Flipboard makes a brief appearance in BlackBerry World

By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2013 10:36 am EDT

Overnight all the buzz was about the popular news app Flipboard landing in BlackBerry World. While many users were quick to snatch up the free app, others were a bit skeptical right from the start. The Android port seemed to run fine for most users who installed it, however upon closer inspection it turns out that is wasn't actually an official release but an unsupported port that wasn't actually from Flipboard.

At first glance it looked like a legit app - but upon installing things got fishy as the details just didn't match up. A quick search in BlackBerry World this morning showed the app in the listings however the actual app page returned an error. 

So while it looks like we'll need to wait a bit longer to see if the real official app turns up on BB10, you can still sideload the Android version and have it working with no issues should you choose to do so. 

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Flipboard makes a brief appearance in BlackBerry World


Seems like a hoax to me.

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Try to open a store and sell either stolen goods or original imitations then see how you will find out that as store owner you're responsible of the c-rap you put on the shelves.

Google Play had a fake BBM app (x2, IIRC.) Please unleash your disdain upon Android Central as well.

When 10.2 hits, there will be no reason for nearly any android Developer to not release their apps in BlackBerry World.

Some just need a little nudge.

Hope this is a wake up call to Flip Board to realize 1: your app works, 2: people want it.

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Unfortunately the majority for devs will still find an excuse not to do it. . . a lot of the apps already work fine on 10.1 . . . why wait for 10.2??? Because they have no intention of making an app available anyway . . .

Unfortunately, I think you're right. I mean it can't be that bad when most of us have their apps mostly if not fully working after the conversion process.

That leaves support. If they don't want to provide support because of the inherent potential issues they could have a separate section with a disclaimer.

Just a thought.

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As a developer I find that you thin out your resources when you cross platform any application. For example: do you focus on developing your existing product, or do you port it over forcing you to support both? What is considered an "easy job" forces an exponential investment.

Granted BB10 is minimal risk, most app developers cringe from making applications for both iOS and Android, as making an app with similar experience is annoyingly time consuming. So companies anticipate the "platform jump" cost to be much higher than it is based on prior experience.

What flipboard is likely testing, is, the feasibility of doing such a jump. They probably realized that it's much easier than expected... and you will almost certainly see flipboard on BB10.2 - I'm curious if they are going to invest in a native version.

However, It would be nice to see that the BB10's allow for Google Play integration, as a secondary store so that no jump at all is necessary, this would cause a great deal of celebration and a big victory for BB

If Google Play were available on BB10, what incentive would anyone have to actually develop native BB10 programs?

with 4% and declining market share what incentive do they have now??? Yes there may be some big name apps in there now, but a year from now even Facebook will say "seriously, you expect us to waste resources on BB10?"

BB would be much better off letting people download from Google Play. That would put the focus back on the OS and PIM aspects of BB, ie.where they are good no on apps where they are BAD, with a capital B!

The incentive is the same... maybe even better because the work of "porting" was done for me.

If I find a healthy amount of downloads occur on a BB device, I may consider producing a native version of said application to better the experience.

That was the same hopeful explanation given by many when the BB10 came out. Given the everyday hit BlackBerry keeps taking from the Tech Media (I've disabled BlackBerry Google alerts completely), I doubt any top developer would take the time, no matter how simple it may be, to port their apps to BB10. Instagram, FlipBoard, SnapChat, Pandora, SiriusXM, GetGlue , NetFlix, TMZ, AtBat, SportsCenter, Pulse, Buzzfeed, CNBC, Marvel, Huffington Post, Tumblr, Tango, UrbanSpoon, TED, SoundCloud, Amazon, Houzz, Path, KIK, Pinterest, StarBuck.... ALL working ports on my Z10 and Q10 that have YET to make it to BB10. I, along with meany of the BB fans out there have emailed all of these Dev's with videos and screenshots of their apps working fine on BB10... NO response. The motivation to build for a platform that the public doesn't believe in, just isn't there. BB10 is amazing... But sadly, no one outside of the BB fan world will ever know, nor WANT to know, just how amazing a job BlackBerry has done with these products.

how this got past the people at blackberry world is beyond me. incompetence, not to mention they might even be sued. bunch of jokers.

12,000 employees and apparently not one screens apps before they get published to App World. That is rather strange.

Or perhaps just a mad scramble to get "name brand apps" into the selection...

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So what was "fishy" about it, did it ask for your DOB, SSN, Blood type and copies of your credit report?

Seriously though, what was the issue? Or was it the page error? Just curious how this got by BB. I thought they had "check points".

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LOL right! Not sure what they mean by "fishy" or it's a "hoax"...the damn thing works for me and it works well. I never used flipboard but now i'm addicted to it LOL.

Just like others, I still see Flipboard in BlackBerry World as well. I'm on 10.2 so it has not been removed. Maybe this is one of those apps they wanted to hold back until the release of 10.2?

How does this happen? It seems like finding a Chinese knockoff of an iPhone in the Apple store. Awkward.

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The sideloaded version is very good. I hope a real version comes to BlackBerry at some point. Poo on the individual/ individuals who played with my emotions today.

Man, i saw Flipboard in a crackberry post and was stoked! Fooled!

At least, after months of trying different versions, I got it working on my playbook.

Now if only I had bbm and bridge on my playbook

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This is what happens when you lack app store curation and validation. The one thing Apple consistently get "right" (unless you're a Dev who's app got refused).

Out of curiosity, is it actually legal to side-load an app onto a BB10 device without the dev's permission? Isn't this treading dangerously close to pirating the software?

I send screen shots to companies with my z10 running their apps telling them its working great on my z10. They respond along the lines of "thanks were glad your enjoying (our app) on your z10!)

Not sure about legality. Ethically I don't mind if the devs made it free elsewhere, but I wouldn't sideload something that had a fee on Android.

This is the million dollar question nobody has a clear answer for. It would be nice if CrackBerry would do a piece on the topic to set the record straight.

Kevin - do you have a "company view" on this? Are we all treading too close to the edge here?

So was it a beta test from the company or someone trying to sneak something into BlackBerry World.
If it was the first, that is a good sign. If it is the latter, maybe not so good a sign.

Perhaps they are just waiting for 10.2 to come out to release it officially and were doing a quick test.

Why doesn't CrackBerry investigate?

Don't care how it came to be, the app runs smooth on 10.2 ,looks great, and I didn't need my computer to side load it ;)

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First Instagram a little ago and now Flipboard. Looks like some people are really going out of their way to make BlackBerry and BlackBerry fans look dumb. So far it's us zero them two.
BlackBerry really needs to drop some big names coming to bb10 ASAP. Hopefully before months end we'll have 10.2, cross platform bbm, and some big name apps.

I don't even know what Flipboard is but I emailed the dev to have it available. There is no reason a popular app that works fine shouldn't be available. I don't buy the support argument at all.

I downloaded it from Bbw and it works great!

Tapped out on Halle (Black)Berry aka Z10 running

Downloaded it, running 10.2. It actually works pretty smooth. I could only access it in the app store by following the link posted in the forums.

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downloaded and works great on my Z10STL100-1/

it has very good reviews. i kind of like it better than taptu. is crackberry on flipboard?

all this major app developers get on the social bus.

you cant be a social app if you limit your viewing. look at bbm, now it's really gonna be social.

shazam? instagram? netflicks? banks?

go native!®

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Mines been sideloaded since I got my Z10. Runs quite well and am not sure why Flipboard isn't coming on board. Love the app...would love a BB10 supported app more.

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I don't understand why people are saying this isn't a legit version on the app world. Seems to match up fine with the sideloaded version I had before.

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>> At first glance it looked like a legit app - but upon installing things got fishy as the details just didn't match up.
>> A quick search in BlackBerry World this morning showed the app in the listings however the actual app page returned an error.

Where is the proof that this isn't a legit app, how did things get "fishy"? I haven't seen any others claims of this been a fake app except from N4BB and CrackBerry.

The app is still on BlackBerry World (10.2), so the "page not found" error is not proof of your claims.

Link still works. Why can't the dev have used an online apk to bar generator to port their app? Lol

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Dunno what the poster or doubters are on about. I deleted it and just checked BlackBerry World just to see if it's now been removed but it's still there and I
downloaded it again. I'm on 10.2 so must be in there for only 10.2 os or something.

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It was probably pulled when BlackBerry realized it was only for 10.2 and the only people running 10.2 are people with leaks, and they don't want to encourage that...

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How did people snatched this up so quick when it landed in BlackBerry World? Did they actually search for it, or some sorts of notifications received there were new apps added???

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So -i for clarification -i is this a legit app or not? I can see it in appworld still...


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Just loaded onto my Z10. This is way cool. Smooth. Flipping pages up and down is natural on this with gestures. Cool.

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My BlackBerry World shows it being by Flipboard. With an email for support at Flipboard.com

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Just installed, I am on 10.2 leak. Works pretty good, but not as smooth as the native apps. Dev seems to be Flipboard as shown.

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