BlackBerry Slider Emerges - See First Photos!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2010 08:38 pm EST
Photos Of BlackBerry Slider Emerge...Scrapped Or Real Deal?!?

* Update: 12 Hours later... I did up a BlackBerry Slider Rumors Roundup and Update post. BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT! *

* Update 2 - For those in the comments and voting on the poll who are not fans of this vertical slider design concept, according to the emails we're receiving it's sounding more and more like the hardware in the photos is actually pretty final form and this is what RIM's first BlackBerry Slider will look like. *

* Update - Rejigged the title on this post and clarified the text below a bit (writing in too much of a rush first time around). I don't think it's a scrapped design - there is most-definitely going to be a vertical slider and this could be it.. just making the point this also could be an earlier revision of the hardware so don't judge it as a final product just yet since RIM hasn't announced anything on this yet. These pictures are a bit butch but the BlackBerry Slider should be quite sexy when it comes time for you to actually hold one in your hands :)  *

Let the fun and games begin. BBleaks have posted what appears to be the first real photos of a BlackBerry Smartphone with a vertical slider form factor similar to the Palm Pre. And it sounds like more photos and maybe a video of the device in action are on the way, so we know this isn't a photoshop.

I wouldn't get too judgemental on this particular photo just yet as I'm not convinced this is the exact hardware revision that will hit the market. If you tune into our CrackBerry Podcasts, you'll know that rumors of a vertical-sliding BlackBerry have been around for months and months and months now going back to summer '09 when codenames like "talledega" ("Mr. T" for short) folllowed suit and that RIM is going to announce a vertical slider one of these days. There was talk of a horizontal slider and there was talk of a vertical slider and there has always been talk of a new Storm. Pinning down specifics has been hard but the one thing that has been for certain is that RIM was pumping out and working with a bunch of hardware designs and going through multiple revisions in trying to nail the form factors they were going to push out in their next generation of BlackBerry Smartphones.

Now going back to when we first heard the codename talledaga / Mr. T, the descriptions we heard closely matched what this device looks like from people who handled it and used it at the time (few months back). This is not Storm3. We also heard that the first generation Mr. T hardware was scrapped because it was too thick and too heavy. I think RIM likes the form factor of a vertical slider and they're definitely going to roll out a vertical slider, and in getting to that final product they're going to work through many revisions to make sure they have it right. Remember it wasn't too long ago that the scrapped "magnum" prototype made an appearance in the blogs (to be replaced by the sleeker dakota), and while I'm not certain my BlackBerry intuition is telling me this may be one of the earlier talledega hardware revisions that must have found its way out R&D. I'm sure the latest versions and final product will be similar in nature and design, afterall, the pieces are there - trackpad, full keyboard, touchscreen (NO SurePress we hear - thank god) but it may be just a tad bit sleeker then what these photos are showing off. Or heck, maybe this is just an unflattering photo and the next round of photos will show off it off more sexily. Hopefully more emerge soon so we can get a better handle on it.

We'll do some digging, so stay tuned for more. Posts like this tend to get followed by a lot more details quick. Maybe I'm just judging this photo harshly. I do like the device conceptually. Though part of me thinks this device looks a little expected and safe... and what RIM needs at this stage in the game is to hit a homerun with something really consumer focused that's a little more divergent.

BUT... as for what you see right now folks, what do you think? Yay? Nay? Getting there but not quite? Sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry Slider Emerges - See First Photos!


thats one long a$$ phone the should of just added a keyboard and touch screen without a slider... the screen would be shorter then the storm but it would look a lot better

What is that ugly thing? Are they serious? I just pray that is a fake picture. Right now my 9700 is looking sexy!

I think surepress is amazing. Every other touch device I have owned (there have been about 16) never fails to piss me off with lack of highlighting. I always found myself accidentally selecting the wrong things and having to wait for them to open and close, or hitting the back button. With surepress you never have that problem. Also during heavy scrolling... on most touch devices i'd manage to flick my thumb a little too hard and open contacts or apps as apposed to scrolling past them. Now surepress on the storm1 was awful, but the storm2 is IMO near perfect.

I agree 100%. Touchscreens are fun and all, but I just can't stand using them for more than five minutes without SurePress.

you owned 16 touch screen phones? your gonna have to tell someone else that one. i dont know why people get online and make shit up .

I'm glad someone agrees with how i feel. Not having to worry about accidentally pressing something while trying to highlight it is what i love about the storm2. i can't really enjoy capacitive touchscreens as much because of that. i feel a bit spoiled by it. it's kinda sad that people are so jaded by the storm1 that they automatically write off the storm2. it's like the windows vista and windows 7 of smartphones. -_-;;

I can't believe Kevin put down SurePress. SurePress on the Storm1 after the OS updates became a lot better and on the Storm2 it's almost perfect. Like MichaelBrandonW said, with other touch screen phones you don't get the option of highlighting without selecting so as soon as you touch something, it's selected. Plus I challenge anyone with a touch screen keyboard on any phone to out type me on my Storm2.

I have a question for Kevin (from CrackBerry). Have you actually used a Storm2 for more than a few minutes? I'm convinced that most people who diss SurePress haven't actually used it for more than a few minutes or only used it on the Storm1 with the original crappy/buggy/laggy OS.

Someone else remembers that phone series. My exact thought when I saw the above pictures was to the first smartphone I ever owned, the Siemens SX66 (same thing as audiovox, it was sold under many companies and names and made by the king of re-branding, HTC).

This is obviously a prototype so stop winning of how ugly it is! The will improve the look! Ignorants....

Let's just admit it...RIM is way better than crappy slideout keyboards. At least it doesn't slide out the other way. I'd say that one in the pic probably feels better in the hand than any of them - but I wouldn't buy one. I think the Pre has the worst keyboard of any phone.

This is exactly what I've been craving: the benefits of a touchscreen without giving up the wonderful BB keyboard. If they would include LOTS more memory and a great browser (WebKit anyone?) I'd buy it yesterday.

maybe if it would have come out before the Pre could it have had a chance, but even then I think it would have been way too thick. What they need to do is go iPhone thin

Not the worst looking phone I've ever scene, but certainly not the best. And doesn't it seem a bit redundant to have a touchscreen and a trackpad?

you hit the nail on the head...i was trying install all those new emoticons for BBM and it absolutely would not work for me to select, copy and paste.

That's because surepress stinks. Selecting text works just fine and is easy on an iPhone or Droid. If this doesn't have surepress then it should have good touch responsiveness to select and move text without a trackball/pad.

The problems with selecting text on the Storm series have nothing to do with SurePress. The copy/paste functionality just needs to be improved. SurePress has one major advantage over the way you use touch screens on other devices. It allows you to actually highlight something without selecting. I've tried many other touch screen devices including the Droid and it gets really annoying have to go back all the time because you accidentally select something or enter a letter simply because you touched it slightly.

Fine to me. There is only so many "new looks" you can come up with. My main concern is weight and functionality. I don't care if it look like a pre. Everything basically looks like something else, except the very first versions of something. After that, you just get spin offs. But if it works lie a Berry, then great.

I wouldn't buy it though. Only because I prefer a horizontal slider.

i agree with what you say. Even the Magnum prototype look more like todays current BB's. This looks like its stuck in 2005

Well it may be a prototype but it sure isn't that old considering it has the new rightside up call/talk isn't no more than 6 months old.

Damn, as much as i wish you were wrong I think your very close with your observation. They really did play it safe with this design

Everything with a trackpad has the upside down call logo. I'd say that dates it more than anything else.

It may not be pretty, but I wouldn't judge until I've held it and tried it out.

I like it. I'm not saying I would break any doors down to buy it right away but it's a start. We all know what we have come to expect from the Blackberry product and this is NOT it but it could shape up to be. I would love to see a BB with the Storm display and a hideaway keyboard. Its not always easy to type off a touch screen but it sure looks nice. All RIM needs to do now is get the keyboard to hide when your surfing the web.

The concept design isn't bad, it does seem a little thick, that's the only thing that concerns me right now..other than that the idea behind this phone is nice. I would purchase this if it is slim and not to hefty on the hands.

Hoping that RIM pays to attention to these boards like they should I want to throw out a concern for a device like the one pictured in this article.

On November 21, 208 I took a day off from work and waited in line, in the cold and persevered through what VZW told us were numerous problems with their sales computers and bought my much anticipated Storm. It wasn't ready for prime time. Old story, dead horse... done.

I have a Tour now and would LOVE a cool sexy touch screen device WITH an OS that makes the device functional, but visually pleasing AND retain the keyboard all BB users depend on.

I fear that a vertical slider like this would be unwieldy. I think the weight of the display dangling over the top would lead to an uncomfortable user experience. Even worse I fear it would lead to more accidental drops of the device.

These are just one man's thoughts.

Just get it right BEFORE day one please.

Hoping that RIM pays to attention to these boards like they should I want to throw out a concern for a device like the one pictured in this article.

On November 21, 2008 I took a day off from work and waited in line, in the cold and persevered through what VZW told us were numerous problems with their sales computers and bought my much anticipated Storm. It wasn't ready for prime time. Old story, dead horse... done.

I have a Tour now and would LOVE a cool sexy touch screen device WITH an OS that makes the device functional, but visually pleasing AND retain the keyboard all BB users depend on.

I fear that a vertical slider like this would be unwieldy. I think the weight of the display dangling over the top would lead to an uncomfortable user experience. Even worse I fear it would lead to more accidental drops of the device.

These are just one man's thoughts.

Just get it right BEFORE day one please.

I fully agree with you on all points, but especially:

"I fear that a vertical slider like this would be unwieldy. I think the weight of the display dangling over the top would lead to an uncomfortable user experience. Even worse I fear it would lead to more accidental drops of the device."

Tbh that might be why the device is so thick, putting more weight at the keyboard end so it balances better... Speculation of course, but obviously if the weight distribution is all towards the screen then yeah,it is going to feel bad to type on on, cuz it'll keep wanting to flip over the fingers you hold it with...

Still... I like the idea. I suspect it would be significantly sleeked up before release, but it looks alright as a concept. A bit too boxy, but I guess the outside shell isn't as big of a priority when you are working on the internals.


I don't like it. If they made it a side / landscape slider, that'd be cool! But that just looks like a storm - flip combo! Its too too much like the Pre!

I think Kevin is right. This has to be a prototype. We all know that almost every BB user is lusting for a slider BB but I pray to the gods that this isn't it. If it is then wow is all i have to say. We waited this long for this? That screen doesn't look the same size as the storm, and if they really plan on having its screen resolution as 360x480 as Boy Genius reports, then thats a FAIL. Im really looking forward to the new OS in this bad boy but if they're not gonna give us a new look, at least give us something as sexy as current BB's. I have confidence that RIM has something better than this cooking, and will surprise us all with some new devices :)

I would actually welcome a device with this form factor. I hate the Pre keyboard, but I do like how the device feels in the hand. If the balance of the phone is similar, with touchscreen and the slideout keyboard is would be a great device.

That looks like a touch screen version of a blitz. There is no way you would ever catch me using that tacky thing,blackberry or not. Come on RIM gives us something to make us stay loyal. I'm due for an upgrade in May, and if my only choice is an S2, Tour 2, a Curve or that tacky phone I will be going android. YUCK!

looks like you'll be going android then. knowing RIM we wont see the exciting devices until around august, probably later than that. Hopefully the WES event coming up brings some excitement to us BB loyalists

Can't help but laugh a bit at people who demand a totally new phone, completely different from everything that the company has previously done to keep them loyal. If you don't want a blackberry.... then YOU DON'T WANT A BLACKBERRY. They aren't gunna change what kind of things they make to suit you dude.

I guess I'm in the minority but I like it. I really like the form factor of the Pre but hate hate hate its build quality and keyboard. This "Storm 3" looks like it wouldn't have those issues. Hopefully we get more info on this phone soon and clear things up.

To be honest it seems like is a little bit heavy and big, but if it touchscreen, and have QWERTY, and slider, dammmmm, I would buy it !

people need to realize this is not the storm 3. to go from a full touch screen, and go to a touch screen and a keyboard and trackpad would confuse consumers. Plus some people want just a touch screen

that comment wasn't directed at u (don't recall seeing a "this is not the storm 3" in the post when i wrote my comment) but more towards casual readers who haven't done their research, because there are many articles stating the Storm 3 was keyboard-less.

Have to ask you though.......u would rather see this device with a traditional touch screen rather than surepress? I guess surepress and a trackpad could be a little redundant...

I dont know, It looks like a slider version of the 83xx curves. with a storm screen. I like it. I'd take it just like that.

and Ugly like Mr. T. dammmmmmmnnn....Put a 1Gig processor in it and make it a beast. Come on RIM. Trying to be sexy RIM. FAIL..I see keyboard problems with this thing being that long. Palm already tried this and the company is on life support. This thing looks like it weighs 10 pounds.

After using a Palm Pre, I hope they learn their lesson and make the slider go up high enough. Those of us with big thumbs don't like bashing into the bottom part of the slider to reach the top row of buttons.

This phone is an epic fail... they need to make the size of the screen bigger and rip off that retarded key board. If they release this or something remotely close, it will be a flop!

i like the direction they are going, but it needs to be a bit more refined. a bit more blackberry-looking.

Just a little dit bit, I found out about this through Sal's tweets originally. WELCOME BACK SAL!!! HOPE YOU CAN STAY AROUND FOR A LITTLE WHILE!!!!!

This would be a terrific device. I would love to have the larger screen and touch screen capability but I ALSO want a real keyboard. I do not like the wide keyboards. Too slow to type on and hard to type with one hand.


If you can pronounce it, you get one free.

This is the berry I'm most interested in hearing about.

Worst Concept of A Blackberry Ever, RIM has no more ideas and decide to come up with this.....that's the reason i'm switching to android's nexus one

I don't understand how people just throw up their hands and say thats it, it will fail, it looks like the Pre, I want a side slider.... Maybe they took the pre and made it better. Maybe the Bold keyboard can be tucked away under that screen. I don't think you could ever get the feel of a bb with a side slide out keyboard. I would love to see this phone happen.

Not feeling it....AT ALL! I've been looking forward to a BB slider, but if this is it...I might as well get a Palm-Pre. Why not a horizontal slider with a touch screen that operates similar to the Storm? Considering I don't really keep up with the forums/podcasts, I don't know much about rumored devices, but IMHO I think this is crap.

Maybe not the sexiest Berry, but I want it REAL BAD.
This is the form factor I've been waiting for from the first day I held my 8310 in my hands!

For the first 6 months with my Curve I kept thinking "Where's thew touchscreen?" and I still sometime tap the screen without thinking, lol.

And then the Pre came out, and I was sure it was the form factor for me (even if I don't want a Palm).

I couldn't imagine using that phone, it's too long to be able to use the screen and keyboard. The prototype of the Dakota I think it is with the touchscreen up top with the regular keyboard below fixed, no slider and the size of the Bold is what they should make. I think they don't want to make the perfect phone because you wouldn't want to buy the next model if you are satisfied with what you they keep making stuff like the 6 inch subway slider.

New OS or it's fail and all the early adapters will yell and scream until version two, which won't be advertised or spoken about in the media at all.

I think its safe to say that there are a ton of people who think this device is ugly but could get over it if the new OS was changed enough to actually offer a much better user experience. I believe that people are willing to wait for this new OS but if its not the change people are looking for, RIM's rapid gain of market share is going to go to another platform. Come on RIM, show us what ya got!

What's so wrong with it? Looks good and although it isn't a iPhone clone like everyone else is making it would be a serious upgrade to the RIM line.

Now I will say, if RIM can't do something seriously drastic about the web browsing experience on their phone's I'm jumping ship!!

Great, bigger screen to watch movies and what not but still the convenience of a keyboard, I don't give a crap how it looks its functional. Lets just hope they put a no OS on it, or I ain't buying.

That is horrible. I really don't get the portrait slider. What's the point. The keyboard is bigger when you do a landscape slider. Plus the screen size makes more sense. What gives?

1) way to copy off of PALM
2) it is huge!!
3) it is ugly
4) ugly form factor

should i continue? terrible concept...lets be more creative...and dont say "oh what would you do?" because I am not the one getting paid the big bucks to be designing this terrible prototype. Just awful.

ok so yes it is not even close to the sexiness that other bb's have had, but my guess is it is still a prototype, do you think the bold prototype started off with the leather back etc.... I am sure RIM is focusing first on functionality, then moving to aesthetics.... If it doesn't have the surepress screen, then you can be sure it has a new OS, one of the main reasons the storms have the surepress, is it was a lot easier for RIM to program the storm OS with the click equivalent to the "select". My best guess is this is the phone they have based the new OS on, i bet under the hood there are some things that will blow us away! Don't judge a book by it's cover just yet, especially in prototype stage.

Personally i am not a fan of sliders, and WICKED happy with my S2. But after working in product development at another big Canadian technology company, i know first step is proof of concept, then you add the goodies.... However my only fear is that RIM is sticking with the Canadian standard of being 2 years behind the rest of the world in wireless technology, if that is the case and they rush out this device without adding the goodies that other companies have, then a lot of people will jump ship quickly.... I'm hoping the people at RIM are just gearing up to launch a bunch of new devices this year, with a new OS, new browser, and some hidden goodies we'll be finding out about soon..

Thanks for the leak, always like to see what's going on behind the scenes! (even if it's not smack on my cup of tea)

"My best guess is this is the phone they have based the new OS on, i bet under the hood there are some things that will blow us away! Don't judge a book by it's cover just yet, especially in prototype stage."

Agree with you 100%, can't wait to see whats in this bad boy, until then everyone chill (=

I think it should slide out from the side as well, the storm 2 with slide-out keyboard, 1GHz Processor, 5 mp camera, 5g memory and 3g for apps internal w/up to 32g micro sd, 480×800 SR, capacitive support Multi-Touch capability... for me that all i would need.....

It is way to big and thick! SOO ugly. I like the idea, but think its very very ugly and if they couldnt get the storm os 100% then is BB ready to make a good touch os yet?

RIM should stick to the Blackberry hardware as we all know it. If they make changes should be to improve the devices not redesigning them completely. If I wanted a slider I should gone to the Palm Pre. Just my opinion.

RIM is great at making good looking phones but their software has been extremely lacking... Even the new 5.0 OS's is just a minor step up from their OS's of old and getting more buggy with each release.. I love my BB and wish they would put as much work into the software aspect as they put into hardware.. They seem to be cranking out a lot of phones..

The big thing that kept me from being all that interested in the touch screen Blackberries is the loss of the full keyboard. However, if I could get the best of both worlds, I'd be quite interested. The styling doesn't look bad to me. I didn't decide on Blackberries because of their looks, so, really, if it works well I'd be quite happy.

The concept of a smartphone with a touchscreen for web browsing etc and a BB fantastic keyboard for email & texting is wonderful. Hopefully RIM can do it better than the Palm Pre. The keyboard on the Palm pre is slow as molasses compared to the Bold 9000 or 9700. But to stay competitive in the consumer market (and soon the corporate market too) they must improve the browser! I have many colleagues who are switching to iphone mainly because of the browser experience.
Thanks Kevin....I love BB leaks!

Back around Christmas, I read many posts about a VIABLE next Storm...with pretty solid specs and even a 'hands-on' report by someone over on (I think) BBLeaks. That device looked fantastic - thin, Surepress, no slider, and a much better resolution screen than the current Storms. Odds were that RIM would *NOT* have a physical slider keyboard. And now THIS contraption? With the portrait orientation, does this completely negate the ability to work in landscape mode? With all the complaints Storm/Storm 2 users have spewed out, the switching between portrait & landscape is one thing we've come to take for granted and would sorely miss! I like the device that was being rumored around Christmas time a lot better than this thing!

This slider is not part of the Storm family. I too am anxious the see S3 in all it's glory. Just a matter of time and whether someone has the balls to break the NDA.

I just hope the sliding mechanism doesn't make it a POS like the pre... They have an opportunity here to set the standard here for sliders - lets hope they don't screw it up.

I will keep my judgement at bay until we see more pics and I hold it in my hand. I mean, RIM does not make many ugly devices. The Blackberry is usually a sexy thang.

I'm glad those of us in the smartphone community can at least compare this unoriginal form factor to a Pre. Many people I know who stay mostly at the consumer end of the marketplace (eg non-corporate users, budget conscious shoppers, younger consumers, etc) are going to be thinking this device looks like RIM's answer to that Samsung slider "dumbphone" AT&T sells in green, blue and other atrocious colors. I forget the trade name but I know one of the models in that series is the SGH A767. In my opinion, and I may be wrong, but I think some people may tend to associate this form factor more with those low-to-midrange dumbphones than consider this a contender with high-end devices like the Pre.

In and of itself, it's an interesting piece of hardware, and I can't say I wouldn't pick one up if it comes to market on my carrier, but then again one of the reasons I choose BlackBerry devices is because they don't traditionally have moving parts, like a flip hinge or slide mechanism. The bottom line, however, is this design is by no means original, or even recent for that matter. RIM needs a game-changer, not an also-ran.

I want the functions and size of a touch screen with the classic BB keyboard. I don't care what it looks like just give it to me now. All you meterosexuals whining about looks can go wax your eyebrows and let people like me get to work with it.

The trackpad was a real hardware innovation for the bb brand, this seems like a concession to other products. They should put a projector on it too :p
Seriously, though, I think that while this isn't the worst phone ever, its just not exciting, not even the idea... I wanted a 9700 the day it was announced because it played on bb strengths. I was actually way more into the leaked "magnum" pics...
Anyways, a traditional bb w/ trackpad and touchscreen, bangin' web browser, good ui, hi-res screen= my forever phone, until they just switch to putting a chip in our heads!

Ps the camera better have a flash you dumb dummies, sheesh!

I'll probably get shot for this suggestion, but this would be a great idea if you could slide the screen up vertical, and have the option to rotate it 90 degrees to use a wide-screen display on a very berry keyboard. The track pad on the side would make an awesome scrolling and selector button for the next-gen browser. This would also reduce the 'height' I guess is what you would call it, bringing the weight closer to the hands and feeling less awkward. You could still use it in portrait orientation for things that would make sense that way like BBM etc...
Just my 2 cents.

Damn you blackberry, I had my foot out the door and was going to jump on the Nexus One ship as soon as it hit Verizon. After a year of what seemed like RIM was all but lost, with facebook appplication updates that are worse than the crappy first one, a buggy os that requires constant battery pulls, and limited app space they suck me back in with the physical keyboard and full size touch screen.

Also, surepress is very handy when you are not typing and if you had the option to turn it off, it would be great. I hope the screen is bigger than the Storm, 3.7" at least.

Throw it out and start all over. A phone to try to capture the interest of younger smart phone users??? This isn't it! If you want to get me excited, screaming "Sweet Jesus!" at the top of my lungs, give me a thin, touch screen, with gigs of onboard memory or at least let my apps run off MicroSD. Crazy to have an app store to only be able to use a few apps and then figure out which ones you want to delete to save memory...

If this is a touch screen, is the trackpad necessary? Personally, I think its ridiculous to have both. It reminds me of an HTC...

Seems pretty sleek to me. I can't understand why people think its ugly. How else would a vertical slider look?

That's the point. Vertical sliders are jokes and this is even worst because of how big it is. I looks like you have a Storm slightly overlapping a 9700. Vertical sliders don't work especially if it's that tall when you open it up.

I just came online a few minutes ago,...going to BGR site first and reading about the BB Slider. Well, while reading the BGR write-up about the BB Slider,...and later clicking on the link to BB Leaks.Com for more pics a serious Spyware started accessing/taking over my PC. This is no lie!

That said, I'm not sure if this happened from visiting BGR.Com or BBLeak.Com. I seriuosly hope the "trojan" virus didn't come from BGR.Com, I really like visiting that site. Prior to the link from BGR.Com to BB Leak.Com, I had never heard of BB Leak.Com and therefore will never visit that site again - ever!

I will also say that I've had a technical issue with BGR.Com. Bummer...!

I'm running McAFee anti-virus software.

That said, has anyone esle had similar experience?

Note, while talking to a MS Windows Rep at Best Buy,...he told me that in the even that anything strange pop-up on your PC's screen, the only button that you should "Click" should be the "X" to close button - Period!

Be safe and cheers


Wish we could get some better pictures! Looks pretty decent though to least way better looking than the Pre. What matters most though is how it feels in the hands. Some of the phones these days (Pre, Droid, iPhone) are awkward to hold onto. If it's comfortable and the keyboard is good I think it will be a nice option.

Once again, RIM can continue to release hardware revision upon hardware revision but PLEASE, give us a more fluid OS. The OS needs a lot of work and that can't be denied.

I want a landscape slider, but they probably have a year and a half or 2 before I'm going to be interested in buying a new phone anyway since I'm going to wait for LTE.

I don't understand how there is any advantage to a vertical slider other than possibly making it a bit thinner. That little bit of extra space and weight saved just isn't worth losing the function of the landscape view with keyboard.

I would love this phone... Everything i would ever want. Physical keyboard + Touch + Trackpad and have the functions of a BB. Ugh, i hope it releases. This phone would dominate the market and would draw all kinds of attention. For those that's saying "It's not like a blackberry", How? It's a super blackberry if you ask me... Has the functions of every blackberry out there on the market and would satisfy everyone and their needs/wants.

I will even stay with AT&T if they carry this phone.

I like it.....except it looks like it's got the 88xx/9000/96xx/97xx keyboard....I ***HATE*** the world edition/bold/tour keyboard....make it either a pearl or curve style keyboard and I'm sold....actually, make it a curve style physical keyboard and let me have suretype on screen like my storm and I'll be in love.

"the hardware in the photos is actually pretty final form and this is what RIM's first BlackBerry Slider will look like"

SMH (while crying at the same time)

This is so many peoples fantasy (at least when it come to form factors) BB's and for it to be this ugly shatters my dreams.

Why RIM...........WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I refuse to believe this is final until it is confirmed by RIM damnit

BlackBerries have never had drastically different designs and that's what it looks like. A Storm with a trackpad and a fretted keyboard. What does everyone expect?

If the software doesn't have text input from the touchscreen it'll be such a waste though.

Whilst I hate smartphones that use touch as the primary form of input, there are an awful lot of people that DO like them (you’ve only gotta look at the Apple iPhone range to see this!)…

I think this device is (in my opinion) fantastic, but you need to keep it SEPARATE to the “Storm” series!

THe way I see it is this – the “Bold” series for traditionalists who like a keyboard, the “Storm” series for those who prefer touch-based input and the “Whatever-they-choose-to-call-it” series for those who want the best of both worlds…

Anyway, I’d buy a device like that shown above, but only if it’s thin and not too top-heavy (there’s nothing worse than trying to type on a Palm Pre-style device that is top-heavy!).

I like the concept of it but I'm not loving it just yet. The chrome is throwing me off. I'm sure the final will be a awesome new toy.

I like it, but I wonder if verizon would cripple the sliding feature with some sort of lock so that they can charge you every time you slide the keyboard out. Vslide.

i've been looking at the droid, for the screen real estate, and the full keyboard slide out.. i could get into this BB, more screen, physical keyboard, and its a BB.. yeah i'm interested.. but i'll hold my final judgment till i can hold it in my hand and try it


The idea behind it is very good. Its towards the target audience who likes sliders. However, I feel that it looks quite bulky from the pictures. Hopefully, the closer pictures of it (soon to come i hope) will change my mind.

Or they could just follow in Sony Ericsson in one of their design. Such as the Sony Ericsson Aino. The Aino is good design for a slider. (its keyboard is not to my liking but its body shape looks smooth. )

Sony Ericsson Aino picture : :

The trackpad could be put in the center below the screen. while having the call button/end button above the keyboard or something. :D

Kinda reminds me of the comedian carrot top. Funny but not funny
When he's on a roid rage. Nothing like a little horse tranquilizer
For you BB

Not sure it is necessary to have a touch screen, trackpad, and a slide-out keypad. Seems a little redundent and yet another mild step forward by RIM. Can we please complete a whole jump moving forward? Thanks.

I'd be interested!
Looks like the best of both worlds: a Bold with a large touchscreen! And I hope they either improve the SurePress or ditch it. I like the concept but it is FAR TOO FRUSTRATINGLY SLOW! Typing on an iPod is way faster though again I like the idea of SurePress, it just needs some work.
I hope something new like this does come out soon!

I'm with Sprint and am hoping they get a touch screen BB. I would love a version of the Storm. Not sure how these things work....Verizon has the only rights? But I hear that isn't for eternity? First time BB user straight from Palm 755P and am loving the BB. Pleeeaaaase SPRINT......get with it...I can't buy and unlocked with you!!!! Anyone heard any rumors regarding this?

Too bad. I'm fine with a slider option, but I don't understand why they chose to slide it vertically??? If you've got that nice big screen, wouldn't you want to see it landscaped and wide? Now you're married to only portrait whenever you want to do any kind of text entry.

Not to mention (as many have) portrait slider makes the phone crazy long vs. landscape would have been a little better on size. The keyboard would be less cramped vertically as well.

I just don't get it?!?!

I seriously don't grasp why this has a trackpad ?.

Touch totaly negates the need for it, unless RIM have been lazy and not updated the OS enough to remove the whole need for something to be 'clicked' (the reaon that surepress ever cam einto existance ?).

At the moment though sign me up for one if...

# It has the webkit browser.
# Has Flash.
# If it is running OS 6 RIM have radicaly updated it to properly support touch.

first, too long, and the qwerty looks like the size of the 9700...not a bad thing, but the 9000 size is the best.

second looks like something that will break...

third...i might like it actually once i see it in person haha

I will snatch one up the day it is released. Perfect solution for people who want a big screen AND the classic BlackBerry keyboard.

I think Kevin is right, this is not the Storm 3 that BBLeaks seem to think it is.

If you read jlevys posts on bbos and droid world he has handled the S3 recently and it is nothing like these pics. It will be shown at WES in April.

for my money this is an old prototype of the slider that will appear in a new guise soon when it has been refined. I know RIm have put out some odd devices , but surely no this one in its current form, they really would have lost the plot

I don't know what to think of it, I wish the bottom layout was a little less curvy and retained most of the Storm 2 look but well see!

First off for everyone talking bad about this leak...its a prototype get a grip second this phone definitely brings a different look to RIM which is about time seeing all these other blackberrys look alike is a Piece of sh** hopefully this BB has the suretouch screen instead of a regular touchscreen that's another factor that blackberry has that's different and great the slide out keyboard is a good and a sexy new look for blackberry with it running a new OS hopefully with widgets lol it will be an amazing phone hands down I give this prototype 5stars for just because its a different look good job RIM

Many of you said this could be the Storm 3, I doubt that... it has a trackpad... you don't need a trackpad with touchscreen, right?

I personally think it looks great!

The thing I hated the most about my storm was the fact I could not type on it. A full screen and a keyboard when needed is the perfect combination. =)

I would want one if a few more things were done for it. The screen aspect would have to be 16:9 and able to display at least 720p. Hotswap microSD, accelerometer, the works. For all of you saying its ugly, whatever. I buy a smartphone for functionality, not for looks.

Seen uglier, really. Despite popular opinion, I'd love to see the horizontal slider. Oh, and DO NOT go to bbleaks main site unless you enjoy the fake antivirus malware.

lets just pray that rim actually gives it a traditional touchscreen and not that clicky crap they use now...also what else can u ask for in a phone...a seperate keyboard, the new track pad and entire full touchsreen...i,m sure the guts will be the same as in all Blackberry's..

its gonna'll

For those "BlackBerry loyalist" who claim they will go to another phone, they are not loyal at all. You should love BlackBerrys for what they can do (looks too). The ones available are pretty capable and there is no reason not to stick with one. The BlackBerry is an outstanding device and if you are really using it, you should be pretty happy. Remember no smartphone is perfect but if you are truly loyal to a particular one, you should be just fine. It is your right to switch to whatever you want but, who cares if you are mad because RIM is not pleasing you enough! A BlackBerry is a BlackBerry and if you don't like it, do what your heart desires! There are only 2 roads to take when it comes to BlackBerry: 1)either you are loyal to it no matter what or 2)you are a "fair weather loyalist" who sticks around for a while then switches when your mad for whatever reason. Anyway, prototypes are what keeps us looking for the final product. RIM, nice concept, just keep tweeking it. You are on the right track!

Most retarded post ever. You are taking "loyal" to a company a little too far. You don't have to be loyal to anyone device or company. Another product can come along and fit your needs better than the previous. They aren't loyal to us. As far as I'm concerned people can switch to whichever device they want whenever they want. No one has to be a "RIM loyalist". And if you leave blackberry it doesn't make you a "non-loyalist", you just decided that there was something better than what you have. It's like driving a Honda all your life and then got into a Toyota and said "I like this better than what I have". What loyalties do you owe Honda.... nothing! No one owes RIM anything. That fanboi crap is getting pretty weak.

That is your business as to what you do. You don't even understand. My point is not to argue at all. Who cares where your or anyone elses loyalty lies? You either like it or not, period! In other words, if it doesn't apply to you, don't worry about it. Life still goes on and there are bigger fish to fry than your likes or dislikes.

Why is it so big? (That's what she said).

Anyway, when you slide it out, it's too tall. Doesn't look right at all. RIM is going back in time. That thing is hideous. It better not have surepress, that was a joke.

Storm 1 written all over this one. New choppy design, the new thing, only to be an experiment to get the second generation model right.

Blackberrys are extremely good at what they do, that is push email. RIM stomps the competition at this, why do you guys think these are chosen in the corporate world over all the flashy toys that come out. Want to be dazzled with widgets and better web OS buy another product; want reliable push email then get a berry. How many of you loved the curve 8310 or the pearl? They were not flashy, but they got the job done. You want a ferrari then go buy an iphone, you want a mack truck buy a Blackberry!

blackberry can't hang onto this forever. theyve fallen behind in everything except this. and even then, data outages are more common, and the consumer smartphone market is growing. once secure enterprise email is offered by another company, one that has both the dazzle and the security, all that will be keeping RIM's slowly eroding hold on the enterprise market will be the inertia of their technological entrenchment

I agree to a point, companies are not going provide their employees smart phones that allow employees to surf the web + download apps on a whim. These phones are for work only. My buddies law firm has his "company" berry locked down, voice and email only; no texting or berry messenger. When it comes to businesses using berry's, they are a business tool and will remain so. This is the main function of a blackberry on the business world, most people are trying adapt a berry from what it is (a business machine) to something its not (a toy). I for one have no problems with this possible "new slider", it is keeping with the style (keyboard) that most professionals already use and would make an easier transition from a bold type berry to a slide out. The keyboard configuration is the same, the touch pad is their. Most busy professionals don't have the time nor want to learn a new system. This slide out with track pad keeps it the same. What happens when RIM does compromise (storm 1-2) all they get are complaints for at least trying, they sink millions of dollars into research and development and the majority of the berry community complains. WOW, let the nay sayers come up with some venture capital and do it better. Thx.

Me neither. Sure it didn't have a touch screen or a keyboard but if this prototype proves to be a sign of things to come, then the Storm design is really heading in the wrong direction. I used to have a Palm Treo 700w which was a nice mixture of Touch Screen and Physical keyboard. I just remembered how my thumbs used to hurt from typing on that thing. But I digress. I upgraded to my Storm 1. That's when I was introduced to Surepress. While the software made it a tough experience, the later revision software has made it more of a delight now. I'm using the v5.0.0.419(Platform Unregistered. I also have a Ipod Touch as well. I wouldn't type a long email on that thing to save my life, thanks to Surepress. The way I see it, this is what the Gen 3 Storm should focus on:

1) Keep the Surepress technology and kill the keyboard. There are other Berries that have that mix and if we want a slide out, then a Palm Pre is an alternative. The only reason RIM would consider the slide out is to capture the younger generation. I see slide outs/side kicks on the buses and trains used by the kids.

2) Fix the browser. The only time I use the browser on my Storm is when I'm not near a Wifi hot spot for my Touch.

3) Update the Media so other formats can be loaded and played. I bought a DVD with a digital copy that came with it. While I was able to get the digital copy on my Touch, my Storm was not having it.

4) Better Headphones / Earphones to control the Berry for music play, incoming calls, etc.

Looking at it as someone that would be using it for business (not for me personally) I think it will be a winner. You have the familiar Blackberry keyboard plus the nice big touch screen for when that is a better mode of navigation as well as being able to view docs better. Then, once in a situation where the touch screen navigation may not be the most optimal (quick scroll to one of your first few contacts, emails, txts or maybe you have hot snuace all over your mits) wipe a thumb off and take to the track pad for navigtation.
Maybe your not a huge fan of touch screens but would love a Blackberry with the big screen. Well, here's your BB then. Nice big screen and you won't HAVE to use the touch screen if you don't want to.
My Dad wanted a Storm but just didn't like typing on the touch screen and the standard BB screen was too small for him. This maybe the phone to get him on a Blackberry and I imagine he is not the only one out there in the same situation. I know he is tired of carrying the laptop everywhere just for email use and occasionally viewing news online.
Personally and until my eyes start to go, I will be sticking with the traditional BB with maybe a Storm model on the side for kicks. To me personally the BB is a messaging device first and for most. The ability to take it out and go, with out sliding out a keyboard or flipping something open is one of the many things that keep me coming back. So even though I see a place in the world for this style of Blackberry it is not for me. I would gladly pick one up for Pops though. I know he will be excited about this as soon as I email him the link to this article.

I like the idea of a slider, but not a vertical one. This slider here looks like a cross between a Storm and 9700 more than a Palm Pre. At least the Pre has more rounded lines.

They should really just make a Storm2 with NA 3G and horizontal slider. Now I'd buy that!

If this is the Storm 3 I'm done with BlackBerry. Massive fail!!

One of the main reasons I got the Storm is because BB keyboards are too cramped and the landscape keyboard was better (plus the bigger screen obviously).

But this is a big step back IMO. RIM is about to lose some massive marketshare if they don't get into the 21st century soon...

I’m more inclined to the Dakota form factor but I wouldn’t dismiss this without trying it first. I’d say that a horizontal slider would be my preference too. Bags of RAM please!
Just one out of left field; how about a vertical slider keyboard that’s detachable, Bluetooth enabled & usable with the screen in portrait or landscape?

I have used the Pearl, Curve, Storm, and am now using the Bold. I have been waiting for a cross over between the Storm and the Bold. I am not convinced the vertical slider is the best way to go, but will hold my judgment until I see the device.

Anything that gives the functional of the Bold with the fun of the Storm is great in my eyes. I use the phone both for work and personal experiences. This phone would come closer to making an experience I would like.

Keep with it RIM.

Not sure what all the surprises and complaints are about.
If you really want a slider-touch combo, this is what it's going to look like. You need a full size screen to take advantage of the touch aspect and you want a nice full size BB keyboard to make it right. Skimp on either of those 2 things and they are just half-assing it.
It looks big when it's extended but you won't be carrying it around like that, just typing on it when you want to use the keyboard. When not extended it will be the same size as other current BB's.
Personally, I won't buy it because I think touchscreens are overrated and don't like them, but I'm sure it will sell well.
Without a complete overhaul of the OS though, will it really be able to do anything that the current BB's and/or Storm can't do?

I wonder if it will have an on screen keyboard as well, so you didnt HAVE to use the slide out keyboard if you didn't want to. I like the concept on a slider/touchscreen. I will reserve final judgement until more photo and details are available.

As much as I love my 9700, I would definitely consider this phone. I find myself squinting at the 9700's screen. If this screen is close to the size of the Storm, and on AT&T, I'm IN!!!!

It probably would have to be no bigger then the Pre to make the weight and balance work. That removes alot of screen real estate which I would prefer to have over the physical k/b. I'd be more concerned over the UI and OS on this device however - that could make/break the experience. Something akin to the Sense UI on top of an optimized BB OS would be ideal imho.

This is what happens when manufacturers begin to disregard usability in favor of *trying* to be cool. A BlackBerry slider (above any other slider) should be of a landscape keyboard ala HTC Touch Pro 2. Browsing the web and working with Excel spreadsheets on a portrait sliding keyboard is not a pleasant experience.

A landscape slider would be far less suited to a blackberry than a vertical one because it would maintain the blackberry style of working one-handed if you need while obviously being quicker two-handed.

If this was a landscape slider then you would have no option, but to use it two-handed for any semblance of speed when typing.

ha ha, i hope this is not really going to be released! it really looks like an old samsung slider i used to have BUT TWICE THE SIZE....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ahaha!!!!!!!a bit of a backwards step in my opinion.

I think this is a great design and move for RIM. It really targets a younger crowd that RIM has just recently started hitting. It is the child of a 9700 and 9530 it seems. I like the keyboard, hopefully it will be the same size as a bolds keyboard. Now the screen, i noticed the bottom buttons on it, it reminds me of the failed 9530 screen. If they can make the front one solid piece a la storm 9550, im game. I like the concept, the idea and i dont think id switch to one, due to i just got rid of my 9550 after 8 long years with BB for my iphone, where 3g is fast.....ATT. Anyways, love the idea of it.

That may not be the final design, but I don't think it's ugly at all. If you like the way the Bold works, I don't know what your problem would be with that. I think something like the Android where you have the touch screen for quick interfacing but still the OPTION of a tactile QWERTY board is the best of both worlds. That said, I picked up a Storm in a cell phone store and was not impressed with that technology, it felt like something 5 years old. I feel like the next generations of BB's need to get their touchscreen technology up to speed or they'll get left behind.

People are so fickled; when the Palm Pre came out everybody thought it was so sexy and beautiful. Now RIM comes out with a vertical slider and all of a sudden it's hidiuous; abeit a little long - but everybody wants a LARGE screen AND a SLIDER, now RIM gives it to you and you call it an "aircraft carrier with rumble strips?" Personally, I do not like sliders, but in keeping with the premiere keyboard that BBs have become famous for, a vertical slider makes the most sense.

P.S. Disappointed in you Kevin when you said, "NO SurePress we hear - thank god." You never really voiced your opinion on that, always being very diplomatic about that we know how you truly feel; I guess this means you are not a Storm2 fan? I still think that SurePress is fantastic, but to each his own.

Don't know what all the negative comments are me this is perfect. I've had the Storm and now use a Tour. I like having a physical keyboard for one handed typing but really miss the bigger screen for apps & web.

Also, I could actually type faster on the Storm in landscape mode so I would see myself using the touchscreen for typing more often than the slide out keyboard. Sign me up!

Why a vert slider? I use Sure Type on my Storm, I already pass on the mini-qwerty so why would i want a mandatory mini-qwerty? Should have been more in line with the 'fake?' Storm 3 thats been floating around.

You are looking at it like a storm user, but assuming this is intended for another carrier then this will be a touchscreen for people coming from a bold or curve and thus more than happy to use the excellent physical keyboard.

I getting it only if it on the hspa network if not i don't want it and its got to be on north America frequency

they should have this slide horizontal i think that would be better. i dont like vertical slider phones! just my 2 cents

I don't get why the slider design is being knocked on?

I think the slider design is one of the most intuitive designs that can be applied to a phone (particularly the top-slide design as this model has).

As long as RIM can make sure the screen won't be overly top heavy when the slider function is seems to be a solid design.

I do like the concept of this new slider phone.....It is similiar to the Pre, but considering the fact that it is blackberry, Palm aint got nothing on it!! I really like the phone style though!

We all know palm didn't get it right the first time hence the palm + devices...if this comes out a lot of us will buy it and wait for the next one. I'd buy this without question a dn deal with the os issues with the main flock...

I like touch screens but prefer to type with a keyboard so this is something - would want!

It is not the best looking but for the function and having every thing I want in a phone I can get past this!

Now what my problem is and most likely will be is rim will be dumb as hell as always and make it carrier specific!
That pissis me off like they do with the storm! I would have tried one out but the lack of keyboard don't know I would have liked it! But I refuse to sign a contract with a CDMI company that are full of asshole CS people! Also while refusing to us CDMI!
That is the down fall rim has is make carrier only phones all of their phones should go abroad and the companies decide!

I like the look of the phone. The keyboard of the BlackBerry is a hallmark feature and this phone keeps it.

It is funny that so many criticize RIM for their designs. They must know something as the phones keep selling with the consumers that some of you keep saying will hate these phones.

It's ridiculous they don't have a slider phone option.

1. Full screen
2. Real keyboard

Best of both worlds.

It you hate it, who cares! They need to have all options!! Buy the option you like. I personally want a bigger screen than my 8900, but want a real keyboard and think the Storms popping button screen is a joke.

If this is NOT a surepress like stated the only way to know it is a touch screen as stated would be to turn the phone on. If the phone turns on we will be able to see which OS this phone has. If I dont see photos or videos of it on within a few days I consider it fake.

Hopefully they will eventually release one of those as well, but in the meantime a vertical slider that leverages their expertise with small keyboards is the more logical option.

I've always thought that the small screen featured by each Blackberry model except the Storm is its biggest Achilles' heel. Like most, I have longed for a Blackberry device with a bigger screen that would maximize all of its business and personal functions. Viewing e-mails, movies, pictures, etc. will all be enhanced by an increase in the screen real-estate.

But this design is so far from a fix that it is laughable. Such vertical slider screens are usually unwieldy and ill-balanced. It is visually unappealing as well. It is a design that has been implemented by many manufacturers with varying degrees of success, mostly dismal. This breaks no new ground. In fact, a horizontal slider would be preferable to this design, even though it eliminates the highly-prized ability to type with just one hand.

What I had hoped for is something along the lines of a high-end flip phone (not like the pearl). A flip phone the size of the Bold, with the the entire top as the screen, and the bottom for buttons and keys. This would resolve people's hunger for more screen real estate, minus the widely disliked touchscreen.

What is this canadian ass backward design. RIM's engineers are no better than the failures who designed the luge course and opening ceremony at the winter olympics. Most of the phones RIM has been releasing are horrendous lately. nothing like they used to be.

Hire some american engineers and spice up your offerings RIM. THIS LOOKS LIKE something i can make in my basement. BORING