stream video it seems to work fine, like the Discovery app...

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Bla1ze, great work. Very much appreciated. You must have a heavy bag nearby to vent on. What boggles the mind is that people who are to lazy to read an article in its entirety will waste their time posting a question...

People, please read the full post

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I tried watching a couple of films but it came up with a java script error and said something about updating DRM I'm in the UK and I'm using wifi has anyone else had similar issues?

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Assuming this works for Canada too (pretty sure it does) this is a great feature add for Flixster and BlackBerry 10. Many DVDs/Bluray discs come with a free Ultraviolet copy. Also I believe Cineplex's upcoming SuperTicket offers will be providing digital movies via Ultraviolet which would be compatible with this app.

Win win it seems, especially as this form of movie distribution becomes more common place.

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Works fine on my Z10 in the USA. One minor quirk: it will only landscape one way, with the volume buttons facing down. Gotta put my Flip Shell case on the 'wrong way ' (whereas it covers the camera lens) when streaming a movie.

Again, it's a minor issue and I'm glad to see the streaming ability one way or the other.

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I added and authorized ultraviolet and they gave me Perfect Storm for free. Seemed to work well off the z10. I'd love to see this app updated for PlayBook too.

This is becoming increasingly frustrating with new apps and updates. I really like my z10, but maybe sometimes I expect too much from the phone and or developers. I've had flixter since early on and this update is great. But what I can't understand is why we are stuck with streaming with our blackberries and my son can download a digital copy directly to his iphone.

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Can anyone tell me how to view a FULL Rotten Tomato review in this app?

I see the blurb for the review, and I assumed that if I clicked on the blurb it would take me to a Web page with the full review, but it doesn't..

I ended up deleting it because of that.

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This is what I mean with the regional crap
,yes yes ,its the dev not BlackBerry I know
But the one who suffers is the consumer, the one who's paying, its not right people come on

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Nice! I just downloaded the app, logged in, and checked out a couple of my UVs. They played smooth and with good resolution. The app isn't very responsive, but I can't wait to HDMI this in a hotel room.


I'm in Canada running I got the Flixster update but also get the Javascript DRM error when I try to watch an Ultraviolet movie.

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