A Fit and Healthy 2009 With Your BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Dec 2008 10:16 am

The folks over at Gym Technik are challenging all BlackBerry owners to get themselves into fighting form for 2009. This is not one of those New Year resolutions they want you to start and forget about by Spring - This is a resolution that they are working hard to make into a lifestyle for all of us.

If you are as pumped as I am and ready to take the new year on with a powerful swing, then check out their tips on how to turn your BlackBerry into your very own workout partner and join the fun in flexing out both yourself and your BlackBerry. If you're not familiar with GymTechnik, be sure to visit their website and check out our CrackBerry review.

Once Gym Technik is through with you in 2009 - You'll be out fishing for a new resolution in 2010!

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I use this every time I am at the gym.


Likewise. I have been using it since the beginning of October after it was reviewed on here and I must say I am quite pleased with it. A few short comings, primarily in user friendliness, but they been making improvements all along so don't let that stop anyone from checking it out!


im definitely trying this out!


Read their website but don't see the cost, I dont want to register until I know what the end cost is.

Can anyone help me.

Thank you


Thats the right price for me thank you

CBK is #1

The graphs make this program amazing. Good share.


Well I suspect that Crackberry has crashed their site. I was able to create a new account but when I tried logging in just now, I keep getting "service unavailable". Is there a name for the Crackberry effect, kinda like a website getting Farked or Slashdotted?


I think the new term for a site that gets overloaded due to Crackberry user traffic is "BerryCracked" .. but that's just me.

This looks like a good tool. I just have one question. How come all the body model males for gyms and work out equipment are... bald. This is the only reason I don't work out more. I don't want to lose my hair...

Team Gym Technik

Hey guys,

Thanks for the overwhelming response. But yes...we got "BerryCracked" for sure. But the server is back up. Sorry for any inconvenience this morning.

Once again, thanks for checking us out and please let us know if there's anything we can do to make your gym life better through your BlackBerry. You can always reach us at support@gymtechnik.com or through our website.


Thanks guys... due to the BerryCrackin I was unable to get to any of my previous workout stats this afternoon at the gym. I do however really recommend this to everybody that works out. I use it to log my workout as I already use my BB to listen to music at the same time.


Awesome tips! Gym Technik is definately going to be my sole partner in 2009. La-la-la...


i've been using this for about a month now and i love it!


I registered on the website, but never got a email from them. Hopefully will get one soon.


Hey Dominik - Have you received the email yet? Did it perhaps make it to your junk?


i haven't received an email either:(


Hi Katsaysmoo - Did the activation link perhaps get to your junk mail? If you still haven't received it then you can drop us a note at support@gymtechnik.com and we will immediately activate it for you.


This happens all the time when on slickdeals.net. Something free or cheap comes out and the website is slammed with users. Pretty funny

Jimmy Buffet

Tried this in the gym today, pretty useful, we'll see if i improve on these results next week.


I've been using it for little over 2 months now and its the greatest item i take to the gym with me....


This company has the best support I have EVER seen!
They responded within minutes and had problem resolved within an hour!
In fact, the initial response was from their blackberry.
Now that's what I call support!
My hat off to Gymtechnik


Thanks very much Demetris. Top notch service has been our number 1 priority since day one for us.


I hope they add a food/calorie counter too it.....that would be great addition to track my weight...

So is this site still down or is it just me?


Hi - The site should be up and running with no issue. You can drop us a note at support@gymtechnik.com letting us know what your issue is so that we can troubleshoot.

We learned that quite a few of our members that submitted tickets about our mobile site being down, ended up actually being a training issue - They were inputting "www.m.gymtechnik.com" into the browser instead of "m.gymtechnik.com". The "www" is not required.

So please do drop us a line and we will definitely work on figuring your problem out.


Breathe easy if you have pre- existing medical conditions too. You can still be insured under the same cover.
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