Turn your smartphone into a strobe light for incoming calls with Flash Ring for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 12 Jun 2013 04:11 pm EDT

BlackBerry World is filled with all kinds of flashlight applications. If you've ever wanted to turn your device in a strobe light then Generation Media Group, the developer behind Colorize, has you covered with their latest called Flash Ring. This simple application turns your BlackBerry's camera flash into a strobe light for incoming calls via your phone or BBM voice.

From the settings menu, users control the time interval with the slider bar (which also allows you to preview the selection), and turn on/off the button for the front LED to flash as well. 

For now it will only work when running as an active frame though it does offer the option to run in the background when that feature is made available for developers. There are plenty of other uses as well including creating your own disco party at home or even using as an emergency beacon late at night.

It came in handy at the Talk Mobile 2013 launch party in NYC where I joined in on the fun by flashing it up at the ceiling with the rest of the lights in the venue. In this case, I would have loved to see different color options added to the LED or possibly even the option to change the type of pulse emitted by the flash.

In order for the application to function properly, you must accept and allow the camera and phone permissions when installed. Flash Ring is compatible with the Q10 and Z10 (10.0.10 or higher) and is available for only $0.99. 

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Turn your smartphone into a strobe light for incoming calls with Flash Ring for BlackBerry 10


Omg Omg in was first for once been a member since 2008-9 wowiwiiwiiwiw
I am siiooooooooo excited eowowwoowowoosososowos


Now that's over with :)

Get back to work ppl

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Uhm Night Ports offers the strobe feature. Although not for telephone rings. But as purely a strobe feature it comes action packed with a lights low and hi as well as showing u the ports at night. Yep. Action packed and strobe speed is control able. Lol. That's just my insight. Don't think I'd want strobe for telephone. :)

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I know someone who has it so his camera flash flashes everytime he gets a message on his iphone, I find it very annoying.

Yea my buddy at work has this feature on his iphone as well. He looks like a retard when his phone rings haha. It's like having those old school sneakers as a kid. The Light up shoes. We're they LA gear or something? Lol

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Thanks for the comments guys! This is a built in iPhone feature, so I thought it might be a nice-to-have. I didn't realize bbuzz and hub++ made the camera light flash on a incoming call though.

I will update this as soon as 10.2 comes out for background headless version.

How about adding option to have phone ring with flash only during certain times of day? I might find this app pretty cool if, at dusk every day, my phone flashed instead of rang

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Buy hub++ and get way more functionality. I have my phone silent, red, green, blue flashing led in my holster with a touch of vibrate and a preview of who called, emailed, texted, etc. Why would you have your phone face down so you can see the flash.

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Can you do a quick flash for texts too? As you said I see it on the iphone all the time

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I actually tried to sideload an adroid apk cause I wanted it. but it didn't work... nice to know I can actually buy it. only thing is the whole keeping it open ..

I bought there colorize app but the devs are either slow or do not update or improve the app once they have the pennies... not going to waste my pennies on this one from previous purchase and customer service experienced so far...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Two words. Headless Apps. Useless to me as I keep a clean home screen for tidy look. Bring it 10.2.

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Derizzle: same issue regarding this app and Colorize. I can't update it for high res graphics until 10.2 is released. :(

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Cool...but...the whole active frame thing is a huge turn off and an option for SMS would really me me spend the $0.99 for it. I think this should be the "Lite" version for free and add some more features and I will buy it. Cool concept, needs some work and help from BlackBerry for the headless apps.

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I think you would look like a douche if you actually used this in public. Can you imagine a strobe light going every time you get a call/message?

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Although I'm using 10.0.9x, I am an owner of BeBuzz Pro but don't see a way to enable the camera flash for notification purposes. My daughter has the feature on her iPhone and enjoys the ability when the situation allows.

I appreciate any app for BB10 that offers any type of legitimate value.

Nice work!

From my z10

Useless, unless you want your BB to exhibit the same non existent led notification as an I phone. Also there are other more useful apps out there that do more.

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Not sure about the disco party bit lol but is cool, I'll wait till they can run it in the background.. much more convenient.

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WHY DOES EVERY GOOD APP COST MONEY!! Blackberry your worse then apple (( switched from iphone and droid) and Androids.... This stuff SHOULD BE FREE!!! this is RIDICULOUS i mean seriously it should be already put on the phone... or the app should be free how do you expect your company and sales to grow with out having the necessary apps on a SMART Phone.... cause currently you have a Basic Phone Disguised as a Smart Phone.. Step up your game... Or LEAVE

It's free for a reason. Data mining or Shitty app or in app purchase etc. Screw 99 % of the free crap. Take a look at the permissions you grant to free apps. I pay to get quality and support. Why would anyone make a free app for "free"! Do you work for free? Or do you make a "meh" app so it can get on your phone, gleen everything it can from your phone and sell that information to others.
If you left for free apps, go back to the 8 trillion garbage Android apps.

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in two years i will i didnt pay 100 dollars to get a shitty basic phone that looks like a smart phone in disguise... no wonder blackberry is going to fail it isnt targeting the future generation... its old school still..