Looking for a great time killer? Check out FiveSeconds for BlackBerry 10

Pop as many circles as you can in five seconds or less!

By Alicia Erlich on 15 Jun 2013 12:01 pm EDT

When it comes to playing games on my BlackBerry, I tend to go for the simpler ones that I can play on the train or when I find myself with a few moments of spare time. One such game is FiveSeconds by qbotron, the developer behind puZZed alarm clock and Corky Notes. On the surface, it is a game where your main goal is to pop all the circles to clear the board in under five seconds. In reality, it is a game of skill that requires dexterity and speed to destroy them all before time runs out.

As I mentioned, it is not a complicated game nor does it employ the graphics seen in Jetpack Joyride. What it lacks in that department it more than makes up in the satisfaction one feels when clearing a difficult board and the hours of endless fun. The game is fluid and responsive to the slightest touch just as you would expect from a native application.

For those whose thumb skills require some assistance, it does offer ways to purchase items to help you pass a level. Good news is that for every level (starting with # 10), you earn one coin for each one passed. These coins can be used in turn to purchase three items: Double Tapper, where popping one circle eliminates another one at random, Plus One, which adds an extra second to the clock, and Supersize Me, that increases the size of the circles for easier popping.

I rather enjoy the simplicity of this game. It allows me to escape from the stress at work and kill some time in the process no matter where I am. Best of all it is FREE to download for your Z10 and offers scoreloop integration. So far I've only reached level 59 without utilizing any of the items. Let us know your highest rank in the comments below.

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Looking for a great time killer? Check out FiveSeconds for BlackBerry 10


Sorry guys, the game is only available for the Z10 as it was developed way before the release of Q10

@kidmac13 we are bringing puZZed to BlackBerry 10 and we were hoping for end of summer launch but that eta is not so sure yet..

Meanwhile, everyone check out our latest app Corky Notes!

The game looks to be fun but BBM access is required. Thanks but no thanks.

Via CB 10. C000C6078 for news, science, and technology links.

Yup garbage. I turned off bbm access and the game doesn't load. Ah well. Curious if games on other platforms are the same way - non operational without Full access.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Initialization failed. Needs to be connected to BBM (or it would seem).

I think there should be a matrix that is required to have apps and games featured on the main page of the most popular BlackBerry blog on the planet.

Them working would be a good start.