Flashback Friday: Impress your friends with a shiny new BlackBerry Storm2, only $140 at 1SaleADay!

BlackBerry Storm 2 sale
By Michelle Haag on 18 Nov 2011 03:38 pm EST
It was 2009.

BlackBerry OS 5.0 had just been released, BlackBerry App World was still in its infancy, and we had our first device (the BlackBerry Curve 8520/30) with a trackpad instead of that dirty old trackball.

Research In Motion was trying to recover from the initial BlackBerry Storm, and launched the BlackBerry Storm2 in an effort to redeem themselves. Was it a successful attempt? You can judge that for yourself, since just a bit over two years later, none of the latest devices carry the Storm name.

In any case, the device does have a following - mostly made up of people that for one reason or another have stuck with it since launch. You can still buy the BlackBerry Storm2, and deals like this one at 1SaleADay pop up from time to time. So, whether you try to impress your friends with your retro style when you pull this bad boy out of your pocket, give it to the dog as a chew toy, or use it as a backup device in case of emergency, for just $140 you won't have to mortgage the house to own it. Don't delay, the sale ends in a few hours.

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Flashback Friday: Impress your friends with a shiny new BlackBerry Storm2, only $140 at 1SaleADay!


i owned the Blackberry Storm 1, as well as the Storm 2. I am an Android Owner and I must say that the Storm 2 is by far the best blackberry I have ever used or seen anybody use for that matter. I did not care for the storm 1 at all, and I Until recently had a Motorola Droid X. what a downgrade that was. I have A Thunderbolt now and I must say I do love it, but I do miss my blackberry storm 2. Every now and then I think about re-Activating it as i do own a playbook. but have yet to actually do it.

Do it! Its one of the best BlackBerrys to pair with the PlayBook, because it is one of the few BlackBerrys with Bluetooth 2.1+EDR(Enhanced Data Rate)

I actually likes my S1 better. I didn't like the S2 screen. If OS 6+ hadn't come around, I'd still have my storm 1. That was my longest used berry.

I actually likes my S1 better. I didn't like the S2 screen. If OS 6+ hadn't come around, I'd still have my storm 1. That was my longest used berry.

Brand New Device, with all Original Accessories included, Original Packaging still intact and Unopened Untouched Unclicked???

I was going to buy a storm 2. I did research on it, watching reviews etc etc. Then I seen the torch I started to do reviews on it and eventually bought the torch. I think I made the right choice since I hear lots of bad things about the storm line.

Never owned one but use to sell them, I never did like that touch screen. The new touch screens are amazing.

I had the Storm 2 for 19 months and then I got my hands on the Torch 9650. Don't know how I lived with the Storm 2 for so long. Just wish app developers would update there apps to run on BB7 os.

I had Storm1 and 2 and loved them both. Have the 9850 Torch now and love that too- but I gotta say I miss clicking the screen.

I owned the storm 2 before i got the iPhone 4... and never had a problem with the S2.Till today i dont understand what people complain about when they talking about the storm 2,to me it was a solid device

Those two were a winning combination. No other phone has matched my old Storm2 for ease of one-handed typing. It's a great and totally underrated phone.

I was rocking my Storm 2 till I finally killed it by taking it swimming in the ocean. I loved the click screen. Taking me a while to adjust to the screen of the 9850....but its one damn sexy upgrade!

I know a lot of people had their gripes with the Storm line. I owned both phones, and in all honesty both were great in their own right. I was honestly disappointed when RIM announced the new touchscreen with no click, and abandoning Surepress. It was what totally separated them apart from all the touchscreen out there. I now own a Bold 9900, and an HTC sensation. If RIM ever decides to come out with a 4.3' touchscreen with Surepress, BBX OS or even OS7 in a Storm 2 @ form factor, I would sell both the Bold and the Sensation to pick that up.

I still own the Storm 2, I love it is a great device. I use it with my Playbook everyday. It's been 2 years with it and no problems so far... I think that I'll change it only when London hits the streets!
And yeah Surepress it's amazing, my friends with iphones love the Surepress of my
Storm 2

I loved my storm 2. I also loved surepress and wish my 9850 had it. if i was still on Verizon i probably would still be using my storm 2.

Same here! Still my favorite BB ever. Love the large touch screen and Column View in the browser. Sadly could not get it play well on a different network. Otherwise I would still be using that phone. If I ever go back to Big Red I'd go back to my S2 without a doubt.

Came to BlackBerry to get the Storm... actually left AT&T at the time because they wouldn't give me my upgrade on an iPhone, but would on any other phone. I left AT&T and never went back.

Storm was good... not great, Storm2 was better... but not great. I wish they hadn't orphaned the phones from the get go. Neither phone had an OS upgrade path, and the fact the RIM couldn't get a touchscreen setup for their OS and instead mapped over a trackball setup, well... it didn't work well.

Now, I fail to see the need to get yet another touchscreen BB, since... once again, the OS still isn't designed for touch, and there is no upgrade path from OS 7 to BBX. Why *anyone* would purchase an OS7 phone is beyond me... it won't be upgraded to BBX, so you'll have to purchase another phone.

This was reason enough for me to leave... and I'm only holding on to my Storm2 until the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is delivered.

storm1 had an upgrade path from OS4.7 to OS5, and OS6/7 is very touch oriented (remember the inital video of OS6 being for touch) so i think on those 2 points your a litle off the mark.

as for upgrade paths, how many android phones from the past year wont get ICS? its the same situation, just a different platform. not all will get the update, thats why you buy whats right for you when it comes out, not based on future OS`s.

I disagree.

RIM never planned to develop an OS for their touchscreen phone, so while we went from 4.7 to 5.0, it was the same horrible implementation of a non touchscreen OS for a touchscreen phone.

With the Storm2, same deal.. again, a non touchscreen OS for a touchscreen phone.

Now I can buy a Torch or Curve touchscreen, with... again, a non touchscreen OS implemented. Oh.. and let's not forget that OS7 is simply a hold over for something else, so the phone doesn't get it's development completed.

I haven't gone to Android (prior) because their OS was the same way. ICS and Honeycomb at least are designed for touchscreen use, and they seem to be making progress where RIM hasn't moved forward on touchscreens since the Storm.

I don't regret getting into BB's, as I didn't want an iPhone, but RIM missed the boat YEARS ago, and they can't seem to figure out what to do. Too many half hearted attempts in my opinion.

I shouldn't have to constantly buy a new phone to get one that works... and that's what RIM has been doing on the touchscreen side.

I'd love to see data on how quickly keyboard users vs. touchscreen BB users swap phones. I bet retention on the Storm / Storm2 is much worse the the rest of the lineup (except for maybe the Style).

The Storm AKA "The iPhone Killer" is the biggest laughingstock of the smartphone world. From it's AWFUL browser, to it's worthless hardware (replaced 8 times in 2 years) to it's brutal freezes, to their archaic 10 minute reboots. What a total POS.

The people who are celebrating this phone used the phone ONLY for emailing and texting.
The camera was slow.
The BB maps was slow.
The only thing that worked effectively was BBM.

How incredibly effective LiveProfile is on iPhone 4S which I now own.
How incredibly FAST their web browser is.
How incredibly fast their map app is.

Big deal an email takes a minute or two to deliver.
I skyped with my dad on my iPhone today.
I watched youtube videos without pause.
I logged onto SalesForce and worked endlessly and effortlessly without hesitation.
I typed emails freely without any freezes today
I texted today without a freeze
I rebooted the phone and it turned on less than 15 seconds after I shut it off.
I get ALL my Facebook notifications!
I purchased movie tickets on my iPhone.
70 apps downloaded to my iPhone and the phone required no reboot.

So my iPhone doesn't click when I type...Big deal. My Dare didn't click either.

Gave BlackBerry a chance. They lost me to the competition!

Good luck, CrackBerry fans and BlackBerry loyalists. Wish yall nothing but the best.

thanks for wishing us the best but, really? your comparing an iphone 4s which came out a few months ago to the storm 2 which came out in 2009? really? how slow the maps were how slow the camera, it was 2009 os5 software that was made for a trackball before they redesigned the os (6) to be touch oriented, your comparing it to 4s that shipped with ios5 in 2011. comeon man!

Like some who have posted I too had the Storm 1, upgraded to the Storm 2 and only recently have gone to a 9900. Thought the Storm 2 was a great phone, really miss the screen size and the Surepress which for me was a definite step forward for touch screens which was a real shame it didn't catch on. Yes I used to do battery pulls every few days, had an awful browser (went to Opera mini which was fine) and lengthy re-boots but always overlooked these problems. Can genuinely say if there was a new OS7 device to directly replace the Storm, i.e. with Surepress, I would have taken that over the 9900, as good as the 9900 is. Perhaps Rim on the 9900 could have made the whole screen and call, end call, menu and back area Surepress instead of the glass/plastic it is. The plastic area of which I'm worried is not going to last as it doesn't feel very substantial for me. Lastly, I don't know, but I do hope RIM have not given up on Surepress and it may return revamped and refined in a future BlackBerry.

I used the Storm2 for 2 years, and upgraded to the Torch 9850 the first day Verizon had it. A week ago, I tried to use my dad's Storm2, and found it almost completely foreign to me. I struggled to make a call, browse the web, search for anything. Using the Torch 9850 is that much easier, that I've forgotten all the quirks of the Storm2. Loved the phone when it was my main phone, but there is no comparison in how simple the 9850 is to use.


It's nice that Crackberry is making fun of this "retro POS phone" considering it came out in the Fall of 2009. (November if I remember correctly). Most of us that bought one had to sign a 2 year contract which would just NOW be ending. As it stands at the end of two years it is two generations behind in OS with no hope of any future upgrades or support from RIM.

The Storm2 was my first smartphone and I purchased it when it was brand new and much hyped with the newest OS 5.0. I fell in love with BB then and the Crackberry community. I couldn't wait until the much rumored (and much delayed) Blackberry 6 graced my phone. As we know now RIM abandoned the Storms within the first year of production with no chance to ever see OS6.

When you spend that much money and sign a 2 year contract, you expect the phone to be supported for AT LEAST two years! The Droid 1 which was out at the same time got 2 OS upgrades and even the early iPhones were pushed iO5. RIM started and finished this phone in one generation and one year. THIS is why all of us Storm2 owners feel betrayed and are leaving RIM in droves.

I am still rocking the Storm2 right now (and boy are my friends impressed by my lack of apps and slow processing speed), but only until The Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes out, and I chose between it; the Rezound or iPhone4s. I'm pretty sure all three of those phones will last at least two years.

I used to love you RIM, but to quote The Who, "I won't get fooled again!"

The iPhone 4S is an amazing piece of technology. I see now why people are anticipating BlackBerry's demise. Their phones blow! People who stick to that POS do so because they're too IGNORANT to learn how to type on a touchscreen. The 4S is insane. I have over 80 apps on it, no freezes and no reboots. What's there not to love. I feel like a MORON sticking with RIM and their bag of total BS. PFFFFFFFT. Good riddance. If I need a good laugh, I will put my Storm 2 on EBAY just to see what I can get for it..LOL. Maybe 50 bucks if I can find a MORON that clueless..LOL

To those of you making fun of Storm 2 owners & fans, remember that the victims of RIM's non-support of that line are the customers, who likely would've stayed around had RIM fixed what was wrong with the Storm 2 in a timely manner rather than just abandon it under a year after release. It's the customers who got screwed with this. I wonder if the Storm 3 would've gave us the best of all worlds with faster/more hardware inside & a new OS. There wouldn't have been a need for the 9860/9850 if they finally got it right.

The clickable screen does have its advantages, and I'm sure that on the software side there could've been a way to set it to either select items on click or actually perform actions at click, so both kinds of touch users would've been catered to.