First PlayBook application now available in BlackBerry App World!

By Michelle Haag on 5 Jan 2011 04:01 pm EST

Everyone is anxiously awaiting news on the BlackBerry PlayBook and one of the most common questions is "When is it being released?" While we still don't have a date confirmed on the actual release of the device, it looks like developers are making use of the available tools and designing applications for consumers to download once it's available.

The first application to be accepted into BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook is called Memory4Kidz. Listed as a free download this is Flashcanon's version of the classic memory game that every one knows and loves. His description: "Memory4Kidz is a simple memory game that allows children to focus on the basics of colors, numbers and shapes by choosing the appropriate game type. Parents can also sit with their kids and help them learn along the way."

Jason Fincanon saw that RIM was offering a free BlackBerry PlayBook to developers that came up with an application and had it published in BlackBerry App World before the PlayBook release, and decided to jump on it. While visually the game could use a little polishing, I think it's awesome that Jason was able to develop a game and have it accepted so quickly. His efforts show what a little determination and a great incentive program can do.

You can check out Memory4Kidz at the link below. It is currently showing as a free download, compatible with only the PlayBook. No word on whether it will be a free app once the PlayBook launches. I wonder how soon it will be before more apps start popping up in App World? With the launch slated for "early this year" it's definitely time to start seeing them. After all, what fun is a new tablet with no apps? What applications are your must haves for the PlayBook?

To check out Memory4Kidz in BlackBerry App World

Source: PlayBook Daily

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First PlayBook application now available in BlackBerry App World!


I would love to see some kind of remote desktop app, preferably for Logmein...I use it everyday on my netbook. I know an app exists for the iPad, so I'm sure one is forthcoming. I would also like to see a My Dropbox app that has better functionality than the BB app.

Irony, personified. The cutting edge specs juxtaposed against last decade's graphics really deflates all the excitement. Apps are where RIM is weakest and coming out of the gate with this doesn't inspire much confidence that this new OS and dev tools are truly competitive.

I'm going write this off as a fluke and keep watching yesterday's demo. Wake me when something actually happens.

Looks like a kid actually made the game...way to showcase the awesomeness of the Playbook....

Rim apps just suck...reminds me the old gameloft games I would play on my old Motorola flip phone back in days.

Ramp it up RIM....start demanding ppl actually put effort into making good looking, intuitive apps.

Makes me think an app like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope will never hit a Blackberry.

App World = Large Failure

a dumb kids game!
realistically, app offerings on the playbook are already catching up to the ipad which, ironically, is used mostly for kids games... and facebook, for which the playbook can access the full site anyway

Well I'm glad that Jason will get a free Playbook for getting his app accepted but I can honestly say that I'm disappointed. This is not what I was expecting at all. All we keep hearing about is how awesome everything in the Playbook is & THIS is what we get first a little kid game??? At least it's a start & hopefully we'll see a lot more apps start to come out now.

You're kidding right?!? Lol

Well I suppose proper games aren't meant for blackberries, as majority of bb fans and users, commonly state the bb platform is built for the enterprise/ corporate workplace...and is not an "iToy" so what do you expect.

I'll believe all this when I see it. As far as I'm concerned, RIM knows what they are doing, but when it comes to putting out a workable product, I'm from Missouri, so show me. They know what they are doing in that they know what they want to be done. It seems that to get it accomplished, they have to try harder than other companies do, and this I know due to being a beta tester for them. This PlayBook has great potential, but Apple seems to have gotten there first. I hope RIM gets this accomplished, as it has extremely great potential and could surpass the iPad if done right the first time.

Um, so... I'm very sorry to have disappointed everyone so much with my horrible design skills and the fact that my kids game appears to be the first officially accepted app (I know I let my kids play games on my devices). However, there is still hope for the PlayBook:

1. Just because my app was the first to be accepted does NOT mean it is what BlackBerry is using to showcase the tablet. It only means that I submitted the app the minute they started accepting them. If you want to see what they are actually using to showcase the PlayBook, search for some of the videos from CES today... hint: they haven't been running Memory4Kidz in any of them.

2. I know (and accept) that my design skills aren't good. I'm a developer and I know that Memory4Kidz looks like a developer did the design (as opposed to a designer). Here's the good news on that front: There is an actual designer getting started on a redesign for Memory4Kidz as I'm typing this.

So thanks for all of your input and again, sorry that it seems I have ruined some of your days.

Well graphics perfection or not... I will be downloading it when I get my PlayBook and I'm sure my kids are going to love it.


sheez! I hate to think of the feedback on any of my apps if any had been first app approved :-S

Just showed my kids (and one of their friends) the screenies and they loved it.. guessing thats the target audience happy then ;-)

Haven't been here for a while, since I traded my Storm for an iPhone 4 five months ago. I still have a softspot for the BB brand however the games on RIM devices are complete gash. Im sure many of you have iPhone's as well or iPod Touches and I don't understand how Apple can be a million miles ahead. Real Racing 2, Infinity Blade Angry Birds. If RIM make BB's better in the whole App/Game department I might think about coming back one day