First Look: Transform Shell for the BlackBerry Z10

By James Richardson on 31 Jan 2013 02:27 pm EST

With any new smartphone comes a host of accessories and the BlackBerry Z10 is no different. BlackBerry is aunching a selection of OEM accessories for the new flagship handset and the one that really caught my eye was the Transform Hard Shell. The shell offers protection to the rear of the device as any other shell would but due to the depth of it at the four corners of the Z10, it also will protect your screen if the BlackBerry is placed face down. In addition, I believe that a couple of screen protectors will be supplied with the shell so you really will have peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to stop your beautiful new BlackBerry getting any bumps or scrapes.

Where the Transform Hard Shell case part comes in is that the shell has a foldable seam running down the centre of its rear. This allows it to be bent almost in half, allowing you to use the shell as a kick stand - perfect for watching a movie or TV program.

We will of course have a full review of the Transform Shell in due course, but in the meantime check out the case options we already have in ShopCrackBerry and keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

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Reader comments

First Look: Transform Shell for the BlackBerry Z10


Thanks I've been waiting to see some of the cases in action. I'm not sure what one I want. Ordered the standard looking flip case off Shop CB today so I've at least got something. Might get a cooler one though :) Lots of options! :D

Since I am in the USA, I'll wait until March to order a Transform case. Love the kickstand, dealing with the delay, envious of all who now possess the Z10! ;)

Working in portrait mode is something I have wondered about for a while. Looks like it doesn't at least on the home screen.

I think they're going the same route as Apple by keeping the homescreens in portrait-mode only, but the orientation will change depending on the app you're in.

This case is definitely better! Covers the screen and the magnet acts like magnets do on the current holsters...dims the screen to preserve battery life! much nicer look too! Definitely getting this one!

Are you sure Sprint will not offer the new Blackberry Z10!! They would be so stupid not to. And if I were on Sprint and they did not office the device I wanted, then I would say good bye to my business..

This case makes a lot of sense. Because of the NFC on the back, it makes sense to have a case that can be easily taken off to take advance of the NFC.