Flipboard now available for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 24 Oct 2013 10:34 pm EDT

Although Flipboard was supposed to initially be an exclusive for the BlackBerry Z30, it kind of sort of leaked out ahead of time and some folks were able to get it download on their BlackBerry Z10's. After that though, the app compatibility was updated and that meant it was no longer available for Z10 and made exclusive for the Z30 with the promise of it coming to select 10.2 devices later.

With that 'exclusive' timing seemingly now up and BlackBerry 10.2 rolling out, Flipboard is once again showing as available to BlackBerry Z10 owners running 10.2. Long story short, if you've been waiting for the official release of Flipboard for the Z10, you can now download it from BlackBerry World. Be sure to check out our hands-on as well, if you need to know more about the app. And yes, it remains an Android port.

Download Flipboard from BlackBerry World

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Flipboard now available for the BlackBerry Z10


those with the z10 running 10.2, don't follow the link, it won't be available. just do an independent search on blackberry world and you will find it!

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Finally! Nothing beats the app world for app restoring and things like that. Anytime I have to stop Sideloading an app is a good day

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Awesome? why the hell would it ever be exclusive to a phone? and why select 10.2 devices when it should be for all BB10 devices? WTF?!

Bla1ze: When you make a post about an app, you should at least give a sentence, even a phrase, about what the app is or why it is worth mentioning. For people on the move that would be useful :-)

OK, I figured it out, I am running 10.2, the link the article might be for the z30? Because I did an independent search in BlackBerry App World and it then showed up as available with the download button on green

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Followed link in the artivle and still saw the download icon (Even though I already had the 'leaked' version installed lol)

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I hope so, although I don't think Flipboard was something keeping people away from BlackBerry. It works very well though, better than the side load I had. And now maybe we will get the updates when they are available for Android. Close to or at the same time would be ideal, but I may be dreaming here.

BlackBerry 10 United

Same with me running 10.2 and comes up not compatible with your device!!! Not sure why it won't work?

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I have installed with the 641 bars loaded over it and this works for me on Z10. One more side load I can delete! Keep'em coming!!

PB, Z10, buying BlackBerry till they are no longer selling

Spoke too soon! I cannot log in! doesn't recognize my user name and password.

PB, Z10, buying BlackBerry till they are no longer selling

Of course, you caught it when it was available.. it has always worked, just for whatever reason they held it off for 10.2 / Z30.

If we can just get instagram and candy crush, people will flock to bbry in droves. They have less and less arguments by the week. Bbry has been on a good streak for several weeks. If only they knew how to price and market phones...

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Is BlackBerry still not getting it. Don't make apps for one phone unless your making it for the other. "BlackBerry market" is for the BlackBerry 10 phone then your apps have to support all the model of the phones you release. Open your dam eyes BlackBerry. I want you to succeed but you make it so easy to fail.

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This is one of the apps I thought was worth sideloading. Be nice when it finally comes to the Z10 officially though.

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Is it an Android Port because it doesn't work on my Z10 like all the other Android Apps

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Yup likewise the link did not work but via appworld worked like a charm. Stoked it was not hear at noon on the westcoast

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I agree, it is really smooth; I've seen the same with Skype. The updated Android runtime makes a world of difference.

Love it! So happy. Except for a good credit card payments app I am totally content with all my official BlackBerry apps and my sideloaded Instagram! Please oh please let the future of BlackBerry stay this bright!

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I installed it...but when run it..it said "maybe your connection offline"....i turn on wifi and 3G but still like that..anyone help me@@

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Maybe you should buy a Z10 and not a Q5. It works very nicely on my Z10. Nice try though.

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This is incredible! This is one of my favourite apps from the iPad, and now I can use it on my Z10! I am know one step closer to ditching the iPad altogether!

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I was one of the ones who got it the first time when they didn't know it was oficial or not, then got an update when it was available for Z30 before it was retired for Z10, today it came as an update also so I guess I was lucky to the third time in a row, or maybe I'm a BlackBerry junkie.

Posted from the best mobile device Z10 10.2.0. 1791

Had it sideloaded, love the app, but was a little slow and leggy. Now that it is official and native, MUCH More smooth and fast!


Note: I noticed that the back swipe for sideloaded apps still work, as well as swiping to the right to go back does the same.


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Works good

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Works for me Bell z10, 10.2, but all the pictures are blurry when they were fine in the old sideload that I had... weird

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Terrible, so leggy and huge delays in responses from when clicking on tiles.

Just terrible.

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It's a good android port and great with Os 10.2 but useless without real BlackBerry sharing options :(

Why there is no layer for sharing android stuff like native

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Absolute freaking joke, first time I ever deleted the flip board app off of any device.

Just terrible, so much lag.


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A huge problem which BlackBerry continues on with, as their playbook......

They seemingly put out apps, which are newer, to the flagship devices (which are only a few months apart to begin with), and don't think about the others. Money grab. For sure.

If BlackBerry doesn't see that they need to take care of the people who recently paid $1000.00 for a Z10 (remember that craze? ) and release all their apps, for all BB10 devices, they are no further off than if you owned an older curve with 7.1

Is the Z10 THAT Old now, lol that they can't release all their apps for all their BB10 devices? Are they going to use the excuse that the Z10's can't handle the more modern apps due to low ram, lol?

Seriously guys, get your **** together, release all your apps fully functioning...in Canada and the USA, and the rest of the world...in fully functioning form.

And one more thing.

Stop making threads and announcements which say "available for the Blackberry 10 platform"....when they clearly aren't even ready to EVERYONE!

For god's sake.

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It doesnt work on the Z30. I have a network connection yet it tells me I have no network connection, so it just closes the application.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.

Keep the half baked attempts coming,lol.

Nothing new here...same old, same old.

Notice the pattern people? Not long ago, people were buying z10's for $1000.00 on ebay when they first came out, right?

Hear me out now...

Now that we Z10 users are old news now, and the Z30's are out (and the $1000.00 craze for this unit is back again,lol), BlackBerry is concentrating on the Flashy new model more than the Z10 now.

The problem which will continue with BlackBerry is the fact they push newer and newer devices out every so often, and cease to support or develop anything for the EXISTING Devices already at hand.

Take the PlayBook. That is a BlackBerry product. They now shove it under the carpet, but still push 7.1 in a freaking phone with a track pad....in 2013-2014!!!

Forget the promises made to everyone on the news on TV about updating the PlayBook, to BB10.....it was planned to never bring it to that tablet to begin with. they were to busy making the next flashy product (Z30), and dumped the PlayBook and avoided the users at all cost. All the while, delivering this new message lately..... "you can still count on us,lol ".

Sure we can...we can count on you to shove the Z30 under the carpet too....in a few months, or the months to follow.

Keep watching the pattern continue to develop....they are shooting themselves in the foot.

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So tell me, what is the support like on an iPhone4, or an IPAD2, android devices with gingerbread or Ice cream. Yup, just what I thought.

Anyways why don't you try downloading the App again. It seems to be working for everyone else. You might also want to make sure you have 10.2. It is pretty simple.

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The crackberry website is really slow loading on Flipboard on all platforms Btw. Some of the time it never loads. You may want to work out why! Cheers

Installed then deleted, pile of steaming dog crap is. Takes forever to load up then crashes and shuts down.

And the worse thing is that it's an android port...exactly the same as that pile of shit app called eBay.

Never deleted an app so quickly lol.

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That is what I though when I installed it. I have to delete the sideloaded Flipboard first, and then re-install the BB Flipboard, otherwise, the "real" all would only run the Andriod Flipboard inside a the "native" app.

Once I did that, it worked. Fast. Works fine.

Don't really care since I decided not to download the 10.2 OS update. Several friends who have BlackBerry devices like the Q10, Q5 and Z10 have downloaded the 10.2 OS update and have had nothing but trouble. Everything from slow and jerky operating software, to problems with the Hub, loosing emails, contacts, having email accounts deleted from the Hub, to settings being messed up, apps not working as they should or opening at all. Problems with the keyboard and the predictive text as well as the second language of input. So for example if you use English as the main language you communicate in (BBM, texting etc.) and want to add Spanish as your second language of input, it can't done
You can do the adjustments in Settings, but once you start typing, nothing happens.

Too many unknowns at this point. I will probably wait until late next year when the 10.3 OS update will roll out, provided BlackBerry is still around...

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Are you sure about this? Been waiting for the official release for ages and it works perfectly, even my S4-using wife was impressed with the new update especially the toast notifications. And I have Arabic as a second language and the keyboard prediction works properly with both languages

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I have no problem with second language input (French). I just switched it to Spanish and no problem at all. Keyboard works fine.

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What's up with people blaming BlackBerry for the crappy effort from the devs. And even though this is an Android port, but it works though, not as fluid as the S4 but works fine nonetheless.

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Works for me on my Z10 running official BB10.2. Slight performance improvement compared to my sideloaded version. Now..i just need salesforce, please......

Only works with wifi.. without wifi, it just keeps saying that there's no network connection..

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Welp! Never used it. I guess I can see what all the fuss is about.

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I have not a problem with being a Android port, my only issue it's that since I downloaded my phone it's so hot and drains the battery so fast :(

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I tried it but didn't see what the hype was all about. What's the point of it if you can't select the sources of your news feeds? Or maybe I just didn't understand how to change them. :P

I follow CB on Twitter. As soon as I saw this post on Twitter, I went straight to BlackBerry World and search came out empty. I had to read the full article to understand the problem. Love CB, but please try to be more specific with your headers. Reminds me of Gizmodo and I can't stand that blog!

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So after a few hrs of having it downloaded, still cant use it. I havent got it sideloaded so thats not the issue. It takes forever to load up and my battery gets hot, gets to the initialising screen then shuts down.

Dont know what else to try as ive deleted and re-downloaded it.

That's weird. All I knew is that Flipboard was coming to 10.2. Actually in my Z10 store it says coming soon since a month ago (10.1)

You are now in my Bingo Book

Don't get it. It was one of the very first apps I side loaded on 10.1 and used on the 10.2 leak I tried. How is it either not or just becoming available? Never has been a problem and have never once used a debug token with it. Somehow somewhere BBW got behind I think.

Personally though it doesn't compete with the native apps for any OS. Only benefit I see on BlackBerry is G+ and others that doesn't have an app for use yet. If you don't use Google apps then this will leave you wishing.

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Once again only Z10 nothing for the rest of us BB10 users! No wonder BB is sinking! Hey @ssh*les, what about the other handsets running BB10?

This sort of shit doesn't happen with android!

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

It's not worth it. It's android port. I have 10.2, and I have a bar at the bottom of the app. What to do to remove it? Thanks

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Works smooth on my Z10 just like on my iphone. Took a little time at first to settle down but now works fine. I had to delete the old side loaded app to have it work smoothly. So I have no issues with it now.

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Is there a way to post to multiple social networks ie. fb,twitter and Linkin all at once? This is the best replacement for the bb7 social feeds app that I have found and that's all it needs for me to be perfect

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Cmon BB,show some love on the Q10. Its a powerful device too. More apps should be optimized here too.

From a 9900,to an S3,to an iPhone 3GS to 4S,to an Xperia Z,and back to a Q10. Nothing says timeless elegance and power thana BlackBerry in my hands.

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