Flick Your BIC Free Concert Series App for the BlackBerry Storm

By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2010 07:46 am EST
Flick Your BIC  Free Concert Series App For The BlackBerry Storm

Here's a pretty cool novelty app from the folks at BIC. I'm quite certain most of us have been to at least one concert or event where you've witnessed the sea of lighters being taken out and waved in the air. BIC has made available for the BlackBerry Storm their virtual version, complete with customizable designs and true to life lighter flicking sounds. Now the next Grateful Dead concert you attend you can play it safe, no waving open flames around. Rock on, keep on truckin or...whatever the cool kids are saying these days. ;)

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Flick Your BIC Free Concert Series App for the BlackBerry Storm


hlep blackberry and bic are trying to force me into killing myself with cigarettes call the internets police

right on, ya I know its a stupid little app, but sometimes its the stupid little things that makes things fun!

One thing they should have done was make an option if you have to leave your thumb on the button or not lol.

its not a zipo! so you should have to keep your thumb on the button.

still a funny lil app!

Carrier or device not supported.
See, this is one of RIM's problems. Way too many devices, screen sizes...
Maybe because I live in Europe that my carrier does not support it? But it's a stupid lighter app. I don't get it.
I love BB, but sometimes for apps I wish I had an iPhone...

but lord does it have a large foot print.

and i agree...its not a zippo app...i want to flick and hold...realdeal bic style.

finally...i can flic my bic at the next concert with the cool iphone kids!!!