First Look: Type and Go on the BlackBerry Q10 with Vivek Bhardwaj

By Richard Devine on 5 Feb 2013 10:49 am EST

Something pretty cool was -- albeit briefly -- shown off during this morning's keynote at BlackBerry Jam Europe. Type and Go is the BlackBerry 10 iteration of Universal Search and will be coming to everyone who goes out and grabs a BlackBerry Q10. Type and Go is more than just search though, it takes key words such as Email and BBM and turns them into actions. 

It's so simple, and extends the power of communicating with BlackBerry 10. And, who better to walk us through it than Vivek Bhardwaj, the Head of Software Portfolio for BlackBerry. Q10 owners are sure to fall in love with this. 

One thing to point out though, is that -- at least right now -- this functionality isn't on the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices that will be making their way out to developers soon. So, for now, we'll have to wait until the Q10 drops to start using it.  

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First Look: Type and Go on the BlackBerry Q10 with Vivek Bhardwaj


looks really cool, and much better than a voice assistant that you won't have to repeat yourself 5 times to get email alone lol

jeff's video is one of the rare ones.. a lot of the other videos from the BB event last week had other BB employees and all of them had trouble swiping up.

It's not that nothing was happening, but he was selecting the buttons at the bottom instead of going to the homescreen

I use the universal search all the time on OS 7.1, Type and Go is going to be super fast. I cant wait for a Q10.
Hopefully those swiping errors I've seen distract so many demonstrations, will be dealt with. It might also just be that the people demonstrating are used to the Z10 and are not starting the swipe from the top fret of the Q10's keyboard.

I wonder if we'll be given the option to keep application shortcuts using the keyboard on the homescreen like we do on the Bold..

Is it just me.... or has anybody else noticed that nearly every time we see a video demo on the Q10 it takes people 2 or 3 times to do the swipe up gesture to get back to the active frames??

I find this deeply, deeply, deeply disturbing. I'm more sold on the Q10 because of the battery life, but if this is my experience I'm returning it.

These are still early prototypes, im sure itll be adressed by april people... Stop complaining... Bbry isnt THAT stupid to release it with that big of an issue

They are already in testing period with carriers. So you can't say that is an early prototype. Hopefully this will go better when people will use it.

The Q10 doesn't come out for 2 months. Pretty sure this will be fixed by then. Remember we saw the same kinds of issues when the Dev Alpha B debuted.

The Q10 doesn't come out for 2 months. Pretty sure this will be fixed by then. Remember we saw the same kinds of issues when the Dev Alpha B debuted.

Is it just me or is anyone else seeing what I continue to see?? So far in every single video I've seen showcasing the Q10, every time someone goes to swipe up or to "peek" into the Hub, they always have to do it multiple times before it goes...and this is mostly BlackBerry people (Vivek and such) who should have this motion down by now...What gives?? I'm a little worried about this considering I am stuck with Sprint (at the moment hehe) and all they are supposedly offering is the Q10...looks like I may definitely have to go to Big Red!

So has anyone else noticed this as well? Is there a video out there where someone gets it right on the first try, maybe multiple times in the video, that someone can link to so that I can be assured that BB got it right?

Yes you did! But unfortunately that means that I am not seeing things and that it's true...problems problems problems :(

If I had to guess it would be that the bezel on the Q10 is smaller so there is a smaller "sweet spot" to hit on it...I dunno

It also means that you people aren't reading comments before posting! There is a post like 3 up from here and like 3 up from that one with replies. Just reply and put your thoughts in that. Why make a new post and take up space?

Well excuse ME...I didn't know you were trying to save space. Is it possible that it took me such a long time to type my initial post (I do have children and things to look after that like to interrupt me all the time) that somebody else had already posted it as well? I guess we all can't be as perfect as a "Foo". At least I have something to strive for now. Thanks Pal!

Very cool, hopefully this feature is also added to the Z10 for when you press the search icon, would be immensely useful!

Im with you guys on the mulitiple attempts when swiping. But what I believe is going on is where they begin to swip, its alittle off of the bezel, especially on the Q10 since the bezel is so small. Remember when the Dev Alpha B came out and it took them multiple attempts when swiping and that was because the case took up half of the bezel so their thumb had to be pin point.

Now you must understand that this is wishful thinking on my part, Blackberry knows how important this launch is and I hope they got it right.

Torch 9860/Playbook 16GB.......

brilliant, adds another bonus to having the keypad version. I use that video to also mention that Vivek is the best Blackberry asset for showcasing the products. I hope he has a huge salary and lots of respect from his boss!

Type and Go sounds great , but is it my eyes or what, I notice the up swipe on the Q10 is not as sensitive as the Z10. Even in the video the up swipe is not reacting ! is that a sensitivity control

I think a way this could be carried over to the Z10 would be to have a gesture to bring up the virtual keyboard (like on the playbook) which you could start typing on to activate the search menu. This may make it possible to get rid of the search soft key if you really wanted, or at least provide an alternative means to perform searches/type-and-go.

z10 shortcut for the keyboard is "two thumbs up"... swipe up with both thumbs (or fingers) from the buttom bezel upwards. reverse to hide the keyboard. but - typing on the home screen doesn't do jack :( good idea though.

about the Q10 being able to just email or txt someone on the keyboard from the front screen. Can't you pull up the keyboard on the z10 on the front screen to do the same? I saw in a video somewhere that swiping two fingers up from the bottom brings up the keyboard. Does this actually work?

If you like. My legacy Pre 3 was going to be replaced with a Q10 anyway, but this just confirms it. The Q10 is going to be what HP should have released during 2012.

I doubt the upward swipe thing is any big deal.

Kevin, would you be able to find out some details regarding this feature coming to the Z10 in an OS update? Like previous posters have mentioned, the two finger swipe to bring up the keyboard on the home screen could make this feature available to Z10 owners very easily in an update. Thanks!