First look: Leather flip cover case for the BlackBerry Passport!

By Bla1ze on 24 Jul 2014 11:47 am EDT

Now that the white BlackBerry Passport is out there for all to see, next up is some accessories. BlackBerry CEO John Chen that noted along with the arrival of the Passport there would also be a wide selection of premium accessories to go along with it and he wasn't kidding around.

I know a lot of you caught that mention and have been waiting to see what accessories would be arriving. Luckily, we just happen to have this image sent in and things are looking pretty awesome. What we have here is the leather flip cover case for the BlackBerry Passport coming in both black and brown.

At this point, there's no pricing details to go along with the image nor is it noted whether or not it'll be coming in any other colors, but rumor has it there will be several variations as well more in line with a 'padfolio' style. I'm really digging the brown which basically means I'll be telling our CrackBerry Store folks to get these in as soon as possible so I can have one and review it! What do you folks think?

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First look: Leather flip cover case for the BlackBerry Passport!



Wanna know what I would like even better? Being able to buy some of this stuff BlackBerry keeps leaking to the press. Most people will lose interest by the time this comes out and the few carriers who might pick it up release it a few months later.

+1 .... I may not wait for the Z50 and buy a all new iPhone 5 for £600

Loyal Z10 user

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I wonder about that, too. Sprint couldn't be bothered to stock Q10s in their stores and actively discourages people from buying them. They also took their sweet time rolling out the BBOS updates.

I'd love to be able to buy straight from BlackBerry. Because if past is prologue, they won't carry either the Classic OR the Passport.

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+2. BlackBerry should sell more unlocked phones directly to enthusiasts. T-Mobile users can't buy a BB through T-Mobile anymore.

Agree fully.
In my country (Malta), for example, none of the carriers even mention BlackBerry in their adverts. Many of my friends and colleagues do not even know that Z10 or Z30 even exist!

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It doesn't help that some of the carriers don't even carry BB10 and the ones who do have extortionate prices. Melita doesn't have any BB10s, Vodafone has the Q10 only and GO has Q10,Z10 and Q5 (no Z30) and only the Q10 is free with a contract, the Q5 costs an exorbitant 499 euro unlocked or 200 with a contract which is an awful lot seeing as you can have an iphone 5s for 50 on contract.

Agree totally. BlackBerry announces their phone in May, and we have to wait until September/November for it. Apple announces their products and then sells it in a matter of weeks. BlackBerry has to learn to ride the momentum from all the hype generated by the announcement.

Damn straight! Loving my battery replacement pack for the Z10 , but with this Passport right here, that concern will be a thing of the past. Hungry for the white one with a brown case right now.

.3247 good and Carling.

@spikesolie: I was asked what I thought so I replied. I'm sorry if it offended you but I'm just not impressed over a phone case. Especially considering the phone hasn't been release yet. Come join me in this hole you speak of.

It's funny because I've actually been waiting for a post about a passport case. I was pretty excited to see this. Now I'm planning my purchases....

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Best. Comment. Ever. I haven't laughed that hard all day (back in the hole...lmao)...good stuff.

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!

Oh yeah? Hmmm...

Quick question; does the Passport just slip into the case? Or is it like the Z30's flip case that replaces the back of the phone as well?

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30 2B6927F7

The back does not come off like the Z30 so I doubt it..unless it attaches to that small piece at the top (back).

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I remember you didn't like the Passport at first sight but then changed your mind later on. What make you changed your mind I wonder...seeing the real device must be awesome isn't it?

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

Lol! I saw a carbon fiber sticker on Z10 and now I have been using Z10 since then ((((November 2013

True story :D

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Hey EVERYBODY!!!! Bla1ze has a BlackBerry Passport that he is currently reviewing, but does not want CrackBerry Nation to know. Shhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone.

That's funny. Like BBRY is not gonna give bla1ze and Kevin a Passport to rock and give feed back. Keep the past coming anything BlackBerry will do.

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Looks better with every new picture. The flip case looks pro, but you won't be sliding that into your jeans very easily. Dress pants, sure.

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That's taking the bull by the horns! Bla1ze said he'll be pulling BOSS on the CrackBerry store: " Get these on the shelf! Send me a brown one."

That's what I'm talking about! "Interim, hell, this is MY show now."

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Will there be a leather belt holster or will that look too silly given the size?

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I can't see the Passport in a belt holder... I could not walk or even sir! it's designed to go in a jacket inner pocket I guess.

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See unless it folds completely flat against the back of the handset, I rather the clamshell style case (like the Q10.) Otherwise the cover gets in the way when typing

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Yes! I bought the Z30 case that replaces the back cover of the phone as an all-in-one, but since it doesn't fold flat against the phone it's in the way. Unusable.


I also bought the z30 flip case. As is it was a pain since it did not fold properly. I finally cut out along the fold at the centre of the device with a razor knife. Not only did that provide access to the USB port, but the flap then folded flat. Like this it works fine. Those who engineer products should first try to use them.

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I have a black and a white folding case on my Z30 and they both fold perfectly flat on the phone without me having to do anything. Weird. But yes, the USB port needs a hole.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

why there are so many Passports already out there and who are these people that have them before the launch?

BLack (passport) in black (cover); I maight be tempted for once (I sport my devices naked).

Edit: just realized ... *blush* it's the device that's naked lol.

Okay, looks great.
I don't have one for my 30, but I am curious how you would take a picture with that thing?
Would you have to have the cover "open" as to not block the camera hole?
I don't think I would like that.
Thoughts?? Am I missing something, other than waiting to see it in real life....

Z30 user and lover.

hold it like a book.

that one factor makes this a fail case. I made that mistake with my z10 case purchase, and they seem to constantly repeat making that mistake over and over...

Looks pretty darn slick, although, I've never gotten cases that cover the front screen. I'd rather the case to cover the sides and back.

Larger that this particular case, anyway.

Anyone noticed the phones corners would be sticking out, but what happens if you drop the whole thing?


Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Looks pretty, but the whole point of a QWERTY for me is being able to take action with that keyboard immediately. I don't want to have to open a cover first. Still, glad to see a beautiful premium cover case, though, as I know others will appreciate it.

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No to both for me, hope there is a leather pouch available as that's what I normally have with phones.

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If it's an actual flip case that allows access to the phone without having to remove the phone, I love it.

The one reason I've used Seidio products and not official BlackBerry cases is because I like to press something and have the phone fall out (or otherwise be totally available for use).

Now all we need is for Crackberry to offer up some of these cases in a contest (and pick my name as the winner) and life will be perfect.

Cheers. :)

M really not a fan of these cases,i once saw 1 that flips from the bottom...that 1 i really liked

Yup, this phone needs a case that flips open like a notepad, vertically. Maybe add in a way for it to be locked partially folded over, like a kick stand. Somewhere around the 70° mark. That would be pretty sweet.

I already buy a ton of accessories for my Q10, I feel I will be doing the same with my Passport. I'm going with the tan/brown one.

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I have what I think may be a good idea for Blackberry. I am long on Blackberry shares and when the potential of the new Passport dawned on me I had trouble sleeping, my head filling with ideas to promote it based on both the power of the new device and the format. I even pulled out my Canadian passport to see how the Blackberry Passport would fit in my hand. Nicely. Here's my idea for the cover/case. Make it available in national passport colors. Navy blue for Canada; navy for the U.S., red for U.K., etc. Plus beneath the BB logo, print the country: CANADA, United States, United Kingdom, etc. I think a cover/case like this would help promote the Passport concept and raise its appeal as a status item.

Flip case is great and beautiful but what about a night stand that charges and shows off the largest smartphone alarm clock to date.
Oh yeah please make a night stand Mr. Chen.

I'm in love with the Passport

Z ten en

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Next Thursday, and price will be 37,000 NGN (about $225/U.S.)

Go get one!

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Even better, send me the money today, and I know a prince over there who has access to the white version with 24k gold trim. Price normally 100,000 NGN but I can sell for 60,000. Nigerian Prince special, I'll call it.

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Perhaps in the case can also insert the actual passport. Anyways I think this device though it looks odd it's nice. Kind of reminds me of a pug. Odd looking but cute lol

via Q10

Brown cover on white passport for me please.

But would really like a leather belt holster as well.

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All OEM blackberry 'flip' cases for BB10 have that. It is a small plastic (glass) circle that makes helps make the LED more visible (compared to just a hole in the case).

BlackBerry 10 signed.

No, not buying it if it comes out.
I love a pouch kinda case like the one I have for my Q10. Never like flip cases and as this looks it blocks the rear camera.
Give me an old fashionedholster or puch. But damn Im getting me a Passport :D

I like both, but really... need a Passport first ;)
detail I really liked on the case is that they have the glass point on the top right, in order to be able to see the phone's led light with the cover on, which both protects the phone completely and at the same time allows to check visually those incoming coms! nice touch on that one!

What a piece of hardware and look at that business machine in years....cant wait to buy it!!!!!!!!! Hope the price is not in the range of porsche design BlackBerry though...should be in the range of S5 etc....

Don't like flip cases at all. They majorly get in the way of holding and using the phone properly.

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Agree. But in this case (no pun intended), it's the phone itself that gets in the way of using it properly.


I'm guessing the Passport will be too big to holster comfortably, so something like this would be awesome. I like the tan but am not sure it would work as well on a white device so maybe I'd go for the Oreo instead.

I'd bet anything you will be able to purchase holsters for the Passport.


The brown leather would definitely be my pick! Very nice, well done BlackBerry.

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

White and Brown leather is a nice combo. Decisions, decisions...

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

I really hope at&t has white passport so I can get the tan! Question though, never had a white phone...does it get and look dirty real fast?

I'd guess it would, but depending on the material, should be easy to clean.


I was thinking the same. I actually never thought the iPhone could look outdated. It clearly does here.


I like the Black one but don't forget to make a pouch case that can go on the belt.

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I wonder if they will have a leather pouch for the passport !? That would be sweet.

This Q10 is ready for war.

They should of made one dark blue with a gold BlackBerry logo seal on the front like an actual passport booklet. That would of been clever and different.

BlackBerry 4Life

Can I pre-order the brown case? When I get the Passport, it will go from the box straight into the case.

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Z3)

In the inside of the flip cover, I want a small pouch to keep my V-cards and may be a small slot to keep me after market stylus (if it will be there). If it happen I'll by the brown cover with my White Passport.

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Yes, option for different colors would be nice, so can buy 2,3 of them for changing a bit the look.

Sent from my Z 30

This phone is even more sexier with the brown leather case. So looks to be a must when i order this beauty.....

Living the dream with a new white Z30

Hope this case doesn't leave a nice magnetically induced line across the screen like the z10 flip case does. I'm sure going to get a passport, but with the size of the device, one will have to try everything out for ease of use before selection of a case

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Mr. Editor,
"At this point, there's no details". Really? There is no excuse for saying "there is no details". In case you're wondering, proper usage is "there are no details".

I don't really prefer the flip case myself, I am going to wait and see if they come out with some kind of transform case. Love it on my Z30, I know I would love it on my Passport.


Loving the new device,

Got to market the hell out if it.
It's no coincidence that the global economy fell and bankers took their eye of the ball when they started playing angry birds instead of making proper deals. IPhone and android has dumbed down the globe
slogan has to be "blackberry passport - get back to work"

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I can't believe that I thought that phone was so ugly when I first seen it! Now I love it and can't wait to buy it! Lol

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I'm not sure why there is this huge fad for flip cases. Until they come with a magnetic closure and a method to keep them open without holding the flap, I find them more annoying than useful

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Completely agree. These cases are much more a nuisance than a useful accessory.

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black passport+black cover case please!!!!passport will be massive,great work blackberry
what must i do with my z10 and my playbook in september?

In my opinion, the leather case should be included in the box. The BlackBerry passport is a premium and hi end device, that should ba competitive advantage


I an disappointed to see we don't have smart covers like the note, I hate having to take a cover off every time I get a notification.

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I'm over flip cases. These look nice, but I find a flip case hampers quick use of the camera and sometimes comfortable handling of the phone. I would love the brown one as a slip case instead of a flip one!

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Just something that is never, ever, EVER thought of with these kind of flip cover cases....and that's that for 10% of the population they're entirely wrongly designed.

If you're left handed, the flip part is on the wrong side and gets in the way of the hand doing the screen manipulation. It needs to be on the other side - opening to the right. No one ever produces them that way around.

The brown case is for me. I'm also thinking black as well. Depending on my shoes I'll be swapping accordingly.

Very, very nice!

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10

Can just imagine that red LED blinking through that, it means business...

seven BlackBerrys and counting...

One thing always makes me hesitant about 'book' shaped cases: how well do they actually close? If it is basically just a cover that wiggles out of place all the time it hardly offers the protection holsters offer. And if it is too rigid, just to keep it in place, it will not be pleasant to use while typing (folded back). Lastly in either case it would probably wear down fast.

The Q10 shell has a sort of clip to make sure it stays on straight, that is really useful! But compared to that the PB covers use a elastic band, much less convenient.

But hey that is just me, I am sure some product testers are better qualified to assess the cases.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I ONLY use "book-type" cases. A case that protects the back only does not protect the screen.

There is a big difference among cases however. Some are flimsy as you say, and flop around. Some are wallet-type cases that look great in a promotional ad but they are not designed to be used when closed (no hole in the case for the speaker) so you are forced to bend it backward to use it -- totally useless.

Samsung has gotten cases pretty much perfect. Nice to see a native Blackberry case that seems to be on par.

I wouldn't mind having one of each color, depending on the day and mood then I could change cases.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

Finally, nice to see that Blackberry is doing it right with accessiries. This has always been a weak spot in Blackberry's product lineup IMO...there's tons if accessories around for Apple and Samsung phones but next to nothing for Bkackberry (except apparently the z10 for some reason). Good to see that Bkackberry knows about the need for a proper cover, one where you can talk on the phone with the cover closed.

One thing though: What about making something similar to Samsung's s-cover? With the Passport's large screen I'd think that'd be easy.

This needs an Otter Box Defender case. Working in construction as a foreman, I NEED a powerful device with a rugged case. Hope this Passport loads prints faster than my Bold 9900 or even my Samsung Rugby LTE.

I think BlackBerry should go further into this passport idea and have their logo embossed and the size of a coat of arms as seen on regular passports. I hope there's a place to put your "Visa" in that case !

Brown looks incredible. Liking the passport more and more each day. I went with the Z10 when I switched to BB10, but this might bring me back to QWERTY.

Short question: Where are numbers on Passport keyboard?
I don't want to use touch screen to call!

Physical keys to answer/make call and select phone number are must!

Why isn't anybody mentioning the BlackBerry Classic,? But the tan leather case rocks!

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I'll have to go for Black. The tan is nice but not for me.
Can't wait to hold one.
Man, the map app will look fantastic running on that sucker, up on the dash.