Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry Now Available for Purchase: ALWAYS Save $5 When You Buy it From!

Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry Smartphones
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2010 10:40 am EST

You Can ALWAYS Use Coupon Code CBROCKS to Save $5 When You Buy Fixmo Tools via the CrackBerry Mobile App Store or CrackBerry App Store Client!

Back at the end of December we announced the beta of Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry Smartphones right here on the CrackBerry blogs. If you haven't heard about Fixmo yet, it's an ever-growing set of individual tools and utilities designed to make your BlackBerry better, including features such as Undelete, Forward/Reply with Edit, Flame Retardant, Silencer, Battery Watch and Memory Monitor, with more features on the way. For full details, you can check out

ALWAYS Save $5 When You Buy FixmoTools @ As a BIG THANKYOU to CrackBerry Nation for all of the help provided by our readers and members to Fixmo during their beta phase, Fixmo Corp are saying thank you by permanently offering a $5 off coupon for Fixmo Tools when you buy it via our CrackBerry Mobile App Store or CrackBerry App Store client. Regularly priced at $19.99 everywhere else (including App World where it is now available) that means you can always buy it for $14.99 at CrackBerry. All you need to do is use coupon code CBROCKS at checkout. Visit for full details and be sure to spread the word.

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Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry Now Available for Purchase: ALWAYS Save $5 When You Buy it From!


Not only the beta testes (me included) got the 1.0(.2) for free, they are giving all the community a 5 bucks price drop?

Quite some impression we made, eh? :D

using fixmo for a while now. It could use a few little tweaks here and there, but over all, it's a good tool.

The trend of charging $15 or more for an app is getting to be ridiculous. Fixmo is a nice little app but it still has a ways to go to justify that kind of price point. Heck, I get PC antivirus programs for free or less than $10 after rebates.

The problem with the expensive apps is that they try to do too much on a mobile platform. There was probably more R&D put into Fixmo than there was put into some similar priced PC software. The problem is, mobile device owners don't want software packages, they just want cheap, little apps.

I think it may have been smarter to release Fixmo as a bunch of single $2 - $3 tools, with the option of purchasing the whole package for $15.

how do beta testers get it for free? when i upgraded to 1.0, it said i have a 15 day trial, or go to store to purchase....

I've tried this app in beta and its handy but it does nothing what so ever that you cant already do on your blackberry. Just be sure to take your time with emails and you don't need this app at all.

Fixmo is a superb application. The undelete feature is worth the price by itself. Many times I look for an email I've inadvertantly deleted and this tool saves the day. The developer support is extroadinary. There are more tools coming with an update. Highly recommended!