FlipSide Update - Last.fm Auto-Scrobbling Support Added

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jan 2008 01:14 am EST

I just received an update on my favorite 3rd party BlackBerry Music Player called FlipSide...

BlackBerry users can now get Last.fm auto-scrobbling support with FlipSide, which means that when a tune is listened to, the name of the song is sent to Last.fm and added to the listener's profile. FlipSide users may enable scrobbling of the music they play to get better recommendations and share recently played music with friends via blogs, MySpace or as forum signatures.

If you're not familiar with the term "scrobble" (I wasn't at first) you can check it out at Urban Dictionary - it seems Last.fm invented the term for their purposes... though there apparently are other uses of the word too - Definition #4 is a little bit umm... well... yeah, I'll let you visit the link and read for yourself.

And if you're not familiar with FlipSide, it's a very graphical and user-friendly media player for the BlackBerry (compatible with Pearls, 8800s and Curves) that you'll want to check out. One of the most popular features is the ability to "swoosh" through the full-color cover art of an entire music collection within seconds using your Berry's trackball. FlipSide downloads and displays each album's cover art and even links to FlipSide Extras to provide biographies of the artists, recommendations for similar artists and more. Flipside plays music in MP3, M4A and AAC formats, and also allows users to create their own playlist. You can learn more about FlipSide and download a trial copy by visiting FlipSide.fm.

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FlipSide Update - Last.fm Auto-Scrobbling Support Added


Unfortunately, FlipSide does NOT play WMA files. Currently only the native BlackBerry media player handles WMA files, and even that is a recent addition in the 4.2.1.x OS revision.

FlipSide does support wma and aac.
Check you have the latest version from flipside.fm
or check inside flipside on your blackberry by going to "FlipSide extras" in the menu and if you dont have the latest version there will be a link to get it straight onto your BB.

My only problem with the flip side software is that it does not respond to commands from my Motorola HT820 headset. Witht he standard media player I can pause play and skip fwd & Back without removing my BB from the holster. With flipside I cannot. Bummer cuz I like the look of the software. I won't be buying it though.

Flipside does NOT support WMA. The latest version is 1.04, and it does not see .WMA files, nor does it play them. I confirmed this by downloading the latest version and having it load the music from my microSD card. It found all of the MP3 files, but none of the WMA files.

From the FAQ on the FlipSide.fm website:

"Which music files does FlipSide support?

FlipSide finds and plays music which is stored on your BlackBerry memory card. Music can be in MP3, AAC or M4A formats. DRM-protected content from the iTunes store and other stores won't play, but iTunes Plus music will."

Nowhere in there does it mention WMA.

It depends on the blackberry and it depends on the wma.

haemish says: Newer devices will play non drm'd wmas.

The FAQ needs updating.

I'm using a BB 8100 with OS version I had the same problem with version I switched back to the slightly older OS to get better battery life. The WMA files are all ones I created with no DRM. They play just fine in the native media player that is included with the OS. They do not even appear in the playlist in FlipSide. Just to make sure, I converted some mp3 files to WMA using a converter that would not create a DRM'ed file. It still does not show up on the FlipSide playlist.

As much as I would like to use FlipSide, it's not meeting my needs right now. And while the native player could use some work, I've already seen the updated player in the 4.3.1 OS beta - and it's much improved. So I will wait for that to be released.