First QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone, currently codenamed Colt, a full touchscreen BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2011 04:34 pm EDT

Update 2: September 22nd - Sounds like "colt" is now going to be the QNX development phones that Mike Lazaridis talked about on the conference call and that things are getting further revamped for the first QNX development phone. Also, sounds like the first QNX SuperPhone will have LTE now. Hawt!

Update: Received confirmation that Colt sports a 4.1" touchscreen!! Mini-PlayBook here we come!

I mentioned in our BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review this week that RIM's first QNX-based BlackBerry would feature a full touchscreen design, but haven't yet written a dedicated post to that fact yet. So here it is. And as I take a Friday to catch up on some rumors I've been meaning to post for a while now (BlackBerry Music, PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0), I thought I'd add a couple more to the upcoming BlackBerry SuperPhone currently codenamed "Colt".

Yes, the BlackBerry "Colt" will be a full touchscreen BlackBerry (no trackpad like the Torch 9850/9860) and it will be running on a dual-core hardware platform, like its tablet-sized older brother the BlackBerry PlayBook. With the Torch 9850/9860 running a 3.7" display, we're expecting the Colt to come in the same or even bigger. This is going to be the first BlackBerry SuperPhone, and it has to be SUPER and make a statement, so expect the best of everything BlackBerry here from a RIM design and hardware perspective. On the radio front, it's looking like we'll see it first launch on HSPA+ (not LTE).

At RIM's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis stated it would launch in early calendar 2012, so we're hoping that holds true and we do see it launch in Q1. With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones now hitting the market I'm pretty sure that more than anything at RIM right now, getting the first BlackBerry SuperPhone to market -- and making sure it kicks ass -- is the company's top priority.

When it comes to the traditional BlackBerry OS, admittedly I'm more of a front-facing physical keyboard guy than full touchscreen or slider fan. I just find the BlackBerry phone experience to date works best for me with a physical keyboard always present. But that said, I'm a HUGE fan of the touchscreen experience of the BlackBerry Tablet OS on the PlayBook, so really think it makes sense for RIM to go full touchscreen with their first SuperPhone. RIM has more to gain in the market this way. I already LOVE the way BlackBerry 7 works on the Bold 9900/9930 - I think the strength of the BBOS in that form factor still outweighs anything it's lacking. While I'm sure QNX will find its way onto every form factor of BlackBerry as quick as RIM can make it happen, QNX will really show its strengths on a big touchscreen phone. Agree or disagree? Be sure to vote on the poll above.

Beyond what's known already, there is so much **interesting** stuff to speculate on here. How will RIM number and brand it? With the new Bold already reaching into the 9900s I think it would be STUPID for them to push into the 10,000's. Even I get confused by RIM's device model numbers these days, so hopefully RIM marketing will take this as a chance to simplify things for us consumers (Torch 9800/9810/9850/986 = confusion). Looking at the PlayBook's design, I can only imagine the QNX SuperPhone will share some of that greatness. I'm hoping to see swipe gestures on the bezel, a front facing camera and an HDMI out.

I don't know if it's the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 lust that has me all pumped up this week or what, but all I can say is that more than anything I get the feeling right now that the RIMPIRE is Striking Back. Be sure to sound off in the comments with what you'd like to see in RIM's first SuperPhone! And in the meantime, go buy a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone. They Rock!!

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First QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone, currently codenamed Colt, a full touchscreen BlackBerry


They should name this device the Blackberry STFU, make it dual core, NFC, Open GL enabled, flash and HTML 5 enabled, front facing camera, and a build in chamber to house a tranq. dart to shut up the haters... okay okay, maybe not the tranq...

LOL, that would be a great name if they implemented all of that and maintained battery life. I would buy it just for the name!

Cheers, here's to the tranq! Blackberry STFU. I'm all for it. But the phone may have to be a bit thick for the dart. So lets compromise: the first QNX powered super phone, with taser, and a 50,300 mAh battery!

I would buy it just for the name as well. In your face El Jobso!
But, I feel like I will already pick-up the perfect phone this Sunday. Sprint is selling the Gretzky and a sales person is going to call me.

QNX is probably going to be awesome and if it is like the Playbook I'm going to love it but how do you beat the Bold 9930?

Awesome keyboard, awesome power, awesome resolution screen, best e-mail and messaging, world phone, NFC enabled, great web-browser, not as many fart apps but they have Bloomberg, Free Docs to go Premium, back-up and security built in that can be saved to your SD Card...etc,etc,etc. Yeaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!


BlackBerry STFU... I love it! And for sure keep the tranq and/or the taser or at least include a Kung-Fu Grip so we can b*tch-slap the haters.

I believe in order to fully appreciate QNX, you need a larger screen, therefore it only makes sense on a full touch screen phone or slider...

Torch 9800 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

All great ideas Kevin. I hope RIM folks read this blog.
By the way, is the dual-core on Colt confirmed? There were rumors on Engadget and elsewhere (including Barron's tech blog) that Colt might be single-core. I hope it's dual core like this post says.

I read that the prototype device was tested on a single core (like the Playbook) so let's hope for a dual core...

I'm starting to think that you may have seen or even touched a Colt on your RIM tour Kevin.

I can hear you saying shhhhhhhhhhh right now.

If Kevin says its dual core.....then its dual core. Makes me feel better that Sprint won't let me upgrade until December. Eye's back on a PlayBoook!

I personally think it will be a candy bar with a little larger screen, or maybe a touchscreen with a horizontal slider (though all that I have seen have a tendency to be looser than I like) How about Torch 3 is the first QNX!!

the 9900 looks AMAZING, but the 9860 is pretty tempting too. ever since they were released, ive been going back and forth between the 9900 and the 9860 to replace my pearl flip. i could get the nice big touch screen and auto focus with a great physical keyboard and get a 9810, but it just looks old. 9860, here i come!

Just got the 9900 yesterday and I have to admit it is amazing... Starting from a 9700 to a 9800... The transition to the 9900 was seamless... They keyboard is incredible, that coupled with the touchscreen... Absolutly perfect... For now anyway...

When I voted I ran straight to the Iconic option but after already voting I changed my mind. The first one needs to be touch from a business stand point. Blackberry stands strong from the keyboard lovers but in order to draw in a new fan base I think a powerful all touch device will do the trick. After all the bugs are worked out then bring me my new QNX Bold in 2013/14 with a keyboard that can get a rise out of know what I mean.

I'll take a plunge from physical keyboard form factor if the full touch Colt is 4.3inch screen, dual core, front facing camera, and bunch of productivity apps for it.

surely hope not. 4.3" is just too big! 4" is the sweet spot, big but not too big as to say you carry a tablet.

4.1" of qHD pure BB FTW!

I still find it odd they are touting the Colt right at the beginning of the OS7 phone launch. Why would anyone get the Torch 9850/9860 while knowing about this?

I want a keyboard (preferably 9900 or better), but I want RIM to do well and this device with a touchscreen will kill the iPhone if they do it right. Hopefully they'll keep the three form factors they have now, but also I want them to make the best QNX phone possible, and it'll probably be better if they only have one phone to focus on. To be honest, I don't know what I want. Just let my 9900 be upgradeable to QNX, give me my tablet OS 2.0, and make EA games put all of their software titles of the past year or two on PlayBook and QNX phones, adding more and more of them when they make a new one. This is why I never expect people to give me what I want :P

There are actualy a bit more
1. tradition- bold,
2. tradition(lower end)-curve
3.semitradional-Original torch
4.full touch-torches
5.full touch lower end-curves

I gues that RIM knows that people loving blackberry love the keyboard but if they will be able to do somthing more revolutionary as they did with swipe gestures but it is not plosible. So I think that it would be to riskey to get out first QNX without keyboard. (Look how many people will actualu buy 50/60

BOOO! I stick with blackberry mostly because of the keyboard, don't try and be an iphone and give us full touch. Good thing I just ordered a 9930.

If you're house was being robbed and you needed to make a quick call or text, would you want to fumble around on some stupid virtual keyboard autocorrecting everything, or have full control and speed of a real keyboard?

If my house was being robbed, as long as I could get to the 9 and the 1 I wouldn't care what kind of keyboard it was on.

If my house was getting robbed and I could get to the 9, I am not talking key, I will be more than happy.

if my house was being robbed i would first use my BrickBreaker gun (3 shots). If i missed i would try with the laser. if that didn't stop him, i'd hope for a bomb. And i'd pray the entire time not to get a m'f'n flip.

the Playbook is amazing and doesnt sport a physical keyboard, so why should a QNX berry have it?! give me a big azz touchscreen and forget about the keyboard!

I only agree when it comes to the initial model but if they do away with the keyboard for an Iphone (try to) killer then when my soon to be 9930 goes bad I will be keeping my options open. I know that blackberry knows better than to lose that fan base but you never know.

Much like the PB the Colt needs to have a trackpad. I love my PB and have really been getting a feel for the full touchscreen experience but when I need to delete one letter I want nothing more than a trackpad to put my cursor exactly where it needs to be. I think this will make RIM standout from the crowd and make a fabulous statement on end user quality and usability. Go RIM!

Why do people keep talking about a physical keyboards? Virtual keyboards are the future. Come on people step out of the dark ages.

You are mistaken my friend. Blackberry's keyboard is till up with the times. Not everybody wants the virtual keyboard and the keyboard that RIM Carrys is second to NONE!!!! I will be curious to see what they do on this phone but I don't see myself carrying a Playbook and also a mini Playbook that makes calls. I can see myself eventually updating to the latest playbook and the QNX Bold but to give up the bold, curve and even the slider torch would be nuts.

Agreed, if touchscreen keyboards are the future then the future is definitely not now. The Bold, Curve and Slider Torch models continue to dominate BlackBerry sales. Why would they abandon those lines entirely?

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

There is a very good reason to use a physical keyboard, and it would be unfortunate if the smartphone market continues to be focused on what the "future" is supposed to be (like you) rather than what is ergonomically and functionally effective.

When they were designing the cockpit of the F-16 fighter jet, they had a variety of options on the table for how the pilot could interact with his onboard systems. The winning solution involved reloacting all vital controls to a staggering number of differently-shaped buttons all at the pilot's fingertips on two control sticks. This is called HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) and variations of the concept are used on every major fighter aircraft today- even Formula One race car steering wheels use the same philosophy.

The still-under-development Tesla Model S underwent a similar revelation when its interior was being designed. The first prototype featured a huge, gorgeous touchscreen running the entire height of the center console. Test drivers quickly rejected the design, realizing it was impossible to operate the screen while driving without looking away from the road. All major auto manufacturers continue to use single-input devices that do not require the driver to look away from the road.

The moral of both stories is that the human sense of touch is an important part of how we interact with our tools. Certainly, using a phone or tablet is not the same as operating a Mach 1 fighter jet, but the lessons learned are still useful. Touch and haptic feedback allow us to interface with devices faster, more safely, and with higher accuracy and precision. It would be foolish to ignore this fact in the pursuit of technology for technology's sake.

"Certainly, using a phone or tablet is not the same as operating a Mach 1 fighter jet..."

You put a hole in your own argument. No, a smartphone is NOT the same control context as that of a car or a plane, or even a PC.

I'd say the biggest consideration for the largest body of users is screen size. Better view of pictures, of videos, and for augmented-reality apps. The easiest way to maximize screen size is to minimize all control surfaces and push the screen out to the edges.

Sure, there are users who frequently work with documents and who benefit from a physical keyboard, but to go up against Apple, RIM needs to target Apple's market.

Yes, agreed, but the blackberry is a productivity tool. It was built for enterprise communications not pictures. And they still continue to dominate that space. You are solely focusing on the consumer market. I guess that is why BB is providing the 2 options.

Enterprise isn't going to adopt QNX phones right away, anyway. They'll sit back and wait to see if the security is comparable.

That's probably the biggest reason for the push on the BB7 OS; it's very likely that Enterprise will be sticking with the current platform for years to come (especially since it looks like BES will be moving to a whole new version to accomodate QNX).

No, if the Colt is that much better, go for the consumer and build market share.

Thunderbuck, you made my point exactly. Most people want a bigger screen for their phones and with a virtual keyboard it can easily be accomplished. I love blackberry but I love a phone with a large screen, as great as the 9900 is right now I will go with the 9860 because of the screen size. The best Rim can do right now would to be to build a side slider phone(although I'm not a big fan of slider) to please the physical keyboard users as well as consumers looking for a larger screen.

Put Voice Dial on your Convenience Key and it's even easier...

All kidding aside, really? You actually hold PHONE functionality to be the most important part of a smartphone? I'm gonna say you're in the minority.

No, no, no. Virtual keyboards are just a cheao way of doing the job. It costs nothing, just a piece of software that's now very mature.

To do the job RIGHT, you MUST have a real physical keyboard with real moving parts. It's called a BlackBerry and it costs money to make and implement but it's the way to do the job.

It would be awesome if it had a 4.3 inch screen and it was a landscape slider. Now THAT would be my dream BlackBerry!!!

there is a thread about bad boy in the forums so check that out too. but ya they have to see what the other superphones have and one up them for their base and grow from there.

Multiple form factors give consumers many options so they are not stuck with what has been seem as an "un-sexy" look with the same design. Give me a full-screen touch and I'm sold!

Well I was going to get the new 9860, but if the Colt is coming out in early 2012 perhaps I'll wait. My Storm 2 is still working great but of course after 2 years something new would be fun. But then again, do I really want the 1st QNX phone. I have no confidence it will be anything different than the Playbook experience where it's been 4 months and I'm still waiting for all the greatness that was promised. Great piece of hardware but lacking professional apps.

I think it should be all touch, 4.3" screen size. They need to let the market know they are *not* playing games! I still think RIM should consider a Dell Venue Pro-esque form factor (large screen, portrait slider) as well.

As far as their numbering system, something simpler like:
Curve C100 (GSM), C100c (CDMA) <-- Entry Level qwerty
Torch T200 (GSM), T200c (CDMA) <-- Venue Pro Styled BB
Bold B300 (GSM), Bold B300c (CDMA) <-- Flagship qwerty
QNX Q400 (GSM), QNX Q400c (CDMA) <-- Flagship full touch, iphone and android murderer

That way they leave the numbers more open when improvements are made. I almost don't see a need for a Curve once QNX has arrived.

I'm thinking that RIM should make 2 lines of phone with 3 phones per line.

1 - Entry level CURVE
a. CURVE QQ <-- Curve qnx w/qwerty keyboard
b. CURVE QS <-- Curve qnx slider
c. CURVE QT <-- Curve qnx full touch/ no face buttons

2 - Flagship line BOLD
a. BOLD QQ <-- Bold qnx w/qwerty keyboard
b. BOLD QS <-- Bold qnx slider
c. BOLD QT <-- Bold qnx full touch <-- Launch Q1 2012

GSM of CDMA should not impact the naming scheme to the public. That's carrier dependent and RIM should recognize that it simply confuses the customer.

I agree with this. Just look at the Audi/BMW/Mercedes naming convention.

But those are some really expensive sounding names for the phone. I would love for RIM to follow a naming convention like that!

For the naming convention, I suspect they will use a new nomenclature - it would help define 'a new begining' (and new OS) for RIM.

Calling the first SuperPhone a "BlackBerry 1" might be cool. But maybe that's too close to iPhone 1 thru 5.

I think you're on to something, in the sense that RIM should reinforce the sense that this is a new product, and a new name would do that. Something dramatic would be good.

Make the first one touchscreen so non traditional BB users can be brought into the BlackBerry maddness. With so many people tired of iPhones and Androids its best to give them a reason to make a change. Followup with a keyboard version to serve the traditional users.

Kevin, what is the deal with AT&T? Why are they waiting until late November to release their Bold 9900? Do they totally have their head in the sand? By then everyone will be anticipating the new QNX. You can tell that I am an AT&T customer who is seriously considering switching to Verizon. Thanks for your reply!

Seriously! If AT&T can't get a BOLD 9900/9930 out by Sept 1st...I'm jumping ship. EVERY US carrier will have a Bold by then. Verizon out now, Sprint & T-Mobile 8/31.

No reason why I should wait longer.

The news just keeps on coming.
Aside from your comments about being pumped up on teh Bold 9900, take a look at the Crackberry threads and views on that machine - quite a long list that means a lot of people are engaged!

All these "which one is better" questions are a great thing for BB - it means there finally are options and variations for more different users on more carriers. Better choices for us, better prospects for BB.

Makes sense, I dont see that much difference, aside from screen size, between the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the big Touch iPad.

I'm a TMO cust w/a 9700 and have waited patiently for a Bold "form factor" device to be released and then comes along the 9900. It was parade time until two things happened: it's being released without UMA capability - supposed upgrade in the future to enable WiFi calling - and the price. Now, they want to release a QNX based device in the immediate future but as a "touchscreen." RIM already has the "keyboard form factor" with the 9900, so why can't they release both formats simultaneously? I'm staying with the 9700 until they release a QNX Bold which at RIM's current pace, should be in about 4 years. Truth be told, I would've stayed with my 8700g - best keyboard ever - if it had WiFi. Just my opinion of course and we know what is said about "opinions."

If you really want an iPhone killer, start developing great apps for QNX now. The Playbook is nice but it needs apps! Getting it out without native email was not good. QNX will start with a whimper instead of a bang if they don't have app development. Get the API's to the developers NOW instead of later. How QNX is deployed is very important to RIM at this point.

That said, I will not be buying the full touch version. However, I WILL buy a Torch, 9900, or 9000 format. I'm sorry but I NEED that great QWERTY keyboard.

Touchscreens are NOT the future for RIM. They can have them, but they're keyboards are legendary and hopefully will never go away!

I think it is best to leave the whole Apple vs. RIM in the past. I don't recall that much anti-Apple hype for Android and it has succeeded. It has become a silent killer. Hurting everyone in mobile. There are more players now. RIM should not focus only on the iPhone.

Kevin, the subject of touch or keyboard is a good one. I am all touch myself (S2), but always wonder what I would think if I gave myself enough time on a a keyboard to get good at it. Would I switch? Don't know. I love the simple one-handedness of a touch, but suspect I could type a little faster on a Bold.

This seems to be a hot topic, tho I agree there are legitimate reasons why several form factors should continue. What about some typing contests so that we can better decide? Might as well throw a little free market research RIM's way. Or, really, they should supply some nice OS7 phones as prizes, eh?

I think it is shameless. All this time waiting for the 9900 and no not only will it cost way too much but in less than half a yeari will be obsolete? Fuck this might as well 9810 it for 49$ and then watch allthe rich folk and Blackberry testers who dont pay for devices have all of the fun. It gets harder and harder every day and Crackberry is not helping as all it does is make me more and more angry to read how my 9780 wont upgrade and neither will os7.

I agree with you. I was forced to upgrade from a 9700 to a 9780 when I dropped my 9700 in water at the beginning of this year. I am in no way interested in navigating to the 9900 and OS7 only to have a "super" phone come out next year. For me, the longer they delay a "super" phone, the better.

As for touch vs keyboard in the "super" phone - I'll go for touch. As for names, lose the numbers and call it the "Colt". I really like that nomneclature.

I would like it to have a full Touch and see how that works out, then come out with the rest of the lineup under QNX (candy bar, slider), but I'll get my 9900 now and wait for the QNX candy bar (touch screen + physical keyboard) version when my contract is up!!

the first qnx phone should be have a qwerty keyboard IMO, it's what BB is known for...should stick to that....maybe I'm just

I would like to see upcoming Blackberry phones with this specifications:
1- Full Touch Screen
2- 4 Inches Display
3- 8 MP 1080p HD
4- NFC built in
5- 8 GB storage
6- 1.2 or 1.5 Ghz processor
7- GPS

Whatever they do, they better make sure they don't cut any corners, like they did with the 9900 fixed focus camera. Also, one would assume, they would look at their sales numbers and with their first phone, bring one that caters to what the majority of their users are purchasing. Personally, I have a suspicion they best come out with a candybar and keyboard. Otherwise, they are just reinventing the wheel, and competing directly with the iPhone and the majority of the Androids. Of course, my opinion is worth half a cup of coffee at Starbucks. (and I prefer having the candybar shape with keyboard).

i hear it will be lte.

there is nothing wrong with having a full touch iphone competitor and the bold 9900. choice is good. my guess would be the new bold for 2012 will run qnx and everyone will be happy.

i cant wait for a mini playbook!

Since there is no number in Roman numerals HIGHER then M...and there could be 2 QNX Berries (both GSM&CDMA) one Full touch (PlayBook like) 10m AND a Bold10M...RIM needs to cancel ALL other NAMES AND STYLES...IMHO

*If you're gonna B bold BBBold*

great do i upgrade from 9700 to 9900 or hope RIM is on schedule with the QNX superphone which seems doubtful judging by history

I hope and believe that the BB QNX will be awesome but I would not hold my breath on it being early next year. If you like the Bold 9900 then get it. I suspect it will be difficult to give it up so BB will have to come up with something beyond awesome.

Kinda bummed that I can't get it when it comes out probably not till next august(have to buy it at non-hardware-upgrade price). Just upgraded to the Bold and I am loving it. Time will tell if I have to drop this one for the Colt

Reboot time in less than a minute with 50 apps loaded onto the phone
No checkboarding
No hourglassing
Video chat
Functional GPS

Humm so why get one of the new BlackBerry devices when they'll come out with these and i know i'll be stuck in a 2 yr contract maybe i should wait a little longer :(

To be competitive, the COLT has to get good better life. If the phone does not get good battery life, then the critics will attack it... it has to be as competitive as the iPhone. It needs to have Android on it to appease the critics, so the critics would not have the opportunity to say that the phone lacks apps. The name of the phone needs to be very catchy... Blackberry needs to do a survey and list some names to see what the phone should be called. They can use this as an advertisement tactic and reveal the phone during the Superbowl or some big event... Then they can say the fans have (spoken) voted and named the phone... In prizes, for those who vote, they should have a chance to win the new Blackberry phone, and 1mil dollar grand prize...

If it's just another "big slab", it won't be a true BlackBerry. One of the joys of using a BB is its manageable size and ease of operation. Qwerty or virtual, please keep the elegant size and simplicity that all of us have come to enjoy. As for names...keep the numbers. After the "Colt", at some point down the road there must be a "Unicorn". Where does it stop?

"At RIM's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis stated it would launch in early calendar 2012"

Here we go again... 60 Days, Summer, Devcon, Early 2012, 1St Quarter 2012, blah blah blah.

They have proven they cannot meet lead times, don't quote them!

1. Full touch - I come from using a full qwerty folks for business use. . Once you go touch you don't go back.

2. Dual core

3. High end case all around. Stainless steel edge, glass screen. No chinsiness aloud RIM!

4. High end screen graphics that will make Apple drool!

5. Over 1 gig ram

6. Flash compatible of course

7. 1080p HD with hdmi output

8. NFC

9. Front and rear camera supporting 8 MP or better

10. High end application support

11. All carriers to release and with appropriate announcement before sale day. Enough games!

Don't understand why there are those that replied full touchscreen. Only thing great about Berry is the keyboard. Even with QNX there will be a lack of app support. So for me personally def a keyboard or if they manage to get android aps working on QNX then def a slider cause it'll be best of both worlds. If it's full keyboard why a blackberry over an android? You'd have to really really really like berries to give up an android with its gabazillion apps.

"If it's full keyboard why a blackberry over an android?"

Because those of us in the Corporate world (that dictate Blackberry device use exclusively) would like a media phone Blackberry for play as well.

RIM needs to raise the bar to get on both playing fields in order to yield better market share suiting all users. It's just smart business! Don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Mini playbook + radio + dual core = Colt
Sounds good to me. The funny thing is that apple upsized their iphone and ipod to make a Ipad. RIM is doing it in reverse, downsize their playbook to create a superphone. Early 2012 sounds promising, if Rim can deliver that soon they will be able to keep up with the competition and even take back their leading role... We'll just have to wait and see.

I think the Colt SHOULD be touchscreen. Right now, the iPhone is king of the roost, even making inroads into the enterprise. That form factor, for better or worse, is becoming the dominant one.

Build a QNX full-screen smartphone. Get the developers lined up (hint: release the native QNX SDK FFS...), and take Apple on head-to-head.

Sure, a "traditional" form-factor like the new Bold would be cool, but that will just rope in the faithful. Don't do a slider, at least not like the one on the Torch 9800. If it needs to be a slider, either make it a landscape slider, use SureType for portrait, or make the case a good 3mm wider.

Either way, do it right, do it soon.

I am definitely going to ride on with my BB9930 until I see real solid proof that first gen QNX phones are worth their money, and I want LTE for Verizon. If RIM is smart (crazy question right) they will continue their dual identity and keep the font facing keyboard crowd, up screen resolution and nudge the size up to a 3" display and for those who love the touch world let have their cake as well.

Concentrate on two QNX Phones:
1) Colt
4.3 inch touch screen following the Playbook style and gestures, 1.5 Gz dual processors, 400 dpi screen resolution, NFC, HDMI, GPS, USB 3.0, 8mp AF 1080p cameras, 2 gb RAM, 16 gb usable application and storage, application storage on card, Android player built in, skype built in, Office, and other apps built in. Radio stack with all GSM and CDMA built in with LTE and HSPA+ modems.

2) Colt Slider
Same as above, but with a vertical slider with the same touch and feel, but larger, of the new 9900 keyboard.

Neither phone will have be exclusive carrier. If AT&T had not gotten exclusive on iphone and 9800, we would not have a AT&T monopoly upon us with astronomical prices and poor customer service to come in the future.

and possible later on a lower priced Colt (touchscreen only) for NA and Global like Colt C. (Colt Curve)

Phones price same as Apple and Android top phones with contract and off contract prices.

And if the phones are released by March 1, 2012, then RIM may be back in the game.

Announce the phones around November and deliver at the same time the phones come out, a QNX Lite that will upgrade OS7 phone no later than one month after the Colt is in the markets.

I can go for the slider qnx phone... my first choice... but if the full screen qnx comes with a virtual trackpad (using gestures) auto focus camera, nfc, dual core, bluetooth, wifi hotspot, front facing camera,gyros, html5, flash, everything the playbook can do plus... silverlight!! (major plus) with a killer display... there will be lines...

Iconic BlackBerry's have good functional design... but all phones these days need a more forward facing design. The 9900 series should be the last in that form.

Dose that mean RIM will stop releasing devices with OS 7 ?!
and the only devices on this os the last 3 new ones ?!

I was just curious to know whether BlackBerry OS 7 and QNX are 2 different operating systems? If so, will BBOS 7 be phased out once QNX comes into the picture?

It is amazing to see all the wants like dual core 1.5 ghz cpu, 4.3" screen, over 2G of ram, dual 8 mp camara, nfc, etc. Have you ever consider what it would cost and will it still be affordable to us and remain profitable to RIMM?

it is like car companies can build cars that can do 200 mph but can the general public afford it?

I am very excited for QNX. I have been a crackberry fan since the beginning. I just started using the verizon 9930(with verizon for 16 yrs now) and I must say WOW. Upgraded from my trusty tour 9630 and once again WOW. As far as I am concerned, I feel that a sleeping giant might be waking up. QNX is going to succeed because that is what blackberry does. Androids and iphones are good phones but they just did not work for me. I always went back to my blackberry. Actually was thinking about the new iphone coming but 9930 appeared and I have to say after playing with it for a few days...FREAKIN WOW!!! And I have excellent battery life once again. As much as I use my phone, the battery life is a very important element. Already ordered another 9930 and two batteries. I will be keeping up to date on QNX but for now, I wish to work on OS 7 Apps :)
Lovin Life :)

From what I can tell, OS7 will not be upgradable to QNX. I am fine with that so QNX can have some time to blossom in a smartphone factor 1-2 yrs . Perfect timing to upgrade from OS 7.

Lovin Life :)

why not start again and call it "THE blackberry" haha. and just make two models, one without a physical keyboard and one with.

Since the QNX OS is so good playing other OS and RIM and Microsoft so close, wonder if QNX will play windows8. If that happens, QNX would be the true playa 4 real!!

I chose the slider. One reason the Torch appeals to me, is because you don't lose half the screen because of the keyboard and a keyboard is important to me. When I read that the screen would be 4.1 inches, I immediately thought of the Dell Venue Pro. It also sports a 4.1 inch screen, along with a full qwerty keyboard, not unlike the typical BlackBerry. As long as the touchscreen is large enough to utilize the awesome that is QNX, then I'm not worried about size. Hopefully we will see a version of the Colt that sports a keyboard.

I know RIM needs a 4"+ sized screen on at least one of their phones from a marketing perspective, but I find anything larger than the Torch 9800 screen to be too big.

The extra thickness from the slider form factor doesn't bother me one bit, but where the heck am I going to stick a monster screen phone? A friend just picked up an Xperia arc and I found it to be almost cumbersome.

Based on the way he's holding it I think its a slider. But what do I know lol. But a front facing camera would be NICE -__- Make it happen RIM

Does it really matter... The phone will take three years to be released. Call it Drag, drag me on longer RIM...

I hope this new os gives the best of both worlds - Security(we now have) along with a snazzy\customizable user interface(don't have). A side note here, it would nice if the pings for broadcast messages in bbm could be set in adverse to personal messages.

I hope this is the Storm 3, cause the storm is a great phone. I know storm 1 had it's downfalls with all the bugs, but storm2 solved those issues and is the greatest BlackBerry to hit the Market, and the sure press tech helped BlackBerry diffirentiate itself in the touchscreen market. sure press gaurentees that you press what you want, it's like a mouse you scroll where ever you want with your finger & press the screen which resembles the click button on your mouse. We need to petition the Storm to come back ASAP cause thats the only phone i want in the BlackBerry line up since having one, & no other blackberry Compares, especially astorm running a QNX

Although a QNX phone is appealing i will be sticking with BBOS 7. My Torch slider is far more reliable than my PB. Yes the PB is a little more flashy and has more horse power but it really lacks in functionality. When functionality and productivity are paramount I always go pack to my Torch. The PB with all its power slows me down too much, there is no way I'm reaching for a QNX device when I'm hurrying in and airport and need to edit a document and email it off before shutting my radio down.

I will never buy a phone without a trackpad, the ease of use the TP provides is essential to being productive on a mobile communication device. I'm disappointed to hear the TP is going to be missing from the "colt". I had always hoped the PB2 would have one.

I think RIMs strategy of releasing both BBOS 7 and QNX phones is solid. I look forward to when QNX is as functional as BBOS until then I will follow the QNX developments on my PB only.

Now listen here. Dont call it a SUPERPHONE unless it has the following, or else it will be irrelevant the day it comes out :-

1. Dual core power (clocking at 1,2Ghz)
2. 3D display (4 inch and above) (And yes with a touch bezel!)
3. 5Mp (& above) 3D Full HD camera with decent optics, PLUS a forward facing camera.
4. Usual Blackberry stong points (maybe bumped up),
5. Full Android App capability,
6. BBM Music.
7. Decent weight and thickness
8. Decent build quality,
9. At least 8Gb on board.
10. Micro HDMI output.
11. Fewer bugs

I dont care how much the damn thing will cost because then it be a SUPERPHONE of which I will buy TWO.
Whew! Rant over!

The SUPER BB with QNX will make every BB user feel like a Super hero, wait just wait and then you,ll see how Apple and android will be jealous of how a BB grabs the world again hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhahahhahhahhhhhhhahahhahhhhhahahahhhhhhhhhhahahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahah

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say a big reason that I have a blackberry (I own the 9900 and previously, the 9800) is the keyboard. Especially with the 9900, I find the physical keyboard much easier to use, with no dumb autocorrect, and it helps to be able to feel the keys. So with the announcement of the QNX superphone, (Colt) being a full touchscreen, my first thought was if i wanted a full touch, I'd rush out and grab the Galaxy S II (or now, the Amaze 4G) but I stay with the 9900 because, not only is it an amazing phone asthetically, I love the form factor, the size and ease of the keys, the trackpad, everything about it, except for the OS limitations; things that are theoretically going to be resolved with the QNX system.

That being said, I do understand the business approach to making the full touchscreen 'Colt.' Despite how i may feel, much of the world does not feel the same. So they make an OS that is as stable (as even OS7 will lag, freeze and glitch from time to time when full of apps, music, movies and texts) as iOS, with much more features, call it the first generation of SuperPhone, make some waves, and get their stock value up and regain some lost loyalty.

My hope and prediction is this: the next phone will essentially be a mini-playbook. 4.1" touch (540x960), no trackpad, no keyboard, front-facing 1.3MP Camera, 5MP main camera, 1080p video, 1.2GHz dualcore processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage (expandable memory up to 32GB, 9-9.5mm thick and ~120-135g. HDMI out

that'll be all nice and dandy, then Q4 2012, ther gonna annouce the return of the beloved old form-factor, and they will simultaneously release 2 new phones. we will see the creation of the Bold QNX as well as the sequel to the Colt.

Bold QNX: 3.0" touch (600x1024) trackpad, physical qwerty keyboard (equal to or greater than the 9900) front facing 3MP camera, main 8MP camera, 1080p video, 1.8GHz dualcore processor, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB storage (expandable memory up to 64GB)with HDMI out, while still being less than 10mm thick and 140g... that would be a godly phone... I'd be happy with that even if I had to wait into Q1 2013

make it happen RIM! its time that you start setting some precedents in hardware as well!