First Look: See the BlackBerry 10 Time Shift camera feature in action for REAL!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2012 05:38 pm EDT

One of the BlackBerry 10 features shown off back in May at BlackBerry World that got us salivating was a canned video demo of the camera's time shift feature. Fast forward a few months now to BlackBerry Jam Americas, and we were able to put the feature to use FOR REAL.

Unfortunately we couldn't find a better looking model to test it out on, so it's CrackBerry Adam's mug on this one. But hit play on the video above. The functionality is pretty cool. Have the camera in Time Shift mode. Snap a photo. And from there you move through the time scale. You can also tap to zoom in on a region to make a specific change there. And though we just put Adam to the test in this first test, it can actually handle multiple faces in on shot. Really, really cool. This is a first look. We'll find some better looking models and report back soon with a Second Look.

You'll want to watch this one right to the end for a CrackBerry Kevin "Oh Sh!t" moment. After you snap a photo in the camera app of BlackBerry 10, to preview the image you took you can drag up the little preview thumbnail in the bottom left corner right there within the view finder. There's no need to tap and exit back to the photos app. These are the kind of little features that I'm LOVING within BB10. Saving seconds everywhere!

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First Look: See the BlackBerry 10 Time Shift camera feature in action for REAL!


unreal hands down the feature that wowed me the most back in may

wow .... on the second note for being able to bring the pic up without exiting app than letting it go...

FYI, the 9850 can see stored camera pictures directly from the camera app in a very similar fashion.

But it's still a great feature and I'm glad it will follow to BB10

Both autofocus and tap to focus work and it works when you're filming as well :)

In addition to autofocus, I hope the camera can also take panoramic shots as well. The competitions all have cameras that can do this, so BB needs to also be there.

Plus, panoramic capability is nice to have.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

The keynote demos and some of the hands on stuff going around the web show a slightly glitchy OS. I know why RIM delayed BB10 now. If this was released today, it would wow people like the Storm did, then frustrate the hell out of them until they returned the phone and gave up on BB for good. The delay will give them time to release a polished OS that will have people telling all of their friends how great it is.

The delay is a good move. I finally see it.

I love the swipe up feature on the PlayBook. That power on the phone will be just exceptional! Saw Kevin swipe up on the phone to close the camera application. Sweet.

all of these little features off BB10 are awesome. Only thing is RIM sucks at advertising. If they really want to be successful with BB10 they need to have multiple commercial spots once these things are coming out showing all these new features. Just like when Apple first started with the IPhone you saw freaking commercials and billboards everywhere. If RIM doesn't do that then this will fail.

If they have the cash on hand to advertise this correctly. I believe the destiny of BB10 lies in the advertising. They better nail it.

Whats Going to happen to this feature in future BB10 PHONES now that Nokia owns the company that was responsible for it ???? how will this affect BB10 camera feature going fwd is rim working with another inovative company for future release camera features they are very important on a phone


Thats the really important question. I HOPE someone at CB has the sense to inquire about it if they get the opportunity this week.

When CB posted that story a few months ago, it stated that RIM obtained a license continue using the Timewarp option. I highly doubt that only covered 1 iteration of phones.

Rim already paid for the feature before Nokia bought the company. Nokia will honor the previous agreement and license it to them. Been discussed MANY times already...

yes but I think we are wondering about the next bb10 phones Did the license cover time shift for those as well or did it not. If it did not i think we can expect a cold shoulder from nokia, especially if bb10 does conquer wp8

Awesome!! Friggin amazing!! But someone please tell me this phone also works in landscape.. Please

Amazing stuff RIM!!! Anyone know how good the camera itself will be?? Im talking hardware improvements!!


Actually it will be tomtom maps for BB10 but it wont be the crapple version with open maps incorporated (Long term apple has right idea tho. OpenMaps) I wish BB gets on that soon. help make it better than or at least as good as Google maps who has 10 yrs seniority in development (big task)

RIM have so much more to offer when this finally gets released. I'm seriously having withdrawal symtoms after viewing all these someone's taken away my BB and it's not yet been released!
Question I have is how does time shift work if multiple people are in the picture? if I'm taking a group or family photo and someone has their eyes closed or one of the kids pull a funny face. Can it work to allow you to amend on multiple objects before saving?

I don't know for certain, but I am pretty sure that RIM is taking all of that into consideration. In a lot of photos that I have, there are many instances where more then one person looks out of place in the pic, or isn't smiling, or blinked when the flash went off etc. It would be very pointless to just limit those features to one person.

I think (vaguely) remember seeing a video a while back when this feature was demoed showing that it does have the capacity to target multiple faces in one shot. Can anyone confirm this?

Yeah, I do remember that vaguely. There was a Girl and a Guy sitting on this porch and the camera was used. There were TWO bubbles to touch on both the people's faces in order to turn back time.

lol, best new feature of BB 10 I've seen so far! I really like the new UI as well. This feature is really unique and so far, I haven't seen other phones with it. Too bad Nokia scooped up the company that did it, otherwise, RIM could have this as one of their selling features.

Perfect Camera application , Blackberry has done a damm perfect research on how people wanna use mobile and what they really want . In love with BB10.