First A-Series device likely to arrive as the BlackBerry Z30

By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2013 03:08 pm EDT

Over the course of the last few OS leaks, there has been more and more information popping up about future BlackBerry 10 devices that may be hitting the market. The last time we saw an A-Series device, it was marked as the Z00 and that was presumed to be a placeholder but indicative of the fact that BlackBerry, at the very least, had plans to make it part of the Z-Series when officially launched.

Kevin recently went through his list of ideas for what the device may be called but information found within a new OS is pointing to the device being called the BlackBerry Z30. This info is based off of an OS that has been built three days ago, which now contains the retail device demo information that the naming and imagery for the BlackBerry Z10 came from in the past.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's now definitive, given how much information has been extracted from OS' in the past little while, maybe someone at BlackBerry decided to strike back a little and play with our emotions by tossing the file in there. After all, the BlackBerry Q10 naming did mostly remain a secret up until the point it was officially announced. 

So, with all that being be said. What do you guys think of the BlackBerry Z30 name? Roll with it? Trash it? Sound off in the comments below or hit up the forums thread for more discussion.

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First A-Series device likely to arrive as the BlackBerry Z30



Agreed. Terrible name. Keep the numbers simple. Anything above 10 should be trashed.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

See I would like that z10 , z30 , z70?? But the Q line wrecked that with the Q5 and Q10 so a jump to 30 just doesn't fit.

It adds a little more distance. An upgraded mid-range full-touch might come out as the Z12, for instance. Gives a little wiggle-room.

It also suggests maybe another market slot in a Z2x range. Maybe a slider?

Actually BMW are moving some of the one series models to a new class, the 2 series. But I digress. What was wrong with the name A10?

I'm wondering this as well... It's a bit odd. Patterns based off the release of the Q5, would have suggested that if they were going to make a higher end device, it would be called the "15". So for example, a full range product line up would look like this:

Q5 ---> Q10 ---> Q15

Now, we have Z10 and jump up to Z30? Odd...

With that, I hope there is a Q30 in the works!!!

Because the Porsche design is the Z20. You know Z10, Z20 & Z30. What I would like to see is a surprise release of the Z5 along side the Z30.

Seems like such an arbitrary number. It doesn't give the phone a unique enough identity in my opinion

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I don't think the name really matters, just release a phone with amazing specs to keep those who care about that kind of thing happy.

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Z30 will make people think that the z10 is crap

Sent via my Z10 support your local paramedics run with scissors.

Correct, brand the Z10 , brand the X10 (A10) if you need to upgrade the Z10 you call it Z10 u2 meaning upgrade 2 or call the Z10 upgrade the Z15 etc

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So the q5 will only get a few upgrades then cos of the q10.

I'm not saying your wrong, I just don't see BlackBerry's logic in their naming convention. There's no visible brand strategy.

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Makes sense to Brand it in the Z series, as it looks like the Z10, just bigger. Save other letters for a device that's ACTUALLY different, not just a stretched out existing model. Makes perfect sense to me and it should be done this way IMO

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Uh, no... The Note line has it's name because of the stylus pen which is a differentiating feature. Right now, the Z30 has no feature that makes it's different than the Z10. Thus, Z30.

Bigger screen is enough to make me think is different. I'm not buying the A10 cause I don't want a phablet on my hands.

Yep, wish they made a different series for a phablet. I really want a Z10 upgrade that retains the screen size 'cause my hands aren't getting any bigger as an adult. Hahaha

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I like that it will be part of the Z series because it is a all touch device. It would be too confusing for some of the public if some touch devices were part of the Z series and then have some other touch devices that are using a different letter like A series. This way now everyone will know that any all-touch screen devices are Z series phones. Also seems all qwerty devices will be Q series. The only other letter or series I would use is a different letter for a slider device - say S series.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Also I forgot to mention that although I like that the Z30 will be a Z series I'm not to crazy about the number 30. In the end it doesn't really matter because it's not labeled on the device and you don't say the name everyday. I just think 30 is not catchy for me right now but after a while we will all get used to it and it won't matter. I remember I liked the "L series" name for the Z very much and thought Z10 sounded weird but now I really like the Z10. It's a cool name.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

These buttheads at bbry are so back award. Their code names are better than the official names. The z should have Been the London. Z30. Yeah cause the z10 fills people with great ideas of dead on arrival. No updates and many hardware and software issues. Well done bbry

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I guess we would have to see the reasoning behind this choice of name but it does seem weird. Like everyone else said why such a big jump why not Z15 like how they did with the Q10 and Q5. The Q5 being a lower grade Q model. Lol I guess we will see soon I hope.

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Makes sense to me.

The next version of the 4'3" will be called Z11.

The next version of the 5' will be called Z31.

Very similar luxury cars.....

320i, 325.

E300, E320....etc etc.

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Off topic but the 3 series of bmw is compared to the c class of benz, not the E class. E class is 5 series for bmw

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Lexus has the ES, mercedes is the E-class, and the numbers usually designate engine size.

ES300 - 3.0L V6
ES350 - 3.5L V6

325 - 3 series 2.5L

Not the models in sequence by how new they are

By the car theory, it should be Z15 and Z17 based on processor size.

i think it's important to keep it in the Z series.. i dunno how the product line up with look like but to keep it in the Z series might work better with the anticipated specs.. it;s like a iphone 5 to an iphone 5s.. people don't expect too much of an upgrade but enough to swith and target people that have different needs.. in this case a larger screen real estate..

naming it outside the Z series would make it look like another product line and it would be a "flagship" device.. that can hurt with the specs that would be coming out with the device if the rumors are true..

and plus if u look at it, it's just a bigger z10 anyway..

A30 doesn't sound... intuitive..?! it doesn't seem to fit in with BlackBerry 10, and the naming conventions... odd choice - if true!

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Doesn't really matter, does it? The phone will need to be a true flagship in the minds of the avg buyer & media versus BB fans or it will struggle. The BB brand cannot handle another round of media and blog bashing should the Z30/A10 etc be a yawner.

They need to give the market something to buzz over versus say "ah BB has a 5" version of the Z10, next"

I don't think that would work for 2 reasons:

1) being only 1 number higher then the z10 give the impression that the device isn't much different from the z10. Doesn't work because of the number difference from Q10 to the Q5. It just wouldn't make sense.

2) I think when the next model of the Z10 come out next year or whenever they plan of replacing the Z10, it probably will get the Z11 name and so on as they years go by. Eg, Z12, Z13.....

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IPhone makes sense. Since its iPhone. And numbered to tell you exactly the sequence. What's a 9720 9981. Q10. Q5 z30 9900 tell you? Nothing. Stop the madness. Of bbry was a horse it would have been euthanized years ago.

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I agree totally with how they named bbOS devices. Very confusing. But now with BlackBerry 10 I think it's making sense to an extent. All qwerty keyboard devices will be Q series (except if they make a slider. I think it will have its own letter) and all touch screen devices will be Z series. It's easy and understandable. Now the numbers they use isn't 100% clear yet now that 30 is being used but I think another member that posted has it right. For the Z series, we have the Z10 and I believe that when they replace it next year or whenever, the name will move up to Z11. So why are they using 30 instead of maybe 20? Now let's say that BlackBerry will use this OS for 10 years. Adding to it of course to make it better and let it evolve but it will still be the same style OS. That means the Z10 will add a number to it every year if they change it yearly. So in 9 years when the z10 is now the Z19 it has no more numbers to use if they use Z20 for the "A10 ". Basically by using 30, it gives the Z10 many numbers to use as they update the device every year or so. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing and I explained it Ok.

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Honestly, I don't care about the name of it. I want it released and in my hands. Then I will call it 'mine'.

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#FACEPALM...why name a Z10.5 a Z30 for? Illogically logical for BBRY I suppose. Please be a fake name.

I like the Z & Q series but I like the sound of Z20 better than Z30 (Canadian pronunciation)

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I was kinda partial to the "A" branding because it fell in line with me, Aloomis76 ;) so I could truly say it was built for me!! HAHAHAHA

I have been wondering what they will do with the Z10 when it's life cycle is over and a successor comes out. I guess this rules out it will be the Z20.

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If you drive a 335i or 328i it might be neat if they named it a Z35 or Z28. No, then the phone would be all Camaro-y, or is that a good thing?

Z30 seems fine. Especially without the "i" added. BMW only made it to Z8 so BlackBerry gets Z10 and Z30. Somewhere a Mercedes executive is sitting around smiling...or not giving a crap...but whatever.

Yes, too much caffeine and a little bit of free time leads to what you have seen here. Feel free to judge.

Lol, Im with the people who think that R10, X10 and A10 sounded "Cooler" but F@ck it, let's just have a kick a$$ phone at launch.

IMHO they should keep what they started with the Q line and do 5 increments (reductions) and keep the letters to indicate form factor.

Z15, Z25 next year, etc

Regular size touch screen:
Z10, Z20 next year, etc.

The only problem will be if they decide to have a low-end touch screen or a high(er?)-end qwerty. In that case the naming convention goes out the window.

Via Q10

They should use a letter (A10) vs changing the number. It keeps everything in line. BB10, Z10, Q10...etc
But I can see they are using the letters as product lines (like the car reference), so if they call it Z30 it needs to have specs that rate a 20 number difference...something...make some sense of it for the love of all that is holy....

I'm ok with it. In the same family (Z), but numerically different enough from Z10 that it is a different line. I'm not sure about 30 specifically, but maybe 20 is too close, and they didn't go too high to not paint themselves into a corner.

Names don't sell phones. Would you not date a super hot, smart , and funny girl if her name was Gladys?

(No offense to any one name Gladys).

Z30 just seems sooo random. I liked the Z00 that was under the battery door we seen on the device leaks.

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Faaaaaaail!... Stick with the A10 name. Z30?... Where's Z20?... Why would it be 30?... Just stop it!... Go back to NAMING phones. "Aristo" is actually quite catchy. Would drop these number names or at least back them with REAL names. You know, like BOLD 9900... Aristo A10

With these specs it should have been Zzz.

Just kiddin'. Looking forward to see this on the market.

Yeah, I thought they were rolling with the 10's (Z10, Q10) because of BB10 and it was the next series of BlackBerrys beyond the 9900. Now a Q5 and a Z30? Doesn't make sense to me either.

None of the numbers should be anything other than 10. Why aren't they just Q10, Z10, R10, and A10 ?!?!???

Because the management team of this company is the biggest gaggle of imbeciles....perhaps EVER in the history of the corporate schools around the world will someday (some already do) teach the story of BB as a cautionary one of greatness gone horribly awry

sooo true!!!!

then when a new Q10 comes out do what the iphone does and just say an all new Q10 is out. no need to change the name.

I think they should make the Z10 successor around 4.7" and they should start a phablet line with the A10 (or Z30 or whatever you want to call it) and give it a different letter then the Z but it's up to BlackBerry and I hope they surprise us

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I thought devices were named "10" because of the new BlackBerry software.. But I guess that's not the case.. I mean they have a reason for everything and I think they name these devices the way they do so they have the BlackBerry Name and not so much focused on the device name.. They want to Brand BlackBerry! Z30 is alright.. Not quite sure why it's named that.. I guess we will just roll with it..

Shit, they should have left the z series for the average size full touch phones, like Samsung they made galaxy, and galaxy note,

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I still won't buy. It doesn't have any major improvements and the cameras mega pixel ranges are two to three generations old compared to whats being currently offered by other smartphone manufactures.

Pile of crap...

For this device they should stick with the A and make it the A10 or even A20 because A is like prime or Grade A. Top notch.

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Wasn't the 10 supposed to denote the o's version/gen. They already screwed it up with the q5. OS 5 came out years ago :P

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Well then obviously the number 10 is not to describe the OS versions. They didn't screw up anything. They have a plan I'm sure and reasons for naming it the way they did.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

I hope so this could be a great name we may just be missing some info. But BB has let us down with their plans many times before.

That's why these phones get lost in the brand 9930 9900 8900 etc
Go with X10 nice and simple and brand it. If you need to update it with minor updates the phone can be called X10 u2 or u3 meaning update 2 and 3.

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A10 is better. Is a different size device. Naming it Z will make it confusing. Imagine the Galaxy Note being Galaxy S4

Marketing is everything

i think they really messed up the names for the whole bb10 launch
should have stuck with Z10, Q10, R10, A10

A10 had a nicer ring too it. BB has to stick with the 10 theme. Get that into people's brain that this is the new software. I'm sure people will comment on, "oh did blackberry come out with a new operating system already? now now its BB30?"

It's too early to release something that is obviously better than the Z10! Don't call it the Z30 or even Z20!!!! Wait at least a year from the Z10s launch

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Oh, I see...*puts on average Joe non-BB consumer hat* the Q10 and Z10 run on BB10, so the Z30 must run on BB30...right? Hello? Is this thing on?
There really and truly is no one at the there?

I really didn't care about the name but I don't think they should be looking in to making a new phone until they fix all the issues they have with the ones they have now and caught up on all the apps there's no point of having the newest and latest phone with no good apps.

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I like your simplicity but X10 gives it a brand as in XTRA large screen.

Even the large Q10 screen phone could be called QX10 if it comes out.

But can the Z30 name

So here is my summary.
Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 d
Q10. Q15. Q20
QX10 QX15. QX20

Z10 Z15 etc

X10 X15 X20 etc

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That is something they could of done before the Q5. I like the idea of going down in numbers.
So z15 low end two sylabuls, z10 mid range one sylabul but still 2 numbers. Then z1 premium clean looking. Would just have to find a way to do next gen.

Couldn't agree more. Though I think the Z30 will target larger Android based devices versus the iPhone.

i think (if called z30) its gonna be the high-end device, and the z10 the lower device, and the z15 in a middle position

I think I would prefer A10. This way you have style designated by letter and generation designated by number. Makes a lot more sense to me than naming this the Z30. I mean, when the Z11 comes out it will have better hardware than the Z30, kinda silly imo.

I have never heard anyone explain why the Z10 was named with a Z. While everyone agrees the Q10 was named for the querty keyboard, doesn't it make sense the Z represents a pictogram of the swiping motion on the Z10? An A10 is a holding place name, surely, because the Z swipe is still the most distinguishing feature of the phone classification. With that in mind, a Z is likely to be the letter used in naming the new device. Screen size and what's under the hood would have to be denoted with a meaningful number. The mystery then, is what does the number 30 denote. Beats me...

Z30 sounds important as a higher end device. But this name now makes the Z10 look like a low to mid device. Either way, I like the name :)

Z30 isn't as nice to say as Z10, but it does make me wonder why Z20 was skipped. Is there another device planned for the Z20 name in the near future? Wonder if BlackBerry will produce both the 5 & 4.6 inch screen Aristo's, makeing obviously the 5 inch the Z30, and the 4.6 inch the Z20. I guess we'll find out towards the end of the year into next. Regardless of the name, I'm buying one.

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Z20 sounds like it would be reserved for the new Porsche design, though isn't this design suppose to cost more than the Z30.

In castellan Spanish, zeta-treinta, is a bit of a tongue twister (pronounced theta-treinta). But I guess not much more so than the zeta-diez (theta-dieth).

I think with the amount of feedback on this article alone, someone is bound to change the name for the yet to be released device.

I still don't believe it. With the Z10, you had an option of the Z10A for the next version.
When BB11 comes out, the first phone can be the Z11, etc.
Now with this one coming out, unless they are scrapping the 4.2" form factor, the names will be all disjointed. It will make the new phone seem to be superior to the Z10 and I don't see it that way.
It is a different form factor with presumably upgraded specs.

Would have made more sense to me to keep the '-10' steady, and stick to different letters for different models. A for the new model sounded better, more special.
They already broke with that system with the Q5 though (budget Q10, half as good, that's the way I saw that one), so I guess this will have to do. As long as the '30' actually stands for something...

So it's logical to me that the all touch device that is the A10 or Z30 will be part of the Z family, there BB stays true to it's word on reducing the different family names to only two families or tree if a slider model is on it's way.
At least they don't lie for everything (YES I'M STILL UPSET WITH ALL THIS PB ISSUE) And their idea of making a new BB legacy device just is not sensible but anyway I'm getting a bit carried away x)

It's a mystery to me though why Z30 I would have seen a Z15 like the Q5 but anyway I will stick with my Z10 for a while and I will definitely not buy the Z30 because it's too big for me (the Z10 is big enough and get's everything done)

Why don't call it just A10. No need to change. I don't see any down side of the name A10. It even better than naming it Z30.

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It is too late to do this correctly, the 10 should have remained for all BB 10 phones. That would give up to 26 models of 10's prior to the BB11 release. Obviously no longer possible after the release of the Q5.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Z20 will probably be the Porche Design phone then from the looks if it. This seems like it should have a family of its own but may be BB wants to reduce the family complexity which may be a good thing. They really need a Z5 out too bolster the numbers

Now I understand the phrase 'the dog days of summer'....."causing to man, among other diseases, burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies."

Have we made up our minds about Zed vs Zee yet?

Geez guys... it's just a name. They can name it whatever they want. Maybe the number 20 wasn't a good number in certain cultures, who knows

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Perhaps they have some new models coming to replace z10, so they have it a place holder and 30 seemed to be a place to start. One thing for sure they won't be using anything with 4 in it, a on some cultures that is an unlucky number.

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Should be A10,the operating system is called BlackBerry 10. Unless it's a down grades phone like the Q5.

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Since the Q5 is like half of the Q10 when it comes to specs, quality, and price. Does that mean The Z30 is going to be 3 times the everything?

HATE IT. The z series suggested a sensible size. Having the a10 as z series suggests that the z series will move to stupidly oversized phones

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They should just pick a different letter then Z the Q10 and Q5 shouldn't be the same letters either since they seem to be on different levels. I think it will save confusion for general consumers. Had some guy ask how I like the "qwerty Q5" and I have the Q10.. anyways rambling seems to have started

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Z30 doesn't grab me. The number is too big so it becomes meaningless.

I really liked A10 for the flagship phone. But X10, M10, T10, or G10 all work too. (M10 is for the monster phone. G10 is for the giant phone.) There are a lot of letters in the alphabet.

Saying the Z30 out loud doesn't have that ring to it. I would rather say "A10" rather than "Z30". Z30 doesn't really pop or adds that wow factor whereas the A10 does.

Will be agreed... if the same formfactor in the same series (Z for alltouch, Q for qwerty and S for slider), the lowest decimal is for the smallest screen and specs/classes (Z10 for 4.2", Z20 for 4.5"or 4.7" and Z30 for 5"). So if BB plans to launch 3 different screensizes or classes in one series, it is logical to name the biggest the Z30. But the biggest must be the state of the art in performance too, if not so we still need the Z90 someday. For small improvement just put "i" for improved, "a" for advanced and "u or x" for the ultimate for model ending.

I read somewhere that the reason why luxury cars have numbers in their model name is so that people will remember the brand, not the model. That in a name like the BMW 325i, you'll likely remember the word BMW and not the number. I wonder if that's why BlackBerry is giving their phones numbers for names, so the name BlackBerry will stand out.

With that said, it would be nice to have an explanation for why it's called the Z30. I sure hope it's not a random number. Although I thought the A1 made more sense.

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This form factor should have it's own alphanumeric. Too bad this "flagship" device has inadequate rumoured hardware specs.

Back on Sept 21 2009 the 9700 was called a flagship by bgr. Looks like anything related by bbry is a "flagship".

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Seeing that the Z series is named after the fluid motion the finger makes over a touchscreen [Z], and the Q series is for the QWERTY keyboard, it makes sense to give it a Z moniker.

Whatever they call it, if it has a removable battery, I'll be getting it. If the battery is not removable, I'll stick with my Z10.

Actually, the idea of naming the phone by processor size would at least make sense. My Z could be a Z15x for Z series, 1.5g dual processor. A 2.0 gig quad core could be a Z20xi. At least it means something.

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BBRY should stick with A10 (A removable battery and stereo speakers would be appreciated). The A to distinguish it from the lower quality Z10 and the 10 as in BB10.

Storm was 9530, Storm 2 was 9550. Tour was 9630, Tour 2 (rebranded as Bold) was 9650. Anyone see the pattern here? A second iteration (which this loosely is) has been incremented by 20 in the past.

for mine it needs to be in the Z range as its underspec'd for a new range and really is only a bigger screen upgrade to the z10 ... the question is tho is this phone going to replace the z10 ? makes little sense having two phones almost the same exept for a bigger screen

I think its retarded, Even Z10 was a bad name...they are way overthinking this...too many different types of phones with names that has no meaning...i say focus on one thing and do it really well, they dont need a q5 and z30 and ABC baloney, I love My Z10, dont get me wrong, great phone, but the names...they really should have kept the bold and pearl type opininon.