First Ten Things You Should Do With Your New BlackBerry

What Are the First Ten Things I Should Do With My New BlackBerry?
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jan 2008 11:50 am EST

Earlier this week, new member and first time BlackBerry owner Posum posted in the forums the thread First Ten things I should do to my new BB.  Posum's question:

This is my first Blackberry, it is the Pearl from Verizon. I was wondering what are the first things I should do to it settings wise to make it run it's best.

The thread has received some good responses from CrackBerry members - addressing the first things you should do to your new BlackBerry settings wise and also the first things you should with your new BlackBerry in general (applications to install, accessories to buy, etc.). Some of the settings suggestions made in forums responses I have covered in-depth in two earlier-published BlackBerry 101 articles: The Basics of Setting Up Your BlackBerry and Basic BlackBerry Controls. Both are worth a quick read if you're a new BlackBerry owner. Below are some of the suggestions from the forum thread (my favorite is the first one!):

First Ten Things You Should Do With Your New BlackBerry

  1. Unpack it all, and just sit and look at the 'wonder' of BlackBerry for about five minutes
  2. Delete unused languages, pictures, remove sample video - get rid of things you won't be using
  3. Adjust Backlight Brightness
  4. Adjust Trackball Sensitivity (default is 70, I like my horizontal/vertical at 80)
  5. Set Speed Dial Preferences
  6. Hide/Rearrange Shortcuts for most efficient use
  7. Install Desktop Launcher (go to on your berry's web browser for that)
  8. Get Opera Mini, Facebook App, Viigo, Google Maps, desired IM apps, BBSmart Email Viewer or Empower HMTL Viewer, get apps apps apps! App availability/usage may depend on your carrier.
  9. Buy a Case, Bluetooth Device and MEMORY CARD
  10. Load up your Berry with Ringtones , Wallpapers, Themes, Games and Movies!

I guess the first six in this list were about settings, and the last four were more about Pimping Up Your New Berry to take it to the next Level! :-) 

What's your First Ten Things You Should Do With Your New BlackBerry list look like? Add it to the Forums or Comments on this post!

Reader comments

First Ten Things You Should Do With Your New BlackBerry


I would agree with some of those. Tho I am getting my Curve here real soon, like Monday(My birthday) Here is what I did:

1. Order a OtterBox off of
2. Uninstall all unneeded junk(languages, pictures, remove sample video)
3. Head over to desktop)
4. Set up Email accounts
5. Update all your BB messanger friends of your new BB pin
6. Head over to CB and install a BUNCH of Ringtones and Wallpapers!
7. Install my SD card and load it full of movies, shows, ect.
8. Hug it(BBs need love too)
9. Pair my JawBone(bluetooth headset)
10. Put Pip(my BB's name) into his new OtterBox.


Did just about all the things you did your BB Curve,but the Otter Box just didn't work for me,I think it was the holster for it.
Lov the BB

the guy told you he had a verizon backberry pearl. you said that he should get the opera mini..... Great I have the same phone and so I tried But..... it said that the software is not supported by the verizon phone.
Please help !!!!!!

You can get Opera Mini onto your Verizon 8130 - just not through the OTA link.

Download the generic high memory version for BlackBerry, and install onto your device via Desktop Manager

The Basics of Setting Up Your BlackBerry link in the article above explains it...

* Hide and Move Icons – on your BlackBerry desktop you can hide the icons/shortcuts that you don’t use (hit the menu key on the icon you want to hide and select Hide) and you can also reorder icons (hit the menu key on the icon you want to move, select move, use your trackball/trackwheel to relocate it and hit enter). My 1, 2, 3 is always Email, Phone, BlackBerry Messenger.

* TrackBall Sensitivity – By default it’s 70%, which I find TOO slow. Go to Options > Screen/Keyboard and you can change the Horizontal and Vertical Sensitivity of the Trackball. I recommend 80%.

* Convenience Keys – While in this same menu, you can program your Right and Left Side Convenience keys. I like having my Curve’s Camera on the Right Convenience key, and the Application Switcher on the Left.

I think this is very important especially for Newbies like myself. It will prevent a lot of frustration trying to install aplications such as zip files into the device via the apploader. Prevent that dreaded Error: "No additional applications designed for your device were found".

How and where do I get get this handheld software. I am getting the same error messages, when i try to install this stuff

thanks, Peter

I"m so super lost with this phone "I Love It" but I got it Saturday and It's Sunday night been on-line trying to find help to learn and figure this out. I need serious help

One of the first things you should do is establish a password and set the BB to lock within a certain time period to prevent someone from accessing personal info.

Hi there i would like to know if any 1 can open the sim lock of my cell as my friend has sent it 2 me but i m not able 2 use it cause my sim card of here(india) dont support it. Is there any way i can use it without any problems in opretions of my phone. Do reply ASAP.

So tonight I was messing around with my boyfriends world edition blackberry trying to figure out his password. And then all of the sudden on the 10th try it wiped everything out. I'm screwed and I have no clue how to retrieve anything without him going off on me tomorrow. Any help?

Just got my blackberry on Fri (02/01)and I love it , if only I could hear it! Ringtones sound great when you play them however when a call comes in I can't hear it if someone is simply talking. Could anyone help?

i have downloaded about 5 or 10 ringtones from another site but i don't want them anymore & they are just taking up unnecessary space. i hit the delete option for one of the ringtones - but it didn't remove it from the list. when i click on it to play it, it doesnt play. was it really deleted? how do i get it off of my ringtones?

in order for the ringtones to disappear from your ringtone file you have to do a battery drop. take out the battery, wait 20sec, put it back in the when you go back to the ringtones file all the ones that you deleted should be gone. it worked for me!

i had to delete my bb messenger!! does anyone know how to reinstall or re download the app? please any help would be great if you could respond to that would be cool, im at work now and wont have much access thanks for any info and help!!


A couple of weeks back I was involved in creating some videos showing the 10 things we liked about the Pearl 8100 and Nokia E51.

I've posted copies of them onto
in case any forum members find them useful to watch, or you want to embed the videos in your own website.


I took the advice of your post and tried to uninstall the language and media features, i just got my pearl on friday and i didnt think i would be THIS obsessed with it! i have no idea how to uninstall the languages, and when i try to uninstall or delete the video and other media i noticed they are locked and/or don't have the delete options when i click on the menu. Can someone please help! thank you!

I'm a total newbie, had my 8320 for 3 days. I installed opera mini and when I tried to launch it kept getting an error message stating it failed to connect to the internet. Tried the opera help site but I'm still lost- Anyone?

Hi everyone this is my first time blogging on this site. Anyway I have had my BB Curve 8310 for just over a month and now I've noticed that everytime I miss a call it gives the option of viewing the missed call but when I pick that option nothing appears in my call log. I also tried calling my cell from my home phone and letting it go to voicemail, so the call shows up as missed but a few minutes later I looked back at the phone and it has erased itself and that also happens with the text messages that I send. I don't why this is happening all of a sudden and of course I have no idea how to fix it. Please if anyone can be of assistance. Thanks in advance

Hi all,
Whenever I get a pic or video message I am directed to a pc and internet link to why can't I see these things on my BB? thanks a lot.

basically what i was told is that the BB does not support pix the best advise is to have your friends send the messages with pix to your email not to your phone number then you won't have this problem its a pain but something we have to deal with unless someone else has better advise??

There is ZERO reason for not being able to send/rec mms (pix/flix) using your BB. Sounds like the reps you talked to at VZ didn't really have a handle on things--this is a problem that needs to be initially addressed on an account level, meaning a VZ rep needs to properly add the feature for BB MMS before it will work on your handset. Once it's been corrected on the account, you shouldn't have to do more than pull the battery for 20 seconds to make it work. My suggestion is to call in to the VZ customer svc line and ask to speak to a High End Device Specialist. Those are the ppl who can really help you.

I 'thought' I set up my e-mail account, but no e-mails are showing up. What could I have missed or done wrong?

opera mini says it does not match-up with verizon services? any thoughts to get it on my BB Curve?

Does anyone know why I can't look at specific items while browsing on eBay or log into my account? Also I can't view the Verizon wireless home page and they are my provider.

Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated.

I followed these steps to a T and i am very pleased! thank you for all the helpful information! im slowly becoming an addict.

I followed these steps to a T and i am very pleased! thank you for all the helpful information! im slowly becoming an addict.

I have tried numerous times to download Opera Mini to my 8703e, but when I get to the 4th step, it's almost as if the whole thing starts over. What am I doing wrong?

how do i delete the pictures i have a sprint 8330 that i just recieved today as i follow the tips and chuckle ... my pics have a lock on them not sure how to delete them and i dont know which languages are safe to delete if anyone knows can you email me and let me know

Been a proud owner of a 8330 curve from verizon for about 4 months.Its my first and I'm so excited. I was going thru the forums and the suggestions of what to do with it. I'm still at #1 whereby I'm just looking at it. Lol okay so when I stop looking at it, I will be looking at some of seasoned bb users for help!

can some one please help me out, when i turn on my 8830 it says, system erorr and under that it says rest, none of the buttons work, i asked verizon what i should do and they said i have to rebot the phone with software from their site, i have done all of this and still cannot fix the problem does anyone know what to do or have any suggestions???