Five ways BlackBerry Bridge could be further improved

BlackBerry Bridge
By Adam Zeis on 21 Apr 2011 03:07 pm EDT

I've had a few days now to play around with BlackBerry Bridge on my PlayBook, and I have to say I do love the functionality. Granted it's not perfect (yet) but for the most part it does get the job done. While the obvious lack of BBM is a big issue at the moment, I am still hopefully that we'll see it (along with other apps) in the near future. I do have some gripes thus far -- some are big ones and some may just be "wishful thinking" -- that could stand to make BlackBerry Bridge a much better overall expierience for BlackBerry users. So keep reading for my short list of five improvements that could make BlackBerry Bridge better.

Five ways BlackBerry Bridge could be improved

1. Fix the Messages App

BlackBerry Bridge

Messages are a BlackBerry users bread and butter. We need them. We love them. So having them available on the PlayBook via BlackBerry Bridge is great -- but not being able to manage them properly is not. Right now when an email comes to my device I get an alert on my PlayBook and can open the messages app (when Bridged) to check it out. What I don't like is that the way things are set up now, you get multiple notifications in pretty much the same place. The exclamation notifier (for lack of a better term) and messages notifier on the PlayBook both let you know that you have a message. I do like that I can tap them to get a dropdown with a quick list of the messages, but what I don't like is that you can't really clear the exclamation notifier unless you actually read the messages. Ideally you would think after you recognized the message (entered the messages app or tapped the icon) the messages would not be "new" and the notifier would go away, but that's not the case. The notification stays until you read the messages. I did try clearing it out by tapping the "x" on the dropdown, but that just marks the items as read even if I didn't get to them -- not fun.

Also, when it comes to actually reading messages in the app, I don't really like how the highlight sits on the first message. If the first message is something you'd like to leave unread, you need to mark it as such or highlight a different message. I think some kind of landing spot like the menu bar would be a better option in this case. So I think a little reworking of how messages are handled is definitely in order. 

BlackBerry Bridge

Oh and change the Messages icon - BlackBerry users recognize the red star as being a new notification, so having it on the icon all the time just confuses us - so lose it.

2. Add in BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Bridge

I typically don't like to complain much and I'm a pretty patient guy, but I'm fairly sure one of the big selling points of the PlayBook and Bridge was BBM. So ah ... where the heck is it??

3. Integrate Other Applications

We've got messages, tasks, memos, calendar and contacts, so why not other apps as well? Aside from the obvious in BlackBerry Messenger, how about SMS for starters? That one should be a no-brainer. Messages already works fairly well, so just toss in SMS and call it a day. The next step would be things like Password Keeper. This is already a tightly knit app on my phone, and having access to it on my PlayBook would be huge. Last but certainly not least would be access to the phone itself. The caller-id function is already there, so being that the PlayBook has both speakers and a microphone, why can't we use the PlayBook as a phone as well? We're not talking video chat or anything here (that's a whole other issue for another, much longer post). 

Twitter and other 3rd party apps also come to mind on this topic. Why not integrate these as well? If I read my Twitter timeline on my PlayBook, let me leave off somewhere in my timeline and have things update on my phone as well. Doesn't seem like too much to ask. 

Also -- integrate BlackBerry Bridge with the rest of the OS on the PlayBook. Let me have an opttion to email photos via Bridge right in the photos app. Have email links in the browser open Messages when Bridged. It seems like Bridge and the rest of the OS are still two separate entities and that shouldn't really be the case. 

4. Give Us Some Options

Right now Bridge is pretty much as-is. You can't really tweak anything, so if you don't like one aspect, you're just stuck with it. The main reason this one brewed up was within the Messages app. I use a password on my phone, thus I have to use a password to get to my messages on the PlayBook. This wasn't bad at first, but quickly became annoying. I was hoping there was some kind of option to disable the password on the PlayBook but no such luck. The only was to not have to enter it to check my messages would be to not use it on my phone. How about an option to kill the password on the PlayBook? I mean if I'm Bridged I'm obviously by the PlayBook (or at least know where it is) so I do I really need to enter my password? I'm all about security but I think some better options in this case would make things much easier.

Message Options

I'd like to be able to tweak other things as well. On my phone I have plenty of options to get things just how I like them. Be it how I view my messages or calendar, sound settings, notifications or whatever. Let me tweak this bad boy the way I want to. Having no options is not an option.

5. Make It Work ... All the time

I get Bridge. I like Bridge. But PLEASE -- make it work all the time. Sooo many users had trouble getting Bridge up and running (myself included - AT&T debacle aside) and it just seems like the "easy" steps to get going should actually work -- and they should keep working. I don't want to have to worry about waking up and having Bridge disconnected with no idea of what happened or how to get it going again. After using it I can almost say that I rely on it to work now, so having it crap out for no reason can't happen. So please, make Bridge work all the time. 

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think in the comments, then head into the PlayBook forums for more discussion.

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Five ways BlackBerry Bridge could be further improved


Can we change #5 to be to have it work period!?!? I got it to connect to my AT&T Torch once and now I can't reconnect it! This is maddening!

Like the post. I was a little worried reading the title of it, because I plan on buying a pb. From what I've seen of the bridge on demo units I just love it. I was relieved to see that the things you'd like changed or added were minor in my opinion. Thanks for the review/post tho!

I agree. My wife has been chomping at the bit to get her hands on one but if I get her one now, she'll be pestering me constantly to get this (among other things) working. I'm having a hard enough time trying to keep the bridge connected - I suffer from the same affliction as Adam's point #5.

lol. I had to look up what that was.
Have you tried it in messages? I knew how to do it but it doesn't work in messages.

I have noticed that too. If you tap forward message and minimize the keyboard which annoyingly pops up in the way of the forwarded message (I allow you to enter a recipient address, but uses a ton of screen real estate none the less), you do get a copy-able view of the message. You can then tap and hold, drag the copy markers to the beginning and end of what you want to copy (a non-clickable url, for example) and copy. Then you just have to paste into the address bar of the browser. There is clearly something amiss with the email viewer however, as my Torch does not have any problem making urls clickable.

Its frustrating that you can't copy, paste or select anything........... the embedded links are frustrating because you can't click and link to the Bridge Browser??? why have a Bridge Browser?

Frustrated - Ready to trade Playbook for ipad

I like the fact that my mail is not stored on the tablet, but I would like to have calendar, memo pad and maybe contacts on there. I would like to see the bridge app on the phone give us options on what we want to bridge over. When native apps become available whatever we select to bridge will over ride the native functionality.

I agree that #5 should be changed... especially with those of us with Torch's. I am about to try removing the "IT Policy" thing that some people seem to think may be causing some of the issues from a past app install but I have my doubts.

Overall I agree with the list. In the short 2 hours I had it working yesterday I noticed these things and a few others but really want a longer run at it so I can be a "more informed consumer" ;)

I wonder if this is a torch issue? Cause I walked into staples, and literally within 30 seconds was viewing emails via BlackBerry Bridge. I'm using a 9700/

Email attachments: .rtf format doesn't open on the PlayBook (does on the phone) with Word to Go, at least for my Storm2. Also, you can't save on the PlayBook those attachments that do open - need an option to save on phone or PlayBook.

you can!!! when in bridged mode, you will see 2 tabs at the top, one says Playbook, the other your Blackberry. you can switch between the two. i have yet to have any issues with my Torch and PB bridged

Try opening and pictures or music on your SD card this can't. It's pointless.

Apparently all you can do is view word, excel, ppt and pdfs that are on your SD card. Which most people have ZERO.

You should be able to view pics and play music from the SD card on your phone.

This better get fixed quick.

agreed 100%. you should be able to view ALL files on your phone via the bridge. I want to scroll through pics and then music on my playbook through the bridge but couldn't. Hope this gets resolved.

i see the 2 options but when you go to your bb ut wont allow you to open or view the files and on the pb even when you have files its states "There are no files that can be opened in this application" ??????

For sure the PB is a work in progress! I can't wait to get mine. I am ready for the challenge!Thanks for the great post!

Let me start off by saying I am very impressed wtih my PB so far. That isn't to say there isn't room for improvement.

One thing I would like ot see in the browser bookmarks, the ability to rename and make folders for the bookmarks. Also, in the music player, being able to jump to songs/artists/albums by taping the letter instead of having to scroll through all my songs.

Yes! someone else is realizing my issue. In the music player, there should be something at the top that says 'song' 'artists' 'album' and 'time'...and by tapping on any of them, your music should sort by it. Right now, in the 'all songs' category, you cannot sort by artist and this is a pain in the ASS! I seriously hope this gets fixed.

I can' believe this wasn't covered in the article as this is more concerning to me than the notifications. I don't have any issues maintaining the Bridge on my Storm2 9550.

Everything you posted i agree with totally. BBM should have been a must just as sms but to have functionality is always great when software can always be added later. The playbook as a phone is cool addition but if it never comes i am very much still happy. The ability to port your BB fully would make this totally awesome. The ability to have it become part of your home network to stream and file share is over the top for tablets.

Help! How do I transfer my music using blackberry bridge?? It says theres no files to be opened in my music folder! How do I get it on my Playbook??

You cant't at the moment. I try, but you have to sync to your computer and move the files. I thought that was kind of weird and tedundant, because now I have the same songs living in three places (PC, PB and Phone)... Same with pictures on your phone, you can't access those either, you have to sync through your computer...

I'm thinking that this may be a security issue in terms of not allowing you to leave any files on your PB whether by choice or by accident...

I really hope those issues will be addressed before I get mine...(un)luckily for us european, it won't be until june or july, by then the PB should be 100% complete...
This may sound ridiculous, but the message icon always on notification thing is almost a deal breaker...c'mon RIM hear Kevin

Yup, waiting for it over here in Holland. As you say, it is almost a dealbreaker. Try and count the many times a day you check you BB at a glance. May be more than a hundred, perhaps even a lot more. Then try to imagine that every time you look at your PB, you'll be thinking you have a new message. That stinks!

For me i want better integration with the whole os (maybe this will come with the native messages app?). I'm talking links and everything (including mailto in the browser).

Also, please give us an option to cache messages that come in via bridge - the huge delay between opening the messages app and seeing your messages is getting old :/

Agree how i cant view anything on my media card via blackberry bridge... c'mon rim help please!!

In the messages app add a send button directly on the keyboard instead of having to scroll up or down to get to the send button there.

Amen to all of the points in the article. I hoping the next OS update fixes at least some of these issues and that the other fixes are coming in the near future.

I really like the PB (I was lucky enough to have flawless setup and to be able to get Bridge working right out of the box), but I am certainly anxious for RIM to polish off some of the rough edges.

BTW, while I am able to open .doc attachments in Bridge, whenever I try to open a .pdf, it freezes part way through downloading the attachment. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Apparently some PBs are having problems opening and downloading PDFs... call their tech support... I know somebody else that had the same problem a couple of days ago and the PB Tech support help her get around it.

unfortunately at this point in time no sms/mms functionality is available on the playbook.

but i'm sure you and i are NOT the only one's who would like to see sms/mms get thrown in on the playbook with the bridge app!

if it's technically possible then i don't see why RIM wouldn't... text messaging is huge for some so it would be a great addition to the bridge capabilities. especially having that light and comfortable bad boy in landscape in your hands with your thumbs able to reach the entire keyboard!

Thanks for the insight Adam, obviously the PlayBook was still in a fetal state of readiness and released prematurely. As a die hard Blackberry user I'm somewhat dissappointed but knew there would be work to do. I'm still willing to grow with my Playbook as I have with OS upgrades for my phones in the past. Lets just hope it doesn't take as long for the Playbook to reach its potential as some of the Blackberry phones have.

"how about SMS for starters? "

I thought RIM already said that they can't because SMS comes in via your carrier's network and not the BB network (or whatever).

Yes, it's true that it comes in through the carrier, but it's *not* true that the Playbook still can't read it if it wanted to.

thanks...did some more web research and i found a video of the hp web os tablet at the 2:25 mark guy shows off text messages on tablet and he says there's no 'phone' in the tablet but says the tablet is connected with a phone ID pad in the work station he is operating in???

i am using mine in the uk, here are my first impressions. the lack of autocorrect needs to be sorted, as does bbm. bridge works well but should have deeper integration.

absolutely no apps worth a shit at the minute, hope that changes fast. full stop and comma on the keyboard could be swapped over. my messages doesnt always show the alert, must have been a glitch.

Agree to everythign that has been said. I enjoy the Playbook (returned a 32 gig and got a 64 gig this morning) but its a lot of little things that need improving. Podcasts, for example, you cant enter your own podcast so your stuck with the search engine provided and that thing doesnt list everything that is out there. Hopefuly updates start coming soon - not months from now.

YES! I can't put in a url to get to a podcast, so I hope that they fix this soon. As well, when I go to a website that has a listing of various podcasts, there's no option to download/save, only play.

I agree! and I'll add my wish list:

Calendar app is slow. Need to pick up the speed it takes to save appointments. In actuality the whole bridge is slow.

Spell Check.

space-space-period -next letter capital

bridge-browser needs not to lock up so often (mine, my spouse, & co-workers all seem to lock up after 3 to four link clicks)

Bluetooth file transfer.

Will there be a PC version of Blackberry Bridge?

Something that would allow us to control our bb's from our computers, similar to the Playbook. Other companies are releasing apps, and I have tested a couple, but they are subpar :-(

How about an IT Policy so that I can enable users to open files in Editable mode or save attachments? Or a file explorer that lets me copy files between the playbook and blackberry? How about a file explorer that will let me browse network shares? All of these are highly important in businesses, and should be on the first business class tablet.

hi Adam,

great post! i feel confident that RIM can and will add bbm, options (customization), make messenger app better, etc.

However, i'm not sure if sms/mms functionality is technically possible without further pissing off any carriers lol

It would be great if crackberry could speak with some rim reps and write a post on sms/mms functionality for the playbook.

as big as bbm is i'm sure we all have a lot of friends who use other smartphones and it would be great to hear if it is indeed possible and whether rim is working on integrating sms into the bridge app for the playbook!


How about being able to accept/decline outlook invite that I get?

also copy/pasting/moving messages around in folders would be great.

Basically letting me have as close of an Outlook on my desktop experience.

Oh and one more thing: how about saving Adobe documents? or at least letting the Adobe Reader to open documents inside the bridge... might be a challenge on the security front...
why not putting an Adobe reader inside the Bridge if trying to use the one "outside" is not secure enough.

I must be the lucky one on AT&T. My bridge is working perfectly. I can even use Bridge Browser. I love it. The only problem I had was getting bridge to install on my BB 9700 but once posted the OTA I was rolling.

Mine does too and I love it too.

Nice to have BBM on playbook but I'm so good at typing on my BB I don't really think I'd use it on the PB.

I just wish RIM can quickly fix basic things like getting the Bridge File app to recognize file content on my BB SD card. What good is being able to navigate the folders, but not being able to see file content or open it. Behavior seems hit and miss. I tried a different PlayBook, and it was not able to see the folders on my SD card. Strange.

The Bridge Browser is plain buggy and not usable. I can get pages to load (uber slow) if I have flash and java script disabled. If both are enabled, pages never seem to load. Damn save dialog pops up as well for no reason. In theory the Bridge Browser seems like an awesome idea. In reality, I'm not sure if the "slowness" is due to the extra Bridge app layer..all that synchronization of BB content and having to web browse at the same time. Could be a performance thing.

Definitely lots of work required by RIM....still hopeful it will be addressed quickly. The features within Bridge are not what I consider production ready.

when I am bridged my messages icon doesn't have that notifier on the messages icon. i wish it would have the notifier when i did have new email. BBm should have definitely been included. granted the bridged browsing experience is poor, i do use bbm a lot and not being able to have that feature a little annoying. overall though i'm very happy with my playbook.

i agree with all of you guys on the issues i for one can say i am happy with the Playbook's sole purpose of browsing the internet. That alone is an experience that is uncompromised. The other nice feature the Playbook has in my opinion is the the ability to type just like you would a Blackberry device- placing your hands on each side of the device and typing away with your thumbs!!! That there is something no other tablet (isad) can compete with imo .

Great post - totally agree with all. Love the size, resolution, weight, and overall feel of the hardware and OS. Can't wait for some usable apps (like LogMeIn, Skype and EverNote) to be ported. My biggest gripe, being a guy with huge fingers, is the text scrolling. If I make a mistake, I can never get the cursor back to where I want it to correct without magnifying, or opening the copy/paste tool and combining the cursors together so I can drag it. Would love to see a combination of a finger touch on an area of the frame, and a swipe. In the meantime, I'm off to Best Buy to see if they've got a stylus that has enough resolution to do the job.

well i won't be getting a playbook anytime soon,so whem i do buy one,the blackberry should be where it needs to be in teerms of features that they should have

I heartily agree with this article. If I had SMS & BBM on here I wouldn't have to keep checking my phone with this thing out. And I too want to see more functionality brought to the Bridge... although my PB stays connected to my BB fine. Sometimes if I take it out of Bluetooth range I have to close & then reopen the messages but thats it. Otherwise I love this thing. More apps, spell-correct, and more Bridge options and we would have almost nothing to complain about.

Getting SMS is not likely to happen unless carriers agree to it. That's their service and doesn't involve RIM's NOC.

Saving/transferring files is something that should be looked into for consumers. That's where they have to consider the consumer/corporate divide.

I'm willing to give RIM a lot of slack considering Bridge is having two different operating systems talk to each other. The US carriers also should consider dropping their ridiculous tethering fees.

hmmmmmmmmmm. i've been asking/pushing the sms feature somewhat hard so i'm still not giving up hope lol :)

i've googled sms apps and apparently there are apps that will let you sms (text) from your desktop/laptop. i don't see how a tablet would be different?

also, does this mean that the 3g/4g (celluar) versions would have functionality (sms/mms etc) that the wifi versions wouldn't????

anyone care to comment additional thoughts?

I totally agree with you on the tethering fees. They're charging us for something we're already paying for- we should sue them! Get a group of people together and sue the hell out of them, make them think twice about adding fees.

The device is nice enough if you want a web browser and a video or music player. I can do that all on my EVO just as well. I was excited for the "first Enterprise ready productivity tablet". It really disappoints on that score. Blackberry Bridge is really lacking. So far the only "tethering" you can do is web browsing. None of the other apps that require data will use the bridge. The fact that Citrix isn't making a Citrix Receiver until July is also a big disappointment. They should have partnered earlier and made it available at launch. No Citrix = not Enterprise ready IMO.

64 gig PB w/ Storm2 on Verizon

- No issues with Bridge setup or connection: went very smooth

- SMS/MMS: If Blurts can figure out how to let me text from my PC through my BB, I would hope that RIM can figure it out.

- Phone controls through Bridge: another thing that Blurts figured out. In fact, maybe RIM should buy out MLH Software and merge Bridge and Blurts - they can call it Brurts or Blurdge

- Bridge Mail red star on application Messages icon: I have the opposite issue, my Storm2 shows I have new messages right now. PB notifications area shows new messages, but the application icon has no red star

- Bridge Mail options: As a Storm2 user I am very accustomed to multitouch options like selecting a range of emails to mark as read , delete them or being able to copy from original email (i.e. not having to FWD the message first)

- Copy and Paste: I cannot get this to work in Tasks and Contacts. The screen just jitters up and down like its been drinking Monster all day. This creates a challenge when trying to move a phone number from one field to another.

- Memo Pad: The icon has a pencil in it - so why not allow the use of a capacitive stylus to actually write on the pad. Of course, then we'd all expect handwriting recognition - now THAT would be sweet!! Imagine, go to a meeting, write your notes (legibly), click 'convert', sync your phone back to your PC and BOOM, everything is fast and simple. Productivity is up 400% when you copy and paste those action items into your Tasks :)

Any more and my comments will be longer than the article. T+53 hours and still lovin' my playbook!!


- Bridge mail: why does the mail not incorporate touch and hold for message sorting by name or subject like the Storm2?

- Mail attachments - riddle me this, why is a .wav file attached to an email an "unsupported attachment"? I know wave is bleeding edge so maybe they are just learning about it :)

Oh the randomness of it all! I can click on links and attachments in my email fine and they open. Someimes they open so I can edit, other times they are read only -- don't know why. since docs is what I need to email most, I'm not too worried about music and pictures. I synced my music and pictures from my laptop and so no worries there.

My bridge browser is sometimes faster than my stuipid verizon DSL wifi. My conscipracy theory is they want me to switch to fios, and I don't want to. Watched Dancing with the stars thru bridge browser with no problem.

Have a BIG problem with clicking links on web pages. Click multiple times then just when I'm ready to give up the PB says "pscyhe -- I was just playing" and opens it up. I wonder of that's the touch screen, except the link gets highlighted and everything.

All that said -- still LOVING my playbook!

Does anyone have any issues with emails that have an attachment pdf? Every time i "Request More" in the Bridge messages, it does nothing but trying to receive more. The xls or doc attachements show up fine on top of the message and open great..

I have an Ipad 1 but love the PB. I think it has great potential and would be my preferred device for email/contacts and calendar which is all covered with the Bridge. Now to just polish up and add more of the features we would use.

Love the Playbook device. RIM just needs to polish the rough edges. But boy...once they, do this device is gonna blow any tablet outta the water!!

If you guys have second thoughts in purchasing this tablet - Dont! this thing is awesome!! LOVING MY PLAYBOOK!! Just used it to post this message ;)

Still loving my new Playbook, but I have one annoyance to me that needs fixing: when you are on the browser page and typing in a web address, the @ button is on the alternate (2nd page) of the keyboard with the numbers instead of with the letters. Since every web address in the world has @ in it, shouldn't this button be located on the main keyboard page by default?

agree w all the posts. password time out is a real pain. here are my suggestions:

1. your checked replied to message shows the following message on your inbox on it . at first, that freaked me out - thought i'd pasted something to email by mistake!

2. envelope on top left sometimes stays up, even if no new messages in inbox

3. browser bridge is very slow. whatever happened to having 3g speed tethered?

i love my playbook and hope rim is listening so that it keeps getting better!


that's because your ipad can't do anything with supreme functionality. Let me go to what a beautiful site, loads fast, videos streaming you try....yup, that's what I thought.

GTFO the berry sites jackass

Let me run down some of the problems I had with my iPad and the reason why I bought a playbook. Hmmm, where do I start?
1. NO MULTITASKING. Let's compare. To take an application out of memory you have to do 5 steps. That's what you should be laughing about. a) Click a button to put the application in the background. b) Double-click a button to see what's in the background. c) Hold the application to go into delete mode. d) Hold the minus sign on the application to remove it. e) Click the button to take you back to the main page. Hmmmm, "well sir, how does the playbook do it". Well, we swipe the application off the home screen...pooof, it's gone. How's that for simplicity.

2. NO MULTITASKING. Oh, that was #1. So in the iPad, I am trading on my Etrade Mobile Pro, streaming CNBC. Then I get an alert from my newspaper on breaking news. Application freezes. So I am totally frustrated because I am missing out on some trades. I go through my 5 step process above to RE-login and set everything back up again. Ding!! I get an alert that I have new email. Oh let me check it. I click my fancy button to go OUT OF MY APP just to check emails. Then I double-click my button to go back. Hey, WTF! My streaming stopped again. Oh rats!!!

3. They love to talk about "Over 350,000 applications...." But what they fail to mention is that 85% of those application are games! Oh, and only 20% of those applications (65k) are redesigned for the iPad. So what does the other 290,000 look like on your iPad. Well you get a beautiful 3.5" application running on your 10" iPad. And they don't rotate!!! A whole lot of empty space.

4. Oh, and why have cameras on that BIG BAD BOY, you look like a dope when you are trying to video tape your kid's performance at a show with a huge notebook looking tablet blocking the view of the entire audience behind you....DUH!!!


6. iTunes SUCK! We are in the age of cloud computing and they are using a dated model that will definitely frustrate the heck out of you if you have more than one pc or mac. For them to not support the concept of storing you media and being able to sync from any device or download all of your media to any device is wack. Amazon has the right approach with their cloud drive.

7. NO MULTITASING. Hmmmm, did I mention that already?

I can go on and on. Apple has great marketing and a bunch of games....oh, and a few productive applications. Simply put, my daughter and mom loves the iPad. I have real work to do.

Mom and daughter loves the iPad right along with the other millions of people. LOL. Look like with all of the complaints the good ole pb ain't doing to hot. The pb is better as far as getting one. ROTFF. Still waiting on my ipad2 because millions want one and not the pb. iTunes and apps I'm not gonna go down that road. Just do a battery pull and tell rim to kiss droid ass for their apps. On apple there's and an for that. Pb there's a waiting app for that. Just tether and bridge and figure that shit out.

haha yeh that messages Icon needs to be changed ASAP! you really would have thought RIM would have got the notifications pretty much spot on but I like all the changes you've suggested, give us options/tweaks and give us a broader use of bridge! Here's hoping Rim is listening.

I got a 16MB day one and getting more frustrated, hourly and think it is going back.

Love to be an early adapter, but the darn thing needs to work with all the delays at $600.

No spell check? Can’t arrow through text to even try to fix spelling. No blue tooth headphone support (for music/movies/etc.) It pairs, but can't activate the head set (Jawbone).

How about Pandora and Kindle Reader?

Why not bridge all of the BalckBerry (RIM) apps? Password, Maps, Traffic and I love the Travel on my Bold, but not on the PB? All the bad press with no native e-mail and they didn't fix it for the loyal BB users.

And how about some bonus for buying early? Why no HDMI cable included? Two cameras and not video chat program? Why the second camera?

Sorry for going on, but stayed with BB waiting on this, planed to get a "Dakota" this summer, but think I am finally going to leave, after using one for about 10 years (remember the click wheel on the side).

11 more days on my return privileged and counting....

I agree with your suggestions. I am willing to wait for RIM to tweek it more and deliver an even more solid bridge. I absolutely love the concept and once using it for a couple days I felt like the concept is just ingenius. I didn't realize how useful it could be, especially being that I have two handheld BBs. So great job RIM, but bring on more. We'll be patient, but don't keep me waiting too long.

Well. I can say one thing is for sure. There are devices with 'issues'... And then there are devices with issues. The pb certainly aint no Storm - I can tell you that much. RIM has a good product here that just needs minor tweaks. As far as I can tell the device is very fluid (which is actually the most important thing). They'll work out the minor nuances fast enough. And yes, RIM reps do frequently read fan sites.

I agree with everyone.. except the iPad idiot. All in all, i love my PB.

1. I do wish SMS can be added.
2. I do miss the autocomplete features when typing emails (space gives you the @ or ".", etc) and web addresses.
3. The lack of a flash was a little dissappointing. Tried taking a pic last night and because i didnt have every light on in the room, it came out really dark.. :o(
4. can't play any flash sites using the bridge browser
5. and i really really really hope they all us to browse "all" files and media on our BBs.
6. oh yea.. apps... I need apps.. games are great, but Im an IT guy.. I need a remote desktop app.. network monitor app, etc. etc. Give me some good apps..

okay one last wish list thing. ability to lock down individual apps. with the pattern lock on my BB, i can lock down individual apps, so if i want to let my son play a game, i dont have to worry about him sending emails or texts out to everyone. lol.. it would be great to have that on the PB too..

ok.. im done.. I still love it.. just synched up some movies and the HD screen is amazing..

Lack of flash on bridge oh my. No the mighty pb. Bciarcia my iPad has SMS, contacts and an email app. Wait it came loaded. Funny how the funny how you fanboys bash apple for to many apps but rim is beggin Droid for theres. Welcome to land of real apps. Everybody read Rico post he's an honest bb owner.

So I got to see the PB in person for the first time last night. Loved the look and feel, but it proved something to me....right now, I don't need a tablet.

But alas, I had put Bridge on my 9650 to test it out. I could NOT get the bridge to work between this PB and my 9650.

Oh well.

At least prior to walking away, I started the update process on it.....

I haven't had any problems with the bridge on my 9650. Set it up manually in about 30secs and have not had it disconnect yet.

-sent from my Playbook

1. All for the resend option to show on the PB. if the messages fails for whatever reason, you can't select resend.

2. Every so often when coming back into range for the bridge to pick the BB up, i can enter my password but i just get a white screen. I have to close the app, wait a few seconds and reopen it.
If the auto refresh takes too much power, give us a button to soft-reset/refresh the bridge.

3. more options... some hate it, i love that there are dozens of options to configure every tiny aspect of my BB, lets see that on the PB. I am sure that will come with time, so I am just saying that I consider it a bonus over other smartphones that dumb it down too much.

Over all, 4 days later, I love it. My iphoner, pulled out a company ipad and started comparing. Result: I like it! which is something that is not heard from him when it comes to Rim products.

We won't get it in Oz for months (luckily by the sound of it) by then I hope all the above has been sorted ......especially the pdf issues.I can't wait for it.

Very well on point. You have touch most on most of my main concern. App world should also included. I hate the fact that after purchasing or downloading an app(s) you don't have the option to go back to the same category of viewing, have to start all over.
I do hope many of these concern are address.

If the speed of the great browser is lost by using the Bridge, as it appears to be, the deal is broken for me. I work in Boston and finding WiFi is still a losing battle. If bluetooth is the weak link, then work out a wired option so we can use a program like Tetherbridge. I'm not buying a PB so I can have the same browsing speed as my Storm2.

Better integration with phone apps is expected but I'm sure that is being addressed. I'm not so sure about the browser/bridge problem.

I've been pretty happy with mine so far (on day four now). The three updates have fixed some of the issues and I'm sure new updates will do the same. I've had no problem bridging to my Storm2; while sending files that live on the BB didn't work on the PB at first, it does now so that makes me extremely happy (I send files to prospective clients). Emails with embedded pictures show up now, but there are still problems with downloading/viewing attachments. So, what I'd like to see:

*Some sort of file structure and management system
* Ability to download attachments to specified directories
* Ability to open said files after downloading them

Also -- one thing I've not been able to get to work has been transfer of files via bluetooth, other than emailing them -- but of course, then I can't open them.

As I said, some things got better after the updates -- so I'm anxiously waiting for more, but I really like the Bridge a LOT. There's nothing worse than having to sync to multiple machines...

Another thing: ability to read the files on the PB as easily as I can my BB on a LINUX machine. Once connected via USB, I have tons of options when plugged, but the PB won't let my machine read it. So, can't transfer podcasts, pictures, etc. It's charging, though...

Wow this is a huge eye opener. I have been craving this device since they announced it. I am a hard core BB freak for sure. I have read everyones post and I am a little skeptical now about purchasing one. I have ready through over posts and forums and all like the device but the amount of things its missing is growing. When are they expecting to have the Email and Calendar as a native app? Also i see that there are people with the Torch that got it to work. Is this a hit or miss or does it always work? Thanks for the feed back everyone.