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First Look: Keystone ECO Booster 2.0 Portable Battery Pack

By Alicia Erlich on 14 Jan 2012 01:55 pm EST

When has this happened to you: you're on vacation or out for the day when suddenly your device runs out of juice. Texting, twittering, and playing games can be a huge drain on your battery. I realized this when I was packing for CES2012 and made the unfortunate mistake of not including a spare battery for my Bold 9900. Call it a senior moment, but we don't always think of these things. That's why Concord Keystone Trading announced their new battery pack for Micro-USB Smart Phones. The Keystone ECO Booster 2.0 extends the battery life of smart phones on-the-go and extends the usage time of the phone up to double capacity. It works through a built-in retractable USB cable and can be attached to the back of the phone with an adhesive gel pad incorporated into the unit.

This is a small, lightweight device that packs a lot of power. Instead of scrambling to different stores trying to find a battery or worrying about getting that low power alert just plug in one of these babies and you're good to go. Check out the quick demonstration above and click on the link for the full press release. The booster will be available March 2012. Connie Chan, Director of Operations, was too shy to appear on camera, but I thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to demonstrate the product.


  • Weight: 72g or 2.5 oz. 
  • Size: 102 x 58 x 13 mm or 4.0"x2.3"0.50" 
  • Battery: 2000 mAh Lithium-polymer

Full press release

Reader comments

First Look: Keystone ECO Booster 2.0 Portable Battery Pack


I rather bring my Nokia 6100 so i can use it to call when my BB batt flat. That battery just way too bulky!

looks like about the same size like iPhone 4 btw.. go get baggy pants and you can put those things together + give u funny look.

Great concept. The retractable cord nice feature . Is that a magnet on the back or like an I-Grip surface?

Why not just plug the phone into a wall or car charger. How often are you not near one of these? I'm almost always within reach of electricity... Don't get it

Unlike most people, I like to travel and go to places that do not have the kind of reliable power we expect to have in urban America. For this I carry a spare battery and a solar charger (it only gives about a half charge to the phone but it will work in Africa or Latin America or out on a three day camping trip.

I hate to be negative about products that someone may like but I just don't see the point. It is larger than a battery, not as good as a solar charger. Hmmm... Maybe just not for me.

not for me. i have the complete powermat set up including the portable 1850 and its less then half that size and i never use it. sorry but switching batteries is is simply the best solution. WAY TOO BIG