First Look: BlackBerry Z30 Leather Holster Case

Check out the OEM BlackBerry Leather Holster for the Z30!

By DJ Reyes on 24 Sep 2013 11:29 am EDT

About a week before the September 18th mystery press event (that we now know to be the BlackBerry Z30 launch) we saw some Z30 cases turn up on eBay. In CrackBerry fashion, we had to snap one up and check it out.

If you have ever seen the Z10 leather holster, you'll see that the Z30 version is pretty much the same - just bigger. There are few small differences but all in all it is pretty much like that of the Z10 version.

I actually prefer the way the Z30 leather holster is made, only due to the way the seams have been connected. With the Z10 version the seam is around the center of the side of the case. This means it is prone to flattening, this then makes it somewhat hard to slip the device into the case. The seams on the Z30 case are towards the back which means it holds its form better. This is much more beneficial since it is a bigger design.

Check out the video above for a first look and comparison with the Z10 leather holster.

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First Look: BlackBerry Z30 Leather Holster Case


Where else are you going to put it? Going to carry a purse around (I'm assuming your male)?

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Yea I already find the Q10 a bit big for the hip. I can't imagine what a Z30 would be like when sitting in your car

Posted via CB10

3hb78ftg, I think you may be onto something there. "Weapon of choice". . .holster. . .shoulder holster!

The Z10 is on the verge of too big for a belt holster. I can't see the Z30 on a belt holster at all.

But a shoulder holster, while stupendously impractical, would look unbelievably cool.

I actually have the belt holster for my z10 and it's just perfect. No complaints at all while driving either. I did have a problem with the clip coming undone from the holster and had to glue it back in place rather than spend $30 for a new one.

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

Does anyone know why the new holsters have that one red stitch ?

I've got my Q10 holster, but I can't for the life of me figure out why lol

Posted via CB10

My Q10 case and Bold 9900 cases both have these stitchings. I've read everything from it there to show its a genuine BB oem product to its a region thing to its a sign of exclusivity.

My guess is that they're trying to make it look like the BlackBerry spark. lol

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

I definitely think it is a tribute to the BlackBerry LED notification alert.

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Unfortunately, this holster still blocks the audio port, which is kind of lame. My 9900 holster had the leather band in the center to prevent that and it is still a "work" accessory and phone. I'll get it anyway, since I have bluetooth headphones, but it is an unfortunate oversight or neglect.

Posted via CB10

If this holster is anything like the one for the Z10 it won't block the headphone jack. I use headphones all the time with my Z while it's in the holster.

BlackBerry weapon of choice.

There should also be a 1 month rule before new members can post. Especially when their post consist of one liner quips and adds nothing to the conversation.
Not a troll dumba$$ own more BB's than you do. Still use the Q and 9900. Where is this law that one can use only one platform.
Its an awesome case the style I'm used to and have for my 9900 and my Q10.

Furthermore read my past post if you think I am a troll. Just purchased 2 iphones this weekend. People like you throw troll around to freely.
Freaking 3 week members should have more respect.

If you've got 2 iPhones you should put them on eBay, especially if they're the gold ones. They're listed for $1200+ then wait a few weeks and buy one for yourself. There's always money to be made off of the tech desperate.

Great idea makes perfect sense did you come up with that all by yourself. Yes I was desperate to chat with friends and use any video app to do so. Tango was a no go Skype was a no go. No one has BBM to video and chat with. I get full features now with Endomondo because the sideload was crippled. So yeah I'm desperate to enjoy all the apps that the rest of the word is currently using on iphone. All while still using my Q10 and 9900.

So I'm to busy enjoying having the best the best of both worlds for your dislike for a electronic device to bother me.

"So I'm to busy enjoying having the best the best of both worlds for your dislike for a electronic device to bother me."
It's "too" not "to" and "an" not "a"
and I'm guessing it's not true, it took you less than 10 minutes to reply to my post.

Ok interweb intellectual, the quick response was due to CB notify of comment check box, that I've now disabled so have at it.

This much drama over the fact that someone has extended "there" (here I spelled that wrong just for you ) electronic collection is hilarious, and the funny thing is I really like that case and wonder if it fits!

I really have no words for you except you really need to take stock of who you are when you try to flame a guy on a Internet website for having a device you don't like.
I doubt if it means anything to you if I have more BB's in a drawer than you will ever own. Or that I have a Q on one hip and a 9900 in my jacket pocket. Or a Few Playbooks at home.

I love it, you're just makin' this way too much fun. You clearly have some anger management issues. All I was saying was that you should make a profit on your iphones, not that you shouldn't have them... ease up before you give yourself an aneurysm.

Cool case for a phone that will never come out, get dismantled as a company. BBM will come out as its own company much like facebook or twitter, they will get real dev's to go cross platform and become the next skype.

We were good brain stormers good job everyone :)

I thought the z10 was way too big but this is just ridiculous. It won't be long before we start making one for the size of laptops

Posted via CB10

I've always used the holster, it's dorky but damn convenient. I would really like someone to come up with a lanyard phone holder so I can easily grab it and look at messages but it remains attached to me so I'm not always leaving it somewhere. It'd have to be fairly long so I can read it while it's still around my neck.

I still don't understand why they don't put the Blackberry logo on the holster...
EDIT: The chrome Blackberry logo. They have it on the case without the clip, but not on the holster.
EDIT 2: For a professional profile look it makes sense.

BlackBerry is so old that they still making stuff people don't like, like this in leather...people like what everyone have. this is what makes BB what they are right now.

any chance you can try a Z10 with a barely there, or incipio feather shell case and see if it fits?

hi, could you try the z10 in a case mate barely there, or incipio feather shell and see if it fits in this case please?

I have the Z30 (great phone!) and the holster.

I can confirm that the mag clip DOES cover the headphone jack, but you could always put the phone in facing back to get round this.

The case is, however, INCREDIBLY close fitting. 2 days of use and it's still taking me well over 30 seconds to get the phone out each time!

Phone is obviously well-secured and the whole package doesn't feel as bulky as my Bold & Torch did in their cases, despite the massive size difference.

Now all I need is for the software bods to re-introduce the holster mode settings from earlier OS's and I'll be blissfully happy!