Fitness Month: What do you do to relax? Let us know and don't forget to enter the contests!

Fitness Month: What do you do to relax?
By DJ Reyes on 22 Feb 2013 05:05 pm EST

It's Health and Fitness Month at Mobile Nations!

We're in week 3 of fitness month and this week's theme has been sleep and relaxation. Everyday, in the forums, we've been asking you what your resting up habits are. Always good to hit those up and share, you could win some gift vouchers if you do. With that said, we'd like to know: What do you do to relax?

When it comes to relaxation, I like to sit back and read a book, sometimes I like to take out the guitar and play some slow jams. Two things that never fail to relax me. With sleep, I always like to get a good nights sleep, at least 8 hours. Not also possible but that's when naps come in. I have found that when I workout regularly, I can get a good night's kip. When I'm not working out, which I hadn't done for a good few months, my sleep is all over the place and I feel awful. Late nights, late mornings. It really throws me off. Thank goodness for fitness month. It really helps me get back into things and by reading some of the forum posts and comments, fitness month has helped do the same for many others.

When it comes to using my device to help me relax, I use my PlayBook to read books. Though, I still own a few actually books, my newest collection is now digital. On my BlackBerry device, I use a few sleep sound apps. You can find a nice collection of them in this round up.

So, how about it CrackBerry Nation. What do you do to relax? Tell us in the comments. Don't forget there are a few contests still going on this week. This week's Friday contest "Resting Up" in now live. We also have the week 3 contest going for a chance to win $100 gift certificate. Lastly, our FitBit contest is still live. So, if you've been wanting to get your hands on one, enter to win one now.

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Reader comments

Fitness Month: What do you do to relax? Let us know and don't forget to enter the contests!


surf through while listening to music

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Well having two kids, I rarely find time to relax, but when I do, I watch tv with my playbook in my hand and a few ice cold Heineken beside me.......

I haven't slept or relaxed since my twin daughters were born. When my mind wanders towards r&r i crush those thoughts with my mind vice.

Relaxing is difficult when you have been waiting for BB10 for soo long and then be told that the US will have to wait a while can you relax.

Other than that...I just sleep it off.

I'd like to write funny app on blackberry, yeah, I know that sounds different from others, but programming to me is a favorite thing.

To relax I grab my PlayBook, I read a book on the kindle app and listen to Pandora through the browser. I plan on doing just that, right after I'm done reading through CrackBerry of course ;)

browse and sleep with relax book nature on playbook. Love the thunderstorms. i have waken up in middle of night thinking it was really storming out.

Anything from practicing on my wooden(metal) dummy, tai chi(chen style), throwing knives, Working kali stick(s) routines, ShadowBoxing, sipping SM Scotch, or Patron.

Music (pumped through my Playbook) while I sim fly (FSX) the Grand Canyon in an F-15E, F-14, or F/A-18E. Works to help wind down after a hellish day at work.

Just watch a TV show that makes you laugh and if you want to take a nap, eat some white bread and a ripe banana. You'll fall asleep within the hour, so make sure you have a couch handy.

For quick relaxation it is usually CrackBerry on my PB. For major rejuvenation it is art (carving print blocks) or gardening in summer. For sleep I read to sleep (on PB or print) and often use one of the RelaxBook apps. Also regular exercise for decent sleep.

I usually open the "Relaxbook Nature" app on my Playbook, turn lights off, put some candles and get into the bathtub full of water for an hour at least. You have to do it once a month or so. Try it, it's the best!

I sit back and watch videos on YouTube for hours...other than that I like to listen to music with my eyes closed.

Been having issues maintaining a sleep pattern. That and tinitus keeping me up half the night with a rude louder buzzing sound. Ugh, it's bugging the sh!t out of me.