Flash and Silverlight on the way to BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 19 Aug 2009 04:19 pm EDT

BGR dropped the word that RIM may soon be loading up both Flash and Silverlight on BlackBerry devices. Flash is one of the most sought after features, and the inclusion would surely make for loads of happy campers. As of now, there are no workarounds or even 3rd party apps that cleanly allow Flash video on BlackBerry. No word of a release time or any solid details really, but I suppose its something else to look forward to down the line (knowing RIM make that way down the line).

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cant wait for flash on the beautiful storm screen


Flash on the storm. Now that should be fun. Now instead of having 6 hrs of use your gonna get 3 lol. Good luck and by that time ppl prob wont care lol. But heres to hoping I am wrong.


Just turn it off. I am sure these will both be downloaded add-ons, or configurable via the options menu, just like javascript is now. It would be a VERY handy feature to have though, as lack of flash can be a real limitation on some websites.


well im not gonna hold my breath for it. But welcome it with open arms when it arrives


If by "soon" you mean in about year or more, then ok.


Load times. Flash works well on most updated pcs/macs because of the processing speed and usually the bandwidth of the internet connection is high enough to handle the download speed required to make it worth it... Come on LTE


Hopfully it won't slow the browser down anymore than it already is.


They should focus on a decent browser before worrying about Flash.


i guess you didn't see the blog that RIM admitted they need to focus more on the browser. and with FLASH and SILVERLIGHT being included i'm wondering if this would be their "new browser"......


Looking forward to new updates on this.


There is a jesus, and he just blessed all of crackberry nation!!! We all know this will take probably a year (or more) until this hits the consumer but damn i hope its worth the wait.


I would love to see BlackBerry support Silverlight applications natively (not just in the browser). Get some .NET framework action going on and I think we would see a lot more applications for BlackBerries!! (Assuming that the same Silverlight framework on BB would be the same Silverlight framework for desktops and presumably Windows Mobile).


This is a great news.... can't wait.....
Hopefully it will be happening soon.


Finally...Hopefully they will drop this app soon.


From reading most of the comments thus far... seems like not many clicked through to read the source?

"We’ve been told this won’t happen until next summer or right before it as RIM needs their devices to be more beefed up as well as have access to higher data speeds for this to work effectively (HSPA and LTE)."

So I wouldn't go getting your hopes up. Chances are your current blackberry won't have enough pow-wah to run flash :(


Wow this would be truly awesome. I've wanted to play flash content on my BB for so long. Sounds like it might happen.
Now i think i should start saving up my money


Wow this would be truly awesome. I've wanted to play flash content on my BB for so long. Sounds like it might happen.
Now i think i should start saving up my money


web browsing is slow let alone with flash.

Plazmic Flame

With all the current devices released, I don't think it will work on anything below a Storm which is almost everything. BB's don't handle media well and adding another thing just means slowing down the phone as a whole. In a perfect world, flash would work on any BB, unfortunately, a perfect world is a couple millenniums away... :(


I don't know about you but I hate flash on the web pages. In fact, I keep them turned off. SilverLight is the same kind of guy. I am happy it is not supported by FF and Opera.
I know it is good for sells but I am not buying it.


I just hope it doesn't slow the Storm down anymore than what it already is.


great news!
hope can release it soon
that we can watch flash on bb


I'm excited. I just hope it actually shows up (unlike the rumored Skype and Skyfire).


Every device ive ever used, including the iphone is slow.

With that being said, flash support would be awesome and I cant wait for it to happen!


Flash + Skyfire = Booooyeahhhhhhhh!!!


Flash would be Huge! It'd increase what you're able to do on a blackberry so much!


wondering if this will be available to all blackberry's before skyfire launches for all blackberry's


Much like the long rumored flash support for the iPhone (still has yet to happen even with the new 3GS) and various other mobile platforms, Adobe has been slow to move forward on producing flash for embedded systems let alone a modern version. The newest update was on The Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 web browsers which still are way behind the times in supporting flash heavy content and the consoles have much more processing power than your average BlackBerry. If this does come true (Flash 9 support at a minimum please...), I will have my crow served up for me.


it's about time i don't understand how this was NOT included in the OS!!
Can't wait to get this,

PLEASE keep us posted.


If BB got flash drives for it, that would a-mazing! It's one of the things I'm jealous about the HTC Hero, thats supports flash doesn't it?


now this would be a nice app to have.


well they got time to add this to the onyx...let's hope they do