Fixmo Tools adds yet even more functionality - 10 copies up for grabs!

Fixmo Tools 2.5
By Ryan Blundell on 27 Oct 2011 11:29 am EDT

Oh Fixmo Tools, do I ever get tired of talking about you? No, I don’t. It’s part of a small number of applications that has traversed the journey from smartphone to smartphone with me. I review a lot of applications (and by a lot I mean a WHOLE WHACK), and Fixmo Tools is one of the reviewed few that I hold onto. Why do I hold onto it? Inside is a suite of applications (an arsenal you could say), that extends upon the functionality of whatever model of BlackBerry smartphone I may be using. It has saved me time and again by reversing accidental message deletion, alerting me of potentially inappropriate outgoing emails and providing me handy screen capturing capabilities. These of course are but a few of the options Fixmo Tools comes with. If I had run into the team at BlackBerry DevCon 2011, I would have hugged them (and then probably would have shared in an awkward, silent moment afterward).

When I first received my BlackBerry Bold 9900, I discovered that, sadly, Fixmo Tools was not yet OS 7 compatible. I said “until we meet again” to a dear friend (well I didn’t actually say it, that would have been crazy). So recently, Fixmo Tools was updated to version 2.5 and with it came a couple of new features. Now compatible with OS 7, I couldn’t wait to see what else was new.

Fixmo Tools is now available for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 7 (yessss!). They compare Fixmo Tools to owning a utility belt; well they’re going to need suspenders to keep that belt up because it now comes loaded with 18 applications. You heard right, 18 frikkin apps! So on top of the support for BlackBerry OS 7 devices, and performance optimizations, Fixmo Tools does come with a couple of cool additions:

Conserve Wi-Fi

It can be argued that properly managing Wi-Fi connectivity helps to conserve battery life. In the list of Fixmo Tools applications, you will see the Conserve Wi-Fi icon. Using this app, your Wi-Fi will be turned on and off at a specific location, based upon information from cell towers. For example- I’m at work and connect to WiFi. I click on the icon and the next screen will display the available networks and the associated Cell ID. A simple button will allow the application to automatically activate or deactivate WiFi connectivity the next time I’m there. No more manually activating WiFi!

Fixmo Tools Conserve WiFi

Application Deletion

If you ask me, having 18 apps in 1 is kind of a crazy deal. Some people may not think the same way. The folks at Fixmo said that they actually received feedback that there were too many applications to choose from. I guess I can see where there may be a problem; not everyone may use the Speed Test, or Remote Print applications. What Fixmo Inc did, was include an option in the menu that allows you to delete the apps you don’t need. All you need to do is open the menu and select Delete Apps. A pop-up will list the currently installed applications, along with a check box beside each entry. Click on each entry that you want to delete and they disappear. See? Fixmo can add more functionality, even when enabling you to remove functionality. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Fixmo Tools delete

If you would like to pick up Fixmo Tools, it's currently on sale for $7.99 (from $14.99) at the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest: We have 10 copies of Fixmo Tools to giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

More information/download Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry smartphones

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Fixmo Tools adds yet even more functionality - 10 copies up for grabs!



I already have the app so do not list me for the giveaway.

For those that don't, this is one of the best apps ever, Silencer and Undelete alone make this a must have app.

Don't miss this opportunity!

pick me pick me pick me! I loooved this app! I had it on my 9630 and it was amazing! Sadly I didnt know how to transfer it to the 9900(granted I bought when it first came out!)

I've often considered the product. Now that it's available for OS7, I'll probably buy it if I don't win a copy. :-)

it's honestly a great collection of functionality in a single app. I could delete several others and just use this. Would love to win a copy! Thanks.

I have read all about Fixmo Tools on here and could not resist leaving a comment to be entered in the competition. Good luck to all...

Fixmo tools has many apps that i need and use on a daily basis! I would love to have one app that has everything in 1! Pick me as a winner... i NEED IT!

Win I must, I really need a pick me up I am the only BB amongst all my friends, I have no contacts on BBM. I"m forced to use Whatsapp

I had this on my storm 2 and it was awesome, but now I have a torch. I would love to have this for my BB 7 phone.

Can Fixmo Tools help me with the battery drain problem i have with my Bold 9900? When i DISABLE(!) Wifi my battery is gone within a few hours. Would be nice if Fixmo can fix that.

i need this app, don't have a data plan and rely on wifi this will be a god send to help manage my connections better.

Are these guys ever going to pay out? I supposedly won this on another site, but have not heard anything back in terms of getting a key.

Poor me I have never won anything wah wah wah :) SELECT ME!
Kidding aside looks like a great app.

I've been using a BB for 3 years and I haven't known of this app. The Conserve Wifi feature is awesome! Something I've always envied amongst the apps in Android.

I like that it has the option to remove apps you don't need. I wish more apps had this. Really shows what kind of company they are by not shoving all their apps down your throat and giving their customers the flexibility (and free space) to customize it in a way that suits their needs best.

Yes, I was glad to see the update. I have yet to purchase this, but now I wish we had it for our playbooks. It is never ending. Blackberry has me hook!

I beta tested this app when it first came out. Glad to see its growing and improving. I'd love to get a copy of this.

Had it when it was in beta, years ago, and would love to have the final version! Great giveway CB. Pick me.

I used and commenting on fixmo during its beta. The app rocked, but I decided not to buy it when it came out of beta. I would definitely be happy with a giveaway copy. Crackberry and fixmo rock!!!

so cool... I want it.. I am always changing my settings in order to preserve my battery life and memory and would greatly appreciate this app!!

This looks like a great, very functional app. I'm surprised I haven't picked up a copy before. I would love to win one of the ten, but if I don't I'll likely purchase it.

This is one app that is packed full of options. I would love to be chosen as one of the winners to have this for my 9900

Looks like a great app. I would totally buy this if I had the ability to buy paid apps :( Unless you guys give it to me :D

YIPPIEEEEEEE! I've been patiently waiting on the OS7 functionality of this powerhouse app.

8330 - 8530 - 9630 - 9650 - PlayBook - 9930!
Once you go Bold, you never go back...

Always thought this looked like a cool app but for some reason never grabbed it. Maybe this is when I may get it?? Thanks for the contests.

I'd love the FIXMO..... Cmon Crackberry fellers, I haven't won anything in ages.. Put me in for 1. Thanks

I've heard nothing but good things about this app....thanks to crackberry. Count me in, it looks really useful.

Wish I could win one of these, in real need of a good app that'll help me with my slip-ups!!! *FIngers crossed* Thanks