First Look: Carbonite Pocket Case for the BlackBerry Z30

By Adam Zeis on 11 Nov 2013 11:19 am EST

BlackBerry has started a new program through the Beta Zone and is testing the new Carbonite Pocket Case for the BlackBerry Z30. A good number of users have already been accepted to the program and the cases are starting to arrive. Some members have taken to the forums with their initial thoughts and overall the case is getting some good reviews thus far. 

Judging by the reviews, the case itself is fairly thick but a bit lacking in design. It's also a bit bulkier than the standard leather pocket cases and thus a bit heavier as well. Overall it seems that people are liking it for the most part, though it could stand for some improvements.

As this if the first time BlackBerry is testing accessories through the beta program, we're not sure if this is in fact the final design of if it is still open to changes, so we'll see what pans out over the course of the beta period. 

Check out the gallery above with images courtesy of habs_fan and dam_bb then hit up the forums with your thoughts.

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First Look: Carbonite Pocket Case for the BlackBerry Z30


I find it funny you care if they put first or not. Who cares. Don't read it go to second line. It's not hurting anyone( minus you)

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Hehe I got mentioned in an article lol my life long dream is complete I can finally die a happy man ;)
Anyway I'm liking the case it's been a few days and so far it's grown on me

Lol had to be one of those guys eh? ;) okay I'll give it to you, they are actually doing good this year and surprising me

Been using for 5 days... Amazing toughness and loved how it can put device on sleep even placing the cell on the top..

Could use some design improvement, like hole for sound from the bottom speaker of the Z30 and an easier way to take the device out, it sometimes press the mute button when used.

Over All it only shows how blackberry is Alwayz improving and definitely caring about their audience feedback.

Posted via CB10

I agree with you. Love the pocket but a cut out for the speakers and charging port would be great! I have already sent a couple of feedbacks to them, maybe if we all suggest it they will implement it. Other than that I think it's pretty Damn good.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Blackberry Z30

Got my case today, it does make it bigger but it definitely protects it when you drop it!

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Got it today...puzzled. it's well...plastic. I don't see any kind of design improvement. doesn't make the z30 classier, nor funnier. Well if the aim was protection then the top of the phone is vulnerable. If it was design then well... what's the point of having this back panel with a pattern, the hood with another one ? I don't get it.
Does it feel well in the palm of your hand? Well like plastic.
Is it more sticky than the z30 to handle ? Yes but remember to use the phone you will have to remove the hood.

So it's a miss I would say.

The Best idea they had for the z30 was the booklet style case... it would have been a genius idea...if the built quality was there too...

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I received my pocket pouch Monday and it great, I like it. Z30 slides in and out nicely. It nice and solid and feels pretty sturdy. Rather dull looking kinda dull grey or brownish hard to tell. I think they have a winner.

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The beta zone said nothing is available. Are the closing the deal or is it because I'm in the US?

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It's garbage. I got it today. Feels cheap, and takes a premium product and dresses it up in what feels like a cheap, after market case. You can't take a cheap case, throw a BlackBerry logo on it and expect it to appeal to real customers. Fanboys/girls on this site have no objectivity. If it were good, I'd be the first to admit it (I love BlackBerry) but this misses the mark by so much that I'm considering paying the return shipping to send it back. (for those of you who don't recognize hyperbole, that was it).

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i have a z30 for verizon and z30 unlock and the z30 Verizon do not fit on the case. I have two case, the same case but it look like that the z30 for Verizon is a little wider than the z30 unlock.