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Trexta PlayBook Cases
By Alicia Erlich on 14 Jan 2012 10:19 am EST
Going around the convention floor I've been seeing some awesome BlackBerry cases from different manufacturers. What struck my eye though was the unveiling of Trexta's new 2012 line of accessories for the new OS 7 devices and BlackBerry tablet. They are rolling out not one, not two, but five different types of cases for the new Bold 9900/30, Torch 9850/60, and Curve 9350/60/70. These are awesome cases that not only show off your sense of style (they come in a variety of colors to suit your tastes) but offer solid protection as well. More importantly they all come with the never leave home without magnet sleeper function. When trying out these cases the first thing I noticed was how solid they were and and how well they fit in your hands. They may look shiny but they are not slippery or bulky at all. These are well designed cases and a hands-on review of one of these babies is on the way. Click on the jump for more information.

Trexta Cases for BlackBerry

Trexta Nifty

Nifty - Bold 9900/30, Torch 9850/60, and Curve 9350/60/70

  • Highest quality genuine leather
  • Pull-out strap for ease of access
  • Complete protection
  • Magnetic power saving function
  • Elegant design conceived in top quality
  • Comes in three colors: Camel, Black, Burgundy
Trexta Archon

Archon - BlackBerry Bold 9900/30

  • Highest quality leather
  • Complete functionality of a flip case
  • Deskstand function
  • Elegant design conceived in top quality
  • Comes in five colors: White, Black, Burgundy, Exotic Black, Exotic Pink
Trexta Capi

Capi "Elegant Slim Case"- Bold 9900/30, Torch 9850/60, and Curve 9350/60/70 

  • Highest quality genuine leather
  • Pull-out strap for ease of access
  • Complete protection
  • Magnetic power saving function
  • Elegant design conceived in top quality
  • Available in six different designs: Pink & Black, Pink & Blue, Yellow & Pink, Black, Burgundy, and Pink

    Trexta Palette & Fusion

      Palette "Flexible Rubber Case" - BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 (Top row)

      • Antibacterial and Biodegradable material
      • Complete protection 
      • Candy flavored smell
      • Full access to all controls
      • Available in eight different colors: Grey, Red, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Green and White

      Fusion "Soft shell leather case" - BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 (Bottom row)

      • Colors: Craco, Black, Burgundy, Yellow-white, Pink and Green

      They also offer a brand new line of PlayBook cases that was on display at the BlackBerry booth as shown in the picture at the top of the post. I must say this are some fine looking cases that are built for BlackBerry. Being here at CES for the first time I feel like a kid in a candy shop and can't help wanting one of everything. These cases are a great addition to what's already on the market and I can't wait for them to be available.

      Check out all of Trexta's products at Amazon



      I like those 9900 palette and fusion cases. Maybe I'll check one out sometime!


      If they did cases for the 9810, I'd have one in no time. All the styles have a unique look, without being over the top. Very classy stuff.


      Their selection for the Torch 9850/9860 is minimal at best. Their Playbook selection is nice but at $59.99 rather pricey. Once again no love for the Torch.


      I love it. Nice work showing off their collection Alicia. I've never had a Trexta case before. Ya I know. But now I'll be looking into them as well. :)

      p.s. diggin' your wallpaper in the Capi "Elegant Slim Case"- Bold 9900/30..


      Nifty in brown and Capi in bergundy! Need it NOW! I'll be pretty stoked once they're discounted on amazon.