Flipside Media Player - Now On Sale!

By Bla1ze on 21 Apr 2009 01:31 pm EDT
Flipside Media Player Screenshot!

I've been a big fan of Flipside media player for a while now and was even part of the beta testing for it when it launched many, many moons ago. The application has improved much since then and with the BlackBerry internal media player not offering some of the functionality that Flipside can give me I often times find myself using it, more so than the native application. 

With last.fm scrobbling, built in cover art downloading and a service called Flipside Extras, which allows you to view artist information and even get suggestions for other similar music that may interest you, Flipside overall is a great alternative to meet your media needs on the go with your Blackberry. A free trial is available in the Shop Crackberry App Store but the big news is that from now up until May 1st you can grab Flipside for only $9.95 (no coupon code required). That's over 50% off of the original price of $19.95. Flipside will run on all devices 4.1 OS+.

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Flipside Media Player - Now On Sale!


I've tried the trial version a couple of times. It does exactly what it says it does but i find that it's not the most appealing app. They should really work on refreshing the look since the bold, curve 8900 and storm have come out.

Then i'd definitely get it.

the link in the article points to version 1.19
for all Storm freaks an updated version 1.20.5 is available directly from the authors.

Awfully expensive for limited "features" and a "dated" look ... I will be paying a 10 spot for PodTrapper since the free trial worked so well and I find myself using it a lot ... and probably going to drop 20 on the sale-priced RDM+ because it works like a champ and is way overpriced at the regular 50 clams they charge or I wouldn't give it a second look either. I really just don't see 10 bucks worth of app here with FlipSide, sorry ...