First Orion Launches PrivacyStar Application for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Bla1ze on 15 Dec 2009 01:04 pm EST
First Orion Launches PrivacyStar Application for BlackBerry Smartphones

PrivacyStar is a new service that launched today which enables users to take complete control of their phones by reporting potential telemarketing violators to regulatory enforcement authorities, blocking any and all unwanted callers.

“While federal and state Do Not Call programs have been successful, we believe that millions of unwanted calls and telemarketing violations occur each day in the United States,” said Jeff Stalnaker, president of First Orion. “A major contributor to this problem is the inability to identify and quickly shut down violators. PrivacyStar not only empowers callers to immediately decide who can no longer call them, it also provides regulatory agencies with new capabilities to identify and shut down the worst violators. Another very popular feature offered by PrivacyStar is the Caller Look-up feature that allows users to find the name associated with a phone number with a simple keystroke.”

PrivacyStar is full of additional features which make the application the first in the market to offer a solution to actually assist with reporting Do Not Call list violator. As well as being the first to offer users an online portal to manage blocked callers (including unblocking), provide additional details on violations and manage their Privacy Star account. You can grab the application free for 30 days starting today. Following the trial period, PrivacyStar is available for $2.99 per month, OS 4.5+ supported.



I dont get any telemarketing calls as it is.. buy to pay $2.99/mo to report them?!?! Where is the logic there??


I get a few unsolicited text's, but rarely phone calls (at least yet). This service seems a bit pricey to me.


I only get a few calls a month from TM, but get lots from others that I want to block. Love the call great. Worth the price to me!


I don't get any telemarketing calls on my cell so I have no need for this.


$2.99 a month to keep someone from calling me? Wonderful. This is not just for telemarketing calls. This is for every number (student loans, credit cards, or even friends) that you may ever call. Like the ability to unblock a number easy. If I don't know who it is I have the App to locate the number and tell me who it really is. That is worth is to me.


can you help me to unlock call barring?
i bought this second hand handset.


Sounds good - wouldn't mind having this service. Worth every penny imo!


would love to have a copy of this.


Is it just me or does it not completely block the call? I downloaded and installed the trial. Blocked and tried calling from a number. Phone still lights up and shows the call, only it cuts off and disconnects quickly. Is this normal?