First Real Pics Of Upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.0?!?

By Bla1ze on 19 Mar 2010 03:52 am EDT
First Real Pics Of Upcoming OS 6.0?!?

Well, this is rather interesting to see. The above shots were recently posted over at BBLeaks. Now, while the pics are mentioned to be of OS 6.0 they are clearly just images of what might be. Nothing appears to be running on a device here. Oddly enough, they look all too familiar to the concierge app that was shown off at DevCon and again in a recent RIM held webinar. So, while we can't say for certain this is what it's going to look like or definitively confirm the accuracy (nor does BBLeaks), what do you think if this was indeed the case? Looks entirely too crowded for my liking, if they are indeed the real deal. Share your thoughts.

Source: BBLeaks

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First Real Pics Of Upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.0?!?


The date is Thursday, July 30. That was 2009. In 2010, July 30 is a Friday. Something's not right here. I call fake...

EDIT: The other pics are from mid-January, however. As you said,'s too crowded. This is not a device running this necessarily, the screens are low-res, why would a business device feature such an obnoxiously big clock? Nothing in these add up, except for lies. That's just my opinion, however.

I agree. it's way too crowded. I can't even tell what the date is, just the time (though I REALLY like that feature)

It's not at all appealing. I like the current UI. RIM can tweak it a little but certainly not change it to that.

But if RIM keeps sitting around while the competition makes changes in the consumer space, this is a good direction still. RIM needs to dramatically change what it gives us. And bring up the quality control, you don't need to make devices every 15 seconds! Come on now. Even if the new OS requires new devices, you all know, we all would be upgrading our current devices!

Might be too crowded, but this is a welcoming sight. You know we all want to see something new out of RIM and their OS.

Devildrifterx on the forums made a good point. Where's the battery bar, signal meter, volume control, date, all the other essential features on the home screen? Could these photos be cropped? barban7 pointed out that it may be cropped, which is definitely a possibility. The height comes a little short of the 360x480 resolution on a standard storm. I know it may be on a Storm3, but I'd assume the ratio would be the same, if not taller (widescreen).

Will all models get 6.0 when it rolls out? I have a 9700 and just left my Storm.

I think it looks intresting. Maybe to crowded but in the right direction

It would be nice to see something new, but I'm not sure if this is what it should be.

Doesn't look functional or attractive by any means.

Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe it's a subtle hint...

But 11-44 is police radio code for coroner's case.

I'd say its a coincidence.

As for the OS, way too crowded. If you want to load up a screen with widgets, there better be multiple screens, something to the HTC Droid Eris effect. Then I wouldn't mind the crowdedness (word?)

These images do not do justice, the display area is not of the standard screen size, nor is it of the storm. Crowed, agreed, but it seems though we are looking at the clock app. if that's the case, I guess it would a bit ok? However if this how the home screen is displayed, I would say it is overly crowed, along with it being completely inefficient!

They are going to do what everyone has been bitching for and then when it comes they will complain its not as efficient and should have left it alone.

I wish SOMETHING would happen with the OS. I look at all my friends phones, Droids, HTC's, etc.. and i see just how stale my storm is. Im counting down the days until i can ditch this thing and get something android. probably the Droid.

I don't think.that it is crowded at all. Its a lot like my Hero. I appreciate a lot of information at a glance. On a touchscree device, this layout would be perfect for me. Way to go RIM! I may be coming back!

WinMo theme on Storm.....
If this is future OS for BB....
I am out....
I don't want another Android, iPhone, HTC blah blah blah....
BB OS is very simple and descent, this is one of cool stuff in BBOS
I will never update my OS, if v6 looks like same other ones....

what happened to RIM.
I use our BB with my both hands.
HTC, iPhone and android UI and navigation is for single handed usage.

I know its a "rough copy" but....
A - i dont need alarm options on my home page
#2 - everything just looks messed up, like a Picaso cubism, the random bar with the messages/calendar notifications, then there's just random crap aka widgets all over the place, i love the idea of widgets, but this seems like a half-@$$ed attempt to "modernize" the BB.

*not to mention, what would this look like on a Non-storm type screen? everything would be REALLY small and hard to read.

Honestly i like the layout of the BB OS the way it is, its what makes a BB a BB and not an HTC or an iPhone. Yes, there needs to be some improvements made on the current OS to make it a better device, but don't try and look like everyone else, that's called being a "copy cat", and last time i checked, that wasn't very cool. IMO, RIM should keep the current lay-out of their OS, for the most part, and just improve it, not scrap it and do the popular "widget" thing.

if i really want cool OS.

I don't need visual delights..

provide more vertical and horizontal functionality (other than crap UI).
something like support to flash or silverlight,
how about a version of FireFox on BB
integrating BBM with facebook/twitter or something like that....

seems a bit widget happy...crowded but like the big clock....reminds me of the HTC....keep what you have rim just improve performance and speed

Should be easy to change in themes, plus if similar to nokia, android and sense overlays should have multiple screens that are user defined. Want more widgets add them, can't see the tiny clock make it bigger like your social networking stuff on page there it is.

30 themes based on the OS will be available in the next hour. Some with droid or IPhone icons and weather slot.

if you dress up a pile of poop in a tuxedo, its still a pile of poop.

there are many more issues rim needs to work on, rather than this unicorn of OS 6.0. roll out the browser, os 5 upgrades across all devices and carriers, bringing down inflated app world pricing, and the list goes on.

come on rim, listen to your users!

then blackberries as we know it may be extinct. To have an "os" like this it will only be good on a touch screen. It would be to cluttered for a touch pad or even the ball.(hence the new slider bb) Maybe RIM is looking to do something ala android. Have a few homescreens to switch between instead of having one screen with a few icons. If that is the case then that may not be as bad since we could put whatever we wanted on it and it may not look as cluttered.

Its exciting to see rim doing something new. I say they are listening and trying to give the customers what they want. Yes it's not going to perfect at this stage. This isn't a final release and I'm sure MUCH MORE will happen to this OS before it's finally rolled out. Keep up the good work RIM.

Look at how different OS 5 can look from phone to phone, based on themes...who cares about a homescreen screenshot? Show me what it DOES

why do I always see TOUR owners trolling around bitching about OS 5.0? RIM isn't going to even make that POS phone anymore and you should be mad at yourself for even buying it. Don't expect Verizon to push out 5.0 to you anytime soon. In the mean time, quit bitching and find yourself a damn leaked OS 5.0.

Way too crowded. Reminds me of older windows mobile OS. This is expected from RIM at this point. They are not making any moves towards making technically advanced changes whether for devices or software. They will continue to be overshadowed by google and apple, and maybe palm too if they continue the way or the pre and pixi.

It seems too trendy for RIM to do an OS like this and we all love BBs they way they are. Just add a few features to the current OS and make it snappier. Let's hope this isn't it, but if it is let's pray its VERY customizable.

So much for cool wallpapers eh?

I don't care for the selection they have there, but I'd like to have my most recent new messages, a day or two of upcoming calendar items, current weather, and I wouldn't mind the Pens or Kings score being thrown in there as well. Overall, I think it would be a welcomed addition or even replacement for the current today screen style.

What I think RIM need to do is sit down once and for all and create an OS that is "Game Changing". What I mean by this is an OS that give us access to all the new and great applications, fast web browser....okay, like the iphone and android. But still keeping true to its core!!!

Just my opinion.

I hope this isn't the new direction. I don't want a HTC, Androidish looking device. I hope if this is it the themes can make it simpler. Hopefully this is just the app for the alarm or clock. I don't care for widgets anyway but just me

To me it looks like a theme that someone has made up, I highly doubt that it's 6.0. However, if it is what 6.0 is suppose to look like RIM are definitely taking Windows Mobile and Androids look; and oh, don't forget Motorola's Motoblur. Which isn't what any of us want. If we did we'd have one of those phones right now.

what if this is just a tease of ONE of the homescreens? What if you can have a main HS with icons (and a widget if u want) then be able to slide left or right to more homescreens? iphone, android, etc all do it... maybe this one will as well. I hope so.. i mean i like to know what time it is but holy **** i could see that from across the street!

and the size of the image seems to be along the lines of that new odd slider. Please dont screw this up RIM. At the very least... LET US THEMERS HAVE OUR WAY WITH IT! Hopefully we will be able to customize the hell out of it.

It looks like the Clock screen to me. When you put your phone on the beside.

It is kinda croweded, but i'm sure RIM will give us an ability to customize that.

I am a die-hard BlackBerry fan, just yesterday I was in favor of the Storm over another touch smartphone simply because the Storm is a BlackBerry, even though I personally hate the phone. I never suggest people get anything but a BB and I've converted many people. Yet the moment I saw that screen shot, I thought if it has anything to do with the new BB OS for real, nothing will stop me from "browsing" and checking out my other options, because then there will be little keeping them apart. Sure, RIM could change it up and stay "relevant" for all the whiners out there who will then only find something new to whine about. I almost wish the BlackBerry was still more directed toward business users because then maybe RIM wouldn't be focusing on pleasing the entire world with the "wow" factor for all of the people who think they need to copy Apple/Android when really, it's an awesome device. I don't need or WANT widgets, I think they're lame as hell. Maybe the new OS should include a native QuickLaunch type app that makes it easy to get to your favorites rather than having to have some stupid ass, ugly widget covering up whatever awesome wallpaper I want.

- @akarmy87

You guys need to relax about this being too crowded or this looking like WinMo. Its like RIM can win for losing.

Its only as crowded as you make it. They are showing widgets. I am sure the clock is customizable as well. They are giving us what we asked for. An OS current with the times. We asked for widgets, and these pics show them. Anyhow, this appears to only be the today screen. I never had an issue with the OS myself, but this does seem great. I am sure you can keep it looking clean w/o widgets if you like, as its your choice. I think this is looking great!

1. The screen shots may or may not be real, so relax.
2. Most people here are in two camps:
a) I hate it because I like to complain about anything RIM does no matter what (even though I like to complain that they never do anything, so when they DO do something, I can also complain about that!).
b) I like my BB the way it is and I don't want RIM to ever change it, ever improve it - just stay right where you are RIM in order to make ME happy.

Bottom line is that RIM to evolve the OS, and in doing so they know they can't please everyone. So some of you are gonna be pi**ed and that's just how it is.

Deal with it.

1. We use BB on both work and personal forefront.

2. Even though the BBOS feels like old, but why to buy BB for candy delight. BB costs more than more than others, if you calculate all the expenses including device, data, and accessories.

3. when it comes to fancy show off, i can produce my N97 mini or ipod.

4. BB has a class.

5. RIM is trying to make it fancy so that they can sell it to teens and every kid in town with a BB.

I call fake. As much as I harp on RIM, I can't take that image above seriously. I know they're a bunch of engineers but they can't be worse than Google. They will have some sense of design and I will believe in OS 6.0 looking way better than this.

I think this would be a great addition. I like having the weather, time, and from the looks of it, anything else you want on the homescreen. Very convenient.

The thing that kills me is all that anyone cares about is how pretty the os looks. Its the same reason that everyone bashes the bb os now.

It has literally every function of every other smart phone out there but it just isnt as pretty. You all want a new native theme is what you are looking for (outside of the webkit browser, I concede that is massively needed by all means)

Everyone needs to just settle down. More than half of RIM's devices don't even have OS 5.0 yet and we're already talking about 6? You really thing this will be available in the next 18 months? I don't. And whenever it does come out there will be dozens and dozens of leaks and changes before its official.

Most people these days that I talk to do not agree with me on this, but I like the UI we have. Yeah, it could use a little work, but its what I like.

Seriously the only one who really would like to have a large flip clock like that?

But overall, I do think RIM actually needs to start listening to what people actually want. Instead of what "they" think is a good idea. Even with the new 5.0 OS, the browser is still as horrible as it has ever been.

I hope with newer phones they change it and then make the new browser upgradable with every other device.

This is supposedly a leaked set of pics. So comments complaining about layout and clarity are pointless. This could have been a rejected sample, this could be a complete fake. Im cool just knowing 6.0 is in the works and hopefully will be ready for release sooner rather than later.

haha looks like they are copying HTC, heck just make the GUI more interesting and customizable, open it up some, if they were smart they would have an oprn forum and ask the consumer....w hat would you like to be included on the next blackberry OS what should we change, etc... More application memory would be good, flash support, better browswer, better camera, etc, lol, but hey we cant complain we are trying to make the phone into more than what it is, BLackberry main focus was corporate customers , and well they really dont have a use for the flashy stuff that we like.... but hey thats just like the companies who are now giving their users the Iphones now...

I'm going to have to disagree with many of you guys. I don't think it looks too crowded. I think it looks pretty cool. If the mockups are accurate, and it's highly configurable, I'm all for it. I for one, would welcome RIM taking a sharp departure from an icon-centric interface. Most of the new other smartphone OSes have adopted this modular approch for their UIs. RIM needs to stop reworking the old "horse and buggy" design and start competing with the look and feel of Windows Mobile 7, Android and beyond.

Anyone agree with me or am I utterly and completely alone on this one?

Just my 2 cents.

Have a terrific weekend folks!

but I don't like that at all. If it is what it will be, then I'll need to see more to fully judge. If it isn't, I'd be very happy for not having to judge :)

HTC should be flattered...Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

It looks incredibly similar to the TouchFlo UI on WinMo phones.

Am I the only one who is okay with the current UI? I'd like some improvements, yes. But the browser is the only thin I am unhappy with.

So its a little crowded...even if its a fake, I like it. My homescreen is extremely crowded on purpose. I want to be able to just look at my phone and know what's going on without having to press any buttons. Looks good to me...

Looks more like a theme in the works to me.

Could make a nice theme though! haha

btw, what is the "concierge" app that was briefly mentioned in the OP??

While a refreshed OS look is needed, it looks way too much like a WinMo. Come on RIM, you guys are better than this. Give us what something worthwhile to be called a BB OS.

If this in fact the new OS, it looks like it may have some great potential. However, I agree that it appears to be a little crowded.

well, i think the widget part HAS to be wrong.

in the last developer day (the Argentina one) we just learnet that widgets in blackberry, ara "just" html/javascript apps "made into java apps" by the development tools available for the blackberry platform.

in other words, just another way to make an app for blackberry, without knowing JAVA.

and of course, are already available in os 5.0 (except builds lower than .25*)

EDIT: with all that, i mean that widgets FOR blackberry, are not like widgets for mac, or gadgets for windows vista/7 (as in, small apps that run in some particular place, just for them). they ar FULL apps, not written in JAVA, but "converted" to java with the bb dev. tools.

Looks like the same OS with some colors for attraction. An who cares if it's cramped it will be praised once it is released i promise, if it were released just like this. People on CB would find something good about it, and hang-on for dear life while the other platforms continue to advance forward.

mostly what I want from 6.0 (so far) is if I'm surfing the web and get a message, I'd like to be able to check the message w/o having the leave the web. I know u can go right back to that page, but u still have the reload it. that's my only suggestion. simultaneous browsing & talking would be good too but i think that's more a network thing than a bb os thing.

Although I think everyone here can agree that these pictures are fakes, how ever, what's real is people leaving BB for a device that's more user friendly and that sports UI thats not only intutive, but EASY to use.

Many Berry owners I know are jumpig ship to ANDROID powered devices for those very same reasons. I do believe RIM is going to relase OS 6.0 to try and "catch" up, but like in typical RIM fashion, it will be too late.

I am going to give RIM a chance and wait to see if they release OS 6.0 by the time the HTC Desire hits ATT. If they do not follow through...BB 9700 UP FOR SALE! LOL

I for one would welcome a touchscreen for AT&T. I have to have BB for work, but if able would jump to android. BB hasn't really made any changes to the BB as far as I can tell. At least for AT&T. Would be nice to really get a few upgrades for a change. Would love the Storm 2 or 3.

It looks like an Android screen...
Bought a Storm 2 (9520 - GSM) a few days ago and yes, would apreciate some more usefull info on screen. Hope that the OS 6.0 would be compatible with my baby and RIM would be giving free upgrades...

If this is to be the new OS (6.0) look...I hope they don't do this as the final. I do not like it at all.

regardless, even bb users like me want a overhaul user interface, ideally not just the interface but the overall os...if only bb had an android-like or iphone like os, it'll be the best phone in the world, seriously. bb's connection technology and messaging capability are just more than the best, i, who's also an android user, gotta admit that...

I love it..bring it on RIM. There will always be complaints, they will get used to it!!

People are jumping ship from the storm not because it is not a capable device but because it is simply stale or blah. It lacks flashiness and innovation. For the serious business folks or 'grown ups' stick with 5.0 versions if 6.0 is too cluttered, but for me this is refreshing. It's about time for a measureable change. I am still not convinced to leave blackberry although my colleagues showing what their droids can do is eye opening on how generic the BB OS seems. Still refuse to part with my BB.

I've played with iPhones and recently had a couple of WinMo phones, but have moved to BB because I wanted something that was fast, efficient, stable and that excelled at what I use my phone for most: messaging.

I suspect that those people calling for huge changes to the BB OS might be the minority, but are just very vocal...sales, at least, might suggest that... Before jumping to accommodate them, I hope RIM surveys its broader user base. If you want the BB to be more like Android or iPhone, why not just get one of those? Chances are you will go that route anyway no matter what RIM does. I happen to think the BB OS looks good with its high-resolution screens and crisp, clear icons and text. And I happen to think the App World looks good and works well, too.

The iPhone interface has been the same for 3 years and no one is calling for major changes to its icon grid UI. And please: I was hoping we'd be over the whole widget thing in 2010. I don't want battery-and-performance draining widgets cluttering up my screen. I think having some information easily visible (like the way BB weather app icons change) is cool, and maybe some pop-up info when you highlight an icon would be nice. But I feel like UI designers are only considering a certain demographic with their emphasis on media viewing and social media site updates.

There's always room for innovation, and you have to innovate to compete. I just hope RIM really looks at why users love their BBs, and that there's a market for those that want their smartphones to be more of a tool than a toy.

Remember the smartphone business is still a marketplace. Yes RIM is on top but based on the numbers their lead is slowly but surely shrinking. It is not because they dont have kick @@@ devices, its because other manufacturers are making leaps and bounds in advancements and apps.

I agree that bb should not be like winmo or android but RIM should still come up with something that will create a buzz, at least so. The masses and not just present but future smartphone users are attracted to buzz. The iPhone buzz alone was not enough to topple RIM's reign, but the slew of other phone makers doing the same (creating buzz) must have RIM taking notice. Its the buzz that attracts first time customers, not the same tired looking UI from the past 2 years. They should not take the passive/arrogant route and assume most of bb customers are satisfied, remember new customers are probably as or more important from a business perspective.

I totally agree, Andrew. RIM should innovate, but it should be true to itself in the process. It's the same reason why, despite some people's wishes, Apple likely won't ever release an iPhone with a keyboard--it wouldn't be true to Apple's philosophy.

RIM should address its "weaknesses" in a way that builds upon its strengths versus just copying HTC or Microsoft. Coming out with something that is like the iPhone OS or like Android is not innovating. And people won't want the imitation anyway. Being "as good as" your competitor is not a value proposition. Just look at Linux.

All I'm saying is, not everyone's idea of innovation is instant Facebook updates on a home screen. And despite the trendiness and cool-factor, there's room for input/navigation methods other than pure touch screens. Apple shook up the industry and had a significant lead in some ways, but I hope the catch-up period ends soon. Then we might see some real innovation.

All that you say is true but, MOST people don't rally care if RIM smarthphones start doing things that they couldn't do and start looking like an android or an iphone + having the things that they can alrewady do, you say is not innovating, but MOST people don't care about that, they just want the Ultimate smarthphone that can do the same things that can do the rest + MORE.

i thought big ben looked better in london than on a blackberry.. got clock ! you got a chit load now try 6.0

looks like it'd be best fit for a touchscreen... which is great. I have no love for touchscreens. i guess it's good for the touch fans