FlipOff Silences Your Storm When Its Turned Over

By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2009 12:44 pm EDT


I got word of a cool app called FlipOff by Backroom Software that lets you disable features on your Storm just by laying it down. FlipOff lets you choose to disable SMS, phone calls, radio, emails, vibration, alerts and more. You can customize it the way you like, place your Storm face down on a table or desk and that's that. As soon as it is face down, FlipOff will act according to your settings. This is extremely handy for business purposes - you can walk into a meeting, set your Storm face down and not have to worry about changing profiles. There are mulitple options and profile settings so everyone should be able to tweak to their liking. The premium version sells in the CrackBerry App Store for $1.49. A free version is also available with slimmed down features.

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FlipOff Silences Your Storm When Its Turned Over


i also had an idea like this already but then i turned away from it because it draws a LOT of battery because the accelerometer is scanning for changes the whole time.

did anyone buy the app and can comment on the battery behaviour?

I have the app since Beta. I haven't noticed any more battery drain than before I installed it. Storm with 5.0 230.


Why would anyone need this? The Blackberry Storm already has the feature. I lay mine down step away for 5 minutes and no alerts, audio or otherwise. Does not matter the firmware version I have tried. Does not matter how many devices Verizon has given me. All the Storms have the issue. Outside of that issue the application has merit.

I’m disappointed and frustrated by the Storm, but I still like Blackberry and not sold on the iPhone (yes I had one!).

What on Earth are you talking about? Clearly, you're doing something wrong if this has happened to ALL of your Storms.

I must second this notion and say I have no idea what you are talking about! My storm alerts me however I set the different options to alert me. I have never heard of anyone having this issue.

I tried loading the trial version onto my Storm 9530 and I keep getting the same error message: This application requires the following module, which is not installed: CM

I also have this issue and I already bought the dang thing! only a $1.50 I'm out of but still i bought it i want to use it!

I also have beta tested this application and have 5.0 230 for the storm and this thing works awesome.

I havent noticed any recent declines in battery because those were solved real early in the beta stages with respect to the checking of the accelorometer... it still is being checked but somehow its less often enough where when turned over i get alerts instantly if availble and turned upside down they turn off. no time laps in between.

the CM library posted a few commets above is a must download in order to make the application work so make sure not to forget that.. also.. go here if u want to talk to developer and or leave a comment on his thread.


It didn't work on my Storm. For some reason I tweaked the settings on/off to no availability and the damn thing wouldn't work. Thats it, I'm done, I lost interest.....deleted from my phone.

This app is perfect for me...I am in and out of meetings constantly and oftentimes forget to change the profile (one way or another) - causing me to miss important calls or be interrupted during other meetings...

Thanks for this...after installing the CM library the thing has been perfect...