First Look: Device settings on BlackBerry 10

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2012 11:27 pm EDT

WiFi. Bluetooth. Sounds. Notifications. Settings. Settings. Settings.

Hardcore BlackBerry users love fiddling with their device settings, and even more casual users often need to get in there and make tweaks. With BlackBerry 10 becoming more tangible today thanks to the unveiling of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B device, we got a chance to tap and swipe around the operating system to see how settings are coming along.

As you'd expect with BlackBerry 10 evolving out of the PlayBook OS, there are similarities here - which is a good thing. On the traditional BlackBerry operating system, the plethora of options can be a little intimidating. The PlayBook really simplified things, and by the look of things so far, BlackBerry 10 will continue to follow that notion while still providing plenty of options for users to dial in their device and take care of the things that need to be taken care.

Hit of the video above for a quick walk through. Just keep in mind that things are likely to continue to evolve here. Enjoy the show. 

Reader comments

First Look: Device settings on BlackBerry 10


For notifaction settings i didnt see anything about in or out of holster... Also, did they retain the function of setting different vibration length and pulses per message type? That is just as important as the multi color LED! Any comments kevin?

Also, any sign of pop-up notifications (i.e. toast) being built-in? There didn't appear to by any toast options in the notification settings.

Kevin, show the Browser settings, I like the Flash on/off feature !

Some websites have flash video on startup of web page, silly web developers should know better than to use my bandwidth without my permission.

I have the Alpha A device and the update is excellent ! The flow is great between apps and it is very fast.

Keep up the good work RIM.

"hmmm what is this..pinch to zoom anywhere..whoa seriously..?..WHOA WHOA...WHOA...we're officially in supersized mode...has this been talked about before?" ahahahaha way to go kevin, making the faithful proud

You said... "Software updates will all be OTA of course" ... Are you hinting at Software Updates for the Dev Alpha 2 or Blackberry 10 in the future or both?

im gussing both because the dev alpha b is running actual bb10 guessing here...but for sure bb10 at launc his gonna be like the playbook.

what's with the 480p on like every vid? i wanna see some 720p hd bb10 glory....
still though, the os looks fabulicious and thanx for posting so many vids. very much appreciated. :)

"As you'd expect with BlackBerry 10 evolving out of the PlayBook OS"

Just curious why the PlayBook OS has slowed down to a snails pace in it's evolution? Not one mention of PlayBook at the conference. It's a little disappointing to be honest.

I'm super excited for BlackBerry10 but it's a long wait for me. Wish 2.1 would get here to help hold me over.

Playbook OS evolution hasn't slowed down. PB OS 2.0 is in maintenance mode. The next major upgrade will be BB10 for the playbook. Everything from now to then will just be minor tweaks.

I agree with both. I would hope that PB development has slowed down so that all resources are put towards BB10 development.

YESSSS I've been wondering the whole time if RIM would keep the long press of volume keys to switch music tracks in BB10. This is a must have feature for me so I'm glad that not only is it there but they give you the option to turn it on and off (for those who don't like/need it)

Hi there Guys,
Did you got a chance to roll out any BB Maps (or else: Google Maps?Tom Tom?) demo on BB10?
Also, why isn't there any landscape mode demo (to show a kind of responsive design of the OS/ the apps)?
Please share !

+1 on seeing the landscape mode!!!

I traded my 9850 for a 9930 to get the keyboard back...but I'm getting older, and a bigger, landscape oriented screen is becoming more & more tempting as time goes by....

Does anyone know if RIM is planning on some sort of functionality that will allow contacts/calendars/etc on BB10 handsets to seamlessly sync to your BB10 PB and vice versa?

Speaking of which: Any word on Bridge? I hope to at least have it even if they don't add features to it coz I love it!

Was it just you or was the Touch sensors that bad? Noticed you had to hit the back button multiple times as well as swipes


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i hope they have the option to change the system font ... i really like BBcasual :) ...where is the option to set auto on/off for the device...they cannot possibly take that option out!! and what about profiles???

Something's really weird about the display / touchscreen - I noticed during official presentations they had a tough time revealing the "peek" and even here I see that it takes 1-3 taps to register a precise touch. I seriously doubt if the final product will have these quirks but its little put-off - just saying.


Remove space after http://

That has ZERO to do with it. Kevin was CLEARLY in the Center of the damn display doing a swipe or tap and NOTHING happened. This has zero to do with the case getting in the way...

+1. People need to stop referring to the post on the alpha B casing for occasions where people clearly are tapping or touching no where near the edge or bezel and the screen is not responsive. I imagine this will not be a problem in final product but that does not mean we should be justifying any touch issues in the dumbed down bb10 os with the casing.

wow, I am really shocked No one has mentioned the fact that Kevin spotted 55 Applications that are set on the device....and possibly they are hidden to be revealed for launch?? Maybe Those MAJOR Apps are on there, but are very much deeply hidden. Hmm....intriguing!

Eh, I think you are reaching there. Could just as easily be 55 fart apps. Or the device could count built in apps like twitter, camera, hub, calendar, alarm, etc. as apps and there could be 55 apps out of the box. The fact is we don't know, they could be anything. There is no reason for RIM to bake them into the dev alpha bb10 build when they can just keep them in internal builds and not have to worry as much about leaks.

I am sure there is a lot more coming, but compared to what we are used to having?? I could totally live with something like this, even if there are only a few other surprises. As long as it does what it does well, and there are no battery pulls, nothing spinning, no freeze ups and no memory leaks this will more then satisfy me. We can't be greedy here or gripe about every little thing. Remember. The perfect phone is yet to be built, and they all have their quirks

What does the silent mode option on the first pull down (quick settings) do? Is it like on os7 where you just tap the speakerphone symbol in the top to change profiles?

Would be notified nice to have a setting to switch peek and flow to left handed use. I know my sister would love that and would male BB10 a must have

Am I the only one that noticed that RIM completely ripped off the "on" and "off" settings buttons from iOS 5 and 6?

Their menu is disturbingly similar to the one on my iPhone.

And before you all blast me as an apple fanboy, let me explain that I am waiting for the new QWERTY keyboard Bold BB10 because I type so many emails every day, so I plan on getting a new Blackberry.

First off, have you guys done a battery pull to see how long it takes to boot? Can you guys do a video on it pleaseeee... Second: Anybody know if we'll be able to do themes on BB10? Also will BBM Music be available still?Third: I'd really like to see RIM make more cool accesories for BB10 phones and the PlayBook. For the PB, I'd like to see a dock with built in HDMI out, a full size SD card slot and full USB connections so we can connect external hard drives to it and other things. As for the phones, since everyone is using their phones as mp3 players when they go work out, they should make cool looking arm bands or carrying cases for those of us who are active. And let's not forget a dock to charge, sync and charge a spare battery for the phones as well. Last, RIM needs to patent the peek feature ASAP before someone steals their idea.

Does Dev Alpha have a limit on the number of Apps you can install and will you be able to install Apps on the MicroSD Card?

I believe apps get installed in device memory only, 32 and 64GB. SD card for media only, to avoid apps getting pirated.

I guess it is just a dev version, but there aren't multiple sound profiles. There had better be this option because I currently am switching between the Normal, Silent, Vibrate only and Phone calls only profiles several times a day.

Wow, I am happy to see at least one accessibility feature come to the new OS! Magnify (zoom) everywhere. What else you got in there RIM?