First look: Flip Case for the BlackBerry Z10

By James Richardson on 4 Feb 2013 01:12 pm EST

We showed you just the other day the Transform Shell for the new BlackBerry Z10. While I was at the London launch event I also got to go hands on with the Flip Case Shell as well. This one offers more protection than the Transform Shell as it incases the front of the BlackBerry as well as the rear so it may be the one for you if you have been prone to scratching your screen in the past.

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Reader comments

First look: Flip Case for the BlackBerry Z10


Seems like it does have a magnetic closure, but I'm not sure if it triggers holster mode. Would be nice if someone could confirm if it does.

Agreed, though the video above shows otherwise. I wasn't sure if it was just a fluke or not, which is why I was hoping for a real owner to comment.


Helps preserve battery life
Magnetic flip closure
Fits BlackBerry Z10
Protects against scratches
Flip closure
Folds for convenient viewing

I haven't heard a single owner say the magnet keeps it closed, it has been confirmed that a magnet in the case enables holster mode but not the same.

I have the flip case and I can assure you that it does not stick as if a real magnet...Its really just meant to protect the screen and the magnet built in will shut off the screen to preserve battery life, but it isn't meant to actually be stuck to the screen

Looks nice, I think that's the one I like . . but the video sent my a.d.d. into orbit =) slow down james and hold the camera still =) Seriously though, thank you.

The magnet doesn't hold the case closed - just turns on and off the screen. I think that might be problematic because the front flap might wobble causing the phone to turn on and off. One thing most reviews don't talk about is how the case works if it's folded back and held in one hand. I don't think it will fold back neat and flat and i'd imagine that would make it difficult to hold steady with one hand or type securely with two hands. I'd like to see a more detailed review of the case..

I bought this case and I can confirm that it doesn't stay closed, it just sort of flaps loosely on top. Also there is no cut out for the charger. The plastic also feels a little cheap. 7/10.

I was intending to get one but with no proper closure mechanism and no cut out for the charger, it seems to be a bit poorly designed.

Are you sure it is this one that you have got and not a cheap Chinese knock-off?

I'm curious if it's annoying to answer and hold the phone with this case on.

Kinda torn between this case and the Transformer case.