First multi-platform BBM Stress Test! Add PIN 71017D1A to your BBM contacts now!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Sep 2013 05:52 pm EDT



OK CrackBerry Nation, listen up... we're helping out BlackBerry's BBM team on this one at their friendly request. With BBM set to hit Android and iOS soon, we're doing our first multi-platform BBM Stress Test.

Right now there's a non-BlackBerry phone sitting at BlackBerry HQ running BBM tied to the PIN above. We want to FLOOD that phone with BBM invites. So scan the barcode above, or add 71017D1A now.

The goal of this test is to monitor the incoming invites, so please note that your request ultimately may not get accepted (many of them will, but there is a person from BlackBerry holding onto that phone who will be approving the requests, which you know from our previous BBM stress tests can take a while to do while the phone is getting hammered). 

Please leave the request pending for a few days before you delete it, assuming you don't ultimately get accepted.

That's it. GO GO GO GO GO!  And thanks for helping out #TEAMBLACKBERRY!

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First multi-platform BBM Stress Test! Add PIN 71017D1A to your BBM contacts now!!!!



It is great that they are asking Crackberry Nation for help! Maybe that is why they fired all those testers.

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Whic I had a pin to send, hope the stress test goes well because when bbm gets to my HTC I want it to be bug and brick free!

Invite sent and accepted seconds later. Any idea what device they are using?

Posted via CB10 from Scotland while pretty stoned using Z10STL100-2/

Contact name is BBM user and there display pic is the bar code

Posted via CB10 from Scotland while pretty stoned using Z10STL100-2/

Should have organized a specific time for this to really hammer it. It'll be more of a heavy trickle now because people will only be adding the pin as they come across this article.... no?


Michael add me I'm ready to teach some iOS and Droids two or three tricks!!


I'm MongezaurioBerry

BTW I was surprised when I tried to scan the bar code, because i was lying in bed and only half the bar code was showing on the screen. I pointed my Z10 to the screen, I scrolled down and before even moving the phone the invite was sent! like not even 2 seconds it scanned the barcode and sent the invite! O_O! I'm surprised and impressed! Chapeau

This seems extremely suspicious.

Surely they can simply generate an invite (or any other kind of msg) from a local server...

Isn't this what unit-testing framework is for?

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I'm asking out of plain naivete because I know nothing about this... of what would it be suspicious?

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Obviously it's marketing too. And a bit of real
world testing which is always more valuable than automated testing.

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CB10 app messes up replies. This is for xoma or whatever his name is.

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Prediction - phone won't be able to withstand the stress, it's not built for BlackBerry, lol.

Via my Zormtrooper running w/unlocked r/time, and dark themes.

So they're finally going for a new number? :D
All the BlackBerry phones i ever seen have their pins starting with either 2 or 3

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Request sent and new contact added! Contact : BBM4All
This stress test is good to see. It seems that we should see the final release very soon!

BB forever

I have sent them à message asking wich device they are testing, they read it but no answer !

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Done like butter... is that how the saying goes?... hmm now I'm intrigued as to how it started and what it means

*swipes CB app up*
*opens browser searches google*
*flicks browser up and goes back to CB App*

Alright looks like there is no saying of that sort whatsoever lol.. not sure how I came about saying it... *facepalm*

Done like a Boss!! :D

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Dumb question...
Do I have to add crackberry as a contact to add the pin? I can't see where I can scan or just add a pin.

Accepted and got a smiley face from the poor guy/gal clinging onto that thing while it vibrates like crazy, no doubt ;)

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Awesome!! Is this an iOS or Andriod device? I hope that this bbm going multiplatform is a good idea for the company. I don't understand how they are going to make money if the app is free.

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"I don't understand how they are going to make money if the app is free."...

Basic BBM = Free
BBM with Video and Channels* = $0.99/$1.99

*You'll always be able to view channels but not own a channel. Only BlackBerry users can own a channel and video chat for free.

Simple...and I see it working.


Also funny they do this now, after last nights podcast!
Someone is listening.... and they were like ...Holy Sh*t, we can't have our servers down if we do pull millions of new users.

Just got a chance to send in the invite. I hope you hear back from BlackBerry on how it went.

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Too bad there wasn't more of a heads up to really bombard the test device.

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