Flight Path - Free Game for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Mar 2009 11:51 am EDT
Flight Path for the BlackBerry Storm

And this week's BlackBerry Storm Time Waster of the Week award goes to..... Flight Path!

BlackBerry game developer Tafasa let us know about their latest game, Flight Path, which uses the Storm's accelerometer to allow you to fly a plane through rings. Here's the official verbage:

Are you ready to put yourself in the pilot's seat? The goal of the game is to fly your plane through the center of the rings coming at you. You get points for every ring you fly through, and the closer you get to the center of the ring, the more points you get. When you fly through a ring, you will be evaluated on a scale of Perfect, Good and Sloppy. Get a lot of Perfects or Goods in a row, and you will build up your score multiplier which will give you even more points! It's not that easy though, because the game ends once you miss three rings. There's also another catch. The rings keep getting smaller the longer you fly! To fly, hold the BlackBerry like a steering wheel and rotate left and right. The more you rotate, the faster your plane will turn. How high of a score can you get? 

At Zero dollars and zero cents the price is right on this one, so if you own a BlackBerry Storm be sure to give it a go. Just don't blame CrackBerry.com if you waste away an hour or two.

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Reader comments

Flight Path - Free Game for the BlackBerry Storm


Its a decent time waster. fairly mindless w/ just enough mov't to make me feel productive. just the right price.

This game is insane! Great design, tons of fun. I know what I'm doing in class..

Who ever thought such a simple game would be so fun...

Sorry nice try. Needs work. Its slow to respond....Also once it's working you cant play it more then 8 seconds. The rings are to close together and to far to the sides.

I tried this game and it is way to hard. I am not a gaming junkie by any means but come on. There should be easier levels. I would like to say thanks for the free game. I'm sure someone out there will figure out how to play longer then 10seconds.

dont worry jwp902, i only got a high of around 1200...thing was way to laggy on my phone. The rings were way to far apart. One minute its close, next minute it way off to the right/left. It didnt run smooth on my phone so idk...I like the concept. Might try a battery pull here...

I like it. It's simple and quick. Perfect for killing a little time. Being an actual pilot, I kind of wish that I could pitch as well as bank, but I know how hard that'd be to make and still e playable at a comfortable angle. My only major grip (besides being willing to drop a buck on something with better graphics) would be that it seems some of the rings could a bit too fast or too close together and are barely attainable, if even that. Perhaps a progressive difficulty system or variable levels of it in the next version? Either way, well done and thank you for the game!

The good thing is that this game is free. However, when will games on handhelds get better? It's not the developers fault, they have to work within the limitations of the devices.

It would be nice to see games start to get more powerful. I guy could wish.

have you ever seen metal gear solid on the iphone? point beeing with a faster prosesor on the storm only a matter of time before we get some sick games. think about this the psp only has a 333mhz chip, storm 625mhz. there's going to be some real gems at the launch of "app world" at the end of the month.

whoever posted the screen shots in the store sucks at this game. first time i picked it up i got like almost 4,000 points