Five Important Observations from BlackBerry World 2012

5 Important Observations from BlackBerry World 2012
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2012 10:55 am EDT

With BlackBerry World 2012 officially behind us, it's time to look back at the event that I believe will go down as a historic turning point in RIM's history. There's a lot to take in, so I'll keep the intro short and let's get right to it. Keep reading for what I view are five important observations coming out of the event.

1. This is clearly a new Research In Motion.

I have been to every major BlackBerry event since 2007. I know a lot of RIM people. The RIM I witnessed at BlackBerry World 2012 and the BlackBerry 10 Jam was very different.

CEO Thorsten Heins has wasted no time since taking the reigns of RIM three months ago to reorganize and reenergize the company. Speaking to numerous RIM employees throughout the week, including Heins himself, it was clear this is a company that now has its act together.

During his session with the press, Heins even made note that morale is up at RIM. This seems like it would be unlikely given the challenges RIM is facing, but Heins noted this has been accomplished by bringing clear direction to the company and assigning accountability throughout. Compared to  the RIM of old, each individual now knows exactly what their responsibilities are and how they are contributing to the organizational goals. Morale drops with uncertainty. That uncertainty is gone. Heins is even holding regular global town hall meetings via webcast with the entire company to rally the troops and keep everybody informed of what is going on.

Honestly, attending BlackBerry DevCon America in October 2011 was depressing. It felt like maybe I really was witnessing a RIM that was bleeding to death and near giving up. The RIM I witnessed at BlackBerry World 2012 was the polar opposite. This is a company on a mission. I didn't see doubt or fear or resignation. I witnessed a company that is fighting back.

As an outside observer, I can only surmise that the catalyst for this massive change was the appointment of Thorsten Heins as CEO. Witnessing what has changed in only three months, I can't help but wonder where BlackBerry would be today if Mike and Jim would have stepped down and put Heins in place two years ago.

2. BlackBerry finally knows who their customer is, and BlackBerry 10 is for them.

RIM has come back to its roots and finally decided who their customer is. BlackBerry is for success. RIM is not going to try to out Apple Apple. They're not building a phone for four year olds or 84 year olds. RIM is building a phone that puts the priority on people who have sh!t to do and need to get it done.

Not everybody is going to love BlackBerry 10. And that's OK. Not everybody needs to. Remember, the term "smartphone" is going to die. It's only a matter of time before all phones are smart. BlackBerry is and will be competing in a global phone market. By carving out a niche that appeals to the world's "producers" (And I'm using that term the way Ayn Rand would in Atlas Shrugged), RIM can build a sustainable business in mobile computing. If BlackBerry 10 only appeals to 1 in 5 in a global market of 2 billion + phone owners, that's still a BIG business.

Don't think this means BlackBerry 10 will be a boring enterprise device. It won't be. Yes, it'll excel as a communication tool and will not lose sight of things like security, but it will also have an awesome app experience, and rock as a gaming platform and casual use device. The big thing is that BlackBerry got their priorities straight. They're not sacrificing speed of use for the things you do 80% of the time when a phone is in your hand. Looking back to CrackBerry Kevin's Hierarchy of Needs, BlackBerry 10 has a real shot at delivering that no-compromise mobile experience I've been waiting on for years (I'm super stoked to see a touchscreen UI that is designed for one-handed navigation).

3. RIM's partners want to see BlackBerry succeed.

One thing I underestimated coming into BlackBerry World was the value of RIM's relationships. I talked to literally hundreds of attendees at BlackBerry World and everybody wants to see RIM succeed with BlackBerry 10. And remember, attendees at BlackBerry World are not consumers off the street. BlackBerry World attendees are the people who literally keep the flow of mobile devices going around the world.

I talked to BES admins from several HUGE companies, and they're all either trialing or deploying Mobile Fusion. The guys I spoke to who worked for large multinational corporations talked about the power RIM has in terms of their global support. Not a lot of companies in the space can deliver 24/7 support around the world the way RIM can. Bring Your Own Device to work is now a reality, so enterprises need to support all platforms, but RIM clearly can still be a big service provider here (side note - all of these guys HATE the thought of Android in the workplace).

Even when posing questions to individuals representing carriers, it's clear that they want to see BlackBerry succeed as well. The US market will be a challenge RIM will need to work extremely hard on, but globally there is still a lot of love for the BlackBerry brand and there will be no shortage of hero device launches around the world for BlackBerry 10.

Heck, even BlackBerry developers were excited at the BlackBerry 10 Jam. Normally when I have attended a BlackBerry DevCon event, things have sounded OK on the stage but then when talking to developers in attendance I hear nothing but bad things - the tools suck, RIM didn't do this, we still need that, etc. This week at the BlackBerry 10 Jam I couldn't find one developer who had bad things to say. They loved the tools, they loved the alpha device, and they loved the BlackBerry 10 Jam keynote and the announcements made. It felt like I walked into the Twilight Zone or something. But its was great to see such enthusiasm for BlackBerry app development. I think as more devs from across platforms download the new tools they will be pleasantly surprised, so lets hope the enthusiasm is infectious and continues to spread.

Bottom line, RIM needs to deliver BlackBerry 10 phones to the market that people want to buy, but behind the scenes the necessary support in the mobile ecosystem is there.

4. Wall Street has its own agenda and a lot of the media doesn't care to get things right.

As our in-house analyst Chris Umiastowski wrote previously, RIM's drop in value this week is not a reflection of what we saw at BlackBerry World 2012. This was the best BlackBerry event we have ever attended. It's clear that finally RIM gets it and is doing something about it. Yes, they have challenges ahead still -- the same challenges they had before BlackBerry World kicked off -- yet we see a double digit percentage decline in stock price over the course of the week.

The rationale is pretty simple. Wall Street wants to see a big play happen; an aquisition or major partnership announcement. RIM has said before they are looking at all possibilities, but it's clear to us that RIM wants to bring BlackBerry 10 to market and rebuild the BlackBerry brand (in the markets where it's fallen) on their own. I still believe RIM can do it, and want to see them pull it off.

Honestly, if a business event has to take place, I'd rather see private equity come in to take Research In Motion private vs. some sort of M&A deal or partnership with another big company. It would afford RIM the ability to work without the constant scrutiny (and of course when things are rocking and rolling they can IPO again for a big pay day for all involved). But that's a topic for another editorial.

On the media front, it's becoming all too clear who gets it, and who doesn't. The New York Times showed how little they care about accurate tech reporting this week, with one of the worst articles I have seen in a while. As we stated in our rebuttal, we're fine with seeing negative opinions on BlackBerry that are justified - people are entitled to their opinions. But seeing facts get so badly misreported is just pure laziness. And yes, they did update their article.

The media sentiment against BlackBerry won't change over night, but Thorsten Heins' willingness to engage with the media won over a lot of journalists and bloggers at BlackBerry World. RIM still needs to deliver good news for the media to report on, but at least a genuine relationship with the media will hopefully get more media outlets caring to at least get the story right.

5. There's a groundswell of BlackBerry support brewing.

Everybody loves a comeback story. BlackBerry has taken a beating over the past 18 months, by consumers, by the media and by Wall Street. I can't predict the future, but I do know that if things go the way I hope they will, and we see a successful launch of BlackBerry 10 on the market, we will look back at BlackBerry World 2012 and the BlackBerry 10 Jam as a pivotal turning point that got RIM and the BlackBerry brand back on track.

This was the week where we saw that Thorsten Heins was the right man for the CEO role. This was the week where the media (in attendance) finally connected with RIM in a way that was truly genuine. This was the week that BlackBerry developers finally saw that RIM could listen and deliver. This was the week where things went from feeling hopeless to hopeful for BlackBerry.

You can feel a groundswell of support for BlackBerry. Those in attendance felt it. You can see it on CrackBerry - in our forums and in the blogs. And maybe more importantly, you can see it elsewhere around the web. On tech sites where I normally see RIM bashing in the comments, I'm seeing way more positive indicators - BlackBerry is starting to get its cool back. It won't happen overnight. But it's coming.

Let's Rock And Roll This!

On RIM's end, it all comes down to execution. They know what they need to do and they have to get it done. For us, we have to keep waiting... and you know what Tom Petty said, the waiting is the hardest part. But we'll get through it CrackBerry Nation. BlackBerry 10 will be worth the wait!

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Five Important Observations from BlackBerry World 2012



Apple makes ONE phone, ONE tablet, not to mention they have had years and years of testing with their actual operating systems (a big advantage that Windows and Apple has over companies like RIM and Android). They have probably done a ton of beta testing in the past etc. They have so much stuff to go off of and implement it to their TWO devices, I don't think that Apple and RIM are entirely comparable.. Apple is all about "simplicity" and beauty... RIM can't go and focus on simplicity and beauty alone.. They have always been more of a business oriented phone company and Apple has always been terrible with that aspect until somewhat recently (even still behind in it).

They just don't have the same things to worry about as RIM.. If RIM implements something, they have to go and say, well will that make it more difficult for the average user if we do that but beneficial for the enterprise people? and vise-vera. I think that RIM was very smart to FINALLY go back and distinguish themselves as What kind of company they really are and what their main focus is instead of going the path of "the iPhome killer".

I think that RIM is doing SOMETHING right with how they are doing everything.. We haven't gotten a change like this since the beginning of RIM, so we'll see soon enough if they are doing it the right way or not. OS7 is just a rehash of a rehash ... of an OLD phone OS. They COMPLETELY changed their entire operating system so this is going to be REALLY new, something that none of us have ever seen with RIM before. They might actually be doing all of this the right way, I mean how could we know? Has Apple changed their entire OS.. Ever? I think even if Apple was in RIM's current position, they might have taken it a little bit differently because what they are doing is just so unknown and new, noone knows the exact RIGHT way to go about this.

I have complete faith in RIM and even if some people think the way that they are doing all of this is stupid and that they should be more like Apple, I honestly don't know, I kind of disagree with that. Watching those few tiny demos the other day completely got me pumped back up for RIM and I was starting to become somewhat disappointed with RIM thinking.. Taking the PlayBook OS and just throwing it into the phone atmosphere will NOT work, but that's what I thought they were going to do.. Them showing this completely changed my faith in RIM and put me back in the mindset that they KNOW what they are doing. *I never lost faith in RIM as I know how much of an asset QNX is over their competitors, I just couldn't imagine how they would implement it to a phone atmosphere from a tablet. The demo was absolutely great to see, I'm not disappointed that they leaked a little bit and I feel that it honestly was probably in their best interest from a few different standpoints.*

This BBWorld got me VERY pumped for RIM's future!

PS. Great article.. I love watching a BB event and then hearing your point of view afterwards in posts and podcasts.. You make some great inferences, very helpful in making us all get more out of the event!

Hey flip both Apple and Microsoft have left desktop platforms and file systems behind...and the both would have faded into obscurity if they had not.

RIM's refocus on who their customers really are is the best thing they could do...BB10 is the tool to follow through.

As I see it a new definition and business model is emerging for personal and mobile computing and RIM is about to be in the lead role. The desktop as we know it is fading and the major desktop providers had better adopt the new definition or fade as well.

BB10 + BES/Mobile Fusion + NFC/BT + WiFi + secure cloud = the key ingredients for that new paradigm.

Personal computing is about to fulfill its own definition.

WinServer/BES/Mobile Fusion - The Story:

You get into your car your handset or tablet connects to the car automatically with all of the content and connectivity of the mobile device in the car.

You go to your workspace, the keyboard, mouse and display connect to your mobile device with all of the mobile device's content and connectivity.

You take your next assignment and travel by air. The plane connects you securley to your corporate backend as well.

You go to your hotel room. The monitor on the stand connects to your handset as a remote to the hotel provided content or your own subscription content still securely connected to your corporate backend.

You go home and your own personal media and personal server systems connects as well. Plus your own personal backend could have been just as connected during your travels.

Moral to the story...The Desktop is no more.

Well yes, of course they left everything behind... But you can't say that they haven't gained tons of valuable knowledge from having their own computer OS's. My point is that they have been able to experiment with the user from one platform before moving into the mobile platform which i'm sure has given them invaluable knowledge.

As for "the desktop is fading" care to explain..? RIM has struck gold with their mobile platform, but what does that have to do with the PC? Sure a lot is convenient, but the PC has its own purpose.. Not to mention, windows 8 is definitely taking a different/creative step with the new OS, who knows how it turns out, but they will be able to take the good and implement it into their phone OS and same with Apple. They have a unique position compared to rim was I was getting at, but RIM is now finally striking back. IDK Haha all I'm saying is go rim! H3ll yeah! They are gonna be back into the game now, just no reason to compare them to IOS so heavily because they are trying to do something completely different, getting sh!t done instead of just focusing on pretty (although the new UI is very "pretty" so it worked out quite nicely.)

"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

Well Thor, it's time to execute, let's Rock & Roll this!

"Apple makes ONE phone, ONE tablet"

No, they don't. Just a few days ago it leaked that Apple silently updated the processor on the iPad 2 -- which they're still manufacturing.

They know that their lack of diversity will hurt them in the long run. If you remember, they slowly expanded the type and styles in their iPod line until there were more new iPods than the average user cared to track.

What we're seeing now is Apple using it's old line to add diversity in pricing. I expect them to start offering more diversity in form to new iPhone and iPad products over the next few years.

They really need to expand their product line as they stopped innovating a couple years ago. Without offering a more diverse product range, they'll be unable to compete with companies that innovate and offer consumers a diverse range of products, like RIM.

Great write up. I admit I am a Blackberry Fanboy and I love everything BB. This was my first BB World and I sat with a bunch of different people during meals and I was surprised by the number of Androids and iPhones I saw but after talking with them even they were excited for the BB10 launch and were talking about switching back. I do feel RIM will bounce back and I can't wait for it to happen.

2. No hardware keyboard on their first phone
3. very few partners
4. if the reports are still negative, or worse, there are no reports...he hasn't won anyone over yet.
5. if they are already in BlackBerry World then I think you can safely assume that they were supporting RIM before they went there...
1. what changes...has there been changes in marketing tactics? New ads? BB10 getting keyboard and trackpad at launch? Actually releasing BB10? Isn't it pretty much the same as before...

Are you from the iphone forum, I've seen those people treat opposite opinions way worse than the crackberry site.

People can call out all they like, people who show negative opinions are obviously looking to try to get a rise of BB'ers and get them to what if we're not it doesn't matter, its better to leave them alone and no one comment, that will stop them from coming over.

Bold 9900/PB

Actually I found the responses interesting on iMore and Android Central to BB10. I found almost no positive comments and mostly ridicule on Android Central. On iMore it was not praise but there was a more positive and civil response with some even mentioning how they liked some things that BB10 will do. Point is there are those who support other platforms that can be honest and then there are those who are negative and/or trolls. Guess which one Jack fits in?

RIM first phone will be a full touch device because it's the easiest to design and build, and they know they need to get back ASAP!

If RIM announces that their first BB10 phone will be a Bold-ish phone, you would come here and say that the physical keyboard is obsolete and that they needed to go the same way as Goolge, Apple and Microsoft with all-touch devices... -.- Get lost, kid.

I'd bet money that the reason why this first device is a mini Playbook is because the manufacturer Quanta (the same people who brought you the Playbook) can make it.

The addition of a keyboard also just about rules out any Asian interest (not enough characters) which would destroy about 90% of RIM's emerging market strategy.

You first world keyboard users (Roman numeral users) are going to have to wait. A long time too, I'd guess.

Bahasa Indonesia uses roman I don't understand what is your point...

RIM has no market in Eastern Asia where kanji/hanju/Chinese character system is used...and even in those country..the characters are typed on a qwerty keyboard...

2. Look how well RIM has done in the U.S. with their hardware keyboard. It's finally time for them to release touchscreen phones that work and that people actually want. And they clearly said that hardware keyboards are on the way.
3. They actually have many partners, and more will join as BB10 is released and expands.
4. The media are trolls just like you. These reports are from reporters who don't understand all of the changes that RIM is making to the Blackberry brand and they don't bother to get things right.
5. That is not necessarily true. As mentioned in one of the comments, many of the attendees own Androids or iPhones.
1. New ads? How do you advertise something that hasn't been announced yet? Keyboard? Already addressed. Actually released BB10? It is coming later this year.
6. You obviously don't know anything. Just like the reporters, you speak without knowing. You criticize without doing your research. BB10 has many many significant changes over previous versions of BB OS, and if you don't see that, I don't understand why you're on CrackBerry

Hope this helps! :D

You all are way too sensitive. I understand you love to call this JackKennedy fellow a troll for bringing up some negatives (I've seen this theme repeated in many posts over the past weeks). But how can you blame anyone for being skeptical about RIM? I think what he is mostly trying to point out is that this feels very familiar - previewing something truly exciting and promising, and giving signs that the company is turning around (i.e. Playbook stuff last year), but then miserably failing to deliver.

I don't think anyone would deny that this year's BB Jam/BB World was the most promising and hopeful it has ever been. I personally think that IF RIM can deliver on the things they previewed, and the finished product is polished and ready when they say it will be, I will be extremely tempted to switch back from iPhone. In fact I would LOVe to see BB make a comeback. But, until I can hold a quality, stable, powerful, not half-assed BB10 device in my hand, I'm going to have to join Jack in remaining skeptical.

There's still just too much room for RIM to drop the ball on this one.

I get your points, which seem fair; but u have not exactly represented some o what Jack spewed especially not about the keyboard n partnerships, n d point re ppl at BBW is not exactly lucid! Since Jack n ppl of his ilk r so perenially skeptical, I'd like to hear from him (them) some suggestions of how RIM should operate goin forward..I'm sure we'd all benefit from that!!!

2 phrases:

1. 77 million BBM users, won't drop off over 1 year
2. RIM still has a few billion of cash sitting in the bank with no debt.

If even 10% of those users upgrade to BB10 it'll bring in enough cash to survive another few years to bring in more new products and spend it on marketing, probably to the US government organizations to upgrade them.

Don't worry be happy.

Are you just joining him now BASHberry?? I think you fall into the category "he's so stupid, he doesn't know that he's stupid"

You'd LOVE to see BB make a comeback PPPlease look at your screen name dufus..

This made me lol. I have "bash" in my username because of the college I went to, but now I can see how it would come across as wanting to bash blackberry. Maybe I should look into changing that.

I can assure you, however, that this is not the case! My first smartphone was a BlackBerry, I've always been a fan of them (and just smartphones in general for that matter). And it still stands that I would, indeed, love for Blackberry to definitively get back into the smartphone game. I enjoy the competition and the differences all the smartphone ecosystems bring, and I understand how users have different tastes.

Which is why I find it so funny that people will get so personally offended and angry over something as trivial as cell phones.

"2. No hardware keyboard on their first phone"

That's a no-win; if they'd announced the keyboard phone there'd be an even larger outcry that RIM still didn't "get" the smartphone market.

The keyboard phone is out Q1 next year. That's not that far behind.

"3. very few partners"

SAP? Citrix? Carriers? Define "few".

"4. if the reports are still negative, or worse, there are no reports...he hasn't won anyone over yet."

Depends on who you talk to. If the biggest complaint against the Playbook has been the lack of apps, and RIM is focussing on developers, and THEY like what they see, isn't that a start?

(I'll skip point 5... can't argue, though Kev's comment on how psyched the developers were is important)

"1. what changes...has there been changes in marketing tactics? New ads?..."

Probably RIM's greatest weakness, and that new CMO needs to start work ASAP. Heins is a great presenter, but a CMO would have told him to stress that a physical keyboard was coming as well as the new virtual one. That probably did RIM's stock more damage this week than anything else.

2 keyboard

but they have plenty and way more than enough time (at least three times the amount of any handset maker) to make an additional handset with keyboard...but they simply didn't...and Q1 2013 is extremely late considering that's 1 year with no new gen phone with keyboard...

I think you can safely assume that if a user holds on to a physical keyboard phone up to this point, they are reluctant to switch. If you ask them to switch, then you're certainly inviting a few of them to use other physical keyboard phones like those from Motorola and inviting some others to switch to other keyboardless phones of other more developed oses.

3. partners
I'm just point out that Kev is not correct, he has grossly exaggerated the situation to the extent that it's unrealistic. Our playbooks are not seeing even basic apps, there are very few displays of BB in carriers' shops; Kev has exaggerated so much that it's really the opposite of the real situation.

general consumers do not learn about a phone from developers. Even developers focus developments on popular platform. The real situation is if RIM has no positive press or worse, no press at all, and their newer economical handsets are still not getting any reviews, nobody would buy it. Developers would not bother developing for a platform with few user base, and seeing that many apps are targeted toward the US, the US consumer market is crucial. Attracting developers is certainly important, but it's only one side of the equation, the other side IS the media. General consumers cannot possibly learn about a phone or risk buying one without media.

The thing I'm seeing right now is that what RIM's doing is they see an OBVIOUS problem and they fix what they see, but they don't think ahead at all or dwell any deeper into the cause of the problem. We're dealing with technology, you always need to think ahead.

People like to mock android and apple for introducing countless useless functions/apps, but they don't realize they are successful because all they need is for 1% of the functions to hit the mark. The market virtually became their public beta playground. RIM doesn't do any of these (well at least not well anyway): they always go current gen oses have gestures so we'll have gestures; current gen oses have predictive text so we'll go predictive text; current gen has no keyboard so we'll ditch the keyboard for the first release.

But they don't get it, the appeals of these functions are that they are suppose to be next gen functions, something amazing and unimaginable, something unseen. Quantity wins in this market not because consumers are stupid or are iherd/android sheeps but because the best in the large quantity of functions offered are better in quality than what RIM's offering. No one cares if the useful functions constitute only 1% of the apps or 100% of the apps as long as its useful and it offers the most functions.

If you win consumers, you will win developers...Developers either want to make money or want to be successful....very few develop apps to fulfill fanboy obligations. RIM think they understand consumers and developers but they really don't.

They fail to provide incentives for developers, and they fail to let general consumers know about their products or cater to their needs. I think RIM's failing for a very good reason.

I can't believe I'm actually replying to you, but here it goes...

Every post you put up is extreemly long-winded, boring and often full of errors. However, if what you really want to say is the ship won't really turn until BB10 is delivered with top notch performance and good looks, then we likely all agree, but that's all you need to say.

I think the general point is that there is interest from developers. I don't think BB10 will have all the apps it needs at launch and it'll get crapped on for that, but hey, that's life. IF RIM NAILS the product the apps will come fast. All focus needs to be on nailing the product. everything else is irrelevant.

well one of the points is that RIM is still mistargetting...

it is simply not possible to target developers, at the end of the day, you need to target consumers....

while we comment that consumers are drawn by apps, but what really happens is that developers are drawn by consumers...

If consumers are not happy, sales are horrible, then whatever small number of developers will stop supporting if they ever started.

Why no keyboard and trackpad? There is no excuse to say that they are in a hurry...they spent 2 generations of time on a handset, that's more than sufficient to launch it with keyboard and trackpad and a model without. RIM cannot afford to piss off consumers at this point.

Why is there no change in media relationship? RIM cannot afford this either, they need friendly media reports concerning the prototype to draw anticipation...not complete silence to create general disinterests...

Look at the sheer volume of reports concerning leaks of Galaxy S III and iPhone 5...and look at the lack of reports concerning an actual prototype of BB10....

No report is not better than bad reports...and they really do have the responsibility to ensure there are good reports out there...

Yes, being a fanboy is one thing...but Kev's article is so disillusioned that it's borderline opposite of what's really happening

No keyboard and trackpad is because they want to come out with a consumer friendly enterprise device. RIM needs this first phone to sell well and sell fast. I know that, you know that, but most of all, RIM knows that. The fact of the matter is that the business world is VERY slow to react. They don't upgrade until they have tested a product for a LONG time. Look at the fact that most businesses are still running Windows XP. RIM doesn't have time to wait for the business world to adopt BB10, they need it to sell right away. Therefore, RIM chose to target a more consumer oriented audience. They have the 9930 for the business world that requires a keyboard. That phone will buy them time until they decide to make a BB10 device with a keyboard.

Also, there is doubt about it that the media would absolutely KILL RIM if they released their first BB10 device with a keyboard. The headlines would be "RIM still doesnt get it" or "RIM still stuck in the past". They can't afford that sentiment from the media. RIM is absolutely making the right decision by releasing an all touch device first. You are losing a lot of respect by harping on the whole touchpad/keyboard argument for this first device. It would be a business nightmare for them to do that.

I really would like to see where your points come from.

I have never seen a single report or review that complained about RIM's keyboard and trackpad no matter how negative the entire article was.

and nowhere has I said release a keyboard phone only...I said release both...

time should certainly not be a concern for RIM since they have certainly already taken their time in the most extreme form possible in a technology market

Well how can it be the same when they have nevr done anything like this before? In terms of this NEW BB10 platform. The thinking has changed..public interaction has changed..the focus has changed...and focus impacts execution! Do u want wholesale changes..y? What established company would do that?...Didn't they say they would hav physical keyboards later?...very few partners, really?? A global co with such a huge subscriber base could NOT have few business partners!! Clearly things are a work-in progress now; the finished article is yet to come so isn't it foolhardy to think every1 would b won ovr RIGHT NOW??
Bottom line: things r being done, new things, different things, innovative, competitve things, inspiring things with new n renewed focus...RocknRollRim...

Is that you again?
Get back to your herd of sheep!
And go tell your Mommy you've been playing with her smartphone again...

good points as usual ,what is the guesstimate for release of bb10
are we talking pre crimbo or early next year
not being negative just realistic

Kevin ma man!!
I'm really hoping that you mean, every word of what you say, from your mind and not just from your heart.
Cuz I really want to see RIM stand back up and prove its up for the challenge... Cuz I know they can put a much better product out their then any competitor.

I hate to say this. But at Alec's keynote, I thought I went into a keynote by the late Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace). The whole hall was electrified. Nothing short of amazing.

Somebody PLEASE tell me this was caught on video somewhere... I've been searching and can't seem to find it.

Have probably read Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead six times each...

Pretty sure if Ayn Rand were alive today, she'd definitely be rocking a BlackBerry.

No, a socio-economic Darwinist like Ayn Rand would have jumped ship a looong time ago and not looked back. There is no accounting for taste, but Ayn Rand is about as bad as it gets in the amorality department.

In any case, I eagerly await BB10. I assume a higher resolution playbook is on the way as well, since dev-alpha is smaller and has a greater resolution than the current PB.

Ayn rand died living off the very welfare system that she so staunchly opposed. She would not have a blackberry because the government she disposed wouldn't give her one.

She believed anyone with a different opinion than her was literally beneath her. She portrayed progressive individuals as raging hippies.

I wouldn't want someone like that to be a blackberry owner.


Yes, but with a dumbfounding resurgence of her philosophy with people everywhere, especially with those in politics, you cannot miss any opportunity to repudiate her bigoted, racist, classiest, intolerant, amoral, tripe.

Her ideals are the result of inhumane greed personified.

Spoken just like someone who has been told that she is bad but has never read her actual books. Atlas Shrugged is about as far from any of those terms you used as is possible to get... but please do not let facts interfere with your version of reality.

Greed is just a slanderous word for success. If you can't compete, don't play. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

People that hate Rand are just sideline benchwarmers that bitch about why they are entitled to XYZ. Morals? Like forcing your's over someone else's?

I too have noticed a change in attitude towards RIM post BBWC...deep down, people are cheering for BlackBerry...

As a BES admin, I get kicked in the teeth all day...but I can't wait till FUSION is in Prod so I can lock down those iOS and droids...and the best part is that the RIMPIRE will make a killing of their backs :)


Lol! Good eye. Yep.. it's sitting right there on the podium... and then I forget it and Heins' picks it up. #embarrassingbutfunny


Great pic none the less! It's also great to see more of your editorials. Your excitement is definitely contagious.

I'm not quite convinced that RIM does in fact know thoe their customers are. Listening to the keynote presentation and hearing that "our customer is one that wants success"; my first thought was, "so everyone on the planet then as there isn't a single person who doesnt want to, or needs to, be successful".

Also, by saying that their products are for those that want to succeed; RIM implied that all other other products on the market are for those that dont want to succeed - a naieve comment at best; at worst, an arrogant comment that denies the reality of the current market - that is, people are succeeded already using non BB10 products.

Perhaps its just a matter of semantics; I guess only time will tell. But it will be quite interesting to see how RIM uses the "successful" people in their marketing of BB10.

I disagree @Darlaten. RIM saying they're core users are ppl who want success is a good idea. Implying that other phones are for those who don't want to succeed is a psychological hit. For you to call it naïve & arrogant doesn't make sense considering Apple's "If you don't have an iphone, well, you don't have an iphone" campaign. They basically said if you don't have our product you're an idiot. Is that not beyond arrogant & naïve.? RIM is saying that success is MORE likely & easy on a BB so if that's what you want out of your device plus the ability to play then bb10 is for you.

I agree with you concerning Apple's marketing slogo - I found it arrogant and insulting.

But the problem I have with their "people who want to be successful focus" is who exactly are these people? Are they teenagers going to school? College students earning degree? Parents? Business users? CEOs? Truckdrivers?

The problem I have with RIM focusing on a market defined as "people who want to be successful" is that it doesn't actually specifically target anyone - everyone wants to be successful.

Kevin wrote that "BB10 isn't for everyone". That's fine to make that statement but please tell me who are these "everyone"? Which group of people is a BB10 phone not suitable for? Why would someone who is 84, to cite Kevin's example, not want BB10? Surely just because someone who is 84, they havent given up being successful have they.

At risk of sounding arrogant, if you are their target segment then you get what they are saying.

At some level everyone "wants" to be successful, but my impression here is that this is for the people that want to be successful and are actually doing something about it.

Internal locus of control = blackberry

External locus of control = not blackberry

I think you're over-analyzing this just a bit... What they mean is that the new BB platform will include everything that you need to be successful. It is not specifically saying that it is only for those wanting to be successful.

But therein lies the actual problem that I am aluding to. Who is BB10 marketed for? What is the market that RIM is going to be focusing on?

Some of the greatest criticisms against RIM these past few years concerns their schizophrenic-like marketing, i.e., are they trying to continue to court the business and goverment market? If so, then why are they emphasising games instead of ensuring that business type apps are made available.

Or are they marketing towards the regular consumer who wants a product that can entertain? Yet aside from games on the Playbook and some of BB7, RIM devices have never been strong in the entertainment/consumer side.

One has only to look through our own forums to see the two sides to this coin if looking at the Playbook, i.e., how many complaints were posted last Monday when RIM announced a slew of incoming games and additional game developers for the Playbook - the gamers rejoiced while the business oriented people complained.

Your probably right that I'm over-analyzing things and getting caught up in semantics. It's been an interesting discussion though :)

I like these analytical discussions!

First, RIM has to target pretty much everyone, but without actually saying that they are targeting everyone.

For example, consider Coke. They want to position themselves as a beverage for people who are thirsty, and only for people who are thirsty. Well, the next time that you get thirsty, then you`ll think of Coke. The message is targeted, but it is targeted at everyone.

These are the kinds of things that marketers must think about before using a slogan.

Just to target one part of your comment....

RIM is emphasizing games because they have realized that even business people want to take a break and play a game every once in a while. That has been the biggest knock on the BlackBerry platform since the iPhone came out.

Also, back in the day, people used BlackBerrys because they wanted to be successful. They wanted email on the go before anyone else had that feature. They have always had that mentality of BlackBerry is for serious people. They are just reengerizing that mentality.

Man, this reminded me that I should feel insulted by the galaxy s3 advertisement, because it say's "built for humans...", that means all of us that don't own that phone are not! Lol.

For the life of me I can't understand why RIM won't just open up the Google App store for the Playbook. Geez, the whole market has shifted towards apps, I don't care how good Cascades is, you aren't going to get developers to develop for a 3rd platform.

They have the best "Android" OS in QNX, forget chasing the app dollars, it's fools gold. Open up GAPPS for the Playbook TODAY or you're toast.

IMHO, I think that RIM will lose service revenue from Google Play if they opened it up. Let's not forget that only Android 2.3 apps are supported, so it's kinda pointless too.

Besides, RIM plans to implement some sort of encryption on apps delivered to the PB and I don't think Google will do much trouble for that.

Actually, in a sense, they don't need to convince developers to develop for a "3rd platform", because of how easy it is to port apps from either iOS or Android.

In that sense, BB10 actually enjoys an advantage over Windows Phone.

Really happy to hear RIM is going to keep the phone as a business tool. There is a market for a phone that says image that says "I'm not a kid and this isn't a toy". The flipside of that, of course, is to have the capability to do the things the toys can do too. In short, it's not an easy task but they're just gonna have to build GREAT devices. As an aside...going with a non-removable battery is a step in the wrong direction. Active folks don't have the time to wait around for a phone to charge. We carry spare batteries with us if we have to. RIM! Are you paying attention?

arising from the ashes with a new song

Or you could just plug in an ADD-ON battery backup pack...
many available for airline use...

We BB users have been very comfortable with the real keypad for so long. Ease of use on the touch pad is a critical part for these first set of phones. I hope they hit this one dead on. IMHO, the 9900 keypad is excellent, and OS7 is very good. I write about 30 emails and 50 BBM messages on a single workday and very seldom use my phone for other apps, except for BB traffic, BBM music and Accuweather. These are essential tools for my work and life. Goodluck on RIM.

Exactly! I'm about the same for 30 emails (average) per day, but honestly upward to 500 bbm messages daily. By 9am I typically have 5-10 conversations going. No matter how slick an iPhone or Android may be, I couldn't live without my 9900 keyboard.

Great article. Totally agree. BB10 is RIM's come back. QNX is the platform for the next decade. And it also provides other avenues of revenue to RIM. I see bright future for RIM beyond phones and tabs.
Let's rock and roll this.
Kevin, u r the man!! Great article once again.

I'm very optimistic about the future of RIM Nd the bb10. They need to finally hire that CMO and get him rolling. The marketing sucks- it's time to deliver the message!

sent from my olskool os5 Awesome i love what i just read and i couldnt agree more!!

BB2012 its gonna be huge!!!

I completely agree with you. I feel strongly that BB10, if delivered as we think it will, will be a huge success. However, we are six months away.

I suggest that it is up to BB to deliver an awesome BB10 on time. It is up to us to continue to promote the still very awesome OS7 devices.

Anyone going from an OS5 or even OS6 device is just going to be blown away. Also, there are many new entrants to the smartphone market and they could absolutely love a Curve 9360 with FM radio.
There are also some that went over to the apple camp on the promise of some kind of phone nirvana that just isn't there. Half of these people could come back to an OS7 device.

If we want BlackBerry to succeed, then we need to help them bridge the gap between now and BB10. Not with "distortions" but with the facts. This phones are not for everyone but they sure are for quite a few more people than currently consider getting a smart phone. For one thing, RIM is NOT going out of business, for another, RIM is going to continue to support their devices.

If you could get RIM's leadership to strongly state that they will continue to support the OS7 devices for years to come and that OS7 buyers can and should expect continuous improvements then the word will get out. I think you are in a unique position to do this.

I've been working on getting the Playbook love out there and several people that would not even look at a BlackBerry are now asking me if I would help them set-it up like mine is if they decide to switch back to one. They are even willing to pay an early cancellation fee.

So, please see if you can get Thorsten Heins or someone from RIM to clearly state there is more support and love coming for the OS7 devices.

I was so pumped up reading this one and got teary eyed.

Awesome article Kevin.

BBX will change everything. BB4Life!

RIM is serious about getting to the top again. RIM was a sponsor of one of our National Healthcare annual conferences and after our 3 day conference last year they were not sure if they would be at our next conference and sponsor our association. Our rep left RIM and we started to look at the competition to RIM. Well, RIM just confirmed this week they will be back this year with us!

This is one of the best blogs post written on CrackBerry! Kevin has an awareness of what is going on at RIM and smartphones in general... and he stated it nicely. Good job.

I'm excited for BlackBerry! Haven't been this way for a while.

RIM seemed lost for a while. Not focused. But they seem to have found their way again, have a leader that is planning, organizing and leading!

I'm once again getting excited about what blackberry can do......I don't ready want to leave berry for an android but I don't like feeling that I'm rocking an inferior phone either I loved my phone when I first got it it did what it was supposed to do and now I'm getting excited for what the future berries will be bringing Just PLEASE don't take too long getting them released!!!!! "Lets Rock & Roll This"

Kevin keeps on dreaming, but there are at least 6-7months before the release of BB10 . In the mobile tech world this is almost an eternity. It will be to little to late !

You again?
How many sites do you troll,just to bash BlackBerry?
We've already established what you are :
You don't count.
Go tell your mom you need more attention.
Bye-Bye,little one!

Seeing all the clips, and listening to the Press conference, and now reading this article has really made things exciting! I’m so excited for RIM that I even went out and Bought 50 shares, and it was my very first stock transaction, and my last one. I don't play the market, but I believe in what RIM is doing, and where they are headed that I want to support the company in any way I can. I am a FANBOY, and I’m darn proud to be one!

Excellent Article Kevin, and hope to see more from you, as I know you’re a busy guy, but we all really like to read your stuff (not trying to take anything away from the other awesome writers, but you are Mr, CrackBerry!). (P9981 would look good with my Playbook!!) GO GO!!! LOL!!

As Thorsten Heins would say "Let's Rock And Roll This!"

Kevin this is your best article yet. I've been reading CB since about 2 years ago and this is by far your best work and on a pretty important (critical?) topic for RIM end users AND developers. The only point I would quibble is your speculation on where RIM would be if Thor came in 2 years ago. I think the current near death experience for RIM has been critical to focus the company on what is key to survive in the tech world. I don't think even 24 months ago the upper echelons of RIM understood where mobile was going. I am not yet convinced that they do understand it now and no one actually knows because it is the future. What I am seeing is that RIM wants to provide the tools and infrastructure to get us ALL there. Great article.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

I agree.

The near-death experience was (is?) a crucial event for RIM. Without it, they would not be motivated to deliver a brand-new top-of-the-line OS.

I work for a VERY LARGE Multi National with several thousand BlackBerry phones. About half just got upgraded to Bolds. I got a memo Friday that reminded everyone world wide that the only device allowed for use on company business is a company issued BlackBerry. No IOS or android allowed. I wonder if that might have been a result of BBW. I dont know if we even had someone there but I bet we did. I think some of the new positive information is making companies feel a bit more positive about RIM ROCK and ROLL THIS

Correct me if I'm wrong but RIM has yet to even show BB OS 10. All they are showing is a modified version of the playbook OS on a smaller device. So how can u or anyone else say BB10 is great or will be great when you've never seen it??

Someone needs to drink less of the RIM coolaid ;-)

He overdosed on the RIM koolaid, you are correct they haven't even shown off bb10 and we all know how well things work in demos and then dont work nearly that well in real life.

Let me correct you: the demos at Blackberry World were BB10, not a mockup.

The developer alpha units handed out were BB10. They do not feature the Cascades UI or the virtual keyboard, but developers can build full BB10/Cascades apps on it.

There is also a freely-downloadable emulator. Cascades apps run on it just fine.

What was demoed at BBW was Blackberry 10 and then even more was shown at Blackberry Jam but no one was allowed to video that stuff including BBM on Blackberry 10.

The Dev Alpha device had the modified Playbook OS but are capable of running Blackberry 10 apps in native code and also use the Cascades UI elements.

#2 it's for people who want to get shit done? Really sounds awfully familiar to what wp7 was saying and we all know how well those are doing. Every smart phone is for people who want to get shit done.

BB10 isn't even out and it already enjoys key advantages over WP7:

1) There are already upwards of 20k apps for BB10, because of what's already available in App World for the Playbook.

2) Portability is going to be HUGE for BB10. Android developers can just have their APKs converted to BARs in minutes. For the more ambitious, many apps can be ported over from either Android or iOS quickly. To deploy on WP, a developer would have to largely recode most apps.

What we are seeing, though, is that RIM has new energy, new focus, new leadership. This renewed focus along with their awareness of what they need to do is what I am excited about. No, I haven't seen BB10completely. But I know why I like BBOS. And RIM knows what their strengths are and are playing tl them again FINALLY with the focus that they once had but lost. They are found again.

This is the exciting part. Following all that I have NO Doubt that RIM will produce great phones once again.

Some of you guys aren't understanding the big picture that is happening right now. The paradigm shift that is occurring that will launch RIM into greatness once again.

Yes, RIM and Mr Heins still have work to do. They still need to deliver. They need to regain our trust. That comes in time.

I am optimistic based on what I saw at BbW AND based on Kevin and the teams reports and comments. They are trustworthy and aware.

RIM now has a goal, a plan and people to get their goals accomplished. They lacked this for the past few years or so. BlackBerry isn't an iPhone killer. It isn't meant to be. The intended audience has different priorities. That's clear now.

After watching all the videos, and reading all the critiques I have to say I'm starting to agree with you. I am quietly confident about BB10. Enough so, that I'm going to hold off buying another phone until they are released. Then I'll buy one and finally decide my RIM relationship - if it's to continue or not.

I read quite a few BB/RIM posts on engadget the other day that had no RIM bashing or destructive sarcasm, it almost seemed as if they painfully had to admit that BB10 is going to be ground breaking!

Keep in mind that when we hear that BlackBerry is for success it doesn't mean financial success only. To some that may true. Everyone has their own definitions of what success means to them. BlackBerry phones aid in obtaining those goals by being an efficient device. It organizes, helps us communicate, stay on track to accomplish whatever it is we are striving for. It is a tool. I can see how that slogan works now and how it was misinterpreted. Yes, we can also play games and use the BlackBerry for entertainment. But in my opinion the main focus of the BlackBerry is as a tool to help us get done what we need to get done, efficiently and effectively.

Not every platform has that quality. Most people agree that for certain things a BlackBerry is just plain better. For faster communication for example. For global use. For organization.

Lookin' awesome behind the podium there Kev. I think Thorsten got a kick out of you leaving your name badge up there :)
Isn't it awesome that in a sea of so many haters RIM is doing everything to prove them all wrong? Like Thorsten said, they are 100% in it to win it. I'm quite proud of the unwavering determination of Mr. Heins and co.

Funny that Kevin is saying what a lot of us "Blind Fanboys" were saying in that Wall Street has their own agenda and have been savaging RIM's stock with a purpose.

Come on guys! Are you going to get the trollin moving against Kevin?

No? Typical.

a very well written article Kevin..Kudos man, BB10 is not just huge for RIM but for us consumer (BB fanboys) as well, what they showed is nothing short of revolutionary, they are taking the mobile OS and touch screen gestures to a whole new level. Kudos to Apple for transforming the mobile industry and we are at a point someone needs to take it to the next level and I am glad RIM is one of them

Caa-lassic German determination and Canadian pride! A German personality holds the characteristics to turn RIM around; persistent, determined, disciplined and stubborn. SO psyched for what will soon be the modern day Blackberry!!!!!

Ayn Rand reference? To most Europeans that sets off all sorts of alarms - I wouldn't mention that admiration the next time you run into Thorsten Heins...

It would be nice if there was a disclaimer here saying that RIM has yet to show BB10. All that was shown was a modified version of the Playbook OS. Too much RIM koolaid here.

Frankly I'm tired of waiting. I wanted a BB 3 years ago when I started looking into smart phones. As much as I wanted one... they just weren't competitive at the time for what I wanted. Still aren't, in fact there's little difference from then when I was looking 3 years ago. My contract is coming up and I would love to get a BB, prefer to get a BB. But the fact is, if the BB isn't ready when I qualify for an upgrade, I won't wait. My current phone is frustratingly slow and crashes frequently. I need a new device now... not 8 months from now. If BB doesn't have a phone this time around, I will never get a BB.

No problem. Enjoy your new phone!

There are a few good manufacturers out there. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

We prefer Blackberries. They have some advantages we value like security and durability. I am even considering a BB7 because I heard good reports about it. But the new Blackberry`s won`t be out for a few months.

If you don`t want a BB7, then perhaps in the future you`ll have the option to come back to Blackberry! In the meantime, have fun with your new phone!

Although encouraging, some shortcomings are still present (IMO) concerning rims corporate culture relative to the markets. Considering that the market has a tremendous trickle down effect, rim should be surprising the market on some level to encourage analyst and market participants that rim is not predictable. The market needs some surprises to the upside. A one two punch would be most effective. It doesn't have to be a huge change, it could be a minor adjustment in approach that could accomplish alot.

As an example, you hear that rim is going to hire a cmo in early February and as of now they are working on it. If rim had felt the need to convey this point they should have had a chess players approach to it. Think a few moves ahead and have a cmo lined up before telling everyone your looking for one and within a few days or weeks have the position filled. This show swift and decisive action which rim has been lacking. If everything else had been the same but the delivery had of been tweeked a little I believe it would have left people wondering with mouths open what's next.

If I'm going to attack someone why would give them a heads up. I'm going to walk straight up to them and punch them in the face and walk away. Leaving them wondering what they did to deserve it and careful the next time you see me because I may have more for you. This playing down to the markets and analyst makes me sick. That not to say that they should ignore them but they need to let the markets know that they invented their business from nothing and they no what their doing.

Ya, GM does the same thing repeatedly. They release a concept car, 2 years later they tell folks their gonna build it, then 3 years after that it actually gets built. By the time it hits the car dealers people are already tired of it. They did this with the Camaro and now with the Cadillac ATS. GM is not a company that I would want to emulate.

I like the positivity of this article and though there's seems to be a clear goal stated in number 2. it just seems like the same goal and the same blackberry I knew 3 years ago except without all the baggage. its clearer. Does this mean blackberry will try to stay current with the consumer wants and loves of cutting edge technology?

Or will they try and go the cost effective way for larger businesses while still providing the wonderful experience that we've seen of bb10. How cutting edge does a business phone need to be on a BES and for current uses with employees? Most apps dont need quad core or a beastly graphics chip unless its for gaming?

Judging by the specs, I can only see them going for both markets with an emphasis on staying current with businesses and finding out what they want, need in the future.

They haven't dropped anything other than making it clear that businesses are still a priority. Personally I'd love to see some middle of the road phones be made because if they want cost effective large bulk buying of phones, then its gotta be fast, cheaper and with an option of a keyboard or not and that will be cheaper than the high range SGIII and iphone4s.

Personally a lot of negativity is coming out the US. a lot of markets abroad are doing just fine but these markets are being strangled by the negativity from within themselves and the developers who choose to follow the negative press.

seriously there's too many journalist on the net with nothing better to say.

As my handle would indicate I am a long time BB believer but abandoned the brand and first went to an Android device and now to an iPhone. I didn't like the Android phone due to fears about security and the home grown feeling and the iPhone has amazing apps, content and nav, but it lacks the BB efficiency I miss. I think I am similar to many professionals who loved BB but got tired of hour glasses and unexplained power offs. Not to mention lack of navigation and at the time not much in terms of media such as Amazon, Netflix, ereaders etc. I am rooting for RIM. And as was said earlier if this new phone and platform is pulled off with a device that takes the BB DNA and brings it into the needs of professionals today witth the key core fun stuff/entertainment then I'm sure they will succeed to the extent they need to. I remember when we all first heard of BB, it was really popularized by Wall Street. It was seen as a status symbol and an aspirational device for serious people who had serious things to do and responsibilities. If you had a BB you were on the move. The opportunity to capitalize on this still exists as Kevin has well stated here and the BB10 platform and devices have the potential to rekindle extend that potential. My big concern is that although the core elements of the RIM appeal still resonate today, times and options have changed and RIM just cannot release these phones without the apps that Apple and Android users rely on. These are not the apps like Netflix or Skype, keep in mind there is NO incentive for Microsoft the new owner to give that to BB10. You could have a new BBM with slick video chatting that was compatible with other services to meet that need anyway. I'm speaking about navigation and some content that is better than Apple, Android and the new Windows phone in the case of navigation. One that people can actually use to navigate public transportation easily or get to the airport by train. This doesn't have to be a home grown app but RIM must must have this at launch or no matter how good the email is, they won't get major traction. The other app category is podcasts and music. We have heard Heins say that they can't provide all things to all people and I assume this means in some cases proprietary apps for music and movies and podcasts they have had but frankly aren't competitive. Well he is right! But you damn well better have an Amazon app that allows you to have your library on your desktop and your phone. It doesn't have to be branded Blackberry and RIM doesn't need to profit from it. EBooks the same. Got to have some major player who provides these apps now and their content available at launch. I think this is what the street wanted to hear. While BB10 will be the device for successful people, successful people want more than the awesome productivity that we will see baked into the BB10 platform through their recent acquisitions like tungle etc. Successful people don't want to sacrifice when they have the brief second of down time and say ok I'm going to take thirty minutes and listen to some great music. Or I was told about a new band and I'm going to download it. You better be able to download it. At launch they dont need to have every single app that is popular out there, because it will fill in with device adoption, but if they can't get successful people to come back because they cant get where they need to go or enjoy themselves a little, they will never make it to round two. I know people on this forum will say they have this app or that app, but it still doesn't cut it.Anybody got any comments on this?

The market is stupid.

RIM's share price = their Cash and Accounts Receivable now that's why the market is stupid

Nothing wrong with being niche as Kevin mentioned. After all, Apple targeted the niche market for a LONG time. Look where they are now with iDevices. But then, their Macs can still be considered niche products. Maybe that's why they aren't updating those as fast as iDevices.

Private equity taking out RIM. If and only if Jim, Mike and the board are in the mood for a class action lawsuit that they purposefully mismanaged RIM with the intent to decimate RIM's share price for the purpose of taking RIM private. Can you imagine then the field day the media would have with this? Rather than taking the long road to recover RIM would only stoke the embers of decimating its reputation and brand.

RIM will make it as long as they continue to build great products. BB simply works and I'll continue to buy their products. Can't wait for BB10 devices to arrive. I will be buying one...

RIM950; Ho-hum; Curve 8320; Torch 9800; PB16G; PB64GB

All week I've been reading kevin's posts and waiting for the excitement to fade. It didn't.
We know that he is #1 fan, but we could tell that he is excited for RIM.
Now this summary shows that he is feeling really good for RIM - maybe for the first real time in a while.

Thanks Kevin for being there and giving us the full sense of the re-coming out event.
RIM - get it done. We can't wait.

Rock any kind of hair you want, just keep being the Crack - man!
Good article.
Good Ayn Rand reference.
(to the "Don't hate the player, hate the game " guy : same logic as the Nazi's. Sayin' )
Didja see the C-net blog? Can't believe she was at BlackBerry World and came up with that!
Obviously, she showed up for the party, trolled the room trying to suck negative (quasi ) comments out of people, 'cause that's the easiest story to write when yer plowed, and rolled up in some fleabag with some guy named "regret ".
We have not yet begun to fight!
I been saying, take it private for a while now.
Also, I noticed that negative Nancy's like Forbes, are now tending towards neutral.
We're making the turn.
We're comin'...
We're comin'

Great article as usual, you and the rest of the CB team have done an amazing job keeping our fan base alive amidst all the ridiculous media scrutiny of recent times. I can't thank you enough for it, keep up the good work. You, my friend, are one of the most important elements to a successful BB, and I must say that I'm proud to have you as the leader of BB nation.

I am so on-board now I can hardly wait! My wife convinced me to go for a BlackBerry with my first smartphone and I've been hooked ever since. She has left and went to an iPhone4 and recently a Droid (left Apple because of the cost to resolve a phone issue she didn't know wasn't covered after the "honeymoon" was over). She was convinced by the marketing machine and purchased an iPad 2, after I purchased a PlayBook for her, thinking that RIM fell off. Well, needless to say, when she needs to download schoolwork to a mobile device, she uses my PlayBook because it's dependable and gets the job done. And after looking at the potential that BB10 has, she's stealing my daughter's upgrade so she can join me in the BB10 experience. To make things better, she's no longer trying to convince me to steer toward Apple(I had a choice between BlackBerry and Apple) for the emphasis in my mobile programming degree, because she believes RIM can make a quality product again! This is what I have been waiting for! I wanted to say RIM has a quality product, and this is helping me BIG TIME!

I came back after visiting webOS and feels darn good to be back! BB7 9930 and Playbook post iphone 4 - why? BB never misses a message.

Like KM and TH are saying - the BB platform, is for serious doers. If BB does X right consistent with the awesome demoes, RIMM will show more than relevance; they might just have a growing new market-share. People are coming back and BB will bridge gaps.

Hey all, I'm a little late to the commenting game on this post, but Kevin, absolutely fantastic work in your attendance and reporting on the events and goings on of BBWC! Crackberry nation is forever greatful.

We know RIM is working hard on making sure they can deliver a READY FOR MARKET BB10 - you must understand they can't risk being torn apart in the media with a half-baked OS on their next-gen flagship device. My advice for the Crackberry staff: rest up, my friends. It's been a long week at BBWC, and it's going to be a very long and busy 6-7 months leading up to launch.

PS> I know you mentioned the RIMPIRE tshirts will eventually be for sale...but I can't hardly wait!

No need for the trackpad and physical buttons on the next bold format factor. The removal of the traxkpad and buttons open up precious display real estate. The next bold needs to be 3.4-3.5 inches, 1024x600 resolution, 9mm thin, dual core, and make the keyboard from the 9900 slightly bigger. This will be a huge seller. Many people who left will come back guaranteed. The small display is the biggest gripe I hear from people who left and people who are still holding on with their curves, 9700's, etc. They have to make a statement here. And the above will bring people back. Obviously more popular apps are needed, but the hardware in bb10 is a crucial aspect here.

The first smartphone I ever owned was a BB Pearl. Then I went to the 9700 and after that the 9900. I don't want to change, and it looks like I won't have to.


What I'm most interested in knowing is, Will the playbook be updateable to BB10? I know the QNX system is related to BB10- however there are clear differences. If the Playbook could update to BB10 that would be amazing. I'd willingly spend the money to buy a BB10 phone without an upgrade from my service provider if the playbook would also match the new OS

BB10 is a mobile platform for both the phones and PlayBooks. So yes, the PlayBook eventually will move to BB10. But the priority at the moment is to push BB10 to the phone.

Kevin, When BB10 finally comes to market will you be getting rid of your iPhone and iPad? Or do you think you will still have a need for them?