First Look: Seidio Innocase 360

Screen protector and keyboard cover are seemlessly built into the front piece.
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Apr 2009 01:14 pm EDT

The Innocase 360 should provide solid everyday protection.

All side buttons and ports are still easily accessible. Curve 8900 on left, Bold on Right. I'm sure a 9630 version will be available too!
First Look at the Seidio Innocase 360 Solution

I was just freeing up some space on my camera's memory card when I stumbled upon a few photos I snapped at Seido's booth at CTIA in Vegas last week.

What you're looking at in the photos above are prototypes of their upcoming Innocase 360 solution. It's pretty cool. The two halves snap together to fully surround the BlackBerry, offering improved protection without sacrificing usability. The front half features a screen protector and keyboard cover seemlessly built into the hard covering - which should keep dust and dirt out and be resistant to everyday little nuisances like spills. The guys at the Seidio booth said not many people out there can produce a complex part like that where the clear covering soft keyboard cover is part of the main casing. The keyboard covering should really hold it's shape well too... apparently it's so strong you can pull down on it with 5kg (11lbs) of force and it'll still rebound to original shape. Not that you'd ever do that of course! It's not available yet, but we'll keep you posted on when it becomes available in our store. Stay tuned!

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First Look: Seidio Innocase 360


This is a pretty cool concept.

Question is, does it negatively impact the keyboard. If so, it's useless...

Actually, this has to interfere with the trackball at least... There's no way it can't.

If you even put a screen protector on the Menu or Back buttons it messes with the feel of using the trackball, and this is a case....

...i smell a contest brewing. but please tell me why i hafta have afoogly bold/niagara keyboard on my sexy 8900 CURVE?!?! whyyyyyyyyyyyyy....oh the humanity!

Very nice looking indeed! I wonder if they will produce a model for the Storm. That would take care of the dust under the screen issue.

That is a nice piece. By the way; has the [bold] innocase suface combo pack (surface & holster) for $35+ w/1.99 shipping for me (PA).

if these cases have that soft felt material underneath. Some of the complaints I've read is that the current Innocase scratches up the Bold's chrome parts.

this is a really cool concept BUT im worried about the keyboard cover drowning down the trackball, which would make it feel you can see from the pics, it looks like the trackball is too deep

I think I'd like this too. I was thinking about the Innocase II but if the actual design for this can deal with the trackball issue, I'd probably buy this instead.

This is substantially identical to Casemate's Smartskin, which has been sold on this site for a long time. Nothing new here.

One is a soft skin, the other is a hard case. Ideally this could be quite a bit thinner than the smartskin.

Definitely wondering how badly this will interfere with the trackball. I'd love a case with built-in screen protector, but I'm not really sure about the key-cover part of this. Makes having a pink Curve kind of pointless, unless they make this cover to match.

It seems to be a pretty well built case. It looks like it fits perfectly. Some of the after market stuff is just plain junk.

The fit is horrible and you end up trashing it.

I have the smartskin... and it's a great idea, but the trackball is pretty tough to use, so I don't use the smartskin anymore. This looks similar, although I wouldn't want to discourage anyone.

I cannot wait for this case! Very nice and looks sleek like the other cases I have from Seidio. A nice way to keep my 8900 looking new without added bulk.

We all have opinions, so here is mine. Anyone that carries a BB without some form of case protection is asking for trouble down the line. If your are obsessed with keeping a BB in your pocket without a case, your BB is going to get pretty beat up and eventually not function well. Just my opinion from looking at load's of unprotected BB's. No doubt plenty of you disagree. This is a matter of personal preference. For those of you that like to walk around all day carrying your BB in your hand, well, I don't get it. I like my hand to be free not stuck with carrying a BB all day long. This is a work tool, not a fashion ornament. It may sound "hick" and uncool to you all, but I use a holster with and Ottercase.

The Bold case looks rather naff with the curve keyboard. I can see some usability problems with that.

I have this case and I went back to my old gel skin instead. If anyone wants my case (black 8900) let me know. Just pay for shipping.

Fairly easy to type, I don't experience the typing problems others do. Unfortunately I get air bubbles in the screen...every since I put this case on I cannot put the phone in standby mode. If I take the case off, everything works perfectly.

innocase360, which after testing others, is the best out there! looking, best fit, secure protection (my friend has dropped her phone many times and it has survived thus far, and with no damage, to either the case or the phone. most of the time the case staying together ...only a few times it popped open/came apart), and functional!
(some other cases tested are secure, and look ok, but the fit is questionable and the cases themselves not functional (difficulty being heard during phone calls ...sounding muffled and at times echoed.
...Rest assured that while Otterbox's defender case may be secure, it is by no means functional!, and not to mention bulky! and the keyboard cover a flimsy joke! might as well not exist/be there.)
Also, during testing of other products, we always came back to the Innocase360, that is the case we will continue to use and recommend to others, ...and only the Innocase360! so be it!

After using the Innocase 360 day-in-day-out on my 8900 for 6mo's, here are my thoughts:

- great weight, doesn't feel that heavy when installed
- feels great in the hand and doesn't stain easily or scratch
- keypad makes it feel like i can type faster, and I think it actually did.

- bubbles in the screen didn't leave...ever...even after 6 mo's. Very annoying as the 'thumb trick' just made viewing the screen worse.
- construction of hinges, although cleverly designed, felt like it would break eventually over time...and that it did - right by the notification light =(

Overall, I loved it while it lasted cuz it fit so nicely in any pocket and my gf almost bought one for her 8900. Sadly, but gladly had to move on to the Otterbox Defender w/ holster and have never looked back since. Do lots of research if you plan to buy a case for your BB.

Sorry, Seidio. It's good, but not great. And the material's gotta be stronger the next time around.