FlipSide MP3 Player for BlackBerry from Electric Pocket: Out of Beta and Ready to ROCK!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Dec 2007 10:33 am EST

FlipSide for BlackBerry

Back on November 9th I published word of the "beta" of Electric Pocket's FlipSide Media Player for the BlackBerry. The post got a huge response and the software an even bigger one as many of us (myself included) gave the demo a try.

The very public nature of the "beta" generated a TON of great feedback from the CrackBerry community, which made Electric Pocket work their butts off to get the app tweaked up justttt right. I got word from the company that the commercial version of FlipSide is now ready to Rock! I'll give it a try later today (once I get my Round Robin iPhone final impressions posted), but thought I would get word up to those of you who want to give it a go now.

You can visit FlipSide.fm to take a video tour and download a free trial.

Be sure to let everyone here know what you think!!!

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FlipSide MP3 Player for BlackBerry from Electric Pocket: Out of Beta and Ready to ROCK!



I just downloaded it and it's great. Very easy to search through your albums and very easy to get cover art. The only thing I hope for in the future is allowing me to wrap from the last to the first album without having to flip backwards. Just being picky I guess, overall its the best!

Quick question, why does the program have to access my phone logs? Why does it have to do this and is there a way I can change the settings for it to stop asking me to do so? I know I can check the "dont ask again" button, but Id like to know what Im doing before I mess with the options.

Hi - FlipSide needs to access to the phone settings so that it can pause the music when a call comes in - nothing sinister!

It has nice interface ...iphone-like cover flipping. Smooth controls using trackball to navigate between songs/albums and spacebar to play/pause. It can also create playlist and can download album arts. I was able to play .wma file although website claims only aac, mp3 and m4a are supported. I used it with my wireless S9 but can't use the headset controls. (It's not convenient to use the controls while bb is in holster when you're outside... walking) Lastly, I hope they'll integrate video player with it.. until then, I can't call it the media player to beat.

interface is nice, could be prettier... interaction with phone features (bluetooth, calls, etc.) is lacking

wouldn't pay for it personally

It seems like there is a large jump in the volume between the highest volume level and the next one down?? Anyone else having that problem??

I really liked it over the OEM music player, and purchased it. However, I took it off after I kept getting a lot of "hourglass" slow downs while using other applications. I'll try it again when it gets updated.

Superb player, better than the rim player. Rocks on BB 8320. May be the only disavantage will be it wont play videos. may be one day we, black berry users will see the birth of a good media player which will play all types of music files and movies and of course friendly using. for the time being lets apreciate the flipside. Big thanks to every1.