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First look at the new improved Polarbear app for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 26 Jul 2013 03:59 am EDT

We've mentioned Polarbear a few times here on CrackBerry already but I'm pleased to say that private beta's of the new improved version are going out real soon, however we have been lucky enough to get our hands on it early so I'll claim an exclusive - does that get me extra points?

If you haven't heard of Polarbear before it's essentially a native BlackBerry 10 application that will allow you to post to a selection of social media accounts in one hit. Gone will be the days of typing the same update into the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc, as Polarbear will let you update various apps from just one place.

To be honest, I've had a few beta versions of Polarbear, but until Twitter was integrated I refused (and told the developer) that I wouldn't use it. It looks like any third party app issues have now been resolved and Polarbear is doing its job. Although Polarbear is in BlackBerry App World -  a launch date for the new improved version of the application is still unknown at this stage, however as this would seem to be the re-launched beta (which works a treat) I'm hoping it won't be too far off. The current version has some restrictions in terms of which social networks you can post to.

As you will see from the above video - connecting Polarbear to the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr and is a piece of cake, so the same status update can be sent to all of the selected accounts in one swift move - nice. I don't use all the available social networks but it will certainly be an advantage to post to the few I do use with ease.

Fingers crossed this new version one will be submitted to BlackBerry World soon and we will of course have a full review, but in the meantime what do you think? Will you use Polarbear? Feel free to sound off in the comments.



Wauw nice!

Posted via CB10


Watching my inbox for the latest beta invite. Quite looking forward to getting my hands on this....

Mayer Tanuan

You get your invite already?

Posted via CB10


I got an email from them saying it's coming Friday aka today

Posted via CB10 on a B@stard .483 hybrid Verizon Z10


Is it going to be free?

Posted via CB10


Ultimately I hope not. The beta will be (I think - James will confirm) but for a product to be developed and improved the developer needs some income. If it's good I will happily pay.


Still missing SocialScope on BB10! It was such a great experience on BBOS not only posting onto all relevant social networks at once, but also having a unified timeline for all networks and multiple accounts! This is something e.g. Blaq or the native twitter app fails on. Switch between different accounts isn't a good experience. Definitely looking forward to Polarbear to fill at least the posting side of the Gap ...


I agree. If Kisai labs made something similar to Blaq that blended Twitter and Facebook time lines together would be awesome...

Posted via CB10


Waiting the apps release! Hopefully it will be a good apps since its native apps..

Posted via CB10


Best missing app from BlackBerry... the integrated timeline of FB and twitter and updating my status for BBM FB and twitter all at once... it is definitely the ultimate app.. BlackBerry dropped the ball when they didn't port it over to BB10

via CB10 on the amazing Z10

megat asyrul

I want that spark button:)

Posted via CB10


Lucky you.

Posted via CB10


Great news!

Posted via CB10


Can you do Facebook + BBM simultaneously?

Posted via CB10 on my ZedTen!


I miss how in bb7 BlackBerry had its own multi social media tool. That tool was kick ass.

Posted via CB10


Looks like the only missing item in there now is access to Wordpress


Yes please, I need the schedule feature. Any app, just add schedule posting ability and I will use your app daily.

Posted via CB10


Definitely! Looking forward to this.

Posted via CB10


I don't See it in BlackBerry world. Is there a link to download it?

Posted via CB10


I honestly think you should be able to see your social media timeline in it

Posted via CB10


Bbm channels too please!

Posted via CB10


BB need to buy this software or bring back social feeds.People seem to say it does what this did.bring that back and stick it in BBM would be epic for channels.


Really great effective for an app. I hope there's hub integration. Since the introduction, I've been doing all my social media almost exclusively from the hub.


Waiting on the beta email! This will replace my need for the sideloaded Scopeapp.


I want a Cascades app preferably

Posted via CB10


I will, but I hope it will be native at some point as AIR apps are just like Android 2.3 sideloads: slow.

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)


James, can you please tell me what the sparks pictured next to your phone on the table in your review are? Key chains, plush, erasers?

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


I can't wait!!

Posted via CB10


Of course

Posted via CB10


No BBM status update????? Why not?

Posted via CB10


Just got my invite, downloaded and side loaded and so far so good. Nice looking icon as well

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |


Got my invite; downloaded the beta software and loaded. Works like a charm. BTW, RIMperator, you can convert and sideload the Scope App on BB10 - it works well. The UI is a little busy, though. Thanks to Andre and Polarbear for their continued support of BB10!


Just received my download link :)

Posted via CB10 - BlackBerry Photography C00016D81


Guess if you need to post across networks it's ok, but I much prefer the BB OS Social Feeds, where you can actually see all the feeds in one stream, Here you don't see, but have to switch to the other apps (FB/Twitter etc) to see the feeds. Thus ends my beta test.


Polarbearing already! :D Makes social networking a lot easier! Thanks Andre!

Beta app is wonderful as it is and I hope future updates will have BBM and other IM BCs, headless app and HUB integration.

Posted via CB10


Thanks, James. I figured they were erasers, but definitely an internal only product I bet.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


can't wait to try it, tried of going in to so many different apps and places to post the same thing.

Posted via CB10


Just wanna say that's the first time I've noticed a Top Apps for UK section in BlackBerry World, ,this was one of my suggested ideas in the poll on how to improve it. Glad they listened. Fabulous!

Posted via CB10


Cannot find it in BlackBerry App World.

Posted via CB10


Why "Polar Bear?'

Where's Mr. Krabs?


The only problem I've encountered so far is with logging in to Blogger. I use different Google accounts for each of their services, and PolarBear doesn't allow for this.