First Photos: Alltel Branded BlackBerry Tour!

Alltel BlackBerry Tour 9630
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jun 2009 12:03 am EDT

I think we can let the photos above do the talking on this one.... it seems Alltel subscribers can rejoice as they will soon have a BlackBerry Tour 9630 to call their own in the near future as well. Big thanks to you know who you are for sending this in!

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First Photos: Alltel Branded BlackBerry Tour!


I'm confused...I thought Verizon and Alltel merged? So is this like a release under Verizon's release or is this a seperate release all on it's own?

Yeah...I'm a little confused too. But I guess they're keeping the brand identity of Alltel alive and well - at least for a little while longer. I think the release date may be a bit later - I *think* it went into technical acceptance with Alltel testers at a later date the VZW's.

from what i was informed, alltel phone will still always be branded for alltel, even after verizon finishes the merger. what i mean is they will keep making alltel phones forever, and also verizon. i may be wrong but alltel will still be alltel in some areas and verizon will take over the bigger towns... thats what i heard from my alltel branch store here in mankato, mn

From what I can gather, it seems most areas have become Verizon or will soon ( the transition is complete for my area on July 12th - isn't that convenient for the Tour release on Verizon). Some markets, however, will be divested. I'm not for sure, but I think that divested markets will remain Alltel for a while longer (around a year) until they are taken over by AT&T. I saw articles a while back about Verizon selling the divested markets to AT&T, so I think after that happens within the next year, Alltel as a brand will cease to exist. Again, I've never read all of this together, but this is what I have gathered from following the merger over the last few months.

Let me clear the ALLTEL/Verizon confusion up for you all.

There are 2 "Alltel" groups at this time.

#1. Non-Divested:
These are the Alltel groups that are becoming Verizon. But, since Verizon has to integrate every market into their system (billing, and network) they are doing it in stages. So as each area becomes Verizon that area's Alltel stops. Until then Alltel still exists. For example I'm in Phoenix, and we're becoming Verizon. But, they haven't done the migration here yet so there are still Alltel stores, receiving Alltel phones, and offering Alltel plans. Once the merger completes here, those will completely transition to Verizon and Alltel will cease to exist here.

#2. Divested markets:
These are the markets that Verizon had to let go in the transaction. They will eventually become ATT, etc, but until those deals are finalized, and they too are integrated nito their new parent companies systems they remain Alltel. They're operated, right now, by a special Alltel Trust. Once their new buyers purchase them, and pretty much integrate them like Verizon is doing... then Alltel will go away there, but that wont be for I'd guess 12 months as it's a long FCC/Purchase/Migration process. I mean Verizon took almost a year from "intent to buy" til they event started moving into the markets.

Hope that helps.

every time i see this phone it just gets sexier and sexier, i cant wait for it to drop at Sprint!

As stated Verizon did not get to take over all the Alltel markets. I am still with Alltel but recently got a letter that Atlantic Tele-Network had bought our market, have no idea who that is.

Don't forget Alltel was not bought out in all markets. I live in ND and havent switched over to ATAT yet. I think all the divested markets will probably get it and new phones until the mergers are complete.

I am currently an Alltel customer and have absolutely no desire in becoming a Verizon customer. We have been with Alltel since 1993 and more than likely won't continue with Verizon. I very excited after seeing this Alltel branded 9630 as this is precisely what I was hoping for. I spoke with Alltel and Verizon customer service and apparently in my area, which is Durham, NC the system changes will be taking place in about two weeks. Verizon did tell me though that basically the process won't be complete until the end of July, so as long as Alltel releases the 9630 then, I will certainly be scooping one up. If not, off to Sprint I go....

I'm curious as to why you would switch to Sprint...? I can't see a whole lot of "Pros" on their side vs Verizon. "Pre's" maybe.. but not "Pros" me out here.

Why do you have "no desire" to become a Verizon customer? I thought they were taking over the Alltel coverage, so wouldn't things stay the same?

I found your comment to be pretty funny as I actually gave the pre a try for 3 weeks and decided while it is a wonderful phone, it didn't quite meet my needs and the build quality is subpar. My biggest gripe about the 9630 is that RIM continues to make phones without wifi...they really need to get with the program. That being said, I have a laptop so honestly wifi is not a dealbreaker for me but it's always good to have options.

As far a Sprint is concerned, I was actually very impressed with their service when I had the Pre and while it was not better than Alltel/Verizon's it wasn't far off, and I actually got much better reception at my house. My problem with Verizon is that I don't feel that they offer anywhere near as a good a value as Alltel. In my opinion, Sprint provides the best value in wireless. I really enjoyed having Telenav and Sprint TV on the Pre as part of the plan. Verizon nickels and dimes people for every additional service they offer, some of which need to be included with the plan. We have 7 lines on a business account and the bill will increase over $150/month for less minutes in order to have a comparable Verizon plan. That being said, we will not be renewing on any Verizon plans and if they force us to switch plans we will leave.

It all boils down to the same coverage for less money, which makes absolutely no since to me.

its not really a merger, its a take over. All of the alltel markets that were purchased by verizon will become verizon stores. Alltel phones will still work after the conversion. Alltel stores that were not purchased by Verizon have been sold (some to AT&T) and the rest to some other company will eventually become those companies so there will actually not be any Alltel left. Except for people who already have Alltel rate plans will be able to keep those rate plans.

There isn't an actual need for there to be an Alltel branded version. Customers on Alltel plans will be able to purchase new Verizon phones and use them on the plans they have already. They can have a mix of Alltel and Verizon phones on their plan. So an Alltel Branded Tour seems a little silly.

"There isn't an actual need for there to be an Alltel branded version. Alltel Branded Tour seems a little silly."

Actually, with VZWs long history of crippling features in many/all of their devices, anybody with an Alltel plan should snap these up as soon as possible; I know I will.

If you haven't noticed already, RIM only puts Wi-Fi in the XX20 devices which happen to be GSM only. The XX30 devices, which are CDMA, will never get Wi-Fi. My best guess is that this is due to the differences between the GSM and CDMA chipsets. As for the dual band devices, World/Storm/Tour, there probably isn't enough room to fit in a Wi-Fi chip.

Im in Kansas and we will switch to verizon in a few months i assume. either way, im getting the tour as a Christmas present to myself, i hate the 8830 with no camera, so to see this come thru on alltel or verizon is a sweet deal for me.