Flipboard now officially available for download (as long as you have a BlackBerry Z30)

By Adam Zeis on 19 Sep 2013 08:24 am EDT

Flipboard has already shown up in BlackBerry World once on a bit of a fluke, and today it's back again with yet another catch. The Flipboard app is officially official for BlackBerry 10 ... providing you have a BlackBerry Z30

If you haven't heard of Flipboard before, it's a great app for keeping up with all the latest news across your social feeds. You can add in news stories, Twitter, Facebook and more for a sweet magazine style layout.

While we can assume that not many of us common folk outside of Waterloo actually have a device, I suppose that are a few of the lucky ones that can snag this up right now. For the rest of us, at least we know it will be ready and waiting when the Z30 hits the streets. Fingers crossed that it's available for the Z10 and Q10 soon as well though it does require OS 10.2.

If you are actually rocking a Z30 then you can hit up the link below to download, otherwise just keep it handy and install it when you can :)

More information/Download Flipboard

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Flipboard now officially available for download (as long as you have a BlackBerry Z30)


Story of bbs life. Finally release an app that many have been waiting for and it's only available on the z30 which nobody has lol.

Seriously can someone at that company get a clue. And then ppl wonder where the negative publicity comes from.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

It's the same Negative tone all around the Internet. It's not what you say it's how you say it and Adam very well knows that it's because Flipboard needs 10.2 to run properly with the updated android jelly bean and it doesn't only work on the z30. While it is true that it works only on the z30 officially AS OF NOW, It is also true that it requires 10.2 which is not yet available to other devices. Ya'll bloggers need to stop writing half truths and give readers the wrong impression. I am running Flipboard flawlessly on 10.2 leak on my z10. And I know of others who had downloaded it when it first appeared in BlackBerry World a few weeks ago on their Z10 with leaked os10.2

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I agree with what you are saying, but I also think that the majority negativity comes from complainers who haven't bothered to read the blogs through their entirety and understand the situation before voicing their complaints. I think the bloggers do a pretty good for the most part and shouldn't have to necessarily go through the efforts of being painfully black and white so the readers don't have to go through effort of putting together the pieces of these articles on their own to draw the proper conclusions. I wouldn't be coming to this site if that was the case. People just seem to want instantaneous results and knowledge without putting in the effort.

Official is Official

Trying to explain every work around and the possible issues is beyond the scope of a simple article like this.

Great advice. And that's got rim to the position they are in now. People don't care. Don't need an explanation. It should just work. Or don't put it on BlackBerry World with all these caveats.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

This is stupid. When I was on 10.1 on my Z10 Flipboard was running without any issues and without debug token.

So this is nonsense.

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It's an Android port, I was able to get it last time it appeared on BlackBerry World, but loaded a leak and lost it. Worked a lot smoother than the side loads though. Not sure why it isn't available for Z10. It worked fine while I had it. Maybe they want more fanfare for its release.

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I've had Flipboard side loaded on my Z10 for a couple of months now,and it works great. I'm currently running OS I don't recall if it worked w/10.1, but if it does, I see no reason why it wouldn't be made available to Z10's.

The phone is only a few months old and we're already being made to feel like behind the curve? We are early adopters!

Same here. Flipboard sideload runs great on my Z10. I am running with the unlocked android runtime that is available in the forums.

That is not the point of the question mate. We were asking if it THE OFFICIAL APP IN BLACKBERRY WORLD, Work with anything else than a z30, perhaps it might have been a os related restriction.

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I have a Z10 running the leak and I can't see Flipboard in BlackBerry World to download from the UK, it doesn't show up in search results. I wonder if the app is currently tagged as only for the Z30 until 10.2 is released by carriers, then it will be tagged as for the other models too.

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I get the point of the original question, which has been answered already. Flipboard was initially made available in BlackBerry World for any BB10 device. Some Z10 owners were able to download it & if worked fine. They quickly pulled it & it's now back but restricted to the Z30 in BlackBerry World.

Now my point...it's an Android side load. works fine for me & others using Z10. No reason why it should only be available officially for Z30. Z10 buyers are already being made to feel like 2nd class citizens when in fact we are early adopters. We bought the very first new device with the brand new OS. I find this to be annoying.

I somehow was able to download Flipboard on my Z10 running 10.2 the other day. I just went on BlackBerry World and searched for it, and it was available so I downloaded it. Now when I go to the My Apps section, it shows Flipboard as installed, but if I click it I am told that it is not available for my device.

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To me, the side loaded version worked better on my Z10 than my HTC One X, as do most side loaded apps.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

It has been updated to only be available for the Z30 now, but was available to Z10'ers at first

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I had it before I updated to a newer leak. I never really used it though... not a huge loss for me personally

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

Have it installed on Z10, running 10.2 with unlocked runtime - works.

Posted via CB10 on Z10STL100-2/ ....Unlocked Runtime

But did you get it from BlackBerry World after they officially release it? That's the thing most seem to be complaining about.

When it was available briefly a few weeks back I downloaded it from BBW onto my Z10 running a 10.2 hybrid. Worked perfectly fine.

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

A version appeared previously as well... I downloaded that and it worked with 10.2 and the open Android runtime. When I looked at this new one it says "unavailable for this device" but if I click the "open" button it goes to my app. So... looks like it's the same one but perhaps requires the open runtime (or Z30 OS equivalent) to work?

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The app ID is the same, so for example when you download the native version of the app from BB World it replaces the one you sideloaded before. So it can be a totally new native one or a newer Android port..

What open would? That you don't have a phone that was just announced yesterday and isn't yet for sale? I look at it as a preview of good things to come. Buck up.

Flipboard has a BB10 app before Windows Phone? Well at least we know where all of BB's payola is going.

I'm glad I snagged it for my Z10 when it was available and that it got an update through BlackBerry World too. Hopefully it won't be long for everyone.

maybe a sign of good things to come.. i think some developers were waiting for 10.2 before they create naitve apps.

I ave just asked Flipboard on Twitter why there is no love for the Z10. I suggest you all do the same. I can understand the constraints of the Q5 and 10 but not on the Z10.

I have a BlackBerry Z10 with OS and open Android 4.2.2 runtime. When the Flipboard App appeared the first time in BlackBerry World I got it, after that the app dissapeared from BB World, but one day before the Z30 launching BB World send me a notification about an upgrade for the App, I installed it and there's some minor changes, it is still an Android port, but it's more fluid and the signature is from Flipboard instead of Apk2bar like the first one. In fact I took some screenshots.

Sorry for my english, I'm from Mexico and speak Spanish :)

I was lucky enough to snag it from "the fluke" posting and it has been my favorite app on the Z20! As I renamed my Z10 as I'm running, face focus camera, black theme contacts and calendar, multiple alarm clock, priority hub, BBM with channels, and unlocked runtime. Z10 doesn't seem to fit it anymore lol.

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Meeeuh. I've had a sideloaded version of Flipboard on my Q10 for the last month or two. I use it on occasion but not my daily news source.

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Theres something wierd going on... I was able to download flipboard yesterday from app world, but now it says unavailable for this device with an open button next to it. not only that, a lot of the apps I had, after I loaded the latest 10.2 leak (1725 I think), show not available for this device even they have disappeared from my available tab in my world. I loaded the leak 1 day before the announcement of the z30. I have a z10

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yes , i got Fb week ago in BBWorld and 3 days i ago i share Flipboard link to my friend and she still can download it with Z10 . .

I really hope it will be officially made available on the Z10/Q10. I don't like the idea of apps being exclusive to certain devices.

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They said before it would be for Z30 for a limited time before becoming available for the Z10. Not sure about Q users, but the screen size limitations really hinder a visual heavy app like Flipboard.

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You can either go to www.goodereader.com or Bb10bars.net and download just about ANY App you want...... and they are FREE! I got tumblr, NETFLIX, AVG Anti Virus, TV Guide and CHASE Bank App from both these sites. I will warn you though that the DDPB thing did give me 3 days of headache before it worked correctly, but once it worked I have been going CRAZY downloading Android Apps.

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This is great news! If some of the big namers (cough Instagram cough) are waiting for 10.2 than the 10.2 OS won't just be an amazing upgrade for device updates but app updates as well!

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10.2 is when BB10 becomes what it was supposed to be originally. If time weren't an issue I don't think 10.0 and 10.1 would have seen the light of day.

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Woot Woot I feel 10.2 should be able to draw a lot of Devs & rope in all the important apps :)

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Don't care abt apps I cn always sideload it wat I'm really concerned is abt th specs dat BlackBerry will choose 4 different regions (stl 100-1,4) the LTE gets a better spec n th others get a lower 1 man dats pissing off

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Not much can be done with that as those different 'specs' are built for the many carriers around the world. Some carriers have older technology and some have newer. So the phone that works on your carriers infrastructure will correspond to the which berry you get (assuming you are buying the phone from the carrier). Clear as mud?

U c in th middle east all th phone r sold unlocked n no carrier sells high end phones wit sim card in it iv used my frnds stl-100-4 n it's different 4m my stl-100-1 especially wen u play real racing 3 u cn c th difference any ways my gf wants th z30 I'm 4 sure not gona get th stl-100-1 series sad dat u pay th same price n u a phone while is slightly slower

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BlackBerry screwed up majorly from the beginning with BB10 again much like they did with the PlayBook. All these updates that we need in order to run NetFlix, Flipboard, etc.. should have been available from the get go i.e. OS10.1/10.2. Not after a yr and once it has created so much negativity towards it. This is one of the reasons they are sinking fast.

Android JellyBean wasn't available from the beginning (neither was ICS). I think you'll notice a lot more vendors interested in 10.2 w/ JellyBean, mostly because the performance of the Gingerbread runtime was pretty bad on high resolution devices.

So will it come to bbz10 when official 10.2 comes out.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

So an app that hasn't been officially announced for an OS that hasn't been officially launched on a phone that isn't for sale yet is prepped and ready for download and we get complaints? I'd be happy that I know that it will be there at launch.

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Flipboard will run on the old runtime as well. I have it loaded on my PB and it works Ok, not as smooth as the new jellybean runtime though.

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I got Flipboard on my z10 when it was leaked a month or so ago in bbw. Actually got an update thru bbw about a week ago too. Still works perfectly, though when I go to bbw now it says unavailable for my device. Running OS 10.2 leak.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

It used to work so nicely on my Q10. Hope to have it soon, for now sideload it is.

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Glad to see some real apps on bb10. Now we just need instagram and vine.. and about 1 million more. But it's definitely a start!

What a genius strategy, device exclusive apps. Wasn't enough to have OS limitations, now we need device limitations.

Go BlackBerry!

It isn't device exclusive, it's OS exclusive; the OS that every bb10 device will have at the time this device launches.

Its a great marketing ploy. :) Ain't you all talking about it now? Awareness (negative or positive) = (good) Marketing.

I got it somehow. Now when I open it in BlackBerry world it says unavailable for this device but it's installed and I can click open. Hahaha.

Posted via CB10

Title misleading.... and a potential major turn-off for blackberry owners and those thinking of crossing over. Why not just say Flipboard has been Released!, however. Requires 10.2 OS Lol!

Although I'm not overly interested in Flipboard, it's a good looking app and it's nice to see it coming to BB10 for all those who do use it.

I had Flipboard running sideloaded last year on my PlayBook, also managed to download it to my Z10 while it was in World

If you want to run it now, sideload it. When 10.2 becomes available for the other devices then you will be able to load and run the BB10 app. Why all the complaining?

Though I have it on my iPhone 4s.. I rarely use it.. I was not really desperate to have it on my Z10, but guess lot of folks here need it.. good to hear it's coming to BlackBerry OS10.. and since 10.2 is coming officially in mid October to all OS10 devices, guess then it will be available for all..

Posted via CB10

This whole app and OS version matching is beyond ridiculous.

One app: OS agnostic.

I envision a day where this app nonsense is gone. It is so friction ridden it screams for a solution.

Zezel.com - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.

Ya, I downloaded it from blackberry world when it was released works fine on

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Port or native? Many of us already have the app sideloaded (which runs quite well), a native one would be pretty great.

I am glad to see apps ready to go AHEAD of new device releases. People, why are you complaining?

BlackBerry is toast. Ive made a mistake to give up my iPhone for this sinking brand.. sooo disapointed. . Lack of apps all the way...

Posted via CB10

As a long time fan/supporter of BBRY, I have to say my faith is waning big time again. No matter how good the hardware/apps etc (which all have pros and cons), they are hurting, hemorrhaging in fact. It doesn't matter about the billions they have if not using it properly. Public image sucks. News of layoffs, break up, selling. Do we really think any of this is going to save them? I hope they can survive, but it really isn't looking good.

Seriously BB, get a grip already, you keep pissing people off with these dumb moves, why post an app no one can use to app world.

Posted via CB10

The funny thing is I have it, downloaded it from BBW when it was briefly available and it works perfectly fine... I don't understand why they won't release it to the rest of the users

Got this from Flip board support:

SEP 19, 2013  |  12:36PM PDT
Jason Pearson replied:

Hello james,
Thanks for your email.

Flipboard will be coming to select 10.2 OS Blackberry phones soon. If you have Flipboard on a Z10 or a Q10, you are running an unofficial and unsupported version of our app. Please stay tuned for the official launch of Flipboard on Blackberry.

Thanks for your interest and support.

Jason Pearson
Community Support

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it's awesome how blackberry posts an app for a phone that isn't even officially available yet and that no one has, yet those of us who bought a Z10, believing that we'd get good apps are still left waiting. Pathetic way to keep your customers Blackberry. Seriously. Pathetic!

So we need last OS 10.2 to release earlier. Love this OS but do not make different based on sales strategy. Keep retain old fanatic BlackBerry. Tx

Posted via CB10

So another prove why BlackBerry will end. Because this is only basic application. Again you force your fan to sell q10/z10 and buy z30.
Not good and unfair.

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