First Look at OEM BlackBerry Bold Accessories!

BlackBerry Bold Accessories
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jul 2008 11:25 am EDT

For those of us who have already made the decision to buy the BlackBerry Bold when it finally gets released, the next decision to contemplate is what accessories to buy! Take a look after the jump at the BlackBerry-brand accessories that will be available at launch! Staring at the pictures will help kill the time... I want my Bold already dammit!!! :-)

BlackBerry Bold Accessories - Coming Soon!

BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Charging Pod


BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Power Station



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold M-S1 1550mAh Battery



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Koskin Pocket



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Koskin Swivel Holster



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Leather Swivel Holster



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Battery Covers



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Skins



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Leather Horizontal Holster



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Leather Pocket



BlackBerry Bold Accessories
BlackBerry Bold Leather Folio

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! Stay Tuned to and as we'll post more information when BlackBerry Bold accessories become available for purchase!

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The charging pod is such a good...Love the battery covers too.
Agree that the holster looks weak, I'm using the 8800-holster for my Bold and looks like I'm sticking with it...


I want the clock application too! I hope that is in the software upgrade at some point for all bb's!


can't wait for the skins....but the swivel holster looks weak, not enough protection,,,,i'm using the 8700 black leather swivel holster, the one with the velvet inside, it fits PERFECT


I'll settle for the Blackberry that's inside the holster :)


Am I correct in quoting this date or am I totally off. I was surfing on my bb and came across this date. Any truth to this?

Amir Saad

You got the date right on Rogers calender, ATT is playing the iPhone game with us all and I presume the release date won't come out until after they start selling the iphohne (at least...not before). Honestly, I hope I'm wrong but apple is desperate to sell an x amount of iphones by the end of this year and that's one way to secure it.
If you ask me, why didn't they cover other carriers to meet their quota?


Makes me want the BOLD even more....come on AT&T let us have it NOW!


Love the Bold and the iPhone. And want both. Does any currently have both and if so is it true that the Blackberry sim does not work with the iPhone and you have to have separate plans for both?


I do not currently own both...But have certainly had experienced both devices, and I'm not quite sure what you mean. You've either got a limited understanding of GSM networks and what exactly the SIM does...? Or you are clarifying whether or not you need to have different data plans...If you are referring to the latter than yes, carriers have specific data plans for BB's and others for WM6/iPhones...

Very generally speaking...In terms of your SIM card, in a GSM wireless world, it is used to identify you[your handset and avail services] as a subscriber to a particular carrier on any given [compatible] network. Some devices can/are locked to their respective carriers and thus will only work with said carriers sim...Aside from that, the ability to swap SIM cards between unlocked devices is part of the beauty of GSM. A SIM that works in a GSM BlackBerry, should work in an unlocked iPhone...


According to this posting (from, TMO will be getting the BB Bold on July Germany


The clock is sweet. Is that commercially available or is that just an artist rendering?


Not sure of its commercial availability, but would assume it's an added feature of OS 4.6...Came standard with mine...


Vodafone have indicated to me that the Bold will be available from 8th August! Anyone confirm this estimate?


The Charging Pod should be delivered with the phone imo.


I love love love the BB Bold. Can't wait to get it, but which is better for the phone company service: at&t or tmobile??

-How about a light pink cover??