Five reasons why the BlackBerry Q10's battery life will be Mind Blowing

Can't decide between getting the BlackBerry Z10 or waiting for the Q10? We'll give you a little more food...err.. battery for thought.

BlackBerry Q10
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Mar 2013 07:48 pm EDT

By all accounts, both directly from BlackBerry and third party sources, sales of the full touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 are off to a better-than-anticipated start. Prior to launch, there was much speculation that initial sales would largely be from existing BlackBerry users upgrading to BlackBerry 10 phones, but several reports suggest that upwards of 50% of Z10 sales to date have come via Android and iPhone users making the switch.

This bodes well for BlackBerry, especially considering there is clearly a sizable segment of the existing BlackBerry user base that is waiting for the full-qwerty BlackBerry Q10. A successful Z10 launch with a successful Q10 launch waiting in the wings is exactly what good 'ol BBRY needs. For the past several weeks, not a day has gone by where I don't receive at least a dozen emails, tweets or phone calls asking me when the Q10 is coming out and if they should wait for it, or get the Z10 (the CrackBerry forums are full of the same questions as well). These are all BlackBerry users that have clung onto their BlackBerry the past several years because they cannot give up the physical keyboard.

Surprisingly, the biggest difference between the Z10 and Q10 is not the typing experience

For the most part, I have been encouraging existing BlackBerry users looking to upgrade to give the Z10 a try. Assuming you can make the switch to the touchscreen keyboard, the extra screen real estate you gain by losing the physical keyboard makes it a no brainer. I'm a hardcore physical keyboard guy and never thought I would fully take to the touchscreen BB10 keyboard, but I have and I am 100% sold. Yes, you need to commit to it, put your faith in auto correction, and give it a few days to learn when to swipe up words and let the keyboard's software adapt to your typing style, but from there -- if you're like me -- that feeling of needing a physical keyboard will wane. Honestly, after getting used to the Z10's keyboard the way I have, when I go and pick up my Bold 9900 now and type on it, it just feels weird. 

If you're a power user and eat through batteries the way the Cookie Monster devours cookies, the Q10 may be the BlackBerry 10 phone you will want to hold out for

So when it comes to the Z10 or Q10 question, I view the keyboard as a matter of personal preference vs. a matter of which phone has a better keyboard. Bottom line, both touchscreen and physical BlackBerry 10 keyboards rock. For some people, no matter how good the touchscreen keyboard is, they're still going to want to hold out for the Q10's physical keyboard, and that's totally fine. For others, the Z10 is going to be the phone they choose.

With the keyboards being completely different yet completely on par in terms of delivering a great typing experience (exception - I'm hoping we'll see keyboard shortcuts make an appearance on the Q10), the critical difference I point out to those making the decision between getting the Z10 or waiting for the Q10 is battery life. When we first reviewed the Z10, the battery life left a lot to be desired. At best, it was OK. The good news here is that BlackBerry fixed that issue FAST.  

BlackBerry Battery Monster!

The first Z10 OS update arrived with over 60 battery saving optimizations which GREATLY improved the Z10's battery life. We've seen users report anywhere from a 30% to literally double the battery life, depending on the user's specific circumstances. For me personally, since that OS update arrived not a day has gone by where I haven't made it until bed time on a single charge (note, I don't have LTE where I live, but on HSPA+ I'm going from 6am to 3am with juice to spare - better than my 9900 ever did). And for those not getting the battery life of the Z10 yet that they want, don't forget about the Z10 Battery Charger Bundle. It's a must have.

While the Z10's battery life should not be a concern for most would be-purchases, there is no doubt that the BlackBerry Q10's battery life should crush the Z10 when it comes to market. If you're a power user and eat through battery life the way the Cookie Monster devours cookies, the Q10 may be the BlackBerry 10 phone you'll want to hold out for.

Why will the Q10's battery life be mind blowing?

It's clear that BlackBerry is setting up the Q10 to be the corporate work horse of the BlackBerry 10 family, going the extra mile to ensure the Q10 has enough juice to get you through day, night and then some. The last BlackBerry phone to really have this reputation was the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The 9780 was pretty good too, but with the Bold 9900 BlackBerry scaled the battery back to 1200mAh and given the higher performance hardware and bigger display, ended up sacrificing battery life. End users gave BlackBerry a lot of flack over that, and they didn't want to make that mistake again with the Q10.

Here's why the Q10's battery life should be mind-blowingly awesomer than that of the BlackBerry Z10:

1. The Q10's battery is the bigger than the Z10's

BlackBerry Q10 Batteries

Compared to the Z10's 1800mAh battery, the NS1 battery in the Q10 rings in at 2100mAh. All things being equal, that's almost 15% more capacity over the Z10. It's the biggest battery to ever ship in a BlackBerry phone. 

2. The Q10's smaller display uses less juice

BlackBerry Q10 vs. Z10

Of course, the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 are not equal. Compared to the Z10's 4.2" display, the Q10 features a smaller 3.2" display. All things being equal in display technology, the Q10's display would be easier on battery life compared to the Z10, thanks to its smaller display size.

3. The Q10's SuperAMOLED display is more energy efficient

In addition to the difference in display size, the Q10 also uses a different display technology, opting for SuperAMOLED compared to the LCD display in the Z10. AMOLED is more efficient when it comes to energy consumption. AMOLED displays are also thinner compared to LCDs - another reason BlackBerry likely chose to go AMOLED on the Q10, so they could free up some extra space to work in a bigger battery while keeping the device thin.

AMOLED is built using organic compounds and is essentially printed, whereas LCDs are assembled individual pixels. The big difference comes down to the back lighting. Whereas LCD panels are back lit by LEDs, individual AMOLED pixels glow on their own, no back lighting needed. This is why AMOLED screens have better blacks than LCD. Instead of turning the pixels on to block as much back lighting as possible like an LCD, with an AMOLED screen the black pixels simply are not turned on and thus don't glow at all.

4. The Q10 gets a battery saving, Dark theme

Reading through BlackBerry's Cascades theme support guidelines, it's official that BlackBerry 10 phones sporting physical keyboards will get a Dark theme as compared to the Bright theme featured on the Z10. This was previously rumored, but it can safely be considered official:

You should also consider the visual style (or theme) that your app and target device use. By default, all-touch devices (such as the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone) use a bright theme, and keyboard devices (such as the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone) use a dark theme. Each theme uses a different color scheme for core controls and other elements in an app. Here's an example of an app that's run using both the bright theme and the dark theme:

Z10 gets the white theme, Q10 gets a dark theme

On AMOLED displays, because each pixel is its own backlight, using darker themes means the pixel doesn't need to glow as brightly, and thus consumes less power. Thus, the presence of a Dark theme on the Q10 isn't just a sexy style choice - it's yet another measure to help maximize the battery life of the Q10.

5. Communication hungry people probably won't mind turning off the LTE

The fifth reason isn't so much a difference in feature or specification between the Z10 and Q10, but more of a user personality / work difference which may result in much greater battery life.

If you're buying a phone with a physical keyboard in 2013 it's because you're a hardcore communicator. That's what you value above all else, and you're just not willing to give up the tactile feedback that a physical keyboard offers over a touchscreen (despite how awesome the Z10's keyboard is).

Theoretically, the Q10's battery life should easily trump that of the Z10

Given that, I don't think I'm out of line in suggesting that most Q10 owners will get through the majority of the day just fine with their high speed LTE data connection turned off. And turning off LTE definitely saves battery life. LTE is great when you're streaming content, visiting tons of web pages and downloading big files. But when you're firing off messages at warp speed all day long, whether you have it or not won't make a difference. So if you're more prone to messaging than you are to anything else, this is going to help you out a lot.  Of course, this final point also applies to Z10 owners, but I felt it is worth highlighting here. When you do a big full touchscreen device, like the Z10 has, you just find yourself doing more things with it that take advantage of the big display and thus likely benefit from LTE. Plus, you know, four reasons just doesn't have the same ring to it as five reasons. You can dismiss this point at will. :)

Real world use is the true test

CrackBerry Kevin... mind blown in the fresh snow

Theoretically, the Q10's battery life should easily trump that of the Z10. By just how much we won't know until we get the phone in our hands and put it to real world use. However, if you're on the fence deciding between grabbing the Z10 or getting the Q10, it's a good factor to be aware of as you try and make your decision.

Just remember, whether you buy the Z10 now or wait for the Q10 there are plenty of ways to help maximize your BlackBerry's battery life.

Reader comments

Five reasons why the BlackBerry Q10's battery life will be Mind Blowing


Well, the point of this article isn't to deter you from getting a Z10. I love my Z10... pretty sure that even after the Q10 comes out and I use it (gotta review it after all), that I'll be back on the Z10. Z10 keyboard is really **THAT** good, and the big touchscreen is awesome. Hard to go back to a smaller display once you size up a bit. 

Definitely a tough choice though. Get both? I think all CrackBerry readers should just buy both the Z10 and Q10 in 2013. After all, we had nothing new to buy in 2012! Might as well go BIG this year. Will be good for BBRY!

I will still most likely get the Z10. After all they did get rid of the 5 most usful keys (IMHO)on the Q10's Physical keyboard. And it's not like the touch screen on the Z10 is small 4.2" should give good room to type. And the word flicking should really help. But what I haven't found out is 1, what about typing in landscape? 2 I've never understood making calls without a keypad. I just don't care for the extra step(s) that can take (especially when I need to call quickly for a contest or such.

No typing in landscape mode yet, but I would imagine it's a feature that will come eventually and will only be available a la Z10...also, with speed dial and voice dial, making calls is actually much quicker than using a keypad. Time to upgrade to the 21st century my friend ;)

@bbfanboi I believe the guy is asking about typing in landscape mode on the Z10.
@crozyBB Landscape typing is already available on the Z10

Sorry, my ignorance. I can type in landscape on my Z10 so I didn't understand question #1. For his question #2, get ready with the phone app and have the contest line on speed dial :) Perhaps the physical keyboards have a bit of an advantage here, but speed dialing on a touch screen works just as well. It just takes an extra step to bring up the phone app.

peed dial? Wow I wish I know what that was. Oh wait I think that's where you just hit one Physical key. Maybe what I was saying it that would would still need to bring up a Keyboard on a touchscreen rather then it already being there.

Yes in my experience AMOLED definitely uses more power (out of the 8 post-iPhone smartphones I have owned, 2 had SuperAMOLED and one had AMOLED).

I think the idea is that it has the potential to use less power if you theme the OS correctly, but I would much rather just use my phone and not worry about trying to stay off bright/white Web pages and apps in fear of battery consumption and screen burn in.

OLED use more power than LCD to display white screen but much less to display black screens. The dark theme will help a lot with power usage.
As Kevin pointed out people who choose the Q10 over the Z10 will have a different use case, less web browsing and more email. If web browsing is your priority you would get the Z10.

Another point is that a lot of people turn their brightness down. I've always had my Berries at 0 and never had an issue

"Get both? I think all CrackBerry readers should just buy both the Z10 and Q10 in 2013." Yup, Heins pays him to say this. LOL

I think everyone in the world should get the Z10 as well as the Q10 if they've got the money. Thor did NOT pay me to say this. Just another crazy Blackberry enthusiast.

Don't worry. You have nothing to lose with the Z10. In the end, the experience with the Z10 is likely better for most as the keyboard can disappear revealing a wonderful 4.2 inch, 356 ppi, 1280x720 display that is breathtaking. Q10 can't beat that. Like Kevin said, the soft keyboard on the Z10 is fantastic and fully loaded with many useful shortcuts and timesavers. It is a real treat to use this keyboard, and it has slowly become one of my favorite features on the Z10. The other nice features are the Hub, multitasking home screen, powerful browser, and a smooth, sleek OS with ABSOLUTELY no lag!

The other thing with the q10 that has worried a little is the swipe gestures. I saw on a few demo videos the user having to swipe multiple times to bring up the hub.
My guess is the bezels on the q10 might be a little narrower than the z10 to maxime space...

We'll see soon enough if it's an issue.

In any case, I love my z10 and won't be switching anytime soon.

But you can bet I'll try the a10 at the store when it comes out. :-)

Posted from my Z10 using CB10

we should set a standard as what is supposed to be MIND BLOWING or not, i think this is just very very cool...

You're probably right. Though I will say everybody should expect at least a few more mind blowing posts. I'm going to beat the word mind blowing to death for at least another week :)

So Kevin, just wondering if with the Z10's LCD display does it make a difference if you have a black background vs a white background (in terms of battery life) ?

Posted via CB10

I haven't done too much research on this, but think it does.

On an LCD it doesn't. On an LCD matrix the pixels in their default state are "open", or transparent. It's the application of current that activates the red, blue, and geen subpixels to block the backlight and produce the colors and darkness. So producing dark is just as power consuming.

With AMOLED, black is easier... bright requires more energy.  And with both you have the pixels refreshing with every cycle.

I'll be curious to see how the Q10's display does in sunlight. Typically AMOLED screen are a bit oversaturated in comparison to LCD and don't have has good viewability in sunglight, but with SuperAMOLED think it's a bit better. Will do some more homework on all this stuff...

I think you need to understand what you researched.
The graphic you gave us clearly stated that OLED use more power than IPS LCD..
BUT! On white environment!
Laptop users already know that the easier way to save battery life on their laptop (which uses LCD) is by using white background/wallpaper.
Don't get fooled by graphics made by LG (which is Samsung's rival in term of IPS LCD over AMOLED).
BlackBerry know this and suggesting dark theme for better battery life.

InvalidUser5010 is right though; the colour of what is being displayed on an LCD doesn't affect how much power it's using (or at least, not significantly) whereas on an LED, more black pixels = less power consumption.

All he was saying was that power draw at a certain brightness is constant, meaning that if you change what's being displayed in terms of colour, it does not affect power draw.

I now wonder if the bigger battery is needed because the AMOled uses more power. If the reports of only 500-2000 hour life is correct, the Q10 isn't going to last like previous Bolds.
Having looked into it, if your eyesight is getting a bit elderly a dark theme (white on black) won't be good for reading, and black on white will cause fast battery drain. It looks like I may need to spend time with the Z10 keyboard.

I would love to have the black background option, especially when using mail. I don't need the white background always and it's easier on the eyes in dark situations.

Hi Kevin, Does the physical keyboard have a negative effect on the battery life? As in, will it use more juice than the touch screen keyboard, as each keypress uses a little bit of juice?

Great article, as usual. Still can't wait to get my hands on a Q10.

Posted via CB10

Good question! Honestly, don't know. As we get closer to Q10 review time, that's one I'll try and find out an answer on. I would assume it would be a minimal difference if any.

I wouldnt have thought so. Each keystroke on the Z10 would just as much possibly more as your using power to display letters you not using. Unless backlit the Q10 has no power usage in that regards.

I remember BlackBerry had a patent for a physical keyboard that essentially charged a bit when you pressed a key. It would be cool if they incorporated that (so you could literally charge your phone by typing - that would be pretty cool).

You mention "completely on par in terms of delivering a great typing experience (exception - I'm hoping we'll see keyboard shortcuts make an appearance on the Q10)".

Isn't there already a "Type and Go" feature for the Q10 that will distinguish the physical keyboard vs. full touchscreen? Or can you pull up the Z10 keyboard on the homescreen and start typing?

You can pull up the Z10's keyboard from anywhere in the OS by doing a two finger swipe up from the bottom of the display. That said, the keyboard isn't necessarily "hooked up" when you do this.

For example, if you're on the home screen and swipe up the keyboard, if you start typing on it nothing happens. You'd think maybe that would start doing Universal Search, but that's not the case. You need to tap into Universal Search, then start typing.

I could see this evolve over time on BB10... build in some more keyboard shortcuts you can get to from anywhere by sliding in the keyboard. I want to find me some BB10 Easter Eggs!

one thing i wonder and maybe kevin you can answer this, has the screen resolution question been answered? I know there were concerns that apps would have to be resized by individual developers for the Q10 because of its 720 x 720 screen. Is there any chance that not all apps will cross over?

Even if BB10's Native apps somehow convert on their own, I am concerned about how the Android ports will look on the Q10. If they don't work, the whole Android porting thing will really be a thorn in BlackBerry World's thigh. They may be getting some apps that they wouldn't have had developed for BB10, but other developers who would have made a native app are saving money and resources by just converting their Android app. If they don't work on the Q10, there might not be enough incentive to develop a native app just for the Q10.

Guess we will have to wait and see...

why would you be more concerned about android apps not porting well than BB10 apps? Android apps are made for changing screen sizes, just look at the plethora of different sized android phones.

Wow, amazing. I didn't know about the two finger swipe from the bottom bringing up the keyboard. Now hopefully they make the keyboard do exactly what the physical keyboard does in BBOS7, speed dial etc. Great things ahead for 

Having the keyboard work the way you suggest in the home screen would actually be a bad thing, you would be making more effort to invoke the keyboard with that two fingered swipe than the proper way of using one finger to press the search icon though.

"For example, if you're on the home screen and swipe up the keyboard, if you start typing on it nothing happens. You'd think maybe that would start doing Universal Search, but that's not the case. You need to tap into Universal Search, then start typing."

I hope this isn't the case with the Q10 ... I've found this feature to be one that I use almost every time I pick up my 9900.

Well, I thought I would miss my old Torch 9800 physical keyboard, but not one iota. I am loving my Z10 touchscreen keyboard. The extra screen size you get on the Z10 is just awesome.

Z10 all the way for me!

Posted via CB10 via my awesome Z10

Damn sweet article... I wonder (and this is probably wishful thinking) can't Z10 owner grab the Q10 battery and put it in their phone?

and damn I wish the Z10 had the super amoled screen too!

Another probable reason for using SuperAMOLED is so that black borders while watching videos won't be as noticeable. It would blend right into the bezel.

I am lucky enough to have qualified for a Limited Edition Z10 (which I am hoping will be here soon). This means I still have an upgrade with T-Mobile for the Q10. That is if T-Mo will actually carry the Q10...

Do the keys on the keyboard light up? If so, can that feature be turned on and off?; As well can it be set to have keys lit for a certain duration?

Love having my mind blown by CrackBerry.
My suggestion is to get BOTH phones.
It will take you about 2 weeks to get use to the Z10 .... but once you begin flicking, you won't want to go back to a non flicking Keyboard.

The Q10 will have the predictive text above the keys and there is no need to "flick" anything, just tap which is far more functional. On my wife's Z10 I often miss the flick and have to give it a second go on the next letter.


I'm getting the Q10 to partner with my Z10 - battery life better be phenomenal, unlike the (frankly) average battery life on the Z10.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry had information sheets at their BlackBerry 10 Launch Event which stated that the Z10 also had a Super AMOLED display, I thought it was kind of strange because rumours had it that the Z10 (Then called the London) would have a regular TFT LCD and the Q10 (Then called the N-Series) would have the OLED display.

Yeah, those information sheets were quickly removed from the launch event (was a typo), though we had one too.. actually posted up the wrong info temporarily and fixed it up.

I'm with Kevin on the Z10 typing. Going back to a physical keyboard feels foreign now. I was letting my wife play with my Z10 so she could figure out if it was what she wanted so we were BBMing each other. Her on my Z10 and me on her torch9800. I was almost disgusted with myself. I was constantly making errors and trying to swipe up on the damn thing I felt I was typing almost half the speed of my Z, and I have only been on this for a month and a half after 2 years on the 9800. Needless to say though, I may be getting the Q just for shits and giggles. But the Z will be my daily phone guaranteed.

Indeed, while I would say the z10 is better than some of the other physical keyboards they have done in the past, but not the 9900 (and presumably the q10)

On the other hand it is the first touchscreen keyboard I have really liked so they have done very right with it.

I'm aware of that, I love the the feel and functionality of the 9900. However, even with the 9800 I was able to type wicked fast. To the point of people not being able to keep up with my conversations. The Z10 is an improvement on top of that so make of it what you will.

Z10 all the way. I was torn originally but not now. The virtual keyboard is so stellar and the screen is just pure porno.

Posted via CB10

My sentiments exactly, was solidly a physical qwerty guy, tried all of the touch screens (iphones, galaxies, notes, torches) all left a lot to be desired compared to the physical keyboard bbrys. Now I have the Z10, never again touch screen ftw! Plus the added bonus of screen real estate cements it in my mind.

That foam bit on the battery is obviously a clue, they must have started out with smaller batteries and realised that with the z10 being the one that had to be really slim there was room for them to make the q10 a little thicker and make it the true workhorse it needed to be by upping the battery size by an extra 17%

It's the keyboard shortcuts that can't be replicated on a touchscreen.
If I had to choose between the z10 and the 9930, I'd still have to go with the 9930.
I use the keyboard shortcuts and take quick notes quite a bit daily on my 9930...using the notes app or Docs-to-Go.
I can't imagine stroking a glass slab for what I do.

I agree 100% I constantly use shortcuts & I really hope BB added some way of scrolling & going back & maybe menu shortcuts, part of the beauty of a qwerty phone is never having to smear up the screen if you choose not to

^^ Reminding myself of that as I endure these looooong weeks being tormented by the Z10, until the Q10 gets here. But I couldn't imagine doing without the keyboard shortcuts of my 9930 (and all the QWERTY's before it). Also can't imagine going without QuickLaunch - BEST.APP.EVER. Anyone know if the developer will be doing it for BB20?

Kevin, if that's your new look... great job!

On a side note, a lot of us users are still facing battery woes even with the new update AND minimal use. The forums are full of such let BlackBerry know about us. We're the odd ones out, so please don't keep us hanging :o)

Posted via CB10

Every time I read "LCD display" somewhere I cringe.

Although I have never used a device with a QWERTY as my main device, I'm really looking forward to using my DevAlpha C. Really liked those keys when trying it out at BBJam Europe.

Posted via CB10

Everything comes down to choices as usual. BlackBerry Z10 vs Q10 I will wait before I purchase and then read other reviews to see which one of the 2 performs better but then price plays a very important factor cause already prices are going up due to demand

It is a tough choice personally having a keyboard enables me to communicate more with friends and family

The only problem with AMOLED screens is screen burn in. The SGS3 and note suffer horribly from it. I've seen it stores and people's phones. Once it burns in there is no getting rid of it. Your white screen will look blue and the icons that have burned into the screen will make want to scream. I'm glad BlackBerry went LCD with the Z10. My whites will stay white and not go blotchy blue and have icons burned into my screen.

I came from a bold 9900 and I thought to myself how am I going to adjust to touch screen? Well after about a week it became effortless. I can type faster on the z10 than on my bold. It auto corrects for me on the fly and the word predictions are crazy. Picked up my bold and now it felt weird lol.

Z10 is an awesome phone and I get looks from everyone. Mine is white so people are thinking what is that sexxxxy looking phone.? But one complaint I have is battery life. I don't understand how some people are going from 6am to 1am without charging? I barely use the z10 like my bold and the battery is at 20% and I get a warning when I'm driving home that the battery is going to die. I wish it had some more juice. A 2100 vs 1800 I think would of done the trick. And I'm not a heavy user either. My bold would take me right to bedtime and I abused that thing like crazy.

I've done all that this article has said but no luck. LTE will suck your battery dry in just 4 hrs. I don't even bother to turn it on. I stay on 4G instead. Sorry for the long rant. Just my 3 cents. A bigger battery was needed for the z10. But I'm happy. The z10 is the by far the best phone on the market now hands down. It's fast, effortless, intuitive, adapts to you and the hub hands down the best feature of the z10 for true multitasking, plus its sexy too!

Posted via CB10

I dont know about screen burn, tbh i can believe anyone would bee stupid enough to leave a screen on, untouched long enough. I hear the night mode thing all i can say dont do it OR choose a display that chnges.

As for the battery issue. Have you ever heard of such a thing as an in car charger? If you drive home from work I assume you drive TO work during both journey's put it to charge. First thing i do when i get in my car.

"Have you ever heard of such a thing as an in car charger? "

What is this? Reddit? We treat each other with respect here. A lot of people use public transportation I've heard.

Thanks Bro! Agree with you. We are all BlackBerry fans and that's why we come here to keep updated on new and exciting things. But it should be done in a civilized and respectful manner. He kind of ticked me off the way he wrote but I was just offering my 2 cents. More juice for the Z10 would of been nice. But in then end I'm still happy giddy with my Z10. I absolutely love it. A Lot of my friends don't use cars to go downtown but use the TTC. What happens when their battery starts to give up? In a way he's right but the way he wrote his response was just plain rude and disrespectful. Oh well that's how some people are. Take care and enjoy your z10.

Posted via CB10

I don't follow this. With AMOLED it is the blue that dims first. It needs a lot more power and this burns out the pixels. I once had an early device which had only red and green pixels for just this reason.

Gotta say after using my z10 for the past couple of weeks, I don't think I'll be going back to a physical keyboard anymore. The z10 keyboard is insanely good, best keyboard I have ever EVER used on a touchscreen phone.

Like Kevin mentioned in his big above, I went back to my 9900 keyboard and it just felt weird. Plus again like Kevin I can't give up my bigger screen for the smaller one on the q10.

I'm sure 3rd parties will bring out a beefier battery for the z10 but at the moment, my z10 gets me through my day easily.

Posted via CB10

The bonus with a removable battery, you have the flexibility to carry a second one without having to make your device needlessly bulky at other times when you don't need the spare.

Great article...I love my Z but now feel compelled to try the Q as well lol. I need communication more than screen and the battery life is pretty compelling...going to have two I guess.

Posted via CB10

HOLY SH*$ that's the first picture of you I've seen with your haircut. Mind blown. Jokes aside the Q10 will be awesome. I'm deciding on getting one along with my Z10

Posted via CB10

The battery on my Zed 10 is awesome. I'm on my 2nd 12 hour day with my battery right now and I have 10 percent left still. Very happy with that

Posted via CB10

So if I don't use the phone at all the standby time will push close to a week? I have an old 9630 that will last three days standby. It will still have power on the fourth day but the battery indicator is red by that point and clearly needs charging. It's going to be hard for me to transition to a smartphone when my daily feature phone only needs charging every couple of weeks. That's how little I use my cell phone.

My wife is a low to average cell phone user and she can go into her third day with about 10% - 20% on the Z10. She charges every night but on the rare occasion she forgets she is not left without a phone the next day.

Won't be like your typical feature phone but pretty good for a touch screen.


Q10, very nice, top class, professional, unique, ho weee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! silk, elite, Beverly Hills. Muah :)

And why the heck doesn't the z10 have a dark theme? I thought it was said that they both would have options for dark and light themes? Ugh.

Ive got the z10 on pre-order from Optus here in Australia as my personal phone replacement for my 9900 and am hanging to get my hands on it from March 25th ...although the z10 was first and i wanted to get my hands on bb10, i just thought that the z10 will show off bb10 in its entirety .... My 9810 is last phone connected to our bes-x server so ill 'con' them into getting me the q10 when released in exchange for shutting down my bes-x server and just using direct active-sync connection to our exchange server .... And i get both !!!!

I am at a dilemma in getting the Z10. Dont want the Z10 to end up like my 9860, very poor battery life after so many suggestions and OS upgrade. Not sure still as to go for the Z10 or not :(

Hello? You buy both! Problem solved. Gonna be out all day, in meetings, traveling, etc. Take the Q10. Regular day, near a charger...Z10.

Great article Kevin. I am all in with the Q10, I need to type on the best keyboard ever designed for phones. BTW The blog view looks amazing on the PlayBook when reading these articles.

I feel clumsy on my 9900 after using the z10 now. The auto correct has spoilt me to the point where I now basically type like I'm drunk and come out accurate. It's made me much faster.

I also want the dark theme. I use my phone on low light conditions a lot. It can be a strain on the eyes.

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I know the hated 9630 tour didn't get much love but I loved that thing I jumped ship and went to 4s I miss my 9630 keyboard so bad I get it out and use it as remote for my playbook can't wait for Q10 GO BB!!!!!

Great article Kevin. I'm getting the Z10 hands down. But I'm due for an upgrade in a few months and after reading this I may trade in my droid and give my Z a friend.

You sure are quick to jump into a "mind blowing" statement about the Q10's battery life when it's not even officially launched, unless you already have one tested in a dark corner cubicle of Crackberry new office there. If that's true, then I'll buy the Q10 instead of the Z10 right away.

Brilliant! I've been steadfastly waiting for the Q10 though the Z10 is a great temptation. I feel better. About waiting now. Battery life is a big deal to me.

I took the jump from the keyboard to the Z10. It took me about two weeks to get the hang of it... and it rocks! The swiping really does work - most of the time my sentences are swiped, not typed. It's also very uncanny how it knows what words are going come up.
The battery life was a huge concern at first, but the whole OS update made a huge difference in the battery life - double the time.
One thing that I do miss from my old BlackBerry is Group E - mail Contacts. I really think they dropped the ball on that one and hopefully put it in there next update.
Browsing is super fast.
Also the size is perfect. I don't understand why people would want anything bigger to have in your pocket or whatever.

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Q10. The only device for a TRUE BB fan. For years those of us to love BB have stood up and defended our choice of phone primarily for two reasons, Security and our much needed and loved KB.

Now it appears that in the face of true adversity and social pressure, that even the greatest amongst us fallen for the lure of the flat faceless device, that now swims in the sea of other flat faceless devices. I honestly dont know why you all waited so long to show your true colours. I appreciate that you did, showing your support for BB the company. Just not BB the iconic institution.

Since the Z10 when on sale i saw another, though disturbing, first. Malware anti-virus software. Now i am consumer and when i see this and read it is because of the android runtime treat to the new BB10 devices i have to question my much loved BB security cause I dislike droid devices like the plague. I am still looking in to the validity of the need for such software.

I will continue to stand strong my belief in and need of the truly sexy and tactile FEEL of a kb. And if i want to watch a movie i will reach into my pocket and do so my delicious looking 7" BB PB screen.**

** Before i get a million and one stupid comments its a wind up. I am any phone by choice, my choice is BB w/kb thats how i roll...... Right over you touch screen losers lol (jokes, please dont cry)

The Q10 in the picture looks so elegant. I would love to get it as well but I don't have any use for two BBs, no matter how much I try to come up with a reason for the second handset. Lol.

I totally agree about going back the physical keyboard. Tried typing on my old curve again the other day and it felt awkward. The Z10's keyboard has me completely hooked.

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Interesting but the screen is only half the story these days. LTE and the background apps on a true multitasking phone might more than make up for the efficiency of the screen and the large battery.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Q10 having a measurably longer battery life than the Z10 but not as much as most are expecting.

Waiting to see reviews.


As has been said though I feel like I can actually do more with the Z10 than I could with a physical keyboard phone. They should have just made the Z10 the one with the extra battery power.

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I wish they just made the phone a couple inches thicker and just crammed a 3000 mAh battery that i know would make the phone last a few days. I guess a customized backing with an extended battery would do but id wish they'd offer it as stock. We'll just have to wait and see how this phone matches up.

A couple inches? These days phones are typically less than quarter inch. Are you're saying you want to go back to the days of the clunky Motorola flip phones? If so I have one to sell you... for real. I do.

Good article Mr. CrackBerry. From your photograph you've taken on the appearance of Ricky from The Trailer Park Boys. :smile: As much as I was a die-hard physical keyboard user the smaller screen of the BlackBerry Q10 would diminish the pleasure of reading emails on the larger screen of my BlackBerry Z10.

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I always turn down the screen display setting to the lowest setting not just to save battery life, but because I can't stand the glare.

Bet the Q10 will rock, tried the physical keyboard and it ain't as fast as the z10 flick plus I love the screen real estate AWESOOOOOOMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE "See that even my Z10 knows FLICK IT BABY"

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"When we first reviewed the Z10, the battery life left a lot to be desired. At best, it was OK. The good news here is that BlackBerry fixed that issue FAST. "

Fixed? I think that's stretching the truth a bit, Z10 battery life is still bad. Waiting on a third party bigger battery to come out, then it will be fixed.

As I gaze upon your every curve, my fingers longing to touch every inch of your hard body. I will wait for you. Soon we will be together. Spending countless hours getting busy and taking care of business.

Love the Z10. Was a Torch user and was not sure I could make the shift. Still leaning. The tutorials are key.

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Every point mentioned is spot on. Including the last one. When I was with Rogers my 9900 was always on 2G. I never needed 3G (only if I was with a client and they were sending me an email on the spot that I needed to check). But other than that, 2G all the way. Unfortunately, Koodo doesn't provide 2G, so I am stuck with H+. I am hoping I can keep H+ or 3G with Koodo and not move up to LTE. I certainly don't need all that bandwidth on my baby.

Some ppl like the keyboard. some ppl like full touch... That's why BB is making both.. Had 9700 before Z10, the keyboard is what i love the most on Z10... Can't even hold my old phone... The battery life for Q10 should lasts at least a day with 2100mAh. Maybe even two days.. who knows

The Q10 should be a two day phone for the light/normal users. Even the heavy users who bang on their phones all day should get a full day's use. Very few of the current androids can make the same claim. And even the iPhone 5 will give up the ghost by the end of the day if you are the type who incessantly checks Facebook, twitter, etc.
For me, what I want from a phone is one that I can forget to charge at night, grab in the morning and take to work and then charge at work with no fear of losing power during what is basically a 30 hour period. I'm sure the Q10 will be more than capable of doing that.

ok srsly everytime i see the q10 i love it move and more, it looks so beefy and yum yum, me wants naow!

looks so much nicer beside the z10, i <3 my z10 but zomg q10 /fap D:

Great article Mr. CB Kev!

As a previous 9900 user, my mind was blown when RIM announced that the first BB10 phone launched will be a touch screen. How on earth will I be typing on a touch screen or i have to wait for a few weeks after to get the Q10?

Honestly, after holding and typing on the Z10, the story has changed. Kudos to BBRY for creating a touch keyboard which does not perform like any ordinary keyboard. I've tried typing on the i4, the S3, and the Lumia. Can't stand and can't understand what their keyboards do, it doesn't understand what I want! But not for the Z10 's keyboard. Yeah until now I still sometimes do typo but the predictions are handy, it interprets what I want to say and I just need to flick the word to the screen. Wow!

However, the q10 blows my mind again. Having used every Bold except the 9790, BB's physical keyboard is awesome and the Q10 's keyboard is even awesome-er! But not only that, as the flagship BB10 from the qwerty side, it's also packed with full of ammos from the build quality, the stainless steel body, the 2100mah battery and the super amoled screen. Welcome Q10, with your brother Z10 let's rock the smartphone world!

Keep moving!

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I have the z10... and I love it. But after reading this post, I may have to go out and buy the Q10 as well. I want both!!!

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I'd love it if they released a bigger battery for the Z10. I'd buy it the day it was available. I'm also hoping they release the dark theme for the Z10. I personally have always liked darker themes. Easier on my eyes.

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Different strokes for different folks...I was hoping the Z10 would offer gr8 battery life...I love the big screen but in the end I need the better life more...patiently waiting on the Q10 story!

I'm in Toronto patiently waiting for the Q10 to replace my trusty 9900... The Q10 is one sexy Beast! Although it's not easy, I'm resisting the urge to get the Z10 now. I will wait for the followup to the Z10 which I'm assuming will have a slightly larger screen and bigger battery.

Go BlackBerry!

I am definitely going to be getting the blackberry q10.
But for now I need to use the blackberry playbook more often to better get used to the touch screen keyboard without looking at it all the time. :D

Agree with those that say you cannot go back to a classic keyboard after having a touchsceen device. It's just that much better. As a second smartphone the Q10 is a good choice, especially if you're on a vacation trip where my smartphones always took a scratch back home. The longer battery life makes it even better as a companion.

I think the major difference between the keyboards is that on a physical keyboard, at least my 9900, I didn't have to look down while typing and would be accurate 95% of the time. With the Z10 touch keyboard, I have to look at it at all times.

I'm curious because I'm considering a Z10.

Can you tell me if this is 15 hours of full screen-on use? Or phone calls?

Can you describe the usage during those 15 hours?


I've always been a power user of my BlackBerry phones, starting back with the Bold 9000. I made the switch from my previous bold 9900 to z10 without even thinking about it. I literally bought my z10 sight unseen! and I swear I'm delighted by this brand new os's features, gestures, hub, keyboard... in other words, z10 is the best tool for work one could ever buy. But the battery... well here comes the rain... I'm running Os and saw no improvements in battery performances, it even looks like it did last longer by the previous os!! Anyway I use it a lot and reach maybe 5/6 hours.. but my second battery toolkit makes everything less bitter.

Anyway, Z10 or Q10? Well guys do yourself a favor and get this awesome full touch with such amazing keyboard I'm using right now... well It actually looks like she's using me by writing for me!

I've seen iPhone users drooling by looking at such elegant and powerful last BlackBerry jewel.

An overwhelming internet browsing experience without losing typing control.

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thanks for this article! for years I was heavy nokia user, then iphone4 (but not as happy as with nokia) and now i can't wait for q10, another words i'm chaning from iphone to BB!

if the z10 got a software update then the q10 should get even more software optimization which should also lead to a second update for the z10 so with with the 5 points above + the fact that by the time the q10 launches there will be more battery saving refinements done to the q10 software yea battery life should be about 2 days or more

I used the Z10 for a while now, and I agree with Kevin keyboard is that good and screen estate is really a plus. However, three things will still make me go to the Q10: pocketability, battery life, type and go

One additional thing is BB10 on Playbook that I carry more and more around: that provides me with enough screen estate...

Ugh. I hate AMOLED. The tech itself is fine, but the PenTile sub-pixel arrangement in almost all AMOLED screens is an eye sore. Also, most websites use a light theme (including CB10) so it actually makes for worse battery life while web-browsing.

Why there is no dark thème on the blackberry Z10? It would be more beautiful and better for the battery, I don't understand why it would be available only on the Q10

well, just hope the dark theme will be available for Z10 when the BB10.1 OS is rolled out *fingers crossed*, yeah, the dark theme with my black Z10... they are a HOT combination!!!

3. The Q10's SuperAMOLED display is more energy efficient

How good is SuperAMOLED. is this the screen we've seen Samsung push out. I've got an Amoled screen on my mp3 player and its horrendous in direct sunlight. one of the best things about my BB9780 is how great it works in direct sunlight.

if this screen works horribly when out and about, what's the point of any battery saving when you're having to blast the screen at full brightness.

Has the tech improved or is my opinion on AMOLED valid?

I shall be getting a Q10 anyway, already have the Z10 but due to work purposes and certain features that are in the Q10 that will NOT be in the Z10 that I have to use.

I wasn´t if I should wait for the Q10 because I loved my 9900 so much but I couldn´t wait so I picked up my Z10. I didn´t regret it because it´s incompareable! But sometimes I wish it would have so more mAh in the bag, 2300 mAh would be great

Man, I love my Z10 but the AMOLED display sounds so CRISP!!! GAAAWH? Someone want to hook me up just so I can compare?? =P

bit annoyed at blackberry really, they havn't really looked after their loyal fans,the people who have stuck with qwerty devices for years, they have kind of pushed the q10 to one side whilst they try and get a bit of market share with the z10, they could of launched the q10 at the same time at least.

The part of this article that mentions users of iPhone and Android users coming over to BlackBerry is 100% accurate, I should know, I am one of them. Bye bye iPhone. I support Apple no more. I'm sick of their b/s

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Thank you for the positive write-up on the Q10! Still loving my physical keyboard and keyboard shortcuts. The AMOLDED display and longer battery life are the icing on the cake.
The Z10 is awesome too, but I use my BlackBerry as a communicator, not a game machine or video player...I have other gadgets for that. :)

I have long fingernails and do great with my physical keyboard BlackBerry! What do you recommend? The Q10 or touch screen Z10?

I'm leaning toward the Q10 because of my claws!

I have to say I am now almost fully converted to the touch screen keyboard. It works fantastically in English, slightly less in French.
Unfortunately I now use French more than English everyday.
Anyway, this screen is so amazing, it is worth the effort .

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Reading this almost changed my mind and I was going to wait for the Q10. But with the OS update that helped the Z10 battery life; my mind is made up... again. I came back to BlackBerry last summer, I love my Bold9900 and the physical keyboard. But I am going to sacrifice that awesome typing experience for the bigger display & new touchscreen Z10. It is going to be my birthday present to myself.

no man, totally no~i just got mine last friday, and it never lasted for a day for me~but i still love it

I was quite Happy with my Battery life of the Q10 & was pleasantly surprised..
it used to last ALL DAY with 20% to go...
However after Upgrading to OS my batter life has gone down by half !
My 4 pm its down to 20% with the SAME usage !
Also the phone heats up more no & hangs.. which it never used to before i upgraded my os



Q10 Battery Life is terrible. It's 2:09 P.M. and been using my Q10 fairly regularly since about 8:30 this morning just for email, talk and text and I'm less than 50%. Going back to extreme measures like a darker screen, no push notifications (all manual).

I want a battery that will blow out the competition, like the Nokia phone with the 41MP camera? Wow, Samsung has a 13MP Camera. Big deal. Nokia just took a poop on that camera. That's the kind of battery I want. Charge it like every couple of days, maybe, with HEAVY use.