FlipSide and PhoneFace Updated for the BlackBerry Storm

FlipSide and PhoneFace
By Ryan Blundell on 7 Jan 2009 03:12 pm EST

If you haven’t read the reviews on both FlipSide and PhoneFace, or even missed the contest CrackBerry.com and Electric Pocket ran at the beginning of the year, where the heck have you been?!

I just got word that Electric Pocket has worked quite hard to update their FlipSide MP3 Player and PhoneFace speed dialer applications. The result? You can now use your BlackBerry Storm to get “in touch” with both applications.

FlipSide MP3 Player allows you to swoosh through your music using album covers.

PhoneFace Speed Dialer lets you scroll through images of your favourite contacts to call, email, text. FaceBook users can also use PhoneFace to go online and find your contact’s FaceBook picture.

Now the swoosh experience gets even better! Navigate your way to http://flipside.fm or http://phoneface.com on your Storm and the latest version for the Storm will be automatically selected.

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FlipSide and PhoneFace Updated for the BlackBerry Storm


It started up fine and appeared to be scanning my media card. I tried to play my first song, and the app crashed with an error.

2nd attempt worked better. Songs are playing. Scrolling through album art feels very iPhone like. I likey! I need to play more. Wish I didn't have to shell out $20 for a great media player.

Scrolling from album to album is very jittery. It takes forever to scroll through all albums. If you stop for a few seconds, it scrolls back to the album you are currently listening too. Then you have to start scrolling all over.

Not sure this app is ready for primetime on the Storm.

I store all my contacts with where they work. PhoneFace sloppily adds a dash immediately after the name and can only fit the first few letters of the work place. I looks sloppy. Once that's fixed or there is a way to edit the way contacts are displayed separate from the address book, a definite purchase.

Also would like to see:
- Better placement of the pictures
- Custom organization methods (by default it's only alphabetically by last name)

Appreciate the Storm version except it NEEDS work. Pic placement is poor. Scrolling is inconsistent.

I got the OLD version of the software .19 when I downloaded from the link in the article. I went directly to the webside and downloaded .20.4 (an update). Seemed to work better. If a keyboard pops up on load, you've GOT THE OLD VERSION. Go Here: http://www.electricpocket.com/flipside/index.php

Still has some scrolling oddities, though.

Up/Down = Scroll left and right
Mute button (top of phone) = pause
Slider (green) at bottom = move thru MP3
Click on a song/Group to bring up song(s). When scrolling thru a list of songs (say a folders contents) you have to make sure you stay within the list of songs and don't let your finger travel outside the list... otherwise you scroll to a new song/group (probably need to fix this).
Scrolling thru the song list is also reversed. Could you please fix this as well.

The "Get album art" function (bberry menu) is pretty nice to have....

I see that you read the MP3 tags and group as best as you can. How about a "scroll thru all songs", or an ignore tag group option ? Some of my groups are "questionable" and I really don't feel like editing the tags on the boatload of music that I have.

Thanks! Looking forward to the next update!

So... I downloaded FlipSide but it did not pick up 90% of the album art in my library. I can see the album art in the default Blackberry media player, but FlipSide is not picking it up.

Note: Most of the album art I have comes from the iTunes sync.

Anyone else with this problem?

I have the same issues as everyone else but want to include the ability to navigate when the phone is in my pocket.

I shuffle my music most of the time and with the default media player, I can skip to the next song by holding the volume up button for a sec. Would be nice to see this and also functionality with the call button on the included headphones.

The cover art seemed to appear at random to me, but perhaps it was just overworked getting them for 700+ songs? When I told it to get it, it would usually pop up in about 10 to 15 secs.

A nice perk is that the volume seems to be much louder on flipside than the default. I'm trying slacker too (more issues there as well) which also has an increased volume. (Anyone know how to do this for the default player? I've already checked every sound setting I could find).

So, not bad IMHO, much like the device itself: almost there.

I really enjoy this program, my only complaints are when you scroll thru the albums it take some time for the pictures to load. Also, I had to load all the album art, which didn't take long, but when I go to my photos all the album art is there and I have to scroll thru the art to get to my photos, what a pain.