First Look: Full Video Walk Through of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 Native Email, Calendar, Contacts and more!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jan 2012 01:00 pm EST

Native. Email. Contacts. Calendar. Are. Finally. Here. REJOICE!!!! You know what they say, better late than never. We would have loved to see native email, calendar and contacts at CES 2011 when we first went hands on with the BlackBerry PlayBook last January, but good things take time and we're really excited by what we're seeing with RIM's implementation of native email, calendar and contacts here on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2. As you'll see in the video above, RIM went beyond the basics here to provide really value-added integration of the entire messaging experience on the PlayBook.

Beyond just email, you have full out social integration within the messages app delivering a unified inbox for all your messaging, being able to add accounts for things like Twitter and Linked In easily from Settings Menu (and I'm loving the ability to easily compose and jump between multiple email drafts). The contacts app is much more than just contacts, becoming more of a social hub where tapping on a contact will pull in a person's data from connected services. And even the calendar brings people more cleanly into the experience. Toss in autosuggestion/correction on the PlayBook (finally!) that looks pretty solid in its implementation, and things are looking really promising here for the PlayBook OS 2 and the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10.

One of the things I'm sure will get talked about a lot this week is that ActiveSync is being used as the transport here vs. the traditional RIM NOC (or at least is partially in use), but that doesn't seem to be a bad thing for users as the two way syncing back and forth is instant. And for enterprises that have fleets of BlackBerry Smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBooks can be provisioned and managed (control IT policies, etc.) with BlackBerry Fusion running on top of BES. With PlayBook OS 2.0 being the basis of BlackBerry 10, it makes for some interesting thinking though on what will happen to NOC going ahead (and RIM's licensing fees/revenue) down the road.

We'll be following up soon with more of a deep dive feature by feature post of the new apps and what it all means and how it all works (we have some questions we want to get clarification on), but in the meantime you can check out the video above and get intimate with native email, calendar and contacts on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now we just need February to get here so PlayBook owners can download the update!

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First Look: Full Video Walk Through of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 Native Email, Calendar, Contacts and more!


maybe the Advanced LED Sultan should get cracking on a PB custom app so that i can have diff colour for each email/twitter/linkedin account...also i hope we can customize notifications, like manage the LED (1 min vs 5 mins, etc) and sound alerts?

looking great, but as npunk42 said... the countdown continues... But REALLY nice to see it on an actual PlayBook!

Alright... that new video intro is brutal on the ears and eyes... a true assault on the senses... let's go back to the good old "Crackberry......... dot com!" days.

Heh heh.

This is probebly the wrong place to talk about the intro but it needs to be said. I am sure alot of work went into making it but it's so freeking load in every way. This morring I accually spilt my coffee while I was repetitively bashing the volume down key while trying to look away from the monitor. First world problem I know, but it needs to be fixed. Besides that, love the :)

Great new!

Another question, can someone check the Setting -> Language & Keyboard in new OS 2, does it support the Asian IME, like Chinese, Japanese, etc? thanks.

I also really need multilanguage IME especially for Chinese and Japanese! I sincerely hope that these features will be included!

Overall, it looks quite amazing.

people, this is what is called leap frogging..Playbook now has the best email, contacts, and calendar apps, bring it on RIM

Fantastic!!!! Im actually going to be able to ditch my work lappy and use my PB full time now with the traditional bb text formating and email! not too mention one hell of an upgrade to the email environment. Was def worth the wait! just wow man.

Well I guess they did "leaf frog" the competition when it came to an integrated email/messages app. That tab'd email on a tablet is realy cool :)

Pretty impressive. Still not sure how I feel about it not being bridged. I'll probably continue to use Email and the rest via Bridge.

There is a new version of bridge being released at the same time as this, take a look at the home page and there is a video on how much bridge has been upgraded

Have to admit, that looks pretty slick. Much better than I've seen from anyone else. Seems that when they get things done they are doing them right. Now. . . when will it come out?

I haven't watched the video yet. Is there SMS integration over the bridge yet? That was my first and most lasting disappointment with the PlayBook. Put down PB, pick up phone. Put down phone, pick up PB. Repeat, repeat, repeat...

I never thought I'd hear myself say this for a BB, but there's an app for that... Go to App World on your BB Phone, and it's called SMSBridge.. it's like $3.99 or something like that, but others in the PB forums are loving it.

Personally I dont mind picking up my 9800, cause if I didn't, I'd start to wonder why I needed it if I can start to do everything from my PB. LOL I gotta show my devices equal attention, lol.

I already bought Phone Remote. It's probably a great app for a lot of things. Unfortunately not for using SMS remotely, because I can't see what I type before hitting send.

As far as SMS Bridge goes... I'm not going to spend good money after bad for another kludge. At least the Remote app has other uses. I also don't like the idea of my SMS being emailed to some third party.

What's crazy is, that as a non-developer, it seems like SMS and even MMS would be much easier to bridge than things as complicated as email or BBM, ferchrissake.

WOW they must REALY have been having issues with that NOC!

I can't see them walking away completely from something that brings them in over a Billion a quarter in Revenue. I guess we now know why they don’t yet have BBM on the Playbook….

I wonder if they will be switching back to the NOC system in the future. Maybe the next big thing we will be hearing about is the release of BIS 5.0 /BES ?.0 followed by the release of the BBX phones with an updated NOC running BBM ect

All I can say is... WOW!!! I would like to see what the fanboys have to say about it...let me guess...RIM sucks!!! they should have done that since day one. I am glad I still own my playbook which btw is the only gadget I use every single day since i bought it 9 month ago. Can't wait for 2.0

Ok, who wants to be the first pessimist who notes that there was a noticeable lag when firing up either the contacts app or the calendar??

Oh shoot....I think I just did.

Update looks quite nice though. Unfortunately for some, this is too little too late. I have a very large client with 25,000 employees in the US. They looked at the first gen playbook and discounted it. Between that time and now, they have moved forward with ways to integrate the iPad into the environment. I really wish PB OS2.0 was onboard from the get-go.

Oh well.

Thanks for the update/vid Kevin.

But where is the footage of your pimped out BB with Imperial March music....??????

I believe the SLIIIIIIGHT lag you are referring to is because the email, contacts and calendar app are all integrated and sync together to give you that rich social aspect they demonstrate.

It is too bad your account went that way but the FACTS are that the PlayBook does MORE than any other tablet on the market and the things they do the same, they do it better.

its too bad there isn't a preview of android apps or an announcement of the number of android apps that have been ported over. Bet it takes that total app number into the 100,000 area.

If they can get BlackBerry 10 to work this seamlessly with the playbook and do everything the playbook can do, it really is no contest. Argue the amount of apps all you want, but I don't need 4000 farting apps to make my device better than others

In all fairness, PlayBook 2.0 is still a month away from release, so I'm sure there will be performance fixes being done as we speak.

It is clean, didn't crash, and performance was fairly good. Definitely acceptable at this phase of the release cycle!

Thats Gist. Getting Data from LinkedIn, Fb, Twitter. Getting data on reqyest would be better. Refresh button, downloads the info on request.

SMS through bridge yet? Is the contact integration largely due to the Gist acquisition? How much memory is free after a reboot? Any improvements to docs to go?

Forget feb 2012. I am willing to wait even 6 months, but pls pls pls make them bug free and as shown in the demo. Nothing less. Also would like a bigger 10 " version for the next PB pls.

Now if RIM can make a 4 inch playbook with a mobile radio. ;)

I hope you get your upgrade next year. You may have the patience of Job but the vast majority of us having been waiting for these features for too long.

It is going to be a long January waiting for this....

Wonder if I should start clicking that update button every hour from now... Cuz you never know :D

Don't wait till Feb, release it now!

I know they have bugs to work out but we have been waiting sooooooooooo long for these features.

This is looking fantastic. Can't wait for this wonderful upgrade. I have a 64GB and a 32GB, just ordered my sister a 64GB and contemplating another 64GB for grins. LOL. Thanks RIM!

should have been on the initial release..however, it looks good, would love to have multiple draft and rich text formatting support

this looks great. now how exactly does this work with bridge.? I mean when bridged will we see the same functionality on all of these applications because i love the way everything stays synchronized between my 9930 and pb

bridge runs the same as it does now, it is separate. Check the video on the home page and see the ridiculous upgrades to bridge though

After seeing this video, I think I just wet my pants a little... SWEEEEEEEET!!!

And I also got great news that the 64 GB PlayBook I ordered from yesterday shipped out today.. Now if 2.0 would drop right after CES, I'd probably faint. It will be like Christmas in February (hopefully)

I gotta say OS 2.0 is looking mighty sweet. I did notice a few little things I wonder if anyone else picked up. When Jeff first shows us the new App dock, if you look closely there's a File Manager, chances are most likely this is one of the apps on the market, but then what is interesting is all other icons are for pre installed PB apps. So hint of NATIVE file manager? Also hate to be a Peeping Tom but I know alot had to go frame by frame when ever Jeff showed his email and meetings, which had a very interesting nugget reffering to BBX and something called L-series, is this the possible BB10 phones, L as in "London"?
Like I stated Jeff, sorry for the invasion of privacy but just this gives us crackberries I think a bright look at the future!

+1 ;)

btw did you see any facebook intergation there? I didn't. I wonder if that's due to search restrictions put in place by facebook.....hopefully FB will be comming in the future

I do not see why there would be any issue with Facebook as it and Twitter are preloaded applications on Playbooks, plus considering how the Facebook apps work on Blackberry phones, it integrates your contacts with their facebook adding information you did not have and their profile pictures. sure these features aren't on par with what Jeff demonstrated but I don't see an issue, if it isn't there at launch I expect it to be integrated very quickly afterwards. My feeling is he is talking about social media such as google + or Gchat, and 4square.

My guess is that is has to be a native files manager. I doubt there are any third party apps on that demo unit.

I'm getting very excited about all the new stuff coming from RIM this week. I hope that at least some of the news outlets can put a more positive spin on it.

My guess is that is has to be a native file manager. I doubt there are any third party apps on that demo unit, certainly not in the first page of icons.

I expect they are either negotiating with Facebook or working on it, but it's not ready yet. In any case, just what he has there looks great to me. I'd prefer a few more pixels of margin on the left of the "To" "From" etc. headers of the email view, and I don't like the current GMail that opens your most recent email even if it's low priority and I'd prefer to read that one later. Hard to say if this new email app does the same.

I'm getting very excited about all the new stuff coming from RIM this week. I hope that at least some of the news outlets can put a more positive spin on it than they have been lately.

"I hope that at least some of the news outlets can put a more positive spin on it than they have been lately."

me too...but not holding my breath :(
So far the news articles I have read are just saying they finaly have email; nothing about how superior (feature rich) the email is to the competition. Oh & altleast 2 articles that called OS 2.0 "a minor update"

Mashable at least calls it a "Major OS Update", but I'm not holding my breath for the general media outlets:

That TechCrunch interview referenced above is the most shameful, awful so-called-journalism I've ever seen, but I did at least learn that Facebook was part of the social integration because it was mentioned 3 times.

Just wondering how much memory will this update require, the 64GK Playbook for $299 sounds like a good idea

Likely won't take up a whole lot more room than the current OS, so storage won't be much of an issue.

These enhancements make the 64GB Playbook an absolute STEAL at $299...

They can start things off with a big by putting out the 2.0 update days from now. We're not expecting it so it may very well help them gain back some credibility. I'm very impressed by the 2.0. I currently have a 32gb dingleberried, and just purchased a 64gb at the 300 price point, as it was just too good to be true. Few of my friends have been buying Playbooks, and it's hilarious when you video chat each other. Can't wait.

This is probably the most I've ever been impressed with RIM. This is what we have all been waiting for!!! Now promote this like crazy have the best tablet on the market!

I hope to see the lag with contacts reduced as well as system wide autocorrect/predictive text and a bonus of sms while bridged. I can wait for BBM in the mean time.

did it exceed anyone else's expectations as well? it did for me

bravo rim

i dont fully forgive for the delay, but i do forgive much more now having seen what they put together ;)

RIM made some announcements at CES that discredit BGR aka Boy Genius Rubish.

■"…there will be touch BB10 devices as well as QWERTY BB10 devices. Both of those will exist." They may not have the same resolution but they will have the same aspect ratio.

■PlayBook 2.0 “can be looked at as a stepping stone towards BB10. It starts to introduce the new UI elements”

You know their "Myth vs Fact" presentations? They should have one called "BGR Lies vs Facts"


This software release of PlayBook 2.0 is fantastic! I can't wait!!! Kudos to RIM for taking the time to do it right. This release is like a relaunch of the PlayBook. It will be a BIG BIG hit!

Finally a standalone tablet that kicks the iPad's butt!

It's funny though, I've heard a lot of things at CES, but Android is not one of them. Hmmm, it's funny but I don't miss it! :D

It's great to see all this new new functionality that should have been there almost a year ago.

Has RIM fixed the other deficiencies I have with the current OS?
1) Does spell-check now work?
2) Can you use Skype with the built-in camera?
3) Does Google Maps work now?
4) Does the browser pull up webpages in less than five minutes with JavaScript and Flash enabled?
5) Has RIM added video codecs so (some) .avi video files don't give the dreaded "This file type isn't supported" error message and .mkv files are now supported?
6) Has RIM added audio codecs so (some) .mp3 audio files don't play silently and so (some) .avi videos are no longer silent movies?

4) Does the browser pull up webpages in less than five minutes with JavaScript and Flash enabled?

What are you talking about? I don't have any issues with slow webpages (also OS 1.x)

With JavaScript and Flash enabled, page loads are so slow that the browser is unusable.

Here is someone else's review that has the same problem as me. Note that the thin blue progress line goes from 0 to 1/3 complete in less than a second and then sits there for minutes on end doing nothing. His page load time was over 13 minutes.

I am especialy happy with the contacts app, it definatly exceeds what I was expecting. It is looking one step closer to the proof of concept that TAT demonstrated a few months ago. Predictive text keyboard looks great. Does anyone know if autotext is included?

Jeff, that is a great jacket/structured sweater. Where did you get it?

Everythng looks AWESOME and makes the PB complete. What about the native e mail when your phone is bridged do you get your e mails twice ?

Its definitely all coming together for RIM. i was just expecting a basic email, contact, calendar apps, but i was wrong. The tabbed email is an awesome feature that i didn't know i needed. No more saving to drafts while composing a long email just to reply a short more urgent email (*iOS*). Now its looking more like a professional tablet. :)

Also, no longer will the virtual keyboard cover half my screen while i'm typing a long email, document, or browsing the web.

Awesome! can't wait for OS 2.0, the LED indicator looks great, I also agree that now we just need BeBuzz for the PlayBook. Looking good RIM!!!

Well if everything works like they are showing and saying then the wait may have been justified. The contacts, e-mail, and Calendar appear to not only meet current Blackberry capabilities, but blow them and them and the competition out of the water. Maybe I should pick another of these bad boys up while still on sale.

Sorry PlayBook... most of the tablet news this week is all of the new tablets that will be in the $200 - $250 dollar price range... one even had quad-core processor. PlayBook is soon going to be a year old, while the hardware is still relevant in comparison to the Nooks and FIREs, it isn't going to compete with the top of the line hardware from the Android manufactures nor the newer iPad.

Not sure that RIM is going to be able to compete with all these low cost hardware manufactures that are using a "free" OS that Google is paying to develop.

You don't seem to realize that QNX is the great equalizer. The other co.s need quad cores to compete with the PB dual core running the super efficient QNX OS.

hahaha fanboys unite!!!! hilarious.

Fancy hardware is completely pointless if the software doesn't do what you need it to do. Do you really think RIM isn't going to release new hardware over the next year? Sorry but I will stick with my productive PlayBook and not worry about a quadcore processor on a tablet that makes fart noises as entertainment and approves of developers that create malware apps(up 472% by the way).

you are 100% entitled to your opinion, as am I

Hardware's not great. UI is... meh.

Android is a good tablet system, and for people who couldn't care less, sure there's a market.

You have to admit, though, that Android doesn't offer the kind of deep integration for Twitter and LinkedIn (and I'm pretty sure Facebook is there too) that this new messaging system provides.

Add to that: the Playbook's hardware is actually decent enough to run augmented reality. The cheapies will be hard pressed to do that.

And specifically for BB users, that whole remote control thing is just totally AWESOME.

At this point I don't care if they make an ipad that has a rocket engine and takes you to an island full of gold. My PlayBook will always be portable.

Good stuff! If they've just added USB host mode support (and a few more Bluetooth pairing options), it'll make the Playbook as close to the perfect mobile gadget as I could hope for.

Oh yeah, I knew I made the right call in choosing the Playbook over the iPad, just like when I handed down my iPhone to my kid so I could get BB smartphone. Now we both have a Playbook and he will love the new OS almost as much as I will... shoot, I already do.

RIM's tablet is not given the credit it deserves in the market. I walked by a PC World magazine at the grocery store today and the cover said "The Best Tablet for you (it might not be an iPad)" or something to that effect. Out of curiosity I went in to search what they had to say about the PB, but to my disappointment there wasn't even a mention. I though "Boo! Its the best one so why are they leaving it out?!?"

Either way, I am gonna keep enjoying my PB and slap my gramma when OS 2.0 is released (I'm jk about the gramma violence)

I must admit that I was not expecting much from RIM; but watching both of these videos and seeing reports from CES regarding what is in the works, I am extremely pleased with what is going on. I debated switching to Android over Christmas - even bought some tablets to try out - but in the end, I couldn't leave. And for that, I'm glad that I decided to stick it out with the Playbook.

Can you let me know if once you add to your PB your email accounts then in wifi as it goofus he's bis account to you BB it also mirrors in to the PB? Also what about the Calander, I guess you would have it bridged so as you change one from the other it mirrors too?

ActiveSync??? Security goes out the window? Have to expose your Exchange environment to incoming internet connections?

My thoughts exactly. I thought this big wait was because they wanted email security with the NOC & had issues, the fact that they then dropped the NOC & went with Active Sync has me worried about the back end.

I just read an article today covering some highlights of CES. One comment was about RIM's 'new' PlayBook tablet and how good it is. Well I guess the mis informed media for once may help, stating the PB is new, may perk up some ears of people who havent heard of the PB yet and are looking for a new tablet. I cant wait for the release!!!!

Still no rejoicing here. You still can't connect Playbook to BES and the only way it can connect to Exchange is via Activesync. I disable Activesync at our company due to security. Good for Enterprise currently for IOS/Android and BES for Blackberry. That leaves Playbook SOL unfortunately.

My wife is gonna be so upset, I am definitely getting a PlayBook before the end of the month and this update will be right behind it making my life easier and she can have my iPad! Just gotta make sure I get in contact with some people to make sure I can get some of those apps sent over!
I don't even know if I can wait to get it, but I have to!
Love the fact that it gathers ALL info on people, places, events, the works into all the Native apps, THIS ROCKS, better late than never I say!!!
After this we will see how many people give praises to RIM or continue with the bashing!
I'm a little bit more excited for the future, now!

First I hoped....

Then I doubted...

Then I started to despair....


This update cannot come too soon!

I am just stunned by the Videos. Exactly what I wanted in my PB. Ok RIM.... CMON Man, give us the goods... Awesome stuff!!! Definitely l33t

I'm completely drooling for this update. And OMG the blinking LED! I've been thinking about getting a second playbook, and this may have made my decision for me.

"Native. Email. Contacts. Calendar. Are. Finally. Here. REJOICE!!!!"

So where is DL link? Or update alert on my PB?

This is coming out in Feb...also, I suspect that they are still holding more back so they can show them off @ Mobile Congress when they will probably release OS 2.0

looks nice and all but i sure hope they implement a way to disable the red LED light, as that would annoy the hell out of me if it didn't turn off after i read my messages (as in the video)'s the only reason i read my messages right away on my blackberry, to stop it from constantly blinking.

Why doesn't BlackBerry allow beta testers to test native e-mail, contacts & calendar clients? Isn't it a good idea for the beta users to test these before they are released to the public??

Probably for Marketing. IT's good to have some new suprises when a device comes out, otherwise it's not realy big news

Really intrested in vewiing what 2.0 has to offer. Any word on DES encrpted media? Really would like to see the playbook playback some of my encrpted digital copy videos.

Basically this is what Synergy for webOS was suppose to do. Just seems BlackBerry is just doing it better from the looks of it. Might have to trade my iPad2 for a PlayBook.

This is an awesome update. I like my Android phone and considered purchasing a family iPad for Christmas. But I ended up getting three Playbooks for my teenagers for Christmas. They love it but OS1 is limited. OS2 is adding most of what they want.

my sister got an iPad2 for Christmas.
After using it for 2 weeks she gave it to her daughter & got her self a Playbook

Now if they can add more instant messaging apps for everyone to use the webcam i.e. Yahoo Messnger, Live Messenger, OoVoO, Skype, Google Talk etc...

I'd also like someone make a Dock that has HDMI out not just charges! Also, if they can add a full sized SD card slot to transfer photos or add them to FB etc would be awesome!

Looks like a PB but WOW the software is nothing like 1.0.8! Looks very very refined. I've never loaded up the beta. Please release it soon!! This was a pain to type under 1.0.8 compared to how effortlessly it looked in the video.

Too late... The ship has left the bay long time ago. With the huge negative impact on customer's mind on Playbook with no support for email and low quality build, no one will buy them. RIM should focus on their smart phone market rather than trying to copy Apple.

I try to sell Playbook at the discounted prince at BestBuy Canada and no one seems to wait for promises of new OS updates. I would fire the idiot who decided to have no email support on the original one if I work for RIM.

Copy Apple? What does the iPad do that the PlayBook Doesn't? because I have a long list of things that the PlayBook can do that the iPad can't.

Also you want to talk copying, iMessage? lol or how about just the idea of "smartphone" altogether?

Wow, Kevin, Wow. I love this.
So glad I have a BB PlayBook, and I'm looking forward to the BB10 phones.
RIM is on a role!!

- CB

I have reviewd the video a few times now.... Screw beta testing, that looks like a polished product ready for shipping.

Just. Freaking. Wow!

Screw the PIM integration, they went for the HOME RUN: Social Media One Stop Shop (SMOSS). Simply amazing!

I had bought a PB about 2 weeks ago and i really did like the browsing experience it was rather pleasent to be able to open multiple windows choose your favorite browser and swaping from one to the other. The os was also interesting even though i was not a big fan of the obligation to use the center of the PB to swap down or up to acess my menus. The screen quality was more then impressive but my personnal favorite was the easy drag and drop directly in the PB storage folder : movies,songs,pictures.... Flash capable was what made be buy that thing in the first place, but in the end i choose to refund it because even though it was a great machine well built and polish in all aspect, i just could not accept living without a decent app store, seriously its terrible and desertic. Where is air video server ??? no PB has ORB which is a real joke when it comes to image quality for the steaming of my videos from computer the the device. 4.99$ for angry birds really and people say that rich people dont care paying omg! at least apple understood a important notion volume is what counts rather sale 12 mil 99 cent angry birds rather then 1000 at 4.99$. I am sorry but i dont buy all that bs about we (RIM) think quality is better then quantity, just give my netflix,skype..and all the other useless stuff caus searching new apps is also a way of living in 2012. Bring 5000 new app or bring market store in so i can buy the PB again or tell me now so i could invest right now in some tablet working in windows 7 so i can get what ever i want without the hazzle of the problematic tablet os and its restrictions. Oh one last thing a remote control really and people are freaking out over that please i feel like in back to the future 3.

They have Angry Birds HD on Playbook for $4.99 that is the EXACT same price as Angry Birds HD is on the competition.

I wish people would stop compairing it to the $.99 NON HD Angry Birds.

Love this post... "The PlayBook is a great machine, but the apps aren't there" just a silly silly thing. basically saying you don't need productivity but need a toy. Thats fine, you are definitely entitled to that as many are.

However, someone already posted Angry birds HD is the same price in Appworld as it is in Appstore and marketplace.

and if you would do a little research, RIM provided android developers a porting tool way back in October to move their apps PlayBook for the release of 2.0. Also a little research would show that skype is coming, netflix is coming.

i ask you this, when the iPhone started, did it start with 500,000 apps, or did it take a few years to get to that point? if my memory serves me correctly, they started with 3000ish.

I get people want this to happen over night but we are talking about a 1st generation PlayBook compared to 2nd and 3rd generation competitive tablets. I can already do more on my PlayBook than anyone can do on their iOS or Android Devices.

its just laughable to say its a great machine and then return it because searching through apps is a "way of life".

And you attack the remote control function in BlackBerry Bridge... does another tablet do this? its not just a remote control, its also a mouse and keyboard. If you thought of some real life uses for this, you would think differently.

please tell me how the fact that making it HD is worth 4$ extra cmon dont give in all this way of thinking unless it regards movies

I can kinda agree on Angry Birds not needing to cost a full $4.99 for the HD version, especially when other platforms have had it for quite some time. I'd consider it more if it was say $2.99 instead, but only because it is at a higher resolution than the one on the iPhone or on Android.

Beyond that... this update looks pretty solid. I look forward to the native e-mail, though I actually found 1.0.8 pretty easy to maneuver around really. I still preferred it over the Asus Transformer we carried in our stores, and at Christmas with the family everyone was checking out my tablet... except my dad.... but that's because he has one already.

Only thing I'm hoping for is eventual Skype support, though I think that's more for Microsoft and their Skype division to fix than for RIM when it comes to the Playbook... but yeah, Skype, WLM, YIM are the only things I haven't seen yet that I hope (probably in vain) for.

yeaay, the look is even better than what we saw on the BB world 2011, the UI now is smoother, snappier and it has tons of new features that will shine out the playbook as the world's professional grade tablet.

i really really really really really CAN'T WAIT for the new OS 2.0 & the new BB bridge 2.0. HIT IT RIM! i hope february will be the time, no more delays, COME ON!

man reading these comments are hilarious! we are some hardcore berry fans stuck in a berry bubble...but honestly nothings revolutionary no industry game changer. tabbed email haha um ok. im finally able to send a pic with integrated email, social networking integration(nothing new webos got that already)?! look im a diehard bberry fan but this is ridiculous! these features should have been out a long time ago. we waited all this time for this. granted its day 1 of news but we need the wow factor...something revolutionary FOR THOS THAT PAID 600.00 AND BEEN THERE FROM THE BEGINNING im needing advanced features not copycat,repackaged ammenities (sorry id spell check but its not available on my playbook!!)! look im a huge berry fan but we need to expect more instead of applauding on these minor jumps. it seems like were running a marathon while others are sprinting...we might finish just maybe a little late. STEP UP RIM THE WORLDS WATCHING!! Or at least i am...member me the consumer! im done....OH AND GO BLACKBERRY!!

Way to raise the bar for mail integration RIM. This short, of the cuff video has restored my faith in RIM's commitment to the Playbook.

Now, release this in beta so I can play with it. :)

Really looking forward to the next update like many. Only bought my playbook a few weeks I am now thinking my 32GB plus dropbox 50GB is to small. Going to purchase a 64GB one at the end of this month and give the 32GB to the wife. I have a few things to look forward to now in Feb 12.

looks very nice.
but what i REALLY need is skype.
and hopefully the android player brings us a DECENT .pdf reader and an app to unrar .rar-archives (so i don't always have to use my laptop for this).
and when they also add the video codes (finally sound!! on all my movies and a .mkv player),
VLC would be sweet, i can finally use my playbook the way i want to use it

this is some really good news from RIM, can not wait. Some of this news has me thinking RIM is and wants to be in the game. Now if the Market will embrace and purchase.....
Only time will tell. I have my fingers crossed.

It's sounding great & i'm pretty much excited, even more for the social networking integration apps. But, I don't see any talk abt Android App Market. That was so much talked abt earlier and i was so so looking fwd 2 it. Am I missing out on something or RIM has dumped that thought. Plz provide information on this.

Let me guess, Bridge Tasks app still sucks, browser tabs still can't be closed by swiping, no SMS integration - knowing RIM this update will be all about the one and only feature they are touting, native email functionality which is useless to BES users really. I like my PlayBook but oh my god is it ever an unfinished product.

P.S. I do like using the BB hardware keyboard to type on PB feature, that's awesome.

As good as the new updates are,I have lost wi-fi.
In the house it works fine,but out on my mobile stick,that does not work anymore.
Forgot to add,that this site works terrible.