Flagship BlackBerry A10 rumored to be arriving later this year

The Z10 successor will be BlackBerry's new flagship device

By Adam Zeis on 5 Jun 2013 03:06 pm EDT

While the Q10 buzz is still high, many BlackBerry users are already looking ahead to future devices. CNET has revealed today that the next in line for BlackBerry users will be the BlackBerry A10 - a full-touchscreen device set to launch over the holiday season later this year. The A10 will be the successor to the Z10 and will take over as the "high tier" device for BlackBerry, moving the Z10 and Q10 to mid-tier with the upcoming Q5 as the entry-level device. 

According to rumors, Sprint is already locked down to carry the A10 in November. They supposedly held off on the Z10 knowing that the A10 was in the pipeline.

If you recall, Sprint skipped over the BlackBerry Z10 and has yet to announce the availably of the BlackBerry Q10 while the other major US carriers are all on board. You can expect the A10 to be offer by plenty of other carriers as well however. 

The A10 had been floating around as the previously rumored BlackBerry Aristo which was sporting some very impressive specs including a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor and a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display. We wouldn't be surprised if the A10 is now packing even better hardware and approaching the 5" screen territory. 

So it looks like there are good things in store in the coming months. Once the Q10 hits the US and the Q5 release arrives, we'll certainly hear plenty more about the BlackBerry A10 in the coming months.

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Flagship BlackBerry A10 rumored to be arriving later this year



Pretty low probability of that at this point.
I'm doubtful about a November release happening honestly...

This is how you CB10, son!

BlackBerry needs to focus on current devices and stop the endless stream of new hardware releases. Focus. Focus. Focus. The new BlackBerry is the old Research In Motion. Failure.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I couldn't agree more kill_9. I can't even get my damn calendar into landscape mode and BB is putting effort in releasing another phone?? They need to focus on getting their software up to par before they even think about a new device.

Unfortunately a new better device needs to be in the works, unfortunately they need to be polishing up on BB10. When the Z10 was designed , BBRY was thin on both intelectuall and financial resources and the eaying for the Z10 to be released. The net result was that the Z10 for a flagship launch device was just "okay".
Now BBRY need to rattle their teeth and elbow their way in the cutthroat "awsome device" stakes. November is not so far the Z10 will be subpar in the all-touch market.
So yes the A10 should be in design. And yes BB10 needs to look posher and work better.
Who knows the app gap by then will be less cavernous.

"According to rumors, Sprint is already locked down to carry the A10 in November. They supposedly held off on the Z10 knowing that the A10 was in the pipeline".

Yet Verizon is the largest, most funded most marketed yet they didnt think of this!?!

I already knew there was a BETTER device then the Z10 approching from the dark. It will be the 5" display model to compete with Samsung's 5" note

Its obvious..We knew it was coming. Three more devices will be revealed within the next 6months.

That includes the NEW Blackberry Playbook.

Blackberry released thew Z10 to give the finger to Apple first...Then take care of the finger people for QWERTY.

Now mid level device that is for 3rd world or teens.

Now the good stuff for the next 6 months.

I'm glad I waited as I have junky Torch 9850 still doing its job. Unlimited data by the way. :)

Hahahahahahahah! Unlimited data here as well and still rocking a 9930. I do want the Q10 but I'm in no hurry. BlackBerry please stay laser focused on software updates.

Your right. It is not a junky phone. I take that back. I guess I said that because I had to revert my OS from 7.1 to 7.0 because Blackberry decreased the volume on speaker phone that update and theirs no fix. Trust me i battled for a fix and nothing.

Anyhow...Crackberry nor any other forum never gave the 9850 any love. It was the first true all touch screen with the exception with buttons on the bottom that flushed with the device. Lightly raised for feel. Yet didnt get no love like the bold or tour in its debut. More like an underrated phone.

agreed,,, very underrated,,, maybe try the latest update,,, it fixed some issues like the music speaker pause/play bug,,, it's nearly flawless now,,, no memory leak either,,, they need to look @ this setup & apply it to "10"...

This rumor has been popping up for some time, and hopefully it does come to Sprint for those customers that got screwed by them not carrying the Z10. I am currently enjoying my Z10 with LTE coverage on Verizon, left Sprint and never looked back.

I too switched from Sprint to AT&T and I am loving their services. However, since I am on the new BlackBerry 10 OS with a Z10 and not a legacy OS, I'm chewing up more data than ever before. There is something to be said for Sprint's unlimited plan. Maybe this is just the excuse I need to switch back.

Posted via CB10

I switched to Verizon from Sprint because Sprint wasn't getting BB10 device fast enough, too. I like the coverage and LTE speeds of VZW, but am missing the 10.1 update and the unlimited data. Didn't think I'd use as much as I have so far.

The other problem is my wife stayed with Sprint because they got the Galaxy S4 sooner than VZW, so now we have two different carriers in the same house, something we haven't had in years.

I've already broke the story on twitter, as have other BlackBerry sites - you're late!!
Maybe too much #TM13?

Posted via CB10 from my Q10.

Crackberry should be on top of this, since this site is dedicated to BB news. Verge and others reported this a good hour before this headline post. CJH is right.

Too much other stuff around here. I already started wondering if Kevin left for a new project as I didn't notice any news written by him lately ...

All of you are trolls or just new to the CrackBerry website.
If you did any lick of research, the only reason the A10 is in rumor news today is because of the Cnet story.

CrackBerry talked about the A10 from last year!! Everyone else is LATE!
Get it right!

Cnet reported today that it'll be out come November & Sprint was already on board, CB never reported that last year.

Hang out in the rumored devices section of the forums more, you'll hear about rumored devices way before they get mentioned in an official article.

As the comments below state as well, the A10 has been rumored for a while, anyone looking out for rumored devices heard about it long ago.

Just talk to yourself in front of a mirror. You'll get a more intelligent conversation from your reflection than from people who don't know what they're talking about.

So let me get this. You found out 1 hour later than some other site that BlackBerry is rumored to be launching a phone rumored to be the A10. Sometime 6 or 7 monhs down the road!!! Oh the Horror of it all!

I'm confused by the acrimony. Are you suggesting that they shouldn't announce it simply because someone else announced it first? that's sort of like saying the New York Times shouldn't run a story because The Washington Post already ran it.
I'm a regular reader of dozens of web sites, but this is the only Blackberry site I frequent. Despite my limitations, i still want to know about the A10 -- even if it's only a rumor -- and better an hour or a day late than never.

This A10 rumor has been around for months. This isn't really anything new. It has always been said to launch holiday 2013...

We've had forum members report using a developer's A1. We even know some of the specs. Nothing new here.

i yelled to my friends "shut up and take my money" when i found out about A10. I'm a dedicated blackberry news shouter to my friends, but crackberry should be on top of the shout too. My friends have already know it from my shout, not from crackberry. There should be a "shut up and take my money" post here before my shout to my friends.

Breaking a story on twitter is like reading the newspaper and yelling the headline to your neighbor, don't get too excited.


First comment today on this site to make me LOL

Thank you.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

...and yet I'm still just hearing about this now. ;p

The Aristo has been common knowledge for some time now. We already knew it was going to be out later this year...the only [B]real[/B] scoop would be if you could provide an exact date.

Posted via CB10 on a sexy Z10

BlackBerry said that it is going to release 6 new devices in 2013. We have the Z10, Q10, and Q5 all released or releasing soon. If the rumors pan out and the A10 is released at Christmas that makes 4 devices.

So the question we should all be asking ourselves is what are the final 2 devices gonna be!?!?.

Posted via CB10

Hopefully the specs are still top tier by the time this makes it out. Would like to see BlackBerry push the line in terms of smartphone development.

Posted via CB10

This is the device i've been waiting for. I was expecting early January next year but if it comes before the holiday season, i'll be even more happy.

Ditto. I still don't have a BB10 device thanks to my upgrade cycle. My contract is up in November. A release of the A10 around that time would sit very nicely with my carrier switch.

Love my Z10 and am quite interested in how the A10 will be different, aside from the specs of course.

Posted via CB10

I've likened it to a "can opener with wings" - and from the cockpit, all those Soviet-era tanks look like so many cans of tuna..."Kuwaiti highway of death" anyone?



LOL, I like that comparison. I've always considered it a flying tank, but a flying can opener works too! :-D

It's definitely one of my favorite aircraft as well. They keep wanting to retire it, but everytime we get into a conflict they find that the A10 is just so damn effective... It can dish it out and take the hits as well. No other aircraft can really make that claim...

More than once I loved its sound-of-freedom screaming overhead!
I hope the name will not be the only resemblance between the Blackberry A10 and the Fairchaild A10 ;-)

I'm happy with my Z10 and plan on keeping it until my contract expires.

Quad core and an extra .4 inches isn't a big deal for me, BB10 flows on the Z10.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10.

Agree. Happy as a pig in poo with the Z10, a real smartphone. In a year I'll take whatever replaces the Z10.

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

I love my Z10 but I would love for BB to give me a reason to buy ANOTHER Blackberry this year.

One thing I would like to see is a bigger screen (a given) but with a smaller comparative size footprint.

The Z10 is about as big as a Nexus 4 but has a smaller screen. The Z10 is much too "bezely."

I want something that I can still fit in my shirt pocket without looking ridiculous.

Sure it is. My wife's got a Nexus 4. It's basically the same size as the Z10.

Nexus 4: 133.9 × 68.7 × 9.1 mm
Z10: 130 x 65.6 x 9 mm

Pretty much. I fit my Nexus 4 in my Z10 holster. Tight fit but it fits. (No 'That's what she said' comments allowed :-) ).

The BlackBerrys will all use the same size display as the Z10, which has a 4.2-inch display, or the Q10, which has a display that's half the size. The company is keeping the same resolution and dimension so developers can build apps that look consistent across future products, Heins said.

BB10 has Three supported resolutions: 1280x768 (Z10), 720X720 (Q5, Q10) and 1280X720 (Probably A10).

The resolutions will not change but the size of the screens could get bigger or smaller.

That would be great if it did get a little larger! My comment was a cut and paste for a Thor interview. In the same interview he mentioned always having a 1-2 punch, a full QWERTY for every touch screen. a Phablet sized QWERTY would be great news for me!!

Still waiting for official update for Z10 Verizon same old. 422 OS don't want to side load leak OS

Posted via CB10

I have been keeping up with the leaks and when I find one I really like, I put it on my fiance and my cousin's Z10. We all three have Verizon STL100-4. I'm on the now and so far is the best I have used. Way, way better than the that came on the device. I have my fiance and my cousin on and I'm going to be updating them with in less than a week. I don't want to make this sound to easy but it isn't to difficult and considering the carrier delays with updates across the board, I don't mind taking the time to load these up and enjoy them!

The size of the device at 4.65 has been scrapped. I think it will be 5.2 inches. Phablet.

Having a 4.65 and a 4.2 inch device in the current lineup would be a bad move, they are still too close in size.

Yea I was thinking the same thing..."I thought this was going to be a 5" phone" As much as I HATE Phablets I believe that BBRY does need a phone to cater to those many people who like that annoying form factor......also, they will need to make some UI changes for such a large screen as it will no longer be a 1 handed device, maybe those changes will be seen in BB10 for the PB ;) (yea I'm still holding out for a BB10 PB)

Actually, the UI won't need much tweaking or any tweaking at all if BlakBerry stays true with their previous statements about screen resolutions. It will have the 720p resolution if anything, unless they announce at jump to the 1080p resolution.

So similar to what Samsung offers on some of its tablets where you can have the dialer pad aligned to one side of the screen for one handed use? (For example?)

yea exactly, maybe not that exact change, but something different because different form factors have to be used slightly differently.

Yea I heard the same thing from Kevin that the size of the screen was scraped from 4.65inches to 5inches.

Posted via CB10

Personally, I'm hoping for no more than 5". However, if the larger form factor also includes a larger battery, I can probably live with it :-)

At 5+ inches, if it didn't have a larger battery, BlackBerry would be shooting themselves in the foot. I feel their design of the Z10 housing was a misstep as well since other companies have done design changes to hold a bigger battery.

I'm confident that the A10 will come with a honking huge battery of 3,000+ mAh if it is 5+ inches in screen size.

Too big for me! Love Z10! But i would prefer a slider phone like the Pre3 just slightly bigger, now that would be heaven

Posted via CB10

Nice to hear sprint is getting a touchscreen BB10 and that it's the A10! BlackBerry is doing a great job so far and that'll bring more success :) They better continue updates for the Z10 and Q10 though and not just forget them when the A10 comes...

Posted via CB10

Would my drop my Z10 instantly if the A10 had a battery life on par with the Q10. Batt on Z10 is a zinger.

I both hate and love seeing post about up and coming BlackBerry flagship devices...i get excited like a kid in a candy shop about it but also I'm forced to wait and be tortured with teases until I can see one in my hands!!

Posted via CB10

It will give the iTards something to think about, get a iShit5s and upgrade the colour of your device or a A10 and a have the Cadillac of phones

Posted via CB10

So only 4 months after getting the Z, I hear that the A will be the flagship? Well this really sucks...not even a full year between devices.

Posted via my Zormtrooper...

Yeah. Suddenly my Z10 feels less special =( However, it's still a rather speedy device and as long as it's not an iPhone situation where an OS update (in this case 10.2) slows down my phone horribly because it's made with updated hardware in mind, I'll be fine.

Posted via CB10

Don't worry, you can rest assured that there will be delays in this phone getting released; besides, we all know that whatever date Blackberry official states is merely conjecture based on some fantasy not even Freud would be skilled enough to explain. Add on top of that, the never ending parade of "blame the carrier" announcements has to occur. In short, don't worry - it will be some time before this phone ever sees the light of day. :)

Speaking of which, where the heck is the multimedia charging pod for the Z10? Oh right, it's not out yet (rolls eyes).

How new are you to the CrackBerry community?

Honestly, I don't think there is any excuse for anyone that comes to this website and has access to the forums to complain. Firstly, the A10 has been rumored for a long time and things got even a little more clearer back when Sprint said they won't be carrying the Z10 but another device coming out later in the year. This was before the launch of BB10 devices. Secondly, unless you like phablets (think Note 2 size) this device might not appeal to you. Thirdly, if your Z10 is doing you good, where is the problem really? There is always something better coming out right around the corner. Such is the way of technology these days.

I know this kinda sucks for everyone that bought the Z10. But this isn't new. As said this device has been rumored for quite some time. One must keep in mind that for BlackBerry to become more competitive they are going to have to roll new phones out fairly often. Imo six months, give or take, is a fairly good time frame to bring out the next phone to compete. I'm anxious to see what lies ahead of us! I think BlackBerry is making great strides in the right direction. they still have plenty of work to do but they are doing some amazing things and it's not just phones anymore! BlackBerry FTW!

Yes, but put a rumor in one hand and the Z10 in the other. What do you have more of? If you keep waiting to buy a phone based on rumors, you will never be buying one.

I bought the Z10 and am a little disappointed that the A10 is coming out so soon. I am satisfied by my purchase. I hope Verizon releases the OS 10.1 update soon so I can download some apps that only work with OS 10.1.

If BlackBerry can actually hit a Black friday launch date they will have accomplished something that RIM never could. i'd really like to see them succeed with this one. Make it the first official BlackBerry Friday!

Pues ya Pronto Vendo el Z10 ya tengo Q10 y Luego Compro el A10 que Bien Dinero $$$ y mas Dinero Blackberry 10.4 jajajajaj

How about a sketch, drawing or pic' just to, you know, whet our whistles ...?

Either way, IF this arrives "on time" for once, I'll be able to stand in line for it in early-mid January, AFTER my carrier contract actually allows $$-penalty-free device upgrades ...

yippie-kah-yeah homies!!

I think bringing out a successor to the z10 this year is a great idea, keep everyone talking about BBRY. I love my z10, best phone I've had but I miss my playbook for browsing the net, maybe the a10 will bridge the gap a little.

Posted via CB10

I just hope it will come with more internal memory, I thought 16GB would be enough.... haha but nope, too many great apps.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. If this is really an attempt at being cutting edge, it would be cool to see 32GB on-board storage.

That said, I'm probably more concerned about RAM; 4GB there would be awesome.

I think the rumored 1.9GHz quad core and 4GB would be so he'll a fast... The Z10 with its 1.5GHz dual core and 2GB of ram is already fast. Knowing that QNX is amazing at making use of the hardware I can only imagine. So excited!

If it comes in as a phablet, fine, but if it comes in as a direct replacement to the Z10, then so much for BlackBerry respecting loyal supporters. 9 months and a new device...pretty pathetic.

Posted via CB10

The irony of people complaining that BlackBerry is releasing phones too quickly to the previous model. This business model seems to work just fine for Apple, at least BlackBerry didn't brand it the Z10s.

I agree... Seeing this bothers me. I know I am obviously all about the phone in my hand, but I also want the company that has gotten me to fall in love with their product to continue doing great things, to survive and continue to make me want the next device. I love BlackBerry because there isn't a new device next month. And I'm comfortable with knowing the Z10 is a great device! And considering it was all new BlackBerry and is so, so far ahead of where we were with OS7 devices! Oh and it wasn't anything like the PlayBook launch. I love my PlayBook but it has been pushed aside for my Z10. Keep pushing BlackBerry! Shouldn't be long before people come crawling back!

Would have preferred a LCD screen personally. But my only hope is that while I have no doubts that this will be the flagship when it comes out that the Z10 is not forgotten and when the Z11 comes out it reclaims its high end spot.

This is bad news for BB. Apart from alienating loyal customers who risked buying the Z10 on faith you have just guaranteed poor to no sales of the z10 for the next 7 months until the A10's pricing is announced.

It also creates hesitation for the q10 if people think it is mid level as well.

This may explain the recent Z10 price drops. I can't see the market paying above the $600 mark for a top end end phone so BlackBerry has to push it's mid level Z10 down to the $400 mark . There goes BlackBerry Average selling price.

Posted via CB10

2) Not everyone wants a phone that large.
3) The price drops have basically come to be expected, and are consistent with other phones a couple of months after launch. BB's margins still look good.

BlackBerry have always said that they were going to come out with 6 devices in 2013. So far only the Z10, Q10, and the Q5 are known leaving 3 more to be announced for the rest of the year. Like it or not they are not a company who only releases one phone per year like Apple. At the end of the day this is just a rumor until it is announced and like every other company BlackBerry will always have future devices being developed in the pipeline. How else are they supposed to compete? Remember, BlackBerry 10 was delayed from an originally release date of late 2012.

Sprint is dumb as a bag of hammers. Basically it sounds like they are going to be selling 2 year old BlackBerries until November. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ooooooooooooooooooooh baby.................. Can't wait! Will give my z10 to my father and scoop the a10!

Please let this be a true story. Sprint has already committed to selling the A10. Oh shoooooot!!!!!!!!!!!. Say It Loud, Am Sprint And Proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November, is a good month, cool and nice. A10 will be cool and nice. Welcome back home Sprint. Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Too bad you did not carry the Z10.

I am a sprint user, and I have been waiting for news like this. I will wait, but this is Sprints last chance lol.

Your best case scenario is a 5 month wait.
Very generous with your last chances!

Plus, I wouldn't count on anything until an official announcement from BBRY and/or Sprint.

This is how you CB10, son!

Hold the phone!!! The rumors, if true, are extremely appealing! Never have I ever thought I wanted summer to end so quickly. Bring on the snow/winter and the A10!

The A10 will be pushed into next year and Sprint will be the last carrier to offer it....if history has any relevance.

Via Zeppelin 10

Gonna have to pawn my Z10 off on one of the kids so I can get the A10... Merry Christmas kids, here's a used Z10. I'm sure they'll get over it some day when they're parking me in a seniors home.

I think a point has been missed: the Q10 will not be "mid-tier" until a better replacement comes out; until that day it will be the highest spec keyboard smartphone you can buy. Only the existence of that Motorola with an enormous battery prevents it being the smartphone with the longest working battery life, and ask me again about that after a year of Motorola use, when that battery will have lost 20% of capacity and Q10 heavy users will just replace theirs.
The assumption of much of the industry is that from now on it is just ever thinner, lighter, faster slabs with higher resolution screens. Until not so long ago the US car industry thought the future was just ever bigger, faster SUVs. As Mark Twain (I think) remarked, making predictions is difficult, especially about the future.

this will be great if they deliver in time for holiday shopping. I purchased the Z10 out of contract but will be due for upgrade by this time.

Hmmm - could have picked a better designator. Only A 10 I know of is the USAF A10 tank killer, the "Warthog!" Z 10 evokes a much sleeker, more flag- shipier moniker!

Posted via CB10

Maybe between now and the A10 launch date we just might get the following updates :

An official 10.1 update for the Z10.

An official 10.2 update for the Q10.

And finally an official 10.1 for the PlayBook .

Your mission Mr Heins should you choose to accept it is to double blackberry market share within 2-4 years? It isn't impossible is it?

Posted via CB10

Just give me 10.1 for my Z10 and OS10 for the PlayBook, oh and a working version of Bridge. That's all I ask.

Posted via CB10

Oh wow! I will def pay for.the A10 out of contract!!! If it's anything like Z10 and better...you bet your ass!!! I'll just have to trade in. ;)

I thought my z10 was flagship.

But nope just a filler rebooting device to keep the company from tanking

I still love my z10 though

Posted via CB10

:))) At least a common sense comment. BlackBerry gives a f*** about its "loyalists" and dithces everybody who paid a premium price for a mid range product.

The Z10 has high end specs now. Not the highest but how many phones have 2GB of ram? The high end side is definitely how well the OS uses the hardware and my lord, this thing has gotten so much faster with some of the OS leaks. I couldn't be happier! Am excited for the A10? Hell yes! Will I get one? I intend too! But mind you that it will be to support BlackBerry and to have yet another phone to outperform the friends androids and laugh at the iPhone... Lol

Any future phone (and especially a high-end phone) I buy *MUST* have wireless charging. I had it with my 8330 and ipod touch, and since there is wireless sync now, there is no real point to having it connect to PC all the time. I was planning on sticking with Z10 for the 3 years I'm paying for it, but wireless charging means so much to me I'd dump it for the new phone if it had it.

I'm pretty excited in seeing how this new BB A10 will look like. Glad they re coming out with a bigger model that will compete with Samsung's S4 models and for ppl who like having a bigger screen. Hopefully they execute this well and on time. Heck I might be interested in buying it hehe. This bigger model which I believe will be 5 inches + is probably the replacement for the playbook.

Posted via CB10

I'm not into those huge phones, if its just a bigger more powerful Z10 it wouldn't interest me. Even though I've always had top tier BlackBerry devices and that may just convince me to consider it.

Just to let you know, the Z10 is practically the same size as the G4 and HTC One. Conceivably though, the A10 would need to be bigger if BB want to continue with big bezel apace for gestures.

I fear a massive fail here .im finding it hard to believe this will be ready to go in time for crimbo, will it be ready, is the os going to be bang up to date or will they still be experimenting? ,how much will it be, and will it be a global launch, obviously I hope to be proved wrong on all .ps I mean fail in the timing not the product

Wish the screen will stay below 5 inch. The big things should be:
A- long life battery
B- super fast CPU
C- below 10mm Thick

Posted via CB10

Aww come on, in the same year? Now that pisses me off. Does this mean another better Q10 is coming out 6-8 months later too. Jeez

This is great for BlackBerry but not sure I like having waited so long for the z 10 and have it not even be the flagship device for a year.

Posted via CB10

I seem to remember hearing the BB10 roadmap that first the Z10, then Q10, and later in the year (2013) a new device that will be the new flagship. Is my memory wrong? Besides, we all know that tech changes, what is new, shinny, fast, and top of the line today is middle of the pack in 6-9 months. The new A10 sounds great, but my Z10 will still function and work well. Relax

This us a good move if BlackBerry wants to reverse their brutal reputation. Love my Z10, but would seriously consider the A series.

Posted via CB10

I would love that to be my next phone! Please give it a sexy design though! I'm not a big fan of how the Z10 looks tbh

So.... does anybody else think we are missing a High-end Qwerty device and a full touch low-tier device? Hope the High-end qwerty comes as soon as possible! Then they should focus only on those 6 devices and trash all the other BB4,5,6,7. I still don't feel blackberry can compete with the new S4 in many aspects (ex: camera) and would love to see them producing a qwerty device that can challenge that and hopefully see that ASAP! in spain we don't even have the Q10!

A10: full touch-screen

Z10: full touch-screen
Q10: Qwerty keyboard

Q5 - Qwerty keyboard

High end QWERTY device is coming... don't you worry.
Only those with true will power can hold out until it's release.

Most likely around the anniversary date of BB10 launch.

Been with my BB9900 for a year and a half already. Screen pixels broken, internal memory Kaput (can't put music and barely photos), touch-screen malfunctions many times. I think I will have to go for the Q10 as soon as it comes out in Spain. Would love to be able and wait for that high end qwerty though....

People here don't really get that this is not a z10 replacement but a new phone.

Compare it with Samsung.

Z10 = S3
A10 = Note 1

If bought an s3 and the note got released don't be angry, it's a different phone and you can not compare it with the s3.
It's a different line-up.

If the a10 was a s4 I could understand but this is just a complete different model / lineup.

That's the same as buying the newest Ipad mini and complain that a new full size Ipad just came out!

I knew there would be coming an aristo and my gf also.
She wants to stay with z10 because she can use it with one hand, compare to the most other phones.

The HTC one was a bit to big for her.
So of the form factor is not the same the sticks with z10.

For me it doesn't matter, but I don't want a note sized phone, that's way to big for me.. but if it's smaller than HTC one or around the same it's okay for me.

Screen size for aristo should be 5 inch and resolution should be 1080p.

What they can do Is make the os work in 1080p and apps just have a bit bigger border because they are running in 720p.

When developers upgrade or repack to 1080p it runs fullscreen.

I don't understand why people are so mad... apple still sells the iphone 3 as new price!!!!!

Samsung is making new devices every day, even the same device with different rom..

Don't be such a babies!

Posted via CB10

Just to let you know, the HTC One dimensions and the Z10 dimensions are almost identical.

And for your info, almost is not the same as complete the same.
She didn't like it because it was to big

Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry A10 sounds interesting... I've got a Galaxy S4 for vmware now, it has the 5" 1080p screen and that screen real estate is fantastic for working!

I would love to see an equivalent BlackBerry device. That said; nothing beats my Q10 keyboard!!! Now, device 5 for 2013 could be a Q10 sized slider... I can dream ;-)

Anyhoo - Bring on the A10!!!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Can't wait. I have the Z10 but if something like that comes out I'm giving this to my brother and getting the A10 for Christmas.

Posted via CB10

Also, I think the Q10 is high end! What more could one want? Bigger screen? Better camera? Aside from that, it's solid!..?

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Hard Press but a Qwerty Super Smart Phone with A10 specs would be awesome. A 4.00 inch screen real estate Qwerty could be called Q-NX and then Blackberry can drop the QNX brand. Q-NX - could stand for Q- QWERTY , N- New York and X- for exchange !!

I don't think Adam ever claimed to be breaking news here. What I did read for the first time, which I liked immensely, was Adam's speculation that the size and specs would be better than those leaked around BB Jam Americas 2012. I'd love to see how BB10 runs on quad core architecture, but large screen sizes matter for a flagship device in the U.S. market, and I'm not entirely convinced that the 4.65 is quite big enough in terms of screen size. Might need to hear more about the CPU, GPU, ram and the camera, too. If it to came out now, I think U.S. consumers will be looking for a marginally bigger 4.8 to 5.0 inches. I think the exact release date in regards to release dates for competing products will matter quite a bit. I'm leaning towards December to put a little distance between the phone and the iPhone 5s, but I'd rather see it in August for my own greedy little reasons. It's just that an August release date means BB will have to maintain enthusiasm through multiple competitor product unveilings. Still, I think the phone could use an August release and we could see a slider for Christmas. :) I'd go for $250 or $199 with a contract -- depending somewhat on competitor pricing. That probably seems contradictory, but I've seen more than a handful of flagship Android phones on college campuses. The A10 should cost more than similar Android-based phones because BB10 is a premium value. If BB10 isn't extra value worth paying for, than that's a problem..., but for now, I think it is worth the premium and BlackBerry has to demand recognition of the value they are providing.

For those who commented on expecting to see 6 devices in 2013, I'm guessing one or two of those were tablets and it's not clear that BlackBerry wants to be a part of the increasingly hot tablet market in both the consumer and enterprise arenas. Apparently, Thor finds it much more persuasive to bundle phones with... wait for it.... talk of "mobile computing." He may be right regarding the low margins and very competitive hardware situation, though...

It has been known that there would be six BB10 devices for 2013. We have the Z10, Q10, Q5, and now A10. Hmm, wonder what could be next? Z5? T10 (Playbook replacement) ?

All in all, I like what I'm hearing from BlackBerry lately. I really think the "other guys" should get ready to step aside very soon. :)

I bet it will still be part of the z series. I can imagine the blackberry looking nearly exactly the same because the bezels are large enough that they can get a 4.65" display on there.

Great - make my Z10 obsolete already.

Oh well, I don't want a 5"+ screen anyway. With a bit of luck future Z10s will get upgraded internals without getting the jumbotron screen.

way to kick early adopters in the face... im pretty pissed that my 4 month old phone is mid-tier in less than a year, especially since its on a 3 year contract.

... they better have upgrade option or something.

I thought they said they weren't into big phones and how one handed operation is key. Bbry now has to eat humble pie?

I been a CB Nation Member for many years now and I'm amazed on how many users comment in each and every "Blog News" about anything and everything that is not about the topic, even to just criticism about CB and BB.

My believe is either you are "ALL IN" or you are "NOT" with everything BB, I'm not saying that if BB fail in something mayor you shouldn't express your feeling but in the other hand to be a critic of each and every single topic of is nonsense and just plain BS!!

There is a few things to understand here like BB10 is not just a name is a new platform for BB and is a first generation for the platform, we are experiencing a complete new beginning, that said is going to have some fine tunning to do in the year to come.

Last but not less important is that I'm here for the long run , I like the new direction of the Company and the quality of the products... If anyone is not happy with BB or CB Nation there are others platforms out there in the market and you are free to go and experiment with them, I'm definitely not going that route... #BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #TeamBlackberry

Now let the "Haters" "Hate" in the comments... mute to anyone that doesn't agree with me!!

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I love blackberry to death. But why in the hell would they start hinting at the next thing when they're just launching the q10. I'm sure a lot of us crackheads can't wait and we already bought the Q or Z. But there are spec geeks out there who will always wait for the newest shit. I can bet there are more than a few prospects that just postponed their blackberry purchase til december. Obviously we all knew something new is in the works. The re always is. But for faks sake don't mention it until Z n Q sales are waning.

Jamaican me crazy bout my z10. Respect

Spot On. Anyone worth their salt in business knows giving even a small doubt will result in a delay in the purchasers' decision.

Perhaps Z10 sales have already waned. We will find out on June 28.

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I'm glad they are adding diversity in their devices and jeebus knows there are plenty of kids with disposable incomes that only want the next coolest/biggest license plate phone they can jam in their pocket. And if the A series fills that gap then great for BB for finding more market share. It's better for all of us. I'll still be happy with my fast/fun/utilitus "Mid tier" Z10. I don't want a brick in my pocket, there's less room for the rocket (Mr burns Simpson ref, not creepy playground lurker). But if the A10 is size comparable with maxed out specs... well, you might just see my z10 on the market skins and all.

Ps. Verizon, please release 10.1.

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Ahhh fudgesicle...Damn it I'll end up a BlackBerry pauper...I so enjoyed being thought of as high - tier...now back to the pile....

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Kudos to BB if they can meet the November deadline and launch a phone with competitive hardware running 10.2.
I'll believe it when I see it. In typical BlackBerry fashion, it might happen like this.

- Phone in the hands of carriers for testing
- BB talks about how carriers love their new device

- Launch event
- Will be available soon

- Available in some "key" markets

- GA

Do you think the A10 is going to be a replacement for the PlayBook. I have a friend who is a software geek who says tablets will be a thing of the past in 5 years. So does this mean larger screens to phones, it will be interesting to see what apple do with the iphone. Love my Z10 but would like to see a A10 in the flesh can't wait.

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I know what my xmas gift is gonna be, an A10. Merry xmas to myself from myself. Can't wait!!!

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Don't be fooled, November will be here cool and nice. A10 will be cool and nice, but Sprint will be no where to be found. Q10 finally made a touchdown in the United States today! And where the he'll is Sprint huh! No where to be found. Sad.

Sorry hit post before I could finish. I think these larger screen smart phones are way to big. The Z-10 is a perfect enough size. My 2 buddies have the Samsung notes? They are stupid big. They look silly talking on them. But to each their own.

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4.65 inch display? If it's to compete with note 2 I hope it's bigger than that, plus it needs more internal memory for these large game apps, and I will definitely be selling my z10 to purchase.:-)

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I can see it already 'Sales of the S4 plummeted, return rates are high and BlackBerry outselling the competition'. It'll be something like that. I just want one.

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If its screen is larger than Z10, it deserves a higher screen resolution. I have yet to wait announcing a new screen resolution for developers.

Will it be water proof?

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