FlickrUp brings a native Flickr experience to BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 9 Sep 2013 02:37 am EDT

Although there is a ton of photo and video hosting services out there, the recent changes at Flickr where they offer folks 1TB of space has certainly helped the site grow a bit and it seems as though I get new notifications of folks signing up and using the service daily. Sadly, Flickr hasn't put together a BlackBerry 10 app and the chances of them doing so seem to be pretty slim to none considering Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer doesn't think BlackBerry is relevant. No matter though, because a third-party developer has now stepped up to the challenge and released a new Flickr app for BlackBerry 10 called FlickrUp.

FlickrUp is a Qt and Cascades based Flickr app that offers a full set of features for those looking to make use of the service on their BlackBerry 10 smartphone. It taps into the Flickr API offered and as such, allows for many of things you'd expect from a full fledged Flickr app such as full support for browsing user profiles, photo streams, photosets, galleries, favorites and even groups. Of course, you can also upload images direct from your camera roll with full customization for visibility, title, tags and privacy.

FlickrUp isn't perfect though, it does cost $.99 and it lacks some features of the official apps such as the ability to add filters to photos along with the capability to upload videos. Those things aside, it's still a great option for anyone not wanting to side load the Android version of the official Flickr app, especially if you don't really feel the need to add a filter to every photo you upload to the service. You can grab FlickrUp from BlackBerry World right now for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones; hit the link below to see more if the app in action or to purchase it.

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FlickrUp brings a native Flickr experience to BlackBerry 10


"Marissa Mayer doesn't think BlackBerry is relevant."

I have the same attitude towards Flickr.

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Flickr offers a nearly complete API for developers to use. This is more than what can be said about other Photo sharing services. A well developed third party Flickr app negates the need for official support from Yahoo.

There's really no need for a company to support a platform, so long as they support developers.

One thing this doesn't do is show a set in slideshow mode. The one thing I would really like to do and I haven't found a flickr app that does it!!

So, this app appears to show icons of pics. You can then click on one and get a larger view ( but not whole screen) and you can't page through the pics.

Sure this may work for what some want it for but doesn't do anything much for me unless I've missed something

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I agree; somehow photo app developers these days tend to forget about the slide show option. But I see below the developer has it on his roadmap.

I recently returned to using Flickr as my photo archiving app as the new version cleans up several issues I had had with it, especially privacy issues. And it has become much easier to notify selected recipients about a new set's availability.

There's a quote that I really like for moments like this, where people notice other's people ignorance, and it's something like this: "It's better let people * think* you are ignorant than *sure* that you are".

I hope the app improves and succeeds.

Sounds.. derived from: 

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."

But I digress.

Great app idea. The BB10 camera app has all the filters I need to apply. Heck for years the Android and iOS apps didn't allow you to apply filters before uploading photos. Even today, I think the best apps for Flickr are 3rd party apps. That's particularly true if cool display and presentation is your thing. I don't need an official app when a 3rd party app may be better and more useful, but I would like the ability to upload video. Is that specified in the API?

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Serious photographers...full resolution archiving, no compression, many photo style, location & gear groups. It is for those who may actually own a DSLR and photography is serious to them.

Grabbed FlickrUp the second it came out and am impressed. Some more features are needed (slideshows for one) but I've talked to the developer via email and he said all my suggestions are on his roadmap. Grab this one and support great BB10 devs!

I recently started using Flickr again despite Marissa Meyer's bad attitude towards BlackBerry. I really like it and I wish BlackBerry would add support to it in the file manager like Box has. I don't have a lot of use for my photos on Box,but Flickr would be epic.

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I downloaded this app today and it caused my battery to drain in 3 hours. Uninstalled and battery back to normal. Z10 OS 10.1

BioDave1955 Z10 Powered

Is it draining battery after some particular actions and was it running for all those 3 hours?
I'm not having this issue with my device as I've even left it running for all day, will test again...though there is no b/g process running for FlickrUp so I'm not sure what is it that causing drain