FlightView - Recent Update Includes Support For More Devices

By Bla1ze on 21 Jan 2010 09:31 am EST
FlightView Now Compatible With More BlackBerry Smartphones

Just before the holidays we covered an application called FlightView. FlightView lets users track flights, manage their travel plans, and stay on top of national delays at major airports. The one problem for some with that release was that it was only available for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and BlackBerry Curve 8300 series devices.

Since the intital release, FlightView has been updated to work on newer model devices such as the Bold, Tour and all Curve devices, as well as 88xx series. At this time though the BlackBerry Storm series remains unsupported. FlightView is one of the only apps to be chosen by the FAA to recieve direct flight updates from them, allowing FlightView to offer the most up to date information possible. You can get the updated version of FlightView for only $4.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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FlightView - Recent Update Includes Support For More Devices


I bet the creator has a 8100 or 8300 and doesn't want to upgrade, reason being for the only app versions available

I don't fly that much, but this would be a very handy app to have whether I'm flying or checking on someone flying to/from me, so I hope they make it Storm compatible sooner rather than never. Come'on man!

It's not as easy or convenient as the app, but if you log into flightview.com from the bolt browser, you can check flights for free...until the app comes to the phone you have.

It's too bad I can't find this software on Mobihand. I like getting my software from them because they make it easy to change devices and get new license keys for software. Hopefully they will carry it soon, I e-mailed Mobihand's customer support about this yesterday and they have contacted Flightview about adding this to Mobihand's catalog.

Why cant we have this ? What do you mean the blackberry cops will come around ??

I would really like to be able to tether my ipod touch to my blackberry .

I live in Little Rock, AR which if you haven't already guessed is not a city where any airline has a hub. So this means that to get anywhere from here, I have to connect from one of 6-7 different cities. To get to my client's offices at a decent hour my first flight is often before 6:30 am. I would love to have an app that I could use to tell me whether my flight is on time and what the conditions at LR airport are. Also, because I have connecting flights so often it would be really useful to know whether my connecting flight is on time and whether I will have a few minutes to grab breakfast (or lunch) if it's delayed.