First Look: Netflix running on BlackBerry 10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Feb 2013 04:51 pm EST

Netflix has not yet announced support for BlackBerry 10, but where there's a will, there's always a way. Hit play on the video above to get a first look at some BlackBerry Z10 + Netflix hotness.

This isn't official by any means, and it's an older version of Netflix than what is currently available, but we have it installed, it's running and it works! The way I see it, Netflix should just commit to BlackBerry 10 already. There are tons of Netflix subscribers within CrackBerry Nation who already own or soon will own a BlackBerry Z10 phone, and one way or another we're going to get our Netflix on.

With or without you Netflix this one is a done deal, so please, just make it easy on us and commit and deliver the goods to BlackBerry 10. PS: If you're wondering what case it is in thevideo, you can check it out here.

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First Look: Netflix running on BlackBerry 10!


Since this is a useless comment i may as well reply to it with something slightly more .... Relivant

I was actually on the fence with bb10 ...but i got a chance to play with a z10 today in real life and holy mother of god...... Get this phone..... Absolutely blown away..... Bb10 is incredible.... Dont worry about the lack of apps... Those are coming..... Holy shit on a cracker..... What a home run..... Wow...

This post should get a CrackBerry award lol, well said. And your reaction to the Z10 is SO TRUE..

I've met some hard-cover Apple iPhone users that refuse to try out the Z10 in fear that they might like it better.

This has to be one of the funniest posts ever. I love it. If you can't decide on what phone to buy after this post, you probably shouldn't have a phone.

This made me smile... :-D good to hear that you are elated with your Z10! Patiently waiting for my chance to be elated as well.

I agree. Its a mystery. The PlayBook has almost 2 million in sales and they refuse to even make a simple Android port. They even refuse to let BlackBerry write the app for them. There are no-name BlueRay players that have Netflix built in to them but they still refuse.

Honestly, something fishy going on. They are a business whose sole purpose is to make money and that means having the widest reach for their product. And the argument that they don't want to have pay for supporting PlayBook/Z10 users doesn't make sense. BB users are no more in need of support than any other group of customers.

"They refuse to let blackberry make the app for them"

Ahem, blackberry doesn't make the apps. NETFLIX has to make their OWN app.

I called the Netflix CS, and I cancelled my subscription until they get the app for BB.
You have to let them know why you are cancelling.
They have to understand that we are the consumers. If half of the blackberry user would cancel they would pay more attention to us, The customer!!!!

Even my daughters KURIO runs Netflix. Though your post (generally speaking) is true. If you seriously were responding to what eyhab27 mentioned above then your post is completely irrelevant.

Nice. Still probably won't use it as I watch Netflix at home and have little use for it otherwise. I do understand the need for it though.

Good job crackberry nation!

i'm not sure if anybody else noticed, but the other active frame that was running was of instagram!!


I meant it runs well for what it is.. an unofficial, non-native app. Obviously not optimized. Realistically, you're just gonna find whatever you want to watch it and hit play. Of course I'd like to see it better but heyy.. it works.

ok that's all great but......... does anybody want to point me in the direction of either this bar file or the apk and I will convert it myself? or at the very latest what version of netflix it is so I can search for it myself.

What build? 561 doesn't work for me. Are you perhaps running a newer Android VM - like say Jellybean? Who you know eh?

Pretty cool. You can tell it's not native though, since it kinda lags a little when he's scrolling.

It kinda sucks that a high end phone like the Z10 has to settle for an Android port. But hey, we'll take what we can get.

I don't understand how a major website sees this as ethical. I think BB will be the third os but these apos that are made for android and have not given the right of their software to be ported seems wring to me.

So crackberry does condone stealing software. OK thanks for the clarification. This is just going to drive developers away. No matter how you rationalize this stealing is stealing no matter how bad you want an app its not up to crackberry to determine if they developed for it or not. Its a shame because your sister sites would not put up with this garbage but because its Kevin its ok.and you can't just port an app free or not with out the devs consent doesn't matter about android license or not.

Who said anything about stealing software? Do you really think Netflix will care if someone runs their PAID service from another client device? It opens up a bunch of BlackBerry fans as potential customers for their $8/month service.

I think the point is that it's easily doable, so Netflix should get their act together and do an official port.

Off the top of my head, I'm 90% certain that Android apps are licensed for use on the Android platform, not on a device by device basis. BB10 runs Android in a Virtual Machine. The application isn't an Android app running on BB10, it's more like the Z10 running BB10 running Android which is running the application. Which is why it's a fast phone, but Android apps run so slowly.

I can't see any way that this is a violation.

I suppose it depends on how firmly you want to stand on principle.

I don't condone piracy. Especially when it takes food off a developer's table. If this were a paid app then I'd agree, no dice. In this case, though, it provides Netflix subscribers an additional choice of device on which to use their subscriptions, and I strongly doubt anyone is going to expect Netflix to support it, so it's hard to see the harm here.

Does a developer have the right to say which platforms they will and won't support? Sure, but with a mass-market, subscriber-based business I still have trouble seeing the harm.

It's just hard to get excited. what version works? Why does it work and were do you get it? These answers are missing from the blog...why?

Now that's what I'm talking about, now I could definitely get myself a z10 when it comes available in the USA, now make it official and bring Instagram with it too..

I will most likely NEVER run Netflix on my device. Can we now move on to other more important things? If this means apps will come (even if we drag them kicking and screaming) and Android is open enough to allow virtually any app to run in the BB10 OS then this is a win.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

I think you're missing the point completely. Netflix has developed an app for all other platforms (even Windows Phone). But they refuse to do so with Playbook 2.0 and BlackBerry 10. It's not fair to BlackBerry device owners.

Bla1ze, how did this happen? Did The Doctor pick you up in the TARDIS and took you the future to get Netflix and that other picture program !?

This is great and all, and I don't want to sound too much of a downer, but where are the banking and broker apps!! I really hope these are coming no banking no Z10!

RU kidding me.....just go bookmark your bank site, or on their site take their mobile app....not that hard. I have the Royal Bank, TD, CIBC and Scotia Bank already on mine.....NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE AN APP AND MOBILE APPS ARE ALSO FOUND ON WEBSITES....NO NEED TO BE IN BB WORLD! WHY DO YOU THINK WE HAVE A GREAT BROWSER AND A SUPER HTML5!...Wasn't yelling....just some people are to dependant.

Normality I wouldn't think that Netflix on a phone was that big a deal as I would use a tablet for that, but considering the Z10 has an HDMI output it's actually pretty awesome.

Ahhh....yes but if you can DNLA link to your TV, you can still use your phone while it streams video...MULTITASKING in its true form.

Now I understand that all of the unreleased apps are being shown on the Z10 because it will be the more popular phone in all likelihood and it is already in consumer hands in some places; but what about the Q10? If there are no official apps released and bb10 users need to rely on porting is the Q10 out of luck because of the more squarish screen?

This is fine but Crackberry is becoming more like BlackBerry..they tease and then give you no information at all.

Its like a kid showing off a toy rubbing it in your face and refusing to tell the other kid were they got it from.

With that said...GIMME BACK MY BALL! IM GOING HOME!!!!!!

The scrolling is laggy, just like android ports on the playbook. But i suppose if the video runs smooth its ok. More quality bb10 native apps are still needed though, just the essentals. In 2011 the android app selection really sucked. A apple appstore with 200k apps from a couple years back is still better quality than the 700k apps android has today. So as long as bb10 focuses on getting the popular titles and starts proving that the blackberry app world is gonna be a money maker for developers many of which are making very little by the rampant pirating on android. Blackberry will be caught up within a year.

Can I please ask what case you have on the Z10 in this video? Love it
Thanks for the article.

What are the haters gonna do now? Skype announced and in the works, netflix side loaded.
Hopefully that quiets them down

Yes, it's an android port, but it doesn't look that laggy, seems smoother than running the native ios app on my iPhone 4. If only bell would allow the z10 on my smartphone data plan....

What kind of fan site shows off how they got Netflix (and Instagram) to work on their Z10 but doesn't show their readers how to do it??? 1.8 Port doesn't work! Wack! Perhaps N4BB will have some more info on this. #Crackberryfail

Nice work Bla1ze. Just tried to sideload the following .bar files, and none worked for me. 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 builds:


Would love to know (as would my 2yr old daughter!) what version you were able to get working. Thanks.

What's with the secrecy here? Not cool CB

Has CrackBerry been hijacked by BlackBerryScoop!!?? OH NOOOOOO!!!

Yes, an elaborate hoax. I Harry Potter'd the whole shebang, you're onto my trickery! Bippity boppity boo or something magical like that.

Side nite: I'm seeing a lot more BB commercials these days. They're sponsoring Dragon's Den too! (Canadian Entrepreneurs Pitch their business ideas for investment from established businessmen and women)

I have a question, can you play the movies right from the actual website since it has such a powerful browser?????

What do you mean, he's funny? Funny like what? Funny like a clown? Does he make you laugh? Huh, does he, you lousy muddafukka!?

Netflix? Skype? Instagram coming soon? You're really trying to make CB boring aren't you? What in the world will we bitch about now? Oh, I know....hey Kevin, the frames for your glasses look stupid...yeah, now we shall all turn our whiny disdain toward YOU....bwahahahaha

I still can't believe Netflix or hulu isn't available on the Playbook. Netflix is available on the Vita and the Nintendo 3ds. Yes, the 3ds. I've come to conclusion that RIM/BlackBerry either pissed somebody off or Apple and/or Google are paying developers to not make content for other competing platforms like BlackBerry. BlackBerry offered to foot the bill and build the native app for Netflix and they still basically denied. I doubt we'll see an official app for the Z10. I can only do so much with youtube and NFB on my PB.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if BlackBerry gave up on the tablet market all together. At least us customers won't be tortured any longer with the wait.

Apple and Google ARE paying companies to not port to blackberry. FINALLY, somebody sees the light besides me. anti trust lawsuit anyone....against apple and Google

I have seen that for years.....At least Bell now has the white and black Z10's in their own display case front and center....WOW things are changing. As for Netflix.....who needs them, have a PS3

Now to have WSJ Live on the Z/Q10 and Playbook, this would make me happy in my pants.

As well, my dependance on my iPad and iPhone would finally be reduced to zero.

Netflix Canada is constantly begging me to sign up for their service. I almost gave in and signed up for the free trial, but then why the hell should I give money to a company that wants to make inroads into the Canadian market yet won't even support the largest Canadian mobile company?

For all the people who are bitching about Netflix not supporting Blackberry, here's an article published a little while back that kind of sums it up.

It basically explains Netflix doesn't need to support any more platforms. The viewer base on Netflix has pretty much plateaued and Netflix is on just about every OTHER device. Chances are you already have something in your house that you can watch Netflix on. I have a PS3 and a BluRay player (in my bedroom), both support Netflix. Most new TVs have it built in. It's a basic business case - developing Netflix for the Blackberry isn't going to add many, if any, more Netflix subscribers - so why bother? It's less to do with the platform itself, and more to do with the fact Blackberry is just late to the Netflix party. The Playbook was 'late' compared to other tablets on the market, and BB10 obviously just came out. If that had all happened 2 years ago, it's likely we'd see Netflix - but Netflix is starting to lose traction and money, so they're doing what they can to save money. And when you consider what they give you for the price, it's amazing they even make ANY money.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending Netflix - just saying the business case makes sense. I'd LOVE to see Netflix on my Playbook, on the Z10 would be cool - but a 4" screen does not a cinema experience make (but over HDMI when I'm on the road would be very handy).

BB really needs to push developers right now to get some of the promised apps to market at launch which will just fuel the fire for other developers to do the same. Given the boys at CB showed it off in this video, I don't doubt it'll happen one way or another.

Yes it would cost them millions to write the App or at least port it over.....I say Bullshit to that article....since the PB and z10 have HDMI, it would make complete sense

After reading this article I do have a better understanding of why Netflix and other developers might not be supporting BlackBerry. It is true that people who want Netflix on a Z10 or a Playbook have other ways to view Netlfix. I still can't help but feel like BlackBerry is being singled out. There have been devices to come out after the Playbook that support Netflix right out of the box. For example the Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, The Playstation Vita, etc. What I don't understand is why they support the PS Vita, when 9 times out of 10, the same owners have Playstation 3s! I Don't don't see how that scenario is any different with BlackBerry. And I'm more than willing to guarantee that Netflix will support the next buzzed about platform no questions asked.

Netflix aside I really hope BlackBerry goes through their app library with a fine tooth comb cause I've been hearing a lot of bad things when it come to the "70,000 apps" that are in BlackBerry World. I'd rather have 70 flawless apps than 70,000 useless ones.

Sure a bit laggy but this is not the "made for BB10" release", you take what you can get at this point :)


Bla1ze, I know exactly where you got it from but I just signed an NDA and I will not reveal where and WHOM gave it to you. I happen to be in the Know as well....

Good last line... Marketing hmmm... :D
PS: If you're wondering what case it is in thevideo, you can check it out here.
:D lol.